Rally Cars, Eiger Nordwand in New GT5 Seasonal Events


New GT5 Seasonal Events are now available, featuring pre-1990 rally cars in Time and Drift Trials at Eiger Nordwand.

Cars are limited to no more than 560PP, with no better than Sports/Hard tires.

Time Trial No. 68

  • Restrictions:
    • Maximum 560PP, Sports/Hard Tires
  • Period of Availability:
    • 2013/08/07 23:00 – 2013/08/21 23:00
  • Prizes:
    • Gold: Cr.250,000
    • Silver: Cr.150,000
    • Bronze: Cr.100,000

Drift Trial No. 68

  • Restrictions:
    • Dirt tires required.
  • Period of Availability:
    • 2013/08/07 23:00 – 2013/08/21 23:00
  • Prizes:
    • Gold: Cr.250,000
    • Silver: Cr.150,000
    • Bronze: Cr.100,000

As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more discussion!

GT5 Photomode image by hakalapetri.

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Comments (58)

  1. MLRSparco

    Each time they patch it people are just going to find another way to hack it,I suggest u either make your own room where u can kick any hacked cars or join the right rooms where people don’t allow hacked cars.

  2. GRAFX21

    Yeah GT5 rally events were pretty weak considering the amount of cars you could choose to use for it….Seemed to never appeal to me in GT5 as much as it did in the previous titles and in real life. I strictly played GT5 for the race tracks and road courses. Great fun! Hoping GT6 takes the wave for rally next year better focus in that area. The courses look great but the FEEL isnt there.

  3. snaketus

    I really hope the rallying is way much better implemented in future GT games than it has been previously.

    1. stupidstormy36

      Yeah, same here. I hope they have the point-to-point style in the course maker as well, as early screenshots of GT5 did.

  4. DYLAN777-is-not

    I wish there were more good online lobbies that did rally. Most are just noobs in imprezas with no pp limits and 99% of all other rally cars are too low of pp to use.

  5. Madertus

    And some idiot already used hacks to get 1st place.

    The one with 0:59.684.

    I sincerely hope he’s gonna get his PS3 banned.

    1. vilow

      Isn’t it possible he just used a fast car / good tuning? There is no pp-limit right?
      Lancia Delta should be a good one for this event btw.

    2. Madertus

      Load his ghost replay, vilow. Take a look at the wheelbase of his 205.

      And I think there actually IS a PP limit, either 550 or 560, not sure.

      Also, most people use the Ford RS200 Rally,I went ahead with a Delta S4. Kinda painful if you ask me, as I don’t have the RS200; its short wheelbase gives one maneuverability from heaven itself.


      See this is what happens when pd bans ghost parts that were in the game and allows hacked cars

  6. Louie_Schumii

    Can’t believe they’re still releasing seasonals for gt5 (although gt6 release is a long way away). I wonder if they’ll keep them up after gt6’s release?

    1. Whodoyouthink

      It’s not like it takes away manpower to create these. They don’t get very creative with them and it’s even been pointed out that they are essentially recycling the 5 race ones at this point. The TTs are the only one’s with any real creativeness, albeit not by a whole lot.

      I’d be nice to know whether or not just a single person sets these up. It seems like they might have like a quick 10-20min meeting on what the newest TT or 5 race event should be themed on, but probably only 1 or 2 people actually have to do anything to create the events. Bet it’s done through a very simple program.

    2. Pit Crew

      Well we used to get 2 of each TT & DT but last 2 have just been 1 of each so they are cutting back. Agree we’ll Probably see GT5 online seasonals for a bit more after GT6 releases.

    3. 100111

      Tokoturismo you need to learn how to read, that guy said if they will keep doing it after gt6 is out, not to it comes out

    4. Deko Wolf-GTPT

      @100111 I think you’re the one who needs to have a second read at TokoTurismo comment. He did not disagreed with the previous comment in any way whatsoever.

      Anyway, I believe these events will keep going for some time even after the release of GT6. The GT5 Prologue servers kept going long after GT5 release.

    5. Pit Crew

      100111 you need to learn how to read, as you can see Toko said “until release In His Opinion”, which doesn’t misinterpret the OP at all.

      For someone who doesn’t even know whats in the GT6 carlist you don’t need to be criticising anybody for anything, but you might want to catch up on the info.

    6. TokoTurismo

      @100111 Heh, look who’s talking. As Deko Wolf-GTPT said, I did not disagree with the previous poster at all. Maybe you should read two or more times before responding to ones posts.

    1. mr_pepps

      One of the kids I knew growing up had a Starion as his first car! Damn thing was quick – his Dad had a garage and put a few tricks in cars.

      This lad had his Mitsubishi for a year or so then moved on to a Sierra Cosworth (Sapphire).

      At the time I was rockin’ a Fiesta 1.1L.


    1. Deko Wolf-GTPT

      @100111 You must have missed the tons of screenshots and videos released since the 15th anniversary event.
      You complain about people not knowing how to read, but as it turns out, you seam to be the one lacking the necessary information.

      Moving on…
      I also hope GT6 contains a better take on rally. Up until GT4 things were fine. There are some strong points in in GT5, like the A to B stages and a navigator reading the pace notes, however, the lack of events makes these wonderful features go under the radar.

    2. TokoTurismo

      @100111 *Chuckles* Are you serious? Where were you all this time? xD Look through the internet I’m sure you’ll find it…

      @Deko Wolf-GTPT +100

  7. Dooky

    Cannot believe how long it has taken for a rally seasonal!
    I hope with the inclusion of the Audi Quattro S1 in GT6 they will have a little more focus on rally then in GT5 (which is almost non-existent). I, for one, am a huge Rally and Group B rally fan and would love to see more.

    1. rallyfan98

      Rally is so much fun. I just hope gt6 will have some form of surface displacement or at least better looking dust clouds

    1. MeanElf

      Unfortunately I can’t be bothered with Group B in GT5 – not after trying to run their true, psycho versions in WRC3 ;)

  8. Emman1984

    I got 1:11.111 on my first try easy silver but Gold as always was so hard I copied someone ghost data that made it in 1:08 then I got Gold by 1:10.349 I got the same time as rank 209 who used a wheel :-)

    1. Jared93

      Try to get the same time as someone using a wheel that ranks around there in about a week. Rankings don’t start to matter until around then :tup:

    1. ScotteDawg

      Waddaya mean “finally”? Every third or fourth time the seasonal events are released, there’s a “rally” drift trial!

      Just because we are using the Historic Rally cars does not make it a rally TT… we are still using sports/hard tyres on a road course!

      Now, if there was a rally TT actually ON a rally track, then a “finally” would be warranted!!

    2. ScotteDawg

      Yes, I know that! What I am saying is that it doesn’t quite deserve a “finally”! However, by your argument Both Barrels, wouldn’t that make EVERY TT a “rally” event of some sort? There are no other competitors on track in a GT5 TT, exactly like a rally TT!!!
      If PD want a REAL rally TT, there should be 3 tracks (1 asphalt, 2 dirt for example) with no competitors on track and the same restrictions as in the current TT as far as the types of cars used and the PP goes!
      The winner would be the best time over all three courses added together (aggregate time)!

    1. Senna52

      Yup, no SRF. Laid down a 108.7xx for a top 20 as of now but that will drop like a rock, left a lot of time out there. Only had a chance to run a few laps but this should be a fun one.

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