Real-World Data Import Coming to Gran Turismo in 2013

Since the technology was first announced in January of 2010, Gran Turismo’s “Data Logger” has been mentioned a few times a year. As the first car to support it, the Toyota 86, makes its way into the world market, we’re finally learning a bit more about the product.

In a demo session hosted for the press by Toyota, Denso, and Polyphony Digital at Fuji Speedway earlier this week, a new video was filmed to show it in action, with Kazunori Yamauchi himself behind the wheel of an 86.

The data logger, formally known as the CAN-Gateway ECU (Controller Area Network-Gateway Electronic Control Unit), works by storing GPS location data, engine speed, steering, and pedal input on a USB drive. This drive can then be attached to a PlayStation 3 console, where the lap can be reproduced and viewed within Gran Turismo 5.

Polyphony Digital has released a screenshot of what the Data Logger menu screen would look like, but warns it is still a work in progress on their Japanese website.

The new CAN-Gateway ECU is scheduled to be released for consumers in the later part of 2013, as the product undergoes final testing by professional drivers.

Although most players will obviously never have a chance to record their own laps, U.S. Gran Turismo producer Taku Imasaki hinted at the possibility of using the technology to record “celebrity laps”, which could then be featured and distributed in the game.

Thanks to all of you who sent this in!

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Comments (162)

  1. Gillard17

    Data logger is handy if your trying teach other people how to drive quick.
    Main thing that needs to be sorted is tire model. Their like Prelli f1 tires! You push them too hard on one lap and you’ll ruin your race. They are a joke.

  2. TakeshiSkunk

    I don’t understand people calling this useless, as long as they get some professional drivers onboard to log laps I think it’ll be incredible interesting and useful.

  3. jwb351

    This is very cool. I agree that not gonna be used initially by many, including myself. However, technology always needs to be looking ahead. We may not see all the applications this may offer in the future now, but the same has been said of many other “useless” tech in the past. Such as mp3 players, blue-ray, etc…….

  4. Moglet

    Wow, awesome, a feature that is useless to 99% of the people who play the game! Great work, PD. Meanwhile Turn10 have teamed up with Playground and are releasing an entirely new game before GT5 is even fixed. Wake up Kaz, you’re not in the 1990s anymore, you have competition now.

  5. infamousphil

    What you are looking for is on ForzaMotorsport. What the general player needs is the discontinuation of that dredded ghoasting feature during online play and when that idiot slams himself and others into immovable objects the rest of us get to drive by and see their burned out hulks burn to the ground while the safety crew cleans up their mess. That’ll teach’em!!!

    1. Rios

      If what we were looking for had anything to do with Forza we would all be over on a Forza forum, where it sounds like you should me.

    2. Rios

      If what we were looking for had anything to do with Forza we would all be over on a Forza forum, where it sounds like you should be.

  6. CorvetteConquer

    Am I playing a game for car enthusiasts and everyday gamers or am I a test subject for professional race car drivers?

    Where’s the livery editor, club/team builder, number plate editor, etc that we’ve been desiring for so long?

    1. Nokkien

      Actually that would make the GT series less wanted, and would hurt game sales.
      People that wants modding, have tons of other (toy) games to buy.
      I hope they NEVER go down that road. ♥

  7. Kyy357

    Useless feature for the most of us.

    We should not ask for DLC because that can be just a few cars or a track. What we need to be asking is an expansion that adds new A-Spec races !

  8. vampyr

    Watching this video allows me to see the ONE THING that GT5 is missing. There isn’t any body movement of the car in the game like there is in the Real Life video. Gran Turismo needs to show the car’s body go through the bumps and show the vibration in the car as the tires lose traction.
    THAT is what this game is missing!!!

  9. SZRT Ice

    “Livery/vinyl editor, rim/tire customization, bodykits & wide-body mods announced for GT?.”

    The article I’m hoping for.

  10. MikeKyu

    Hopefully Suzuka’s training facility will support this by next summer. Gonna be there running lots of laps (or just one fantastically tragic one)

    1. Lambob

      alrighteee, (rubs hands in quick succession), let’s see this data logger aaaand…
      ‘Your left door, is ajar! Your left door, is ajar! Your….’ ;p

  11. emanuelmelo

    Isn’t this something that was supposed to had been introduced a few updates back?! I mean, if they haven’t finished it on time, why do they keep loosing developing this to gt5 instead of putting it functioning properly in the GT6?

    1. another_jakhole

      Do you understand that it’s not like they’re the only ones involved. It’s not like they’re using up half their resources for this. It’s not going to stop them from continuing work on everything else.

    2. Quakebass

      Not a few updates back, it was supposed to be in the game from the start – along with many other features and content. There was an article a while back claiming that this feature should be coming “soon”.

      And as another_jakhole said, I don’t think there’s a massive amount of workforce on this project…

    1. Neilson248

      To be fair, it seems as though, pd has already consistently pushed the limits of what the ps can do in terms of physics and graphics… Unless pd decides to develop gt for pc, it’s seems as though gt will always be below the standard of games like iracing. Having said that, despite all the moaning, pd has done an amazing job with what they’ve got even if it’s not perfect. Having said that, it’s seems as though Assetto corsa is gonna take sim racing to a whole new level

  12. MetastableRacer

    Batter yet. Put Kaz in the game! He is a driver! Would like to put our timers up & see how we compair to the master!!!

  13. MetastableRacer

    What I want to know, is could this data be used to program more real lap times for improved AI competition. b/c if I can come from last place & progress to first, i want t know each AI driver is running real world times. Might force the return of qualifying for pole position!!! YES!

  14. Lambob

    Valve (company that owns and operates Steam games on PC, Half Life, Counterstrike, etc), recently announced they will be developing their own hardware, and their own operating system, to run their own games. My definite wishlist, and I would really urge Valve to create the next greatest immersive driving Sim for the market. What would be even greater, would be for Valve to purchase Kaz IP away from Sony, and take it from there. Wishful thinking , I know. But both Valve and Sony have Billions of dollars, may the best intentions win, I suppose. Still, I love GT5, for what it is, it is far from perfect, but the greatest Nurburging sim bar none. Here is hoping that Gabe Newell from Valve really considers this plea.

    1. CyKosis1973

      Wishful thinking it might be, Bob, but I like it. What this game really needs is someone to concentrate on making it as good as it can be, and it has the potential to be the best. No other game in my collection gets as much attention as GT, but it irritates the hell out of me that simple bugs within the game persist and go unlooked at…

    2. Quakebass

      The Valve headquarters isn’t all that far from me… If they were to “purchase” PD, I’d essentially have the both developers for the two greatest console racing sims on the planet in my home state – both places being potential workplaces, if I am to become a programmer.

  15. AngelPlayStar

    Good Stuff … but what about:
    – Time Gap from from 2nd position to the last , not only from the 1st pilot.
    – Changing That frustrating music in the lobby (rooms) … XD
    – Exportable Replays to a good movie format, or a sharing function from user to user.
    – and more stable server.

    Waiting GT6 or a good update for GT5 … but I think that PD have to work quickly because Project Cars is coming in 2013.

    1. Pit Crew

      Yes AngelPlayStar very nice. The extra competition will do PD some good. They cant afford to continue to rest on their laurels at this point.

    2. snaketus

      Project CARS have actually very very bad looking car list. No japanese cars? Or not much else either. Few Fords and Lotuses not going to cut it.

    3. snaketus

      Don’t get me wrong. I’d like to have Gran Turismo style game at PC. But I also love my Nissans and Hondas, and few Toyotas even.

    4. AngelPlayStar

      Yes Project Cars has not a very good garage , but the existing cars are incredible detailed .. but… the only thing that I want to do is to Simulate my races. … also iRacing has not that big garage but it is one of the best race simulator. … Can’t wait to see the final result of Project Cars.

    5. Youngun

      Well looks good to me, Builds show detail that real pictures show. BMW Z4 GT3 and M1 Procar looks lush. It’ll be one of those games that could just have loads of car pack available and go for years. Im Game

    6. Quakebass

      In a reply to AngelPlayStar, what would make the replay export easier to work, is to have the ability to edit the timing of the camera angles; there’s too many options in the GT5 replays (multiple camera angles and multiple cars), so being able to predetermine when and what camera is switched when and where would make the export be able to be a reasonable format.

    1. ZSPaulus

      I agree completely! They seem to be looking for all kinds of “extra” stuff to add to the game while they should be focussing more on building a good core for a race game. If GT5 would be perfect then i would welcome these kind of features. But right now i feel they should focus more on improving the menu, sounds, damage, jagged edges with smoke and stuff.

    2. CyKosis1973

      Paulus, we could spend an entire day writing up things that need fixing in the game. Kaz needs to take his Atomoxetine and concentrate on bug fixing and improving the game, before developing things like this, that are of no use whatsoever to 99.9% of the community…

  16. Fryto

    They should use that unit in Top Gear to record the Stig’s laps and then push these to GT5 as special seasonals where you can race against him.

    1. Tvensky

      This kind of things are very welcome to GT series! I would love to race against real life times! that would be epic!

    2. Quakebass

      And have the Celebrity Lap board from each reasonably priced vehicle, and an ability to see how you stack up in the reasonably priced cars not only against the celebrities, but also your friends and maybe the world. There’s more potential than some see, but this still requires work to live up to the potential.

    3. Smuttysy

      They’d also need to fix the Start/Finish line, as it’s not at the painted line on the track. How in the world they managed to screw that up is beyond me!

  17. Rynogtr23

    I’m still waiting for someone to show me another game developer for any system ( Wii, XBox, PC etc), that actively documents his racing exploits the way Kazunori Yamauchi does. OH wait there are none!!! And this is the guy making our games??? i’ll take GT anyday over all that other FAKE stuff!!! Not a fanboy I’m just a realist!!!

    1. MuoNiuLa

      Oh, give me a break. Just because Kaz races doesn’t mean his game is better. Shift 2 had people in it that race in FIA and look how that game turned out. It doesn’t mean anything.

    2. another_jakhole

      “Not a fanboy I’m just a realist!!!”
      Worrrd. ;)

      To the other guys that keep crying in the comments section, instead of making a proper thread for their complaints and ways for PD to make the seasonals more fun without the supremely improbable, “Fix the AI first, WAAHHH!”

      Gimme a break, gimme a break. Break me off a piece of that Boo-Hoo bar!


  18. Quakebass

    In order for this to be practical for common users, (aside from the “celebrity lap time” feature) the game (could be GT5 or 6, but likely 6, unless we are to get the content I am about to list in a GT5 update or DLC) would need a large amount of common road cars (and each car in real life would need the ability to have this “CAN-Gateway-ECU” installed), and a large amount (I’m talking hundreds) of small and/or easily accessed public tracks that are marked on a GPS.

    So this doesn’t really have a huge use (but it is a BRILLIANT piece of technology, no less) in this game, aside from the “celebrity lap time” feature. Unless all of which I’ve just listed is going to be in the game, which would be SPECTACULAR! Though I’m thinking it won’t…

    1. Youngun

      Well, tbh if Silverstone is added, im going there a few times next year (and the ‘ring too) so could be a gimmick for me i guess.

    2. Quakebass


      That was kinda my point – it doesn’t reach out to many users… And I don’t know how many cars this will be available for.

  19. XXI

    Would have been cool if they showed the 86 in proper PD teaser form, on a new track coming in GT6.
    It’s time to start meticulously scanning any pictures released.

  20. BWX

    Work on this, but don’t fix broken ”chase the rabbit” ONLY ai, and don’t fix HUGE OBVIOUS physics bugs.. And whatever you do, don’t bring back grid start ai… and don’t bring more DLC, and whatever you do, no Spec 3 and no A-Spec updates… because we all want this first. :-/

    1. BWX

      -and by the way the tire physics model in GT5 is no where near accurate enough for this data importer to make sense..

      But a terrific idea would be to update the tire physics model in GT5 to the point where this mod would make sense, then tack on this data importer after that. That would be cool.. but you know they’ll just ”massage” the data until it looks right in GT5 anyway.

  21. SavageEvil

    This would go great with Top Gear and their celebrity drivers. Lets hope PD uses this together with GT academy winners who actually make it to racing and we get their lap data. GT6 should be come with everything great about GT5 locked and loaded from the get go, data logger would do well. Let’s hope they don’t forget the personal side of GT, make your car your own, unique from top to bottom(customization, paint shop, drivetrain and engine swaps).

    1. BWX

      Yeah but they won’t do anything like that.

      They’ll stick it in the game, and print it on the Box.

      Look what they did with Top Gear, WRC, Nascar, F1, etc.. Just a lot of writing on the outside of the BOX… and just about zero actual GAME-PLAY. Yeah I love all those cool and interesting TGTT challenges.. I loved all those rallies I ran in WRC mode in Finland and .. wait… That took 30 minutes.

      They’ll use it in ambiguous teaser vids too, and to hype up GT..

    2. another_jakhole

      PD appreciates your support, bwx. There’s nothing like a grumpus to get people motivated. Well, constructive feedback in the forum would be more efficient.

    1. BWX

      Forget that! I want more racing outfits for B-spec bobtards. Oh, and when I buy my GT86 I’ll want this feature too.

  22. KilzoneStrife

    ….So, Im certainly going to remember this when we are waiting,waiting,waiting,waiting for GT6… and if we get it and theres 300 cars…..

  23. mikecustom

    Oh dear, just shut GT5 down already, stop trying to make fans return to this game, it just won’t happen, GT5 seasonals, online service, updates, DLC, just stop it and concentrate 100% on GT6, it’s like listening to a song for too long, first you like it, then you hate it, stop trying to save a dead game, move on.

    1. zs1994

      Why do you think we are not getting updates for gt5.. Gran Turismo 5 Academy Edition will be the last thing you will see for gt5. And Kaz has said they are working 100% on gt6 but I see no sense in shutting gt5 servers down that will just make people even more mad and we wont hear the end of it.

    2. Quakebass

      ^ I don’t think he meant for the servers to be shut down, just to stop making more content for GT5, since it’s really just a waste of time and resources at this point.

      BUT – We’re not even certain if this is content for GT5 or 6 – I think it’s going to be for GT6, based on the time frame of things. So I’m not shure why this was even brought up… But I don’t really care about that.

    3. zs1994

      Still why do I get the feeling that the so called more to come with Academy Edition will decide the fate of gt5 if it lives or dies. I can not help but wonder what is going through the minds of PD. I get the feeling they are conflicted. They want to please there fans by adding more content but the way Kaz has his style of giving out info is a bit weird. I bet kaz is hard to work with at times, i hate to be in lucus shoes when he stated the track deal back a few months ago.

    4. zs1994

      But thats just Me. I been a big fan of Gran Turismo since 4 and I never looked back. Then I gave forza a shot and I was not happy. In a way I was glad my xbox gave out and when I bought a ps3 I was ready for Gran Turismo. 5 is good its just not finnished due to sony rushing the date… If i was PD i would have waited till mid 2012 or so to relese gt5.

    1. tpark103

      Totally agree I wish I could just take my car to the this weekend and do a virtual download. Get home and do some data analysis and work on improving my real world track times.

  24. Smuttysy

    Pretty sure they have the “G” loads the wrong way round in the GT modelled video.

    Whilst the potential for this tech is undoubtedly really promising, I think there are more higher priority problems PD need to address before rolling something like this out for whichever iteration of GT it appears in.
    It’s been said before by others, PD – Jack of all trades, master of none. Sorry to be pessimistic, but this should be shelved, in favour of getting better AI programming and sound production.

  25. Rynogtr23

    Toyota set out to bring back the fun in driving with that 86 & let me tell u, they have succeeded because that 86 is a live 1. Did u see those moments & the steering input needed to correct it? Not for the faint of heart, only a skilled & seasoned driver could pull that off.

    I think the best use of this data logging technology was shown in the SLS AMG event at the top gear track. David Coultard’s fastest lap was almost identical to the GT5 sim racer’s fastest lap (all dependant on tires of course). Now that’s realism. Say what u want but GT is the only sim period capable of recreating this kind of realism, HANDS DOWN!!!

    1. Maddens Raiders

      “Say what u want but GT is the only sim period capable of recreating this kind of realism, HANDS DOWN!!!”

      Say what I want? Well……. I say you are correct sir!

    2. MuoNiuLa

      “Say what u want but GT is the only sim period capable of recreating this kind of realism, HANDS DOWN!!!”

      Oh brother….

    3. BWX

      “Say what u want but GT is the only sim period capable of recreating this kind of realism, HANDS DOWN!!!”

      I’ll say you’re completely wrong. There are a lot of sims with more accurate physics, force feedback, and tire physics than GT5. More resolution, more options, more antialiasing and anisotropic filtering on the GFX side too.

      In fact most people don’t even consider GT5 a true ”sim”, more like a ”sim-cade” (simulation-arcade). I think GT5 has potential, but Kaz won’t even fix the most simple and obvious physics aero bug, let alone attempt a real tire model or fix uphill tire grip.. things like that.

      Probably no console sim will ever be on par with PC stuff again, not with iRacing out there, but that’s not the only one that’s better than GT5 in a lot of important ways.

    4. another_jakhole

      @Rynogtr23 and Maddens Raiders

      You’re 100% right. You two other “fans” are hardly half a percent right.

    5. MuoNiuLa

      Now I’m not a GT fan because I disagree? No one has the right to decide who is a fan and who isn’t. Give me a break…

    6. BWX

      Hey jack*** -try to come up with an intelligent response or argument if you think you can. Otherwise you can shut it about how much of a fan I am or not. You sound like brainwashed cult follower to me. Try to open your eyes and see the light before making dumb comments about my posts. At least I actually think before I type, and make a point, and I can’t say the same about you.

  26. Fisha695

    I think most of y’all are reading to much into this.

    #1 — This tech has been in the game forever, it’s just now finally that the car it was designed for is coming out so therefore they can finally use this tech.

    #2 — It only works with the real-world version of the Toyota 86 (and I’m guessing the Scion/Subie versions too?) so really unless you’re gonna buy that car then you will never have first hand use of said tech.

    #3 — This is only really workable with the what 6-8 real tracks that GT5 has in it, and even a few of those have undergone changes since they were created for the game (Indy as somebody else mentioned).

    So in-order for us to actually use this tech first hand you’d have to go out and buy a new car & then travel to one of said limited number of real tracks that have their current configuration in GT5 and then partake in a track day on said tracks GT5 configuration. Which lets be honest not even 1% of the total userbase of this game will ever have all things required to complete #2 & #3.

    The ability to take GPS and/or Telemetry data of a real lap and put it in a game is not new technology at all, so PD could’ve done these “Celebrity Laps” before had they wanted to.

    As for the “Celebrity Laps”…. So basically a Ghost-Lap from a Celebrity driver that you have to try and beat as one of those stupid TT Seasonals. I guess that means starting in 2013 expect to see every seasonal feature the Toyota/Scion 86 in a TT around one of the handful of real tracks in the game.

    1. DuskTrooper

      ^ You shoud’ve. Why you ask? Because he makes some good points. This feature is very flawed, and not many people will even have access to the few thing that are required to make this function.

    2. Maddens Raiders

      Poor fisha – Forza4 is the only game you have and therefore you have to write this “old man yells at cloud” rant. Pathetic.

      @Trooper… you and your bud Fisha should get together and create a title that puts GT5 to shame. Let me know when hell freezes over so I can check it out.

    3. Fisha695

      @masterrawad, if you’re too lazy to read a few paragraphs then your parents really should’ve used contraceptive because you are obviously nothing more then a drain on society.

      @Maddens Raiders, actually the only console games I own are GT5, SvR2008/09, MAG, Midnight Club LA, F1:CE & the original Motorstorm(80gb bundle version). Well I have a ton of PS1/PS2 games still but haven’t played any of those in more then 6 years so I don’t really count them.

      I do find it funny how brainwashed you little kids are though.

    4. another_jakhole

      Maddens Raiders is right. Seriously, the pessimism is crap. Fisha’s input

      “The ability to take GPS and/or Telemetry data of a real lap and put it in a game is not new technology at all, so PD could’ve done these “Celebrity Laps” before had they wanted to.”
      Right on! Quality over quantity. They’re making it seem like they’re involved with something interesting like the Red Bull X2k’s. It’s nothing but them showing off to both the car and video game worlds.


    5. BWX

      Hey jack, no he isn’t right, and you’re beginning to sound like a troll yourself. Try comming up with your own thoughts or arguments if you disagree for once… if you think can.

  27. Flagmo-T

    Thank you PD. Now we have seen it work, and it was quite amazing or at least a Technical effort – But i don’t really see the use for it for the 80% of the GT Drivers . So you still have some heavy Issues with GT5, maybe add/use the energy there, so the GT series doesn’t fall behind in the Racing Sim Gaming Software Business..

    This feature is great and interesting, but it haven’t got much impact as a sale feature, when the other releases hits the shops in first quarter of 2013..

    You gotta Run a little faster PD, to much great stuff is coming out very soon :o)

  28. McZachenF1138

    The way I see this is that it proves that GT6 won’t be out next year, which I was always 99% sure it wouldn’t.

  29. domsmx

    GT5 is “still” pretty good , love to play & enjoy every minute of it with all the DLC’s .. BUT one thing could be improve better a SENSE OF SPEED. I mean at 200 km/h seems real 80 km/h at least in the Tokyo street circuit. At 200 km/h should come and gone the environment much more faster than in the game. I use interior cam (on zoom level 1) and I know on the bumper cam the speed sense more intensive than interior cam , but still… anyway almost a perfect racing sim.

    1. a5kylar990

      Well if they put a real sense of speed, driving a 458 would be as crazy as driving an x1 in the game ( without a steering wheel that is)

    1. Conza

      Noooo, they seriously should keep maintaining and supporting GT5, otherwise what will we have to do in the meantime between now and 2015/16 when GT6 is launched?

    2. HuskyGT

      This is very useful indeed! I’ll fly to Japan and buy a GT86 right away, fly over to any of the tracks available in the game, record a few laps, then return home and make use of this feature.

      Wow, I can see myself doing this on a daily basis, thanks PD!

      Seriously… No offense, but this is not the “support” that GT5 should be having. Agree with SaintSeiya. Keep focusing on GT6 instead of throwing scraps at us that only a handfull of people will be able to use.

  30. Amac500

    Well since I don’t have a Toyota 86 or have accessibility to the tracks it doesn’t really effect me. My closest is Indy and the infield road course had that double hairpin area reconfigured a few years back. BUT, if it’s coming in 2013 they ARE still working on and adding to GT5! So yeah, great news.

  31. badboyg316

    wow, i was wondering what this video was about yesterday to when i saw it under my youtube news feed. That’s actually a good idea, beat actual race car drivers lap time in a game to challenge your skills.

  32. sibbystiggy

    what if the ai’s became real racing drivers following their real life skills, lap times & behaviours on the track… imagine racing mark webber on suzuka in a civic or somin… that will b very realistic if PD can capture real driver’s driving styles, this may also boot up B-spec drivers, what do u think???

  33. TurboProp

    I’m soooo glad PD put so much into this awesome technology and I am very grateful for any scrap that they throw us! You are the MAN Kaz!!!

  34. SuperShouden

    The future for this technology, is an evolving game that takes the real world data from the laps that people do and the game or PD take what they learn from those laps and mold the game around that. Because, with a couple thousand points of data, GT6 could easily be the most realistic handling game ever. Of course…that is IF PD decides to use the data recorded from this Data Logger.

    1. Krizzay

      Dare we think a step further and say, the future for this technology is the ability to participate in real races live from your living room while the real cars duke it out on the track.

    2. mr_pepps

      @Krizzay YES! I like what you’re saying and I think you’re spot on.
      This is insanely exciting!

      Hope I get to play against pro drivers one day before I’m 50.

      Ohhhhh wait. Ha! Race against celebs on the TGTT? Hilarious :)

  35. Quakebass

    It’s hard to tell which game this will be in… Though I have a feeling that it won’t be in GT5 basing on the time frame of it… BUT, it is already being ran in GT5. I’ve got a feeling that PD would want to do tis for more than one car, so I’m thinking GT6.

  36. Foxiol

    That´s cool if it helps to the simulation. They should put this on every car that it is going to be in the game just to get real data from it.

  37. tpark103

    Like I said a few days ago when I posted this link, the technology is mind boggling. Hats off to Kaz and the PD staff for being forward thinkers and changing the things you can do with a video game.

  38. Zuel

    It’s a improved data loggers from what I can see. Even though the current one is good aswell, it has help me improve some of my setup for tracks as well. Does the current loggers read other GPS logs?

    1. SkierPS3

      It’s almost a given this will be in GT6, and since it’s already in 5’s engine and has been announced, it is likely coming to GT5 first.

    1. another_jakhole

      “In a demo session hosted for the press by Toyota, Denso, and Polyphony Digital at Fuji Speedway earlier this week, a new video was filmed to show it in action, with Kazunori Yamauchi himself behind the wheel of an 86.”

      Yup, old news. What?

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