Red Bull X1: Vettel’s GT5 Gameplay Video, Screenshots

Polyphony Digital has just updated their website with the a complete blowout feature on their collaborative project with Red Bull: the X1 Prototype. In addition to a complete list of specifications, they’ve also released a new video showing the first gameplay of the car with none other than Red Bull F1 driver Sebastian Vettel behind the wheel at the Nurburgring GP course. In the video, you’ll notice several different variations of Circuit de la Sarthe in the track selection screen, and watch out for a sneak peek at a rainy Suzuka in the screenshots below.

Thanks to all of you who sent this in so quickly!

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Comments (172)

  1. Ron Dennis

    Couldn’t have said it better myself (from CAR Magazine forum):

    carmobster says
    RE: Red Bull X1 supercar (2010): the full technical spec
    I have just designed a car that is 485 kg dry, has a twin turbo laser propelled 22.185 bhp, 900 cc, 3 cylinder engine which revs to 35.000 rpm. Is 33 seconds faster than Vettel around Suzuka…….yeah right! Oh puhlease Car magazine this is a virtual machine, and in dreams and Playstations this is o.k. but not on your website or magazine. Concept cars are o.k. because they give a manufacturers sneak preview in what is to come. But this is nonsens, this belons in PC Magazine or something not in yours. You guys need a reality check!”

  2. Vulcao

    Sorry if this is double post, but just now I noticed the HUD was different. Watch the video again and see for yourself.

  3. Vulcao

    If you quickly pause the video when the track selection screen first appears, you’ll see to the left what is probably a snowy or rainy version of La Sarthe.

  4. JB Motorsports

    I think a lot of you are dropping the ball on what this car is…

    Yes, it is fictional – no question about it, but it’s far from Ridge Racer or some fake vehicle that PD simply created and threw into the game. They didn’t come up with a radical design and say… Let’s say it goes 300mph and can corner anything in the game.

    I don’t know what the total cost of this car is when you think about man hours it took to create it and Adrian Newey’s time, IMO is priceless especially given the title run he is currently in, but this is far from something drawn on a piece of notebook paper and given unrealistic figures and stats.

    I too don’t agree with fictional cars being created for this series…it simply isn’t what this game is about. Cars like the Nike concept that we’ve seen… Even the Gran Turismo open wheel series cars that were created (can’t remember the name) weren’t cars I was a fan of and hated that they were brought into the series.

    The X1 however, is MUCH, MUCH different. PD took the time to realistically create something for us. Everything they’ve done and from what I’ve read and seen makes me believe that they believe this car could really do the things they say it can and they have the math, research, paper work, simulation (I’m sure) to prove that this isn’t just some fictional thing that could never be brought to life. On top of that, the greatest car designer we’ve ever seen and possibly will ever see has his name all over the X1 – You couldn’t get me to believe that he would do this to create a fairytale, but an actual belief.

    In my eyes we should be honored to have such a machine in GT5 and shouldn’t be looked at as a fictional car, but we could be a simulation of one of the greatest automotive/engineering feats around and something we might be able to drive now…and in 10 years actually see it hit the track (or something very similar) and have some sort of understanding of what that was like before it ever became a reality.

    Maybe I’m alone on this one, but being able to drive Kaz and Newey’s dream is something I not only look forward to, but will really be something I’ll feel privileged to do when given the chance!

    1. JB Motorsports

      Sorry…That was horribly written and extremely wordy… I just can’t believe the criticism this car is taking and how in some way it dilutes the game and the series. We need to appreciate the opportunity that is being given to us and embrace this car for what it truly is and the time and effort that was put in to create it.

  5. alex

    what next thrust SST the land speed record car….(PD dint get any ideas im just kidding….just release the game…)

  6. Sticro

    Read the Polyphony site!
    Witness for yourself the power of the X1 through the in-game “X1 Challenge”, the first driving lesson ever in Gran Turismo to be performed by a top professional driver.

  7. iRacer

    For all of you that can’t stop talking about how the game should come out on or near your birthday… NEWS FLASH –> NOBODY cares about your birthday!!!!! (Well, maybe you mom does, but that’s a different story) I’m sure Polyphony Digital couldn’t possibly care less… so go ahead and keep that to yourself. We all want GT5 to be out as soon as possible!

  8. Torquehappens08

    Jordan, and everyone else, Please imediately check the 4th row of pictures, first picture has the biggest confirmation of something important, aparently at first we all thought original tracks,nurburgring and Le mans would be the only ones to sport day and night racing or weather, but if you look at the banner you clearly see “the checkered suzuka logo” the suzuka is hidden by the rain mist, as well as the small bridgestone tire barrier at the pit entrance. note the bill boards in the back ground “alpine and sony” as well as the pit area, More tracks confirmed with weather and night racing.

  9. TaurusSHO

    Did anyone notice that its not a gas turbine like stated earlier. if you look at the stats on Polyphony site its actully a 3.0L Twin Turbo Direct Injected V6. which is backed up by the fact that the lap at the end it sounds like an F1 car at the end not like a turbine. Also I think its not a CVT in the lap at the end it sounds like its shifting and on the onboard shots look at the tack and gear selector display.

  10. Circuit*star

    I think driver should used Aircraft Oxygen Mask while driving this thing. I mean look at the Gs forces that it will produce and those tires look like they grip to much for reality. I demand a real version of this vehicle. It is Insane fast, i know driver can pass out taking corner at that speed. I know that when i get to drive this when gt5 comes out i am going to used my own O2 mask/helmet =).

  11. Phoax

    You would probably need a pressure suit or something to drive this. It looks like it pulls a lot of Gs on the turns.

  12. - SZRT_Ice -

    Putting aside the G’s on the driver… I wonder if they factored in a “stress test” to see if the car would hold together through those turns… I’d imagine after about 5 laps of those G forces, that cat would likely come apart…

  13. grog

    I wonder if the X1 will blow other cars off the track as it passes like the chapperal did? Apparently the fan in the back creates a whirl wind which can unsettle the aero of cars being passed.

  14. Enciah

    What is the interest of these cars??
    To drive Ridge racer’s cars, we can buy the game, it was released…4 years ago

    I’m tired of all this pointless stuff (to PD and Sony)

    1. Magic Ayrton

      LOL, one day in my next lifetime this game will be released… so much has happened in my life since the start of GT5.. I’m almost a completely different person. Patience is fading fast :(

    2. chump

      how is designing a concept car pointless if it is based on one of the best real world physics engine? yes, the nike one was pointless but the x1 pushes the envelope of what is possible with current technology and could possibly inspire changes to outdated rules and regulations.

  15. dimbo01

    Not much wings IMO. A F1 car has much more wing. Both front and rear wings have a greater surface and have complex curves and slots to optimize downforce/drag generation (in comparison).
    The diffuser is huge though ;-), but the wings don’t seem to be cutting edge/state of the art -ish.
    The suction cup underneath is cool. I’ll bed it has little skirts too to get a greater underpressure.

    1. occasionalracer

      So your saying the game will be so epic, it’ll be unrealistic in terms of video game possibility. Exactly point on.

  16. jacoja06

    If I drove this thing for real, my neck would snap clean in half during the first turn. Those cornering speeds are immense.

  17. peacemon

    Problem is, in reality this car can’t be driven by a human sitting inside. It would have to be a computer or a remote control. The lateral acceleration would squash the driver in every corner, making it quite impossible to maintain control. Most probably he would become unconscious, with unfavourable outcome. Even if he’d be so lucky as to complete one lap, he’d probably be devastated and might need to be driven to the hospital.
    The human body has limits and so there’s very good reason for F1 cars to be heavily restricted.

    1. Bernd

      A top-speed over 400km/h can be very exhausting. I remember a comment from Team Sauber at 1989 LeMans, where the C9 ran 408 km/h. Both, driver and team didn’t feel very comfortable with that, they said afterwards

    2. occasionalracer

      Ya the leap from 300 to 400km/h is massive, the track will start feeling very narrow real quick and your undershirt will start feeling very wet.

    3. pasigiri

      Actually a human driving this would be just fine provided he/she didn’t crash. Fighter pilots take WAY more g-forces and punishment than this thing can dish out. Pulling 7+ g’s in a fighter jet is a regular occurrence and this thing, impressive as it is, can’t touch a fighter jet.

    4. RACECAR

      I think a Human would do just fine since twice as much is sustained flying a fighter jet. If anything, you’re looking at a land based jet aircraft in terms of Gs.

    5. peacemon

      Are fighter pilots also subject to extreme sideways G? I thought it was “only” up and down Gs.
      An important difference however is that in the air you have more room for correction. In this car, don’t be 150% there for one tenth of a second, and you’re dead.

    1. JeanR

      Yes, sir. In the video you can se the car in a carbon-fiber black model in the wind tunnel. – Lucius Fox

      (100% game car prize, anyone?)

  18. Foxiol

    Look at UK (the only one that has that) and you´ll see all specifications…it´s a V6 twin turbo like a guy said in other comment…

  19. GTP_Davey07-O37

    I’m speechless……….This game is going to be the best racing game ever on any console in any era(IMHO)….Watching that video and the expression on Vettel’s face..brilliant. We’re in for a gargantuan treat…soon…;-)))…

  20. Persojet

    Turbo in turbine???
    and didn’t the specs say that gear box was continuously variable not six-speed manual?

  21. GTP_Davey07-O37

    I’m speechless……….This game is going to be the best ever on any console in any era…Watching that video and the expression on Vettel’s face..brilliant. We’re in for a gargantuan treat…soon…;-)))…

  22. Paulo

    I felt like I was watching the replay in 2X speed!! It corners like an arcade racer, almost looks cartoonishly fast through the corners, unbelievable.

  23. G

    Vettel is a beast look at him go… plus the X1 seems like it could out turn a fly… the styling is a bit iffy for my taste. but I guess its all about function not looks

  24. Jope

    Looked like a slot car going round the Nürburgring. Trying to race this in the game will be the ultimate bumpfest.

  25. Zuel

    MY HEART IS POUNDING THE CAR IS UNBALIVABLY BEATIFUL!!! The lines are amazing and clean; every part of the car flows together which is outstanding. This fan car is fast very fast: I can’t wait to drive it. The speed this car can travel around the track it out of this world. Being able to brake, turn, and accelerate with out even going under 100 kph for a short moment is mind blowing for the body. Your body will be under heavy G’s for around 5 seconds up to the area of 6 g’s pending on track. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

    1. occasionalracer

      Fortunetly we’ll be experiencing 0.0 g’s. I really don’t see this car becoming reality in the future, it would cost several ten’s of millions, to get this thing built and handle in that fashion. Maybe if they work on it slowly over the next 5 years, like have a couple of hours a week for the engineers within RBR to ponder ways to build this it may be done in a cost effective fashion. I just wonder how much PD could be involved in the actual engineering.

  26. Stune

    This is crazy fast. 1.04 vs 1.28 f1 cars can get.

    Allways good to see a real race driver do a good lap in a game. Must be doing something right.

    1. Razor

      Stune > I can bet that I will make better lap time with this car on this track than the one that is posted on video. ;)

    1. BDawg

      Its wishful thinking, and Im hoping he does it because Im flying to Abu Dhabi in 2 weeks for the last race of the season!

    2. GTbyPlaystation

      I’m rooting for Mark Webber to win this year. He really needs to focus and hammer down these next two races…

    3. GTracerRens

      Vettel had to win last race.. I do not really care about who will win the 2010 F1 Championship. Vettel, Webber or Hamilton, all great! ;)

    4. HugoStiglitz_420

      As long as the overated piece of crap Alonso doesn’t win I’ll be happy. I’m rooting for Hamilton & Vettel though

    5. EiFFeL

      Hahahah overrated ALonso? Alonso is no doubt the best driver in the grid… He is as fast as Hamilton and Vettel and much safer and regular than them… If he drove Red Bull instead of Ferrari he would be champions 3 races ago or so…

    6. BWX

      ” overated piece of crap Alonso” LOFL!! I’m not some Alonso fan.. I couldn’t really care less, but anyone with eyes and a brain that watched the last F1 race could clearly see Alonso showing his complete dominance over the entire field. He’s on it lately and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him win WC this year. Duh, look where he is right now.

  27. GTbyPlaystation

    It is soooo quick! And it handles like a go-kart!!!
    OMG I am soo pumped for this car in Gran Turismo 5.
    It’ll probably be a 100% completion unlock or cost over 5 million credits, easy.

  28. gNNY

    With the kind of money Red Bull has I wouldn’t be surprised to see this thing in real life sooner or later. I doubt that they would put this much effort into a car prototype just to see it in a game.

  29. GTP_Dessy

    I think its too fast and overall unrealistic. No driver would be able to sustain the g forces it would produce for more than a couple of laps.

    Fair enough it’s cool for the game but it kind of makes it a bit gimmicky in my honest opinion. I will wait until I get to drive it though before making any more assumptions.

    1. Bernd

      German scientists have invented a liquid-filled G-suit called “Libelle” (Dragonfly) for fighter-pilots. Reports say pilots can sustain up to 15G with that suit easily

    1. Magic Ayrton

      I’m not a great fan of his driving (sometimes) but he is very young and I like him, him and Hamilton are nice guys I think.

    2. occasionalracer

      Why? He couldn’t have been a better driver for RBR, pushing the car as hard as Webber. I really wanted to see him get the WC title, but it seems not. He will be a dominant force in F1 for many years to come so you better get used to him. I hope to see Webber be WC as he’s deserved it many times over, he’s a great guy and has done it all.

  30. The_Rpg_Moogle

    Look good at 2:28

    HOOD VIEW!!!!

    Look at the bottom of the screen you’ll see bits of the front of the X1,

    So that too is confirmed,

    Now, where’s my release date:P

  31. Heymoa

    The fan they are talking about isn’t the engine its to create down-force like the The Chaparral 2J did. The X1 has a V6 Twin Turbo (Direct Injection)
    Engine Displacement: 3000cc
    Maximum Output: 1106.0kw (1503.8ps) / 15000rpm *1483hp
    Maximum Torque: 714.1Nm (72.9kgf*m) / 12000rpm

  32. B

    Did anyone else catch the comment about this car being a ‘Pandora’s box’? That to me hints at other manufacturers getting involved and designing their own ‘unlimited’ racecars. Thoughts, anyone?

  33. Gran_Turismo

    I’m NOt watching the video, so I won’t Spoil myself. Waiting for this game is easy for me since I don’t have a PS3 or TV to play it on, yet. I’ll probably get the game before any of those, though.

    1. Gran_Turismo

      Ok. I admit it. I watched only the last part of the video where Vettel did a lap and I’m blown away how that thing looks when eating right through those corners. If PD were to make a Speed Racer game, theres no doubt this is what it would look like, but with a lot more color and wacky track designs. I don’t know why people are complaining about the sound. Sure it might not sound original, but the quality of it sounds excellent to me. Maybe it will change in the release version. I would prefer it to sound like a roaring storm, rather than a screaming banshee, though.

    2. GeminiOne

      And I thought I was the only one who didn’t have a PS3 or HDTV for GT5. (Unsure of your situation though)

      Done the research and got a savings account on standby.

      My theory is that Sony will have [North America] some GT5 skin/3.50firmware HDTV Bundle deal when this thing Finally comes out.

  34. grbmrdj

    Wow, it’s so fast I didn’t actually believe it. Only the reputation of the GT series makes me believe that this car might be possible. Unfortunately, we’ll never actually see it in real life. The driver would crap himself at the first corner, and the G forces will make him 2 feet tall after the first lap.

  35. Razor

    410km/h on the main straight!! 100km/h more than F1 car. Unreal…and the way it goes into corners, seems like it is not possible…are physics calculations correct.The guy inside such car would feel probably more than 10G.

    # Engine: gas turbine, 1483bhp @ 15,000RPM, 527lb ft @ 12,000RPM
    # Transmission: continuously variable, rear-wheel drive
    # Top Speed: 249mph
    # Weight: 545kg
    # Length/Width/Height: 4750/2180/980mm

    1. Madmurdock

      Yeah. Physics is accurate. Due to the closed wheel design and turbine it creates vacuum suction on the wheels, creating downforce. Apparently the downforce it creates is roughly the same weight as a Range Rover road car. Which weighs over 2 tons. That’s why the cornering speeds are so high.

    2. Razor

      Madmurdock> Yeah, I understand about sucking effect, but I guess on the slow corners such effect would be minimal…then again, with 500+kgs of weight it is light, very light.

    3. neema_t

      Razor, with normal aerodynamic downforce you have to be moving at a certain speed for the effect to work, so for slow corners you’d lose all the downforce and therefore not be able to turn as effectively or as aggressively as you could on a higher speed corner, but with the sucking effect it works at all speeds and creates no drag, and with 2 tons of downforce but none of the inertia it can corner like it’s on rails.

      Also, did anyone see the G-meter at 2.27? Waaaaaay off the scale!

    4. Madmurdock

      A prominent member on AVF (DeanE, thanks) has done some calculations for the maximum G the driver will experience and it comes out at 8.25G in the corners.

      Razor the suction works at all speeds, hence the cornering speeds so high even at what you’d expect to be low downforce speeds. Thanks neema_t.

  36. An1mal_69

    All we need is some Arab prince, or Chinese billionaire to get inspired and develop a series :o) must be more entertaining than the A1-GP

  37. emponator

    I suspect that the sounds were edited onto the film from some other car. This was supposed to have variable gear ratios, so there should be no gear change sounds in the vid.

    1. Tompie913

      Listen to when Vettel is driving. You can hear that there are no gearshifts. The sounds on the replay were definitely added on.

  38. Mr_Hansen

    To those of you saying that a gasturbine engine shouldn’t sound like this, try to read the specs. on
    It says that it is in fact a V6 Twin Turbo (Direct Injection). I don’t know why that has been chanced, but the topspeed is min. 450 km/h now against the previous min. 400 too…

    1. Spaghettimonster

      i am pretty sure i will run this thing on automatic most of the time. the speed of the shifts – especially downshifts – is ridiculous.

  39. Madmurdock

    Looks awesome. Has incredible cornering speeds. Sound of a a normal F1 car just doesn’t fit though.

    Looks impressive non the less.

  40. Alaa1982

    Not to the bring the car down or anything but to exist in the GT does not mean it’s real.
    If there isn’t one in the real world it’s not the fastest in the world.

    1. RACECAR

      Keep in mind though that it has been made not with purely arcade elements, but using real racing know how which includes technologies that have been banned. Remember, its a car thats made without any rulebook in mind and given the right circumstances, it can exist.

  41. Moonman79

    Holy s**t that’s immense !!!!!

    But if this “THING” was real, what kind of tyers would be able to take that punishment?

  42. Mubble

    Grrr! Damn generic Gran turismo engine noise. It seems like they use 90% the same sound file data and just tweak the last 10% to make each car slightly different – here, they’ve just upped the pitch. This just sounds like the Ferrari F1 from Prologue. Why? It’s a gas turbine engine. It shouldn’t sound anything like any other car.

    1. R1600Turbo

      What I noticed is that the car sounds different from when they are interviewing him, to when they showed the replay. It does sound like a gas turbine at first, then in the replay sounds like an F1 car with a bit lower tone.

    2. RACECAR

      Its essentially the F2007 sound from GT5P, probably a place holder. I doubt thats what they’ll put in the final game for a Gasturbine engine.

    1. GTracerRens

      Agree with you, It’s just the sound of the F2007… :S Of course, they couldn’t record a real sound because the car doesn’t exist (yet), but they could have done a bit more with the sound. It looks a bit fake to my opinion, don’t believe the car will be this fast in reallife. Still looks great and can’t wait to drive this thing!

    2. NoonenF1

      It could be this fast in real-life, although I bet our tire technology isn’t quite there yet, the slip angles aren’t strong enough yet for a car that is capable of pulling more than 5Gs in corners.

    3. hossdeluxe

      Um… F1 cars can pull 7 to 8gs. acceleration about 2 to 3 gs. This can was going more like 10 to 14gs. That’s why i think this won’t be built because humans can’t withstand that much laterally g-force. It may look unrealistic but that’s because it’s never been done before.

  43. VeyronGlen

    Wow! I can’t put into words how amazing that looks on the track! The first Suzuka pic looks so realistic, I actually thought it was real but then realised that this isn’t a real car! Can’t wait to drive it!

  44. MarkGT5

    This thing is faaaaaaaaaaast!!

    I guess F1 will look like this within 10 years?

    (Jordan i can’t use the gtplanet website on my computer at home..why is that? )

    1. Spaghettimonster

      thing is, f1 was going in this direction a long time ago. regulations have held it back. thats why this project is unique.

    2. Tompie913

      Well the whole basis of F1 is open-wheeled, open-cockpit racing. I don’t think the FIA rules allow closed wheels/cockpit.

    1. Spaghettimonster

      its got a cvt. somebody explained it to me like a bike shifter. only difference is, you dont have cog wheels, but rather cones with a variable radius. so to speak a bike with indefinite gears. ;-)

      the guy i was talking to also said that its practically impossible with an engine that powerful. :))

    2. Zuel

      The first car that came with that type of trans was a Satern. Can’t remember the model though; it’s used now in the Nissan Maxama and other cars.

    3. Foxiol

      Gt by Citroen has a V8 engine …so in the game we will see this with gears for sure…i mean both…prototype GT by Citroen and the GT for race…
      watch in you tube videos when it shows in Paris streets :P

    4. (G)

      It is pretty much impossible. A CVT mated to a high-revving gas turbine putting out that much power (basically a helicopter engine) would be very large and heavy and prone to breaking from the torque generated (chain or belt slip), or smaller and even more fragile.

      There’s a lot of strange design decisions made with this car, to the point where I think it could be bested by a design with a different approach – as opposed to seemingly F1 based, LMP based.

      Still looks sweet… would be awesome if a couple of other teams get in on the act and show us what an extreme ‘what if’, group 7/can-am style car with modern engineering would look like.

    5. Missed_the_Apex

      If they can put a clutch the size of your fist into an F1 car that can handle just shy of 1000hp then I think somebody could come up with a CVT to put into that car. It would cost an arm and a leg, and be made of crazy exotic metals, but it could probably still be done.

    1. Themadcat001

      Yeah, Just like it’s been said, Gran Turismo lets you experience that “what if” with real physics, what if You had a 1985 Jag and gave it a supercharger. What would happen if you took the old GT40 and raced it against a beefed up Miata or other small roadster on a small course with no real time for top end, like autumn ring.

      I found a video earlier and I thought of Gran turismo, GT makes stuff like this Possible, kinda makes me want to play GT4 Just to drive a Daihatsu midget around just thinking about stuff like that :) lol

      GT captures things no other racing sim can. This is why even with a later delay, I know I’ll be happy with GT5, The results are always pleasing; for years to come at that.

    2. HugoStiglitz_420

      not in my opinion. The cars I’ve raced in iracing, lfs, rfactor, gt5p, and gtr feel much more realistic in gt5p than in the other games. PC sims have alot of other little details about the cars that make them more realistic but as far as the driving physics, gt5p or gt5 are the most accurate by far. GT5’s physics may seem tame but that’s because some of those PC sims are making the cars harder to drive than they really are. It’s like you’re using your controller to control a real car on ice. It doesn’t mimic real driving nearly as well as GT5 or GT5p. So in a sense, PC sims are more detailed but not more accurate to life

    1. BlackNinja

      I just need confirmation on any new F1 car included and this will make my day!

      Come on, at least the RedBull Racing F1 car!


      This car is really very nice but it’s just too fast and it has incredible/awesome brakes and that makes the driving “unreal” and that is not the GT concept but 1 car with a unreal driving of +1000 cars is no problem

    3. HugoStiglitz_420

      the more they promote the X1, the stupider it will be if you need 100% completion to drive it. Not even 10% of the people who buy it will reach 100% so this is all a waste if that’s how you unlock it

    4. FlareKR

      @ HugoStiglitz_420
      I’m not wasting another summer to complete a Gran Turismo (I did it in ’07 for GT4). I started making revving noises by the time I went by to school, cutting corners, and drawing the ‘Ring and a bunch of cars on any paper I would get my hands on. Worst thing was, my mom ruined my memory card, bleached in the washer (long story). Fricken 7th grade!
      But that car is insanely scary, reminds of that Speed Racer episode when they had the car that killed everybody that drove it cause it was too damn fast. Speaking of, where’s the Mach 5 in GT5?

    5. Dean

      You know that the PS3 has been hacked?.

      With that being said, they can’t just release the game with all these exploits going around.

      GT5 Will probably require Firmware 4.0 or even 5.0.

      It’s the security issue we are talking about.

    6. jim

      “The problem arose when SCE mandated SDK 350 on all games releasing after after October, GT5 was about to go gold running on SDK 341, but it has been delayed by around a week so that they can update to SDK 350.”

      Lifted straight from a previous article. SDK 350 just means firmware update 3.50

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