Sony Details PlayStation VR2 Operation in New Unboxing Video

As the anticipation for PlayStation VR2 builds ahead of its launch on February 22, Sony has released a new video showing the new hardware being unboxed and how its various features function.

The video is presented by Kei Yoneyama, of global product strategy and management at Sony Interactive Entertainment, and she takes us through everything from the design of the outer packaging itself down to the operation of the device.

Naturally the headset comes in the most recent iteration of Sony’s product identity packaging, with a blue on white box, inside which is the hard cardboard case that also serves as a means of storage and transport for the headset.

As part of Sony’s efforts to be environmentally friendly, the case innards are made from fast-growing sugar cane and bamboo, while the cable-ties are paper-based and there’s as little plastic packaging as possible.

The box itself contains both the PSVR2 headset and the two Sense controllers, along with the included USB-C charging cable and the bundled in-ear headphones. These also come with three sizes of cover, with the medium size pre-installed.

Yoneyama also demonstrates the various comfort functions, including the headband release button and adjustment dial on the rear, and the scope adjustment button and lens adjustment dial on the top of the headset. There’s also the power button and the function button underneath — the latter of which allows you to switch to “see-through” mode, so you can view the real world instead of the game world.

PlayStation VR2 will launch on February 22, priced at $549.99/€599.99/£529.99, and Gran Turismo 7 will be compatible with the system in full from launch, via a free update. You can see our review of GT7 of PSVR2 below:

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