Subaru BRZ, Toyota 86, and Scion FR-S Featured In Latest GT5 Time and Drift Trials

October 17th, 2012 by Michael Leary

The latest round of time and drift Seasonal Events are now available in Gran Turismo 5, featuring the Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS, and the Toyota 86. The challenges are as follows:

Time Trial No. 47

  • PP450 86/BRZ/FR-S: Grand Valley Speedway Time Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/10/18 04:00 – 2012/11/01 03:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000
  • 600PP Racing Cars: Indy Road Course Time Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/10/18 04:00 – 2012/11/01 03:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

Drift Trial No. 47

  • 86/BRZ/FR-S Trial Mountain Circuit Drift Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/10/18 04:00 – 2012/11/01 03:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000
  • Lancer Evolution & Impreza: Sarthe Circuit 2009 Drift Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/10/18 04:00 – 2012/11/01 03:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

GT5 Photomode image by jBhlpS.

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  1. Oct. 19, 4:02pm
    Rob c

    has anybody got a set up / tune for the BRZ?
    plus add my psn : BlueMotionBRZ

  2. Oct. 19, 3:48pm

    Does this rear aero from this BRZ is only available for BRZ or other ones have it also?

    • Oct. 19, 5:14pm

      The aerodynamic parts in question are only available on the Subaru BRZ S ’12.

  3. Oct. 19, 9:30am

    Regardless of what anyone says, all 3 cars are good for drifting OR time trials!!!

    As for the 2J, it was banned in racing after only ONE season, therefore it is NOT a real race car and PD should take it away from everyone who owns one and it SHOULD NOT make an appearance in GT6!! It is, without a doubt, the number one low PP cheat car! NUFF SAID…

    • Oct. 19, 1:54pm
      Pit Crew

      The 2J need not be banned from the game or any GranTurismo game.

      If PD wants to ban it from TTs thats fine but the whole game, no. It has its place in motorsport history, as do other cars so it belongs.

      Players should stop focusing their disappointment towards those guys/gals that put up good times in advantageous cars. (GSX-R Suzuki, 2J Chapparal) I give them credit for even being able to handle such tempermental cars. I will atleast try a setup and attempt the TT or Drift Trial myself in those cars before I come to GTP and “Hate” on their accomplishment.

      These guys are legit IMO because most are top 100 GTAcademy contenders too.
      Alot of different skill levels amongst GranTurismo fanbase. Most should recognize and respect that.

    • Oct. 19, 5:15pm

      Just because it was banned doesn’t mean it isn’t a real race car.

      The Honda NSX SuperGT was banned from Super GT. Does that mean it isn’t a race car?

    • Oct. 19, 5:50pm

      By your logic, the Toyota 7 and Jaguar XJ13 aren’t race cars.

    • Oct. 19, 9:25pm

      By your same flawed logic, the Brabham BT46 is not a race car either since it was banned after only 1 race.

    • Oct. 19, 10:43pm

      I agree with ScottEDawg somewhat, although it shouldn’t be banned from the game entirely.

      It gets really old really fast to see the unbeatable 2J and Suzuki GSX-R Concept as the only cars in the top 250 list on the TT.

      I personally think that “normal car” should be classified as production models only. As for the 2J; it is a race car, but I would like to see a greater variety of vehicles being used for the TT. The 2J is basically an ancient X1 and there is absolutely no way to beat it with any other car with the same PP level. I have one and can easily place within the top 500, but never use it for TT because, well, it gets old.

      Over 1100 cars and only a handful get used for all of the TT.

    • Oct. 20, 12:13pm
      Pit Crew

      ^ A greater variety of cars can be used. Nothings stopping other players from using any qualifying car they want. Its 2 different things entirely. The top 100 or 250 may use the 2J Or GSX R, but you can use many cars to get the gold time.

      IMO too focused on what the Pro types do. Maybe tune up and try and tackle that top 100 summit with some other car.

    • Oct. 20, 12:18pm
      Pit Crew

      Power to Weight ratio is a consistent element in cars and AutoSport and these 2 vehicles have some of the best in GT5. Probably why they are popular amongst the Top Tier players.

    • Oct. 21, 11:39am

      It’s not a thing of someone hating on the 2J, GSX-R, R390 road car etc., but if you take a look at the top 500 or so times, all you see is 2J, 2J……. I suspect that the PP level of the car is severely underrated at it is at least 5-6 seconds faster than other race cars on this track. Maybe it should be banned from TTs, but have its own separate time trial. The TTs will become more competitive this way, rather than a group of people using the same car every single time.

    • Oct. 22, 1:28am
      Pit Crew

      Sure seems like “Hating” to me.

  4. Oct. 19, 1:36am

    Guys someone check the lape time leader for the 86-FRS-BRZ. I could have swore that said Wieder HSV. If so can GTPlanet contact PD about this.

    • Oct. 19, 2:23am

      I can confirm a user called “GrandPapaSmurf_” used an Weider HSV with Racing Softs. Just got a picture of it too.

    • Oct. 19, 9:33am

      I don’t want to sound uneducated, but I can’t work out what a “lape time” is…

    • Oct. 19, 1:32pm
      Pit Crew

      He typod its obviously meant to say lap

    • Oct. 19, 10:44pm

      Another “hacker.” PD usually promptly removes those times.

    • Oct. 20, 9:45pm

      I just sent him a message over PSN about how he only plays for a fake sense of accomplishment, and not to enjoy Gran Turismo. I hope it teaches him a lesson (which I’m sure it won’t, he’ll probably reply saying something stupid with a ton of spelling errors).

    • Oct. 26, 5:59am

      PDI has been contacted, thank you.

  5. Oct. 18, 9:38pm

    I think that brz photo is from forza cuz I can’t get that wing on mine

    • Oct. 18, 10:09pm
      RTF Racing

      You can get it :) its the third option if im not mistaken

    • Oct. 19, 1:47am

      I have that wing on my BRZ in GT5, it’s not available for the Scion though. Maybe that’s where our $0.99 went.

  6. Oct. 18, 7:13pm

    I know people dont like sharing their tunes but does any one have a drift tune for an toyota 86?

    • Oct. 18, 7:34pm

      i drift that thing with a engine upgrade (everything else stock its the easiest car to drift since drifting was invented)

    • Oct. 19, 6:31pm

      That happened in that Grand Valley time trail in the McLaren F1 aswell, someone was fastest in a GT500 Nissan GT-R with Racing Softs too. It was eventually removed in the end.

    • Oct. 24, 10:06am

      and do you need setup for wheel or controller? Basicly…I think it’s not important to change a lot on that car if u r drifting on controller cause it’s so easy (so you can use default settings) …but if you have 900° wheel..send me PM on PSN TheEzekiel and I can tell you how to setup your machine :-)

  7. Oct. 18, 6:16pm
    Super Novi

    Borrrrring. Let’s see something different.

    • Oct. 20, 10:18am

      These cars are still quite recent, well the BR-Z version is – so how different do you need it to be?

  8. Oct. 18, 3:47pm

    BRZ all day everyday. Would rather an all boxer 5-lap or a Toyobarucion 5-lap race, though.

  9. Oct. 18, 12:53pm

    I’m kind of surprised that there isn’t a “4wd ain’t driftin’ dawwwwg. Dats powerslidin'” sort of post. Probably cause its banable if I’m not mistaken. Anyway. These will be fun. The only thing that annoys me with these drift trials is that everyone uses the same car at the top. It’s always the cerbera 12. But with this, every has to use the “same” car. Atleast for the first one

    • Oct. 19, 5:52pm

      Tuning Shop > Drivetrain > Torque Sensing Center Differential > Settings > 10/90

  10. Oct. 18, 12:08pm

    These look good, and I’m guessing the 600pp race car is the 2J.

    • Oct. 18, 3:27pm

      If you’re looking at getting on the board, yeah.

      I really wish PD would stop allowing the 2J into the board =/

      (Yeah I’m just bitter cause I have no hope due to not owning one)

    • Oct. 18, 4:25pm

      I own one, and agree that it should be banned from TTs on the game as well. It’s a cheat car, like the LFA, NSX and M3 – underrated PP levels.

    • Oct. 19, 2:11pm
      Pit Crew

      Need a level 23 ticket Urie or a 70 Bday ticket send me a PM and a FR to PSN ID
      LenBiasFan Ialso have a short listing of 0/0/0 sendable cars in my gtplanet profile page. Ill gift it I dont require anything in return :)

  11. Oct. 18, 11:35am

    Sick Photo

  12. Oct. 18, 9:21am

    Hopefully the Indy Road Course TT is not attack of the 2J’s again…..looking forward to these TT’s when I get home from work, got my Impreza Super Touring Car and my BRZ ready.

    • Oct. 18, 10:05am

      Of course it will be, it always is.

  13. Oct. 18, 8:44am

    FR-S fo sure. Im’a drift my butt off toget a top spot!

  14. Oct. 18, 4:21am

    Drift Trial No.47
    4wd drifting
    Whos idea was this???
    ha ha ha
    for mi NO GOOD

    • Oct. 18, 7:31am

      You do know all three are RWD right?

    • Oct. 18, 7:33am

      He means the other drift trial

    • Oct. 18, 11:54am

      Oh I just noticed that.

    • Oct. 19, 2:49am

      I don’t get the complaining about 4WD drifting, seriously what is the issue with it? Is it some sort of sin or some taboo?

      Honestly PD really should keep certain cars out of TT, some cars have unfair advantages that allow them to be unbeatable and honestly I hate looking at the leaderboards, reminds me of attack of the clones or something, all the same damn car even if it is a free car choice TT.

      PD needs to have a vote online within the game on which kinds of seasonals should be upcoming. Subarus vs Lancers Supras vs Skylines and so on and so forth.

  15. Oct. 18, 3:33am

    Toyota 86 FTW. I have them all but the “Toy” is my favorite.

  16. Oct. 18, 12:38am

    I do hope this event will be called “Time attack of the clones”

  17. Oct. 18, 12:28am

    time to test out my FR-S’ drift setup. u mad, 86/BRZ lovers??? XD

    • Oct. 18, 12:52am

      Sorry but, why would anybody ever be mad over somebody using a car that is exactly the same as one they’re a ‘lover’ of?

      Or more accurately. Why would anybody be mad over you driving any car regardless of their preference? it’s not like it effects them in any way -.-

  18. Oct. 17, 11:56pm

    I wonder which version will be the preferred version by GT drivers. Seeing as how they’re SUPPOSED to have slight differences in handling characteristics.
    Personally, I’m going to choose the Subaru.

    Anyone want to trade laptimes, I’m open for Friends list invites!

    • Oct. 18, 12:19am

      Well, the BRZ feels a bit different than the FR-S to me, but I couldn’t pin down how exactly. I haven’t used the 86 enough to say, but personally I don’t see the differences (if there is any REAL difference and it’s not just in our heads) making a difference in lap times, especially with proper tuning. The differences are probably much more noticeable on the stock version of the real cars, and then they probably go away when you start tuning them as well.

    • Oct. 18, 9:29am

      I have tuned all three variations, both with and without chassis reinforcement. For me, the BRZ wins out for circuit racing as the turn-in seems to be more precise, and the 86 wins out for drifting. The FR-S leans to more of a drifter’s car than a circuit car.

    • Oct. 18, 11:40pm

      I know the real cars (according to Car & Driver magazine) handle differently. One car is prone to under steer and the other oversteer. Then again those are the American versions of BRZ and FR-S. I don’t know if the RHD models (BRZ & 86GT) are tuned different and if that is reflected in the game.

  19. Oct. 17, 11:48pm

    **** YES!!!!!

    *Gangnam Dance

  20. Oct. 17, 11:47pm

    I have to say, this, is a really nice change from PD. I want them to do events like these because they’re something different. Very impressed with you PD, continue events like these will ya? :)

  21. Oct. 17, 11:28pm

    PD is finally thinking now. Lets hope it continues. And a friend of mine said a friend of his skyped him about a rumor about new dlc. Which might have the VW Golf N24.

    • Oct. 17, 11:31pm

      My bad the Scirocco R N24.

    • Oct. 18, 1:37am

      I’d be fine with either if the rumor is true, though surely its not asking too much for both.

    • Oct. 18, 1:44am

      Like I said a friend heard it from his friend so who knows. Maybe a Thanksgiving treat from PD, now that would really give us something to be thankful for.

    • Oct. 18, 2:31am
      Pit Crew

      Third partty to an unfounded rumor about GT5 DLC content?
      Should just hold on to those, though it is something Jordan or the GTP team can look into should they choose.
      To far fetched IMO, basically because PD has been to consistent keeping any content leaks airtight till they want it exposed like the BRZ snippet video, then 6 days later info of upcoming 3 car DLC. I do however buy into a holiday freebie or some sort of content around thanksgiving or Xmas similar to last year.

  22. Oct. 17, 11:27pm

    BRZ for Time trial, and 86 for drift trial :D
    The FR-S is there just for looks. xD

    • Oct. 17, 11:47pm

      haha I totally agree.

  23. Oct. 17, 11:25pm

    Nice brz !!

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