Super GT Cars Featured in Latest GT5 Seasonal Events

January 2nd, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Though you may no longer be able to watch Super GT races in Gran Turismo TV, you can still enjoy some of the series’ cars in Gran Turismo 5.

To help with that, the game’s latest Seasonal Events feature GT500 cars with no more than 600PP and no better than Racing/Hard tires in five A-Spec races:

  • Tokyo Route 246 / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.484,600  2nd: Cr.266,530  3rd: Cr.193,840
  • Tsukuba Circuit / 10 Laps
    1st: Cr.416,000  2nd: Cr.228,800  3rd: Cr.166,400
  • Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.435,900  2nd: Cr.239,745  3rd: Cr.174,360
  • Special Stage Route 5 / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.466,200  2nd: Cr.256,410  3rd: Cr.186,480
  • Eifel (Circuit) 104A / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.501,300  2nd: Cr.275,715  3rd: Cr.200,520

As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion with other players.

GT5 Photomode image by Andy Voong.

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  1. Jan. 5, 8:54am

    Heard a rumor, if completed in de-tuned vehicle a prize was a NASCAR of unknown livery. I placed first in all 5 events at 575pp. Received multiplier, but in the end all I was awarded was a lvl. 21 ticket. Anyone have any info?

    • Jan. 5, 11:18am
      Pit Crew

      The 21 level ticket contains A Number of random cars including NASCAR. Most likely when the person you heard this from received his ticket he opened it and received a NASCAR as a Prize.

    • Jan. 5, 12:48pm
      Both Barrels

      That is correct, I received a Carl Edwards Ford Fusion. AFLAC!!

  2. Jan. 5, 7:14am


    • Jan. 8, 1:13pm

      Same thing happened to me

  3. Jan. 5, 3:50am

    fun and good event here…. good oportunity to run my toyota castrol toms supra, was easy to!

  4. Jan. 4, 12:06pm
    Fire Yoshi

    I beat these rather easily. Although I still had fun, because I love using these cars. :)
    I used nothing but Standard JGTC cars for this event, like the Penzoil GTR.

    • Jan. 4, 7:09pm

      Nice tip

    • Jan. 5, 10:24am
      Fire Yoshi

      Eh, wasn’t really a tip. lol

  5. Jan. 4, 9:15am

    Blasted thru all stages with a stock HSV-010 GT/ manual trans. Pretty easy compared to earlier seasonal (still didn’t finish the Lambo one).

    Happy 2k13 PD and GTP!

    • Jan. 4, 7:10pm

      Keep trying with the Lambo one – just be gentle out of the corners to keep your speed up :)
      I did it after a fricken shed load of tries

  6. Jan. 3, 6:38pm

    Ah, GT5, it’s been too long, almost a year sitting on my shelf. I think I’ll jump back in, starting with this event…as soon as I buy my first super GT car. Thinking about the Castrol Tom’s Supra, any suggestions?

    • Jan. 3, 6:48pm

      If you want to relive the moments of joy from GT3 & 4, the tom’s castrol supra is the way to go ;)

    • Jan. 3, 7:00pm

      Agreed StiggyGT, but do remember that you can win the Castrol in the carrer events, so to save you 950,000cr. I´d strongly recomend an Honda NSX for you midnighteggs.

    • Jan. 3, 8:45pm


    • Jan. 8, 1:17pm

      Tried this event several times. Can’t do the Ring. I uses Gallardo. Any other car I can try?

  7. Jan. 3, 4:33pm

    With these GT500 races all I use is the Yellow Hat Supra. Because if you put all of the GT500s at 600pp, the Supra weighs the least, as the most hp, and has the best rpms. And that is using no downforce.

  8. Jan. 3, 2:15pm

    I tried ssr5 with a yellowhat supra 550 pp and won… I think this one was too easy.

  9. Jan. 3, 12:12pm

    Nice seasonal, winning easily so far! Eiffel track is crap as usual

    • Jan. 3, 12:49pm

      It’s the same track from the SuperCar series, from a year or so back.

    • Jan. 10, 10:30am

      Yeah, pd could’ve used a better track

  10. Jan. 3, 11:48am

    These seasonals were very good, a lot of fun and fair… at the beginning, though. Tokyo R246 was a great race, using the Honda Weider with only an oil change. Despite making many mistakes and running terrible times, being my fastest 1:42, I won by an 8 second lead.

    Then the A.I started cheating using a Xanavi Nismo Z with 609pp and 504hp, giving it a highly unrealistic advantage. And I bet is running on Sports Medium the least.

    Why you do this PD? You ruin the fun.

  11. Jan. 3, 11:26am

    Super GT500 Seasonal
    Eifel Circuit
    Someone said that’s impossible to win.
    It was easy. I used the Honda Weider, 600pp, max downforce, 484hp, trans 310kph, tcs 5, abs 1 and used controller. I don’t have a wheel
    The Xanavi Nismo Z started on pole, it was called as rabbit.
    But won easily, got 1st on lap 4, won by 10,2 seconds.
    PSN: Kaz-Man88

    • Jan. 3, 6:23pm

      It was easy with roskolove setup and nismo gtr on the track instead of the rabbit z

    • Jan. 4, 2:37am

      I used the Arta NSX with no issues.

    • Jan. 10, 10:31am

      I really hate that! Pd can’t even stick to their own rules

  12. Jan. 3, 8:52am

    hey..where is the new OCD ffs :-\

    • Jan. 3, 10:56am

      It’s cool for me…my alt account hasn’t purchased all of them yet. But it it had, I’d be disappointed too.

    • Jan. 3, 12:02pm


  13. Jan. 3, 8:44am

    Single file rolling start.
    Blow past 10 A.I. and watch them park for you.
    Lonely rabbit chase.
    Catch rabbit on the last lap and watch him park for you. Like a sir.
    Cross finish line feeling good about the racing skills you just honed?

    : /

    • Jan. 3, 10:58am

      I would expect nothing less. We SHOULD expect more, though. I feel your pain…it’s getting a bit monotonous.

    • Jan. 3, 1:35pm

      If PD was worth to just make an event creator, they won’t have to do seasonal events every week anymore, which imo, would be good.

    • Jan. 3, 2:42pm

      That is why I have absolutely no desire to play GT5 or buy another GT game until Kaz and PD get their collective heads out of their ***** and fix GT’s joke of an ai (and broken, horrible A-Spec too)

    • Jan. 3, 3:11pm

      ^ Don’t you want those to be fixed in GT6, such as the A.I. and A-Spec? No point in fixing them in GT5 because if PD updates GT5 again, there is indeed going to be a problem YET again, so leave it at that…

    • Jan. 3, 3:38pm

      For a second I thought they finally fixed the “chase the rabbit” and the slowing down A.I. For some reason, the Tokyo race had all the grid very close to each other and the race was very fair.

      But then they did it again. So PD thinks that giving you a PP limit and letting the A.I go beyond it with better tires and a huge 30 second gap is “realistic?”

    • Jan. 4, 8:38am

      @HuskyGT- that basically proves that someone in that strange studio is aware of the A.I.’s shortcomings (thats the nicest word I could think of). I just kinda wish they would dig at the root instead of swing at the branches of this problem.

      @Toko- Every time you mention an Event Creator, I will be forced to send you a free premium car. That is all.

    • Jan. 4, 10:45am

      ^ Really? Yaaay. :D

  14. Jan. 3, 8:05am

    Ah, I can’t do Eifel. My Nomad Diablo was so much better than the AI cars on the first 2 (Tokyo and Tsukuba), and was still better than them on Laguna and SS5, despite me having to fight a lot harder with the Xanavi Nismo Z starting 1st. So I have tried to get Eifel with no Z starting 1st but I’ve had no luck, and the closest I managed to get to the Z is 4 seconds. Any advice on how to beat this car and stupid track?

    • Jan. 3, 8:32am

      There will be tips and tricks in the Seasonal section of the forums very soon, if there aren’t any there as we speak. I’ve found that VERY helpful in the past. The community is up on these things…haha.

    • Jan. 6, 7:16pm

      Cycle until the Yellowhat GT-R is on pole. Easier win.

  15. Jan. 3, 7:59am

    Right that’s about 60 seasonal’s I ain’t done yet better get to it…does any one remember when it was they wiped the seasonal’s last year..

  16. Jan. 3, 7:45am

    Has anyone else noticed the old SuperGT Seasonal has dropped off? No closing date was listed; it just disappeared. So, if you haven’t completed all of the Seasonals yet, get on those things because they might disappear soon.

  17. Jan. 3, 7:18am

    I still haven´t got the change to try my luck at this events, but judging by the tracks and the selection of cars they look good, preety good in fact, can anyone tell me what the prize car is please?

    • Jan. 3, 8:19am

      A level 21 car ticket. GT by Citroen is what I got.

    • Jan. 3, 2:14pm

      Thanks, looks like a nice reward, especially because it´s a ticket, now i only need to find a trader for it!

  18. Jan. 3, 4:06am

    hm…still no championship races…im losing hope even in GT6.

    • Jan. 3, 7:30am

      Lost hope in GT6 even before its official announcement? What information do you have? Am I missing something?

    • Jan. 3, 6:39pm

      Didn’t you hear? Kaz delayed his announcement of delays for another two years. So you’re going to have to wait to be told to wait for the dissapointment and let-downs.

    • Jan. 3, 7:07pm

      Got any source where he said that? Oh that’s right, NO you don’t. So funny how others will make stuff up, JUST, for attention…

    • Jan. 4, 12:07pm
      Pit Crew

      ^Agreed Toko. Some try to make themselves into insiders just to attempt to make others feel inferior to them Im guessing.

    • Jan. 4, 5:46pm

      Ferrari 330 P4 for me, feels like i’ve robbed PD!

  19. Jan. 3, 3:57am

    so no suzuka or fuji speedway in a Super GT race? WTF were these assholes thinking? and restrict the cars to racing soft extend the laps and make provision for pitting that would be more realistic FFS

    • Jan. 3, 5:11am

      You talk about realism, yet you want RS tires on the cars? Interesting…
      RS tires aren’t realistic mate.

    • Jan. 3, 7:30am

      I second the extending and pitting part.

    • Jan. 3, 9:01am

      Montegi should be at this Seasonal Event as well.

  20. Jan. 3, 3:51am

    I really like GT500, and I’m glad that Laguna Seca is back on the radar for seasonals! This looks a good start for seasonals in 2013!

  21. Jan. 3, 2:06am

    I just hate it when they put those Eifel, mt. Aso, Toscana tracks in this events. Tracks totally suck and AI has even more problems operating the track as normal, so it’s quite easy to win. I really would like to see they stop putting them in, seriously.

    • Jan. 3, 6:01am

      To be honest I like them. They help make the seasonals a bit more unpredictable.

    • Jan. 4, 1:51am

      Hated to , i really want to meet the guy who makes this jokes (circuits) and ask him how much PD pay him for his job!!!

  22. Jan. 3, 2:03am
    Pit Crew

    No new OCD this week? Or a delay of some kinda maybe? Odd…

  23. Jan. 3, 12:39am

    I was just really getting used to the double amount of credits we could get from all the seasonals….

    • Jan. 3, 7:33am

      Is that gone?

  24. Jan. 3, 12:27am

    Same ole race circuits.

  25. Jan. 2, 11:57pm

    Thats one hell of a way to kick off the first seasonal of 2013. Defiantely jumping on.

  26. Jan. 2, 11:24pm

    Good. I can put my recently purchased Honda HSV-010 to some use.

  27. Jan. 2, 11:14pm

    The eifel race is impossible

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