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Assetto Corsa Console Steering Wheel Compatibility List Released (UPDATED)

With no delays in sight, only days remain until the console version of Assetto Corsa is available to the public. PS4 and Xbox versions of the game are scheduled to see daylight on August 26 in Europe and August 30 in North America. To further increase anticipation, Kunos Simulazioni has launched a sheet listing all the supported driving accessories you’ll be able to use in the game:
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PlayStation VR Available To Try In Select US & Canada Locations

The PlayStation VR headset is going to be the newest addition to the realm of virtual reality accessories once it appears on store shelves October 13th. Prior to release, prospective buyers in the US and Canada looking to find out more about the product – including taking it on that all-important test drive – should be pleased to hear that Sony has established places to experience virtual reality for free...

Sony Cautions That PlayStation VR May Suffer Shortages at Launch

PlayStation VR had a strong showing at Sony’s E3 conference earlier this week, with plenty of demos on display, the likes of which including Batman: Arkham VR and Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission. With these and plenty others in the pipeline, and those that were on the show floor, the industry is fairly optimistic about the adoption of VR headsets...
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3D-Printed SSH Shifter 7R Gets a Hands On Review

One of the latest advances to herald a whole new approach to manufacturing, 3D printing is a way of building three-dimensional objects using the digital instructions of a computer as a guide. This unique piece of technology has become a veritable breeding ground, spawning various portable and compact objects, many of which can be conveniently used just as their ‘real’ counterparts. 3D printing technology is also being heavily considered for science and general home-use...
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Subaru's Former Rally Cars Converted Into Driving Game Simulators

If you were a rally car, what kind of life would you like to live after your pavement-punishing career finishes? Would you cruise around local sales auctions, hoping some driver will take you for another exciting motorsport adventure, or would you give yourself over to peaceful days of dust collecting in automotive museums, to the joy and happiness of all the visitors? Our friends over at InsideSimRacing found an even better solution: full-size simulator...