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GT Sport Daily Races: A Mazda Blast From the Past

Long-term Gran Turismo players will either get a kick or a shiver of dread from this week’s Daily Races. Race A is a classic GT combo, and we mean classic.… Read More »

GT Sport Daily Races: GR Supra Makes Its Debut

We’re heading east this week for a trio of races at GT Sport‘s famous real-world circuits — and a dose of new content. The v1.34 update to GT Sport brought… Read More »

GT Sport Daily Races: The Lake, The Mountain, and The Green Hell

It’s a road car week this week in GT Sport‘s Daily Races, featuring two of the world’s most fearsome race tracks. If race cars are your thing, your only option… Read More »

GT Sport Daily Races: Broad Bean BMW and Racing Through Japan

This week’s daily races head across to Japan’s race tracks and highways, while there’s an oval challenge for street cars. The longer endurance Race C this week features the Gr.2… Read More »

GT Sport Daily Races: Gr.4s and Original Circuits Dominate

It’s a good week to dust off your FIA-Certified GT Sport Online Championship Manufacturer Series vehicles and get in some practice. For this week the Daily Races all involve Gr.4… Read More »

Major Changes Coming to Gran Turismo's Sport Mode This Month

Even as Igor Fraga’s champagne is probably still chilled, Polyphony Digital has announced some significant format changes for Sport Mode, affecting the 2019 FIA Online Championship. The announcement, on the… Read More »

Penalty Zones Coming to GT Sport's FIA and Daily Races

If you’ve been keeping one eye on GT Sport‘s Regional Finals in October, you’ll have noticed a significant difference in the races. Although the drivers have been the among the… Read More »

GT Sport's Daily Races Are Now Anything But Daily (Again)

As the v1.23 update lands, GT Sport players are having to get used to a rather unusual retrograde step. Polyphony Digital has changed the scheduling of the game’s Sport Mode… Read More »

Penalty System Changes Are On The Way to GT Sport This Week

Those of you familiar with GT Sport know that there is a weekly scheduled server maintenance period. Every Wednesday, at 0500 UTC, Polyphony Digital flips the switch to turn the… Read More »

Did Polyphony Digital Just Accidentally Reveal a New Car Class for GT Sport?

An entirely new car category would have surprised users logging into GT Sport‘s Daily Races this morning. Race A and Race C had the usual selection: a One Make event… Read More »

GT Sport's Daily Races Actually Are Daily Now

If you’ve been playing GT Sport from day one, you probably won’t have missed that the Daily Races in Sport Mode were anything but daily. Despite pre-release news stating that… Read More »