Geneva Motor Show 2017

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Alpine Reveals Full Tech Specs for New A110 at Geneva 2017

Various alluring exotics from the automotive world have been presented at the ongoing 2017 Geneva International Motor Show, one of which is the gorgeous 2017 Alpine A110. The manufacturer already announced the car’s presence at the show last week, but the next major step has now been taken with the reveal of the A110’s technical specifications.

The AM-RB 001 Gets Its Official Name: The Aston Martin Valkyrie

Before the Geneva Motor Show came to town, the insane hypercar being developed by Aston Martin and Red Bull Advanced Technologies was known as the AM-RB 001. Now, this Cosworth 6.5 liter V12-powered machine has received its official production name: Valkyrie.

RUF Celebrates the CTR’s 30th Anniversary with an All-New Yellow Bird

The Geneva Motor Show is typically a treat for auto enthusiasts, but this year has truly been something else. Between the launches of a new Ferrari grand tourer, McLaren supercar and even an Alpine sports coupe, we’ve been treated to a Bentley roadster, a four-door take on Mercedes’ AMG GT, and Pininfarina’s long-awaited Vision GT candidate.

Gran Turismo Sport and TAG Heuer Partnership Announced

More Gran Turismo Sport news at the Geneva Motor Show. After announcing a new Vision GT car yesterday, Gran Turismo series Producer Kazunori Yamauchi and Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer, announced that TAG Heuer will be the Official Time Keeper in Gran Turismo Sport.

First Official Images of Reborn Alpine A110 Arrive Before Geneva

The 2017 Geneva International Motor Show is fast approaching, with the doors set to open next week. In preparation for what’s sure to be a busy event, Alpine has gotten the jump on the competition by unveiling the production version of its new sports car.