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GTPlanet's Guide to Gran Turismo 6 Pre-Order Bonuses

Gran Turismo 6 Nov 23, 2013 by Andrew Evans

Baffled by all the GT6 preorder options? Follow our guide for

Gran Turismo 6 to Release as 15GB Digital Download, Buy In-Game Credits with Cash

Gran Turismo 6 Nov 18, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Sony Europe confirms that you’ll be able to download GT6 directly from the PlayStation Store and purchase in-game credits with real cash.

NewEgg Offers $10 Discount on GT6 Pre-Orders

Online retailer NewEgg offers their own GT6 pre-order incentive, providing a cash discount instead of in-game bonuses.

More GT6 Pre-Order Incentives Announced for Japan

Two 15th Anniversary Edition cars are offered for those who pre-order GT6 in Japan.

Russian Gran Turismo 6 Game Box Highlights Mobile Apps, Course Maker Features

Gran Turismo 6 game boxes are distributed by a Russian retailer and offer a few hints of new features.

GT6 Anniversary Edition in European PS3 Bundle this December

Amazon France reveals a PS3 bundle coming to Europe this December will include the Anniversary Edition of Gran Turismo 6.

More GT6 15th Anniversary Edition Details & Pre-Order Incentives

Over 25 special-edition cars are set to the included in the 15th Anniversary Edition of Gran Turismo 6.

Gran Turismo 6 15th Anniversary Edition Announced, Pre-Order Details Revealed

GT6 pre-order bonus incentives include new cars, in-game credits, and more.

NewEgg Lists Gran Turismo 6 for PS3, Begins Pre-Orders

NewEgg becomes the first major online retailer to start accepting pre-orders for Gran Turismo 6, with an estimated release date in 2013. (UPDATES)