NewEgg Lists Gran Turismo 6 for PS3, Begins Pre-Orders

April 16th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

NewEgg, one of the largest electronics retailers, has made the jump as the first major online store to add Gran Turismo 6 to their catalog. As first picked up by PlayStation Lifestyle, they have listed the game as a PlayStation 3 title with an estimated release date of November 2013.

Before you get too excited about that, note that even the largest stores and retailers do not actually know a specific release date for the game until it is publicly announced by Sony, so their provided November date is little more than a guess.

It is worth noting, however, they chose to list the game as a PlayStation 3 title, especially after Sony executive Michael Denny casually mentioned the game would be released on the console during this interview back in February.

UPDATE: Since this news was published, NewEgg has updated the product listing as “Out of Stock” and “Discontinued”, removing the pre-order link and estimated release date. Thanks to saxplayer1998 for the quick tip!

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  1. Apr. 27, 3:03pm

    The PS4 will be able to handle having more cars on the track! I think having 43 cars in a race will definitely be possible!!

    But, what I would MOST like to see is the online rooms go from 16 to (keeping in mind that the PS4 is supposed to be 4 times more powerful than the PS3) about 45, maybe even 50! Now THAT would be something…!

    And not just for NASCAR either, ALL races should have – at the very least – 40 cars. As an Australian who grew up watching Bathurst every year, I remember up to 62 cars on the start grid back when there were 4 classes of car in the one race! I would love it if PD could do that!

    • Apr. 28, 9:31pm

      the problem with having 50 racers in a online lobby is SUPREEEEEME MAXIMUM LAG

  2. Apr. 23, 5:52pm

    This is ridiculous. There’s no way they could release GT6 on PS3 right around the release date of the PS4. It would be the biggest blunder and disappointment in the entire GT series and a huge mistake by Sony. Either they got it wrong and it should be listed as a PS4 title or it will be released for both PS4 and PS3.

    • Apr. 24, 4:31pm

      I think because PD started developing the game for PS3 since 2010, it can’t be easily ported to PS4 infrastructure and not many people will be able to buy into PS4 immediately. Also GT6 would have to compete with Drive Club which could be disastrous for Drive Club. Maybe we’ll see it later on PS4 or maybe GT7 PS4 couple years time!

  3. Apr. 22, 1:39pm

    Just saw Italian retailer has GT6 along with its box art listed for PS3 and a release date of 28/11/13!

    • May. 2, 11:48pm


  4. Apr. 20, 12:23am


  5. Apr. 18, 2:05pm

    Thats probably just a placeholder date like most online webshops do with unannounced games.

    • Apr. 20, 6:03pm

      Aren’t placeholder dates typically Dec 31st though?

    • Apr. 21, 8:13am

      Normally they are but they also could do Q4 of 2013 or Q1 of 2014 etc.

  6. Apr. 18, 12:10am

    I stilldont believe it!

  7. Apr. 17, 7:19pm


    • Apr. 18, 3:01pm

      +1. It would also be awesome to have 43-car fields for NASCAR races. :D

    • Apr. 19, 12:40am

      43 would be sweet but there is one I’m not sure the hardware could handle (cant believe I just said that)

      Right now I’d just be happy with 16 different driver cars :-(

    • Apr. 27, 3:06pm

      43 cars is a definite possibility! Remember, the PS4 is supposed to be 4 times more powerful than the PS3 which can currently hold 16 cars on track at a time!

    • Apr. 27, 3:08pm

      And not just NASCAR either – ALL types of races including online rooms with a minimum of 45!

      I wanna see that!!!

  8. Apr. 17, 5:46pm

    hehehe November 2013…. make that November 2015 for PS4.
    I was so excited when i heard that GT5 would be a launch title for the PS3, i bought a PS3…. and half a decade later we got GT5.
    There are two things i don’t believe in, and that’s fairy tales and Gran Turismo release dates.

    • Apr. 17, 8:22pm


    • Apr. 18, 12:01pm

      LOL. Also, don’t believe any date given for Alfa Romeo returning to the U.S. market. So, there are three things I don’t believe in. Although, maybe the Alfa thing qualifies under fairy tales.

  9. Apr. 17, 4:43pm

    i make at least some good points and those glitches and bugs and freezes gotta stop too

    • Apr. 27, 3:10pm

      HERE HERE!!

  10. Apr. 17, 2:18pm
    Positive Lock

    Relax guys PD is going to blindside everyone with a ridiculous PS3 GT6 Prologue and release the full game on PS4

    • Apr. 17, 2:33pm

      Haha wouldn’t that be something!!! Knowing kaz he’ll just do that !!!

    • Apr. 17, 3:52pm

      PDI really needs to stop with the prolouges… One should one pay full retail price for what is essentially a glorified demo? *shrugs*

    • Apr. 17, 3:53pm

      Ah, damn typos.

    • Apr. 18, 5:16pm

      I don’t buy abbreviated GT.

  11. Apr. 17, 2:03pm

    It would be interesting to get a comment from someone at NewEgg. You know, like from the person who posted/authorized this event, as opposed to a PR spokesman.

    I, personally, believe the stated post to be accurate (on PS3, in November).. But clearly this would detract from Sony’s expected thunder at E3, so it was likely removed at their request.

    Until then I will be playing my usual mix of F1 2012, diRt2, and GT5. It’s amazing how much better I’ve gotten at GT5, despite being a player since ’98, just from playing F1. The concentration required and the levels of stress chemicals that rip through your body and mind while blasting around circuits against those Formula cars at hyperspeed is astronomical. Whenever I go back to GT5 I find myself making huge strides in braking/throttle control. Yall better not run into me out on Spa in a GT car! Just might getcha with a clean pass!

  12. Apr. 17, 1:55pm

    It’s been on swedish “Webhallen” for a few months now…

    • Apr. 17, 1:56pm

      Listed for both PS3 and PS4. PS3 in 2013, PS4 in 2014.

    • Apr. 18, 9:57am
      Nuff Said163

      True, But Webhallen always just puts up unannounced games. It’s kinda there thing

  13. Apr. 17, 12:23pm

    Just 1 word. Yessirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • Apr. 17, 1:43pm

      haha! I’m with ya, B-Real. ; )

      “hello my name is Dr. Greenthumb. I’d like to tell you just where I’m from”

    • Apr. 19, 9:43pm

      +1 for Dr. Greenthumb and GT5 for tomorrow!

  14. Apr. 17, 12:00pm

    This is like the news about the Ferrari’s you give us a hint and then take right out our hands when we start to get a good smell of it. Disappointing.

    • Apr. 19, 9:40pm

      +1 for D. Greenthumb and GT5 for tomorrow!

    • Apr. 19, 9:44pm

      Sorry wrong post. Stupid android.

  15. Apr. 17, 11:30am

    Why is this news ? when i see ” NewEgg Lists Gran Turismo 6 for PS3, Begins Pre-Orders ” i think wow GT6 news for real? but no just more nonnsense, i just wonder why GTplanet credits this stuff with a story.

    • Apr. 17, 11:55am
      Pit Crew

      ^Maybe because they know the fanbase is curious about the future GT title. In all fairness Famine did post an update to the blog stating the preorder has been dropped from newegg. Hateration must be on sale this week.

    • Apr. 17, 12:04pm
      Pit Crew

      oops meant Jordan not Famine

    • Apr. 17, 9:58pm

      @ Pit crew, im more thn curious about GT6 myself, doesnt mean i want hear say and speculation sold as news.

    • Apr. 17, 10:12pm
      Pit Crew

      It aint even that serious. Thin skin must be the new fashion craze.

    • Apr. 18, 5:20am

      Nobody say anything that could disrupt Pit Crew’s opinion… Are those cool sayings?

      But yeah, first time I’ve been on here in a while, just boring…

  16. Apr. 17, 10:35am

    Give us some screens PD!

  17. Apr. 17, 10:20am
    Rich S

    I agree SCER, the graphics are fine. The main improvement with GT6 I feel will be an increased number of tracks (like that academy winner pointed out in his interview about the game) and of course improvements in the drafting physics with variations in the strength of the draft based on distance, and the car in front being able to pick up speed with a car behind them.

    • Apr. 17, 11:37am

      +1 Excatly. I remember reading somewhere that Lucas Ordonez (First GT Academy winner) is helping with the physics for GT6. :)

  18. Apr. 17, 9:49am

    Some of you people are hilarious. The graphical detail of cars on GT5 is still miles ahead of anything else out there, why on earth would they waste their time adding another 50,000 pixels to each car when people are moaning about standard cars, a lack of single player career, poorly designed online setup, etc. etc.

    And also, the PS4 will be capable of running higher graphics, but that doesn’t mean developers have the time to use all of that processing power, especially PD, because everyone moans about release dates and delays enough as it is. So don’t expect much of a graphical hike.

    • Apr. 17, 10:41am

      I agree completely. Just because the PS4 has faster hardware, doesn’t necessarily mean the game overall will be a substantially better game than GT5.

    • Apr. 17, 11:30am

      50,000 extra pixels is a short order when referring to Kaz’s O.C.D.

    • Apr. 17, 11:34am

      +1 to you both.

      @HarVee My thoughts excatly. See? GT6 doesn’t need the PS4 to be better, all PD needs to do is correct the errors and add intresting new features. :)

    • Apr. 17, 12:17pm


      @Toko, exactly.

    • Apr. 17, 2:18pm

      Finally, some sensible thoughts on which console to be used. I’d be happy with 500+ standard cars upgraded to premium and an overall improvement of game play in career mode, rooms and arcade play.

      Anyone discover when entering arcade races with 50% power to get similar powered cars in the race? PD should have used the “A B C” levels to determine the race class instead of dumbing down the AI. They wouldn’t need a PS4 to improve these sort of things. Frankly, it’s what I expect given their history.

    • Apr. 17, 7:46pm

      GT6 requires better hardware if we want better damage modeling, more particles, and more AI on track. The PS3 struggles with it already, especially when in a tight pack in the rain. I would be ignorant to say GT5 isn’t pushing the PS3.

      As for 50,000 pixels… I’m not sure what you’re referencing… The detail in the textures…? That is plenty easy to deal with on the PS3. And it really ISN’T miles ahead – look at Forza. A bit too shiny at times, but those models are right at par with GT5. It isn’t as much “higher-end graphics” as it is what a game is capable of doing – what we’d be able to do on PS4 that couldn’t be done on the PS3 is more particles in simulations (as shown at the conference, the PS4 could run real-time simulation with 1,000,000 particles, which is useful for smoke animations), and higher-end lighting. GT5’s lighting is good, but not superior. We get blocky shadows, and all sorts of other weird lighting glitches at times. This may be able to be sorted out on the PS3, but it would be much easier and would give PD much more room to expand of the possibilities of the game with better hardware. Certainly games won’t use the PS4’s maximum power right out of the gate – no early titles EVER do that. But there’s so much room for developers to up the standards of gaming, and fans know this. Any developer who doesn’t take advantage of this, PD included, will disappoint. And I don’t think PD’s going to want another GT5 scenario.

      We know PD would’ve likely had early access to the dev-kits, or at least a sense of what environment to develop for.

      I mentioned this elsewhere, there’s too much evidence for either side right now. I don’t think you should assume what platform GT6 will be released on until we get better evidence or an announcement.

    • Apr. 18, 2:27am

      @quakebass – The PS3 is more than capable of handling damage models! Carmageddon was released in 1997 (16 years ago!!!!!) and has better dmg than GT5!!

    • Apr. 18, 5:30pm

      Folk cried out loud and peed all over themselves for something was against from the start. Kaz and a few others don’t dig scratched paint jobs. It’s unattractive and down right ugly. If it were my decision? Yall probably wouldn’t like my damage model which would relegate your burned out hulks sitting aside the road in a ball of fire. Lol… I would have your avatars, with name ablaze above it, leaping from the carnage and dropping to the ground dead. Now that’s what I call simulation.

    • Apr. 18, 8:05pm


      Proof that it’s capable…? I’ve done a race in multiple Rally cars (I believe on Daytona or Indy), and had some frame drop when in a pack of cars, all of which had loose bumpers and hoods. Maybe if PD optimizes the coding behind it, there’ll be significant room for improvement on PS3. But if there isn’t, I can’t see more than allowing dislodgeable parts and slightly more areas to indent (which, if you look closely in GT5, is mostly on bumpers and hoods, not as much as body panels on many cars).

  19. Apr. 17, 9:40am

    About GT5 premiums being GT6 standard, game devs make cars at differing LOD (level of detail), who’s to say they aren’t using second rate LOD versions for GT5 with the intent of using the full models on GT6 ? (it would make sense anyway, save on remodelling everything !)

    • Apr. 17, 12:15pm

      Well I definitely agree in this. They did already say before that they had to scale some down for GT5 from what they were modeled at. Secondarily on the current standard models you can REALLY see this in action. I swear some haven’t been updated in detail since GT2 theyre so bad. Just look at the God awful GT350…

  20. Apr. 17, 9:36am

    At least Sony won’t be needing GT6 to gain sells this year and just has DriveClub as their PS4 racing title, unlike a certain company I know… People who want GT6 on PS4 to only gain sells need to get over themselves, really just stop already.

    Not everyone is ready to jump in next gen consoles, so thinking everybody will just get a PS4 just because of GT6, are highly wrong. What Sony is doing is the right choice IMO.

  21. Apr. 17, 8:52am

    if it came on ps4, gt5′s premium cars will be gt6′s standard cars, which means the premiums will be ultra premium or platinum cars or something lmao PD

  22. Apr. 17, 7:44am

    I don’t mind GT6 on PS3, I just hope there are no standard cars.

    • Apr. 17, 1:53pm


  23. Apr. 17, 5:40am
    Deko Wolf-GTPT

    Scramble eggs anyone? I’m making some right now. Pre-order yours NOW! Before I run out of eggs.

    • Apr. 17, 5:42am

      This is great news, and oh yeah, I’ll have mine with cheese!!

    • Apr. 17, 5:46am

      Also, add some toast with those eggs, because Newegg might be “TOAST” after doing this.

  24. Apr. 17, 2:38am

    I think it’s possible but I think we’ll find out for sure at e3. I know PD doesn’t even want to hint at a release until the preceding e3 so it makes sense that there’s been no news about GT6 so far.

    And about it being on PS3, I don’t have an issue with that as long as they upgrade the physics engine. They need to go more hardcore, and put in better quality driver aids so they don’t lose the casual crowd. They have a lot of potential in the physics department. GT5s simulation of road cars is superb, and it’s edge of grip tire feel is among the best but GT5 still isn’t up to par with the best PC sims.

    That’s what I want from GT6, I could care less about graphics because GT5 already has amazing graphics and great frame rates so I can wait for the PS4 GT game, right now, I just want better physics and physics can easily be done on PS3. You don’t need 8 gb of DDR5 RAM to do good physics, and that’s the most important thing in GT.

    We definitely need better multiplayer too though and more DLC to keep the game fresh. I still want more DLC for GT5

    • Apr. 17, 3:14am

      Right on Tom…

      I don’t about them thingamajigs that make it do what it does and don’t use a steering wheel. But I’m just happy flat footing it online and watching the replays.

    • Apr. 17, 3:19am

      Well, LFS has been around since 2003 and even the first iteration (S1) is better than GT5 in the physics department! And 2003’s pc wheren’t near as powerful as the PS3! Don’t get me wrong,I’ve been a fan of GT since the beginning but in a world where the RFACTOR/LFS platform exist, it’s really hard for me to go back :(
      My mates and I are currently playing the DRM mod for RFACTOR, and even though it’s amazing physics-wise, it’s developers aren’t satisfied and mentioned that they had to sacrifice reality because of the limitations of RF1, so now they are moving to RF2!
      My point is, they are hungry for more, better physics/sounds/reality..
      PD isn’t :(
      I know u’ll call me crazy but I’m dead sure GT5 is based on the same platform as all rhe other GT even 1! It’s the sane physics engine, just on steroids.. and it’s limitations will only get the gane this far..

    • Apr. 17, 3:31am

      @Stephanos82 – not to nit pick but Polyphony has said on more than one occasion that they had to completely redesign the physics system for GT5. Having played all of the series it’s hard to find similarites between the physics on the PS1 iterations and GT5, myself.

    • Apr. 17, 4:06am

      @Stephanos82: LFS has 20 cars, rFactor has 13 cars, but GT5 has over 200 premium cars. And bear in mind GT5 is not pure simulation. It is racing game for wide spectrum of players.

    • Apr. 17, 6:16am

      @scobra1cz: Rfactor isn’t about stock game but mods – and there are thousands of them! Some are worth it some are crap but it won’t take you more than a few minutes to get the top ones! Download copy paste in folder and voila! Hundreds of new cars and tracks! is ur friend and it’s free!
      Moreover, lfs may only have 1 car as far as I care, it still is the BEST SIM out there! The first time you race a real car in a track, feeling the tires wobbling, squishing and stretching and trying to come out of the rim at corners, the suspension travelling and upsetting the car, the car’s weight coming back to slap you if u arent careful –> all that you will feel with LFS, it’s really quite amazing!
      @lbpomg95 Let me not talk about tire physics and gt5 :/ There have been improvements since GT2, i admit! But nothing big and certainly not a revamp!

    • Apr. 17, 8:27am

      13 and 20 cars? No wonder I’m still playing GT. Physics, smysics, I only use a controller and still feel a difference between all (1000+) of my tunes. Getting bored comes easily for me so GT’s variety is what keeps me going. Down to tuning low pp FFs now and still more classes to organize. I’ll be still working when 6 is released.

    • Apr. 17, 10:36am

      So how much psi do you use in tires for FF?s :)

    • Apr. 17, 5:30pm

      Haha… PSI? This ain’t FM, is it? ;) anywho, since I’m not fully racing them, going without race slicks, slick.

    • Apr. 17, 5:52pm

      :p that was exactly my point!! People complain about the most trivial things, and here we have a game that claims to be a driving sim and the physics engine doesn’t even calculate tire pressure.. Actually it doesn’t take tire pressure into account at all, and as some other simracers (sv_calan if i remember) have discovered, tires are not even conciderd as tires in this game! They are just a static value of stickiness (much like it was back in GT1,2,3,4) ! Tires have no tire-like properties = :/ which makes a very disappointing would be sim

    • Apr. 17, 6:15pm

      Ok, I got that point long ago. So where do we go for simulated road and atmospheric conditions, fuel octane performance and crash worthiness, etc? I’ll let everyone know when my driving simulator hits the net.

    • Apr. 17, 7:13pm

      @infamousphil – i get it you love gt so much and i used to be like you! I’m in these forums cs im still a believer that gt6 might really become a driving sim worthy of comparison to pc sims, ! Unfortunately, Kaz lives in a world of his own and i bet he’s oblivious of the competition he has (rf/lfs/iracing/simraceway/forza4/simbin titles/ netkar etc)! I’m sure if anyone asked he wouldn’t even know one of these titles :( point being he’s still stuck 10 yrs in the past and has no idea of what sim racers expect of a so called driving simulator in the year 2013!!

    • Apr. 18, 12:48am

      I hear you Stephanos. I do like GT’s graphics more than anything else. I took a look at a couple of PC Sims but they are less attractive to me. FM tried night racing once and PG did a real nice rain and snow session in the past and haven’t seen any of the PC Sims try either.

      PD has been on the ball when it comes to providing us with a combination of cars and environments to keep me interested but GTP’s readership doesn’t seem interested in recognizing their leadership in the genre. Sure we can see what the other developers are doing and it’s only natural to expect more from any of them. Heck, if I had the means to do it better…

    • Apr. 18, 12:49am

      I hear you Stephanos. I do like GT’s graphics more than anything else. I took a look at a couple of PC Sims but they are less attractive to me. FM tried night racing once and PG did a real nice rain and snow session in the past and haven’t seen any of the PC Sims try either.

      PD has been on the ball when it comes to providing us with a combination of cars and environments to keep me interested but the readership doesn’t seem interested in recognizing their leadership in the genre. Sure we can see what the other developers are doing and it’s only natural to expect more from any of them. Heck, if I had the means to do it better…

    • Apr. 18, 3:10am

      All Rfactor based games (rf mods, simbin titles, simraceway etc) have night racing! But I would have to agree with you! Night racing in GT5 is sensational (nurb anyone? :p) I just wish we could get the physics the game deserves! Bytheway, infamous if you want to try rfactor and some mods send me an email and I’ll help you through everything u need! We race almost every night and the more the merrier! My skype name is stef4oCY

    • Apr. 18, 7:06am

      Stephanos82: I know about modding community around rFactor and I see your point. What I want to say is this: It is less time consumpting, cheaper and more simple to make full realistic physic for 13 cars and rest let on modding community, than to make full realistic physic for 200 cars.

    • Apr. 18, 1:52pm

      Solid Stephanos ;)

    • Apr. 18, 3:47pm

      Just visited rFactor’s site. Not to put anyone down for digging stuff that’snot for me but 12 cars? There’s no attraction there for me. More variety please. Maybe it’s because I’m not a great driver and/or don’t take the time to tune a car to it’s last tenth. That seems to be rFactor’s main theme.

    • Apr. 18, 6:17pm

      @infanousphil – you don’t get me mate :) Rfactor is the physics platform ! That IS what you buy, not the 13 cars and 14 tracks! If you aren’t a modder/developer then head on over to and find hundreds more cars and tracks! It’s worth noting that for some mods, years if work has gone to the making, some going as far as to have test drivers for the real things and trying for years to pass on each cars delicate characteristics to the mod! It’s worth noting that some companies like Ferrari, use the Rfactor Pro physics platform to develop their own training simulators for their drivers!
      For a start search youtube for mods like DRM, blancpain, Enduracers and you’ll see what I mean ;)

  25. Apr. 17, 2:33am

    why do people waste their time debating platforms, release dates etc etc when nobody knows anything, just save your breath and wait for some kind of official statement. reading all the speculation and bitching is giving me a headache to say the least

    • Apr. 17, 6:14am

      not knowing on what platform will GT6 come out give me a headache! :) since its the only game I truly want!!

  26. Apr. 17, 1:49am

    GT 1&2 PS1.
    GT 3&4 PS2.
    GT 5&6 PS3.
    GT7 maybe PS4.
    Good idea,but PS3 life is too short for GT6.

    I DONT buy it PS3!

    • Apr. 17, 3:16am

      What’s your hurry?

    • Apr. 17, 1:53pm

      lol, i dont care! But get it bitch! :3

  27. Apr. 17, 1:20am

    I REALLY don’t want to have to discuss GT6’s platforms until we get an official announcement from PD or Sony. So, I will list the facts of what we know:

    For PS3:
    -Several Sony executives and other sources have mentioned GT6 as a PS3 game.
    -GT5’s engine and operations may still be able to be optimized on the PS3’s hardware, considering many first party developers have been able to do; a prime example being Uncharted – the first games had longer load times, and the third game was very fluid despite being even bigger than the past titles. GT5 may be able to work in the same way.
    -Selling GT5 on PS3 will push more GAME sales, meaning more money for PD.

    The release window (according to this supposed leak) can let the game fall into either platform, or, in fact, BOTH.

    For PS4:
    -Economically, it would make sense (for Sony, always) to release a flagship title on new hardware to push sales.
    -GT5 already pushes the PS3’s limits.
    -PD/Kaz played a role in deciding what should be in the PS4 (in terms of hardware), so PD may very well may have been some of the earliest developers to have access to dev kits, or at least know what sort of environment to start working in. And this would fit very well into the statements made that GT6’s development started before GT5 was even released.

    So… There’s all sorts of arguments to be made, BUT, they seem about equally credible on either side. So, for all of those complaining, now you see the good or reasonable sides to the platform you would rather GT6 not be on.

    For me, there’s too much evidence for either side, so I’m waiting until either some VERY convincing evidence comes around, or an official announcement is made. I just don’t see a point in arguing over this yet, since it’s really either or to me.

    • Apr. 17, 1:29am

      Hmm.. interesting points.

    • Apr. 17, 2:18am

      Interesting point regarding the possibility of it being on both. if this actually came to be, then it would really bode well as they can reach people who still don’t have the money to drop for a new console AND the people who are very eager to get a new console. That would be a major profit win-win for PD if they could pull off a Dual console release.

    • Apr. 17, 3:24am

      GT speculation? Don’t care. Wake me when it hits the stores. Sweet dreams yall ;)

    • Apr. 17, 3:37am

      If it were released on both I can’t help but think people who’d bought the PS4 might be a bit disappointed with GT6 – I mean, I’m pretty sure you couldn’t design a game as big as Gran Turismo for PS4 then convert it to PS3, I’d assume you’d have to do it the other way around – which would make GT6 a game that would push PS3 limits, but not PS4.

      Still, I’m not really sure what people will think. Different people want to see different things on a PS4 version.

    • Apr. 17, 5:21am

      Well… We DID see all of the improvements in lighting and textures, and I’m sure along with this can be improved physical damage models, AI counts, other deformations, particle counts, polygon counts, and maybe even online player count. I think (notice I said THINK, not know), that all of these improvements could exist on the PS4 variant with out FEELING different from GT6 on PS3. An example I have is Need For Speed: ProStreet. I have the PS3 version and have played the Wii version (which is likely similar to the PS2/Xbox versions). The game feels exactly the same (despite motion controls), yet textures are lower-res and there isn’t even a damage model.

      We’ll see what’ll be happening soon enough. I strongly believe we’re going to see a full announcement and unveil of GT6 at E3 this year.

  28. Apr. 17, 12:45am

    Seriously people this means nothing. Less than nothing actually. It does not confirm PS3, it does not confirm PS4, it does not confirm a release date.

    This doesn’t even confirm that GT6 will ever be made. All it confirms is that is still online and someone posted something that has gotten everybody hot and bothered again.

    Get over it.

  29. Apr. 17, 12:33am

    So many PS4 butthurt people I might see.

  30. Apr. 17, 12:23am

    There are too many trolls on this site.

    • Apr. 17, 1:44am

      And your one of them! Since you wish to make comments about my post? All while saying nothing but foolish troll posts. Talk about a idiot Duh!!!

      Try keeping your own “idiocy” under control especially when you have nothing to add moron.

    • Apr. 17, 2:41am

      You have no idea man, this is just the news section. Honestly I hate to say it because i’ve met so many cool people here, but I’ve never seen a forum with more trolls and haters on it than GTP. I guess gran turismo has become a very polarizing game, and it’s popular so obviously the haters come out in force for anything that’s popular

  31. Apr. 16, 11:45pm

    This sucks! GT6 will just be GT5 continued eww.. I’ll keep my money thanks!

    • Apr. 17, 12:22am

      You can keep your idiocy while you’re at it.

    • Apr. 17, 1:02am

      I doubt it… Kaz has gotten feedback on GT5’s poor A-Spec modes and other issues – he isn’t as daft as many people make him out to be. My main concern is AI algorithms… AI isn’t competitive enough for me in GT5. And I’d like at least a LITTLE more customization options for cars, be it a few more aero kits, more race mods, optional extras from the dealers, or something as basic as adding stripes. And hopefully changing of the terrible paint chip system. I think PD will be correcting any other issues I have in GT5 (but I could very well be wrong), so I won’t bother listing them.

    • Apr. 17, 4:17am

      Quakebass: Yeah, this is what I am waiting for :) Better AI (not on-rail drivers), better damage and collision model, more customization options, more car settings options, faster and more user friendly UI, more premium cars and resolved problem “smoke/shadows vs. antialiasing”. If this will be done, I will be completely satisfied.

  32. Apr. 16, 11:42pm

    11/28/2013? Now that’s funny, I really needed a good laugh!

  33. Apr. 16, 11:36pm

    Im glad its going to be on PS3 but im fearful iys going to be just another remake of all the other Gran Turismo’s hope PD thinks outside the box on this one its rumored the developers browse this site from time to time we can only hope

  34. Apr. 16, 11:33pm

    if it came on ps4, gt5’s premium cars will be gt6’s standard cars, which means the premiums will be ultra premium or platinum cars or something lmao kaz

  35. Apr. 16, 11:32pm

    Turns out everything is going to remain hush hush and top secret about this new GT after all just like the mystery disappearing post last month.

  36. Apr. 16, 11:31pm

    November 2013 in Polyphony language means November 2016.

    • Apr. 17, 12:44am

      Apparently in an interview with Kaz he said he doesn’t want people to wait for GT6 like people did for GT5.

  37. Apr. 16, 11:24pm

    the reason it isn’t on ps4 is because of standard cars. PD needed to come up with an excuse to keep them in, so they use the older hardware.

    • Apr. 16, 11:30pm

      I highly doubt the standard cars are returning back in GT6, which is good. GT6 will only have premium cars, since the Alfa 155 Touring car and the Lancia Delta rally car are both becoming premium.

    • Apr. 17, 1:04am

      PD simply won’t use standard cars. It’s unacceptable to both the fans and PD’s standards of game design. They only exist because PD wanted to put in WAY more than what was possible given the time allotted for GT5, giving unfinished and lackluster content.

    • Apr. 17, 2:45am

      Or maybe they wanted to give us all the classic GT cars we love? If they made a DLC where you could get 800 cars from GT4, wouldn’t you buy it? I sure as hell would. They did it for free, I could care less of their motives, I’m just happy we got em.

      Don’t forget, GT3 dropped the car count by a few hundred, they could’ve done the same for GT5 but instead they decided to make a compromise.

      I’m only angry about the cars they chose to be premium, and the cars they left as standard. There are so many ridiculous exclusions, and inclusions of garbage premium cars. other than that the standard cars were a good thing even if you don’t realize it

    • Apr. 17, 3:19am

      If GT6 is released on PS4, there’s no excuse for using assets from TWO generations ago.

      And if it’s released on the PS3, it will still be real close to or even AFTER the PS4’s launch… Hardly acceptable even then. All cars should have reasonable interiors, and all cars should at least LOOk nice. You can have a 3-D model with a low polygon count but still make it look good with proper texturing and lighting. If this can be pulled off, and standards don’t have severely noticeable differences (and aren’t excluded from new/used dealerships [that is if the UCD will make a comeback] or have limited aero/rim options), then MAYBE standard/premium cars would be acceptable.

      But I’ve made this argument before, long ago; incomplete or inconsistent quality throughout a game is not PD’s standard. PD has, aside from GT5, made games that are thorough in every aspect. PD WANTED this to be so with GT5, but were too ambitious, and rather than making a smaller amount of content fully-fledged, they tried to include as much as possible and left many aspects a shallow experience. We hardly have any Rally and NASCAR support, or at least no true-to-life events in A-Spec, and NO drifting events aside from seasonal events, for example. And standard-model cars and tracks with low-resolution and/or lacking weather and time cycles. The list is huge. I think PD this time around has had the time to correct this and fully fledge things for GT6 – maybe exclude things they won’t have time for.

      I sincerely hope this is true, and we won’t be getting another GT game focused on breadth rather than depth.

  38. Apr. 16, 10:53pm

    I hope it comes to ps3 and hopes it has more audis and vws

  39. Apr. 16, 10:25pm

    I’m okay with GT6 on the PS3. GT6 will be just to keep us (or just me) busy for a little while longer. GT5 had a good solid run for about 2 years. And I still play it. I feel that the next GT game (gt6) will last about another 2 years making GT7 on the “PS4” push back until 2015 in my opinion. And I’m sure it will be amazing! Now bring on GT6 already!

  40. Apr. 16, 10:09pm

    So GTplanet is posting news on speculative releasedates from retailers? I’m expecting the same kind of news then since the scandinavian online stores webhallen and CDON has GT6 as coming to the PS4.

  41. Apr. 16, 10:00pm

    To all the people calling out others as ‘STUPID’ for not wanting gt6 (or bf3) on ps3 …. its obsolete hardware, period. the PS3 is old as fu*k…. what are you people smoking? …. battlefield 3 barely … I mean BARELY runs on ps3, the frame rate drops and game crashes are a joke … its almost unrecognizable in multiplayer compared to the same game running on good PC hardware, more people, larger levels….they can’t even run the CQB patch with more than 16 people …. ok so maybe not as big an issue as Gran Turismo but com’on, people want what they want…. are we stupid for not loving the crap-tastic shadows in GT5? … I’m not saying graphics are always more important – I’m more offended by the insults being thrown around here for perfectly valid opinions…..

    • Apr. 16, 10:46pm

      Agreed. Even the PS3 version of Skyrim pushed the system to its absolute limits, and the graphical quality of the PS3 version is roughly equivalent to the “medium” setting on PC with the default textures, lighting engine etc. The version of Skyrim on my PC has Bethesda’s high-res texture pack (textures in the game are now 2048×2048) with ENB Series FXAA Injector Version handling the lighting and contrast, and it runs all this on max settings without breaking a sweat. If you try to run all this on the PS3, then I hope you’ve cleared some time up for your weekend, because the trip from Riverwood to Whiterun is going to take up ALL of it. :D

    • Apr. 17, 12:05am


    • Apr. 17, 12:23am

      Shut up stupid.

    • Apr. 17, 2:51am

      You’re trolling, that’s some of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. Have you even played BF3 on PS3? Other than pop-in textures, smaller servers, less post processing, and 720p, the graphics are the same. The difference between the PC version and the PS3 isn’t even as big as the difference between Wii and PS3, so if you really say it’s “unreckognizable” on PS3, you’re a complete *****

  42. Apr. 16, 9:21pm

    1: no one has heard of this egg thing.
    2: I know someone who used to manage gamestation, and he says the people in charge of posting pre orders are just like anyone else. Sometimes they get too excited and post random stuff that is completely wrong. If that was my job, I’d get in trouble, a lot…

    • Apr. 16, 10:49pm

      “This egg thing” is one of the most popular online electronics retailers in the world. People have heard of it before. :)

    • Apr. 16, 11:34pm

      ‘This egg thing’ LOL!!!

      Have you seriously never heard of Climb out of your cave already.

    • Apr. 17, 12:35am

      You’ve never heard of newegg? What rock do you live under? I’d like to hide from the rest of the world under it ;-)

  43. Apr. 16, 8:28pm

    Why complain that it’s on PS3? They’re still working on a PS4 game as well, you can have both! I bought my PS3 just to play GT5 and I’m glad it will be useful for another game. It would be stupid of them to develop it for the PS4, what do you think they were working on since GT5 came out, the vapor GT4 hardware? They were obviously making incremental changes they could apply to a GT5 game on the PS3. The new models and artwork can surely be used in both GT5 on the PS3 and GT6 on the PS4, so they’re just getting more bank for the buck. Everybody wins. Quit whining.

    • Apr. 16, 9:10pm
      Pit Crew

      * what do you think they were working on since GT5 came out*

      What makes you think that information is new to veteran members of this forum?

      Don’t go out of your way to be obnoxiously Judgemental.

  44. Apr. 16, 8:14pm

    I know I would buy it, even if it’s on PS3, but god damn, can’t it be a PS4 title? I was almost certain it would be. If PS4 comes out in the next 18-24 months, it SHOULD be a PS4 title, I don’t care how poor you are, I’m probably poorer.

    • Apr. 16, 8:29pm
      STR8 6 SHOOTER

      Are you guys serious?
      I can’t believe how everyone on this site wants GT6 on PS4. Why do you want to wait so long for another Gran Turismo? Do you guys like to spend money?
      Look at GT3 and GT4 on the PS2. GT4 was a much bigger game compared to GT3. I expect GT6 to be much bigger than GT5.

    • Apr. 16, 9:23pm

      I haven’t had dinner for the last few nights, in your face

    • Apr. 16, 9:35pm

      I scraped every cent to get 3 monitors and 3 ps3’s and 3 gt5 discs. I’d be more than happy for gt6 to be on ps3!

    • Apr. 19, 5:30pm

      Omg NjLowrider you spent so much money on GT5? OMG..

  45. Apr. 16, 8:07pm

    Hmm for PS3? No thanks :/

    Also I wont buy Battlefield4 for PS3 even though I´m a huge fan of both titles :/

    • Apr. 16, 8:36pm

      you are as stupid as they come… 2 great games but you wont buy them cause your saving money in the long run.. your not a fan your a freaking noob!!!

    • Apr. 17, 12:07am

      your point is invalid on gt6, the game being on ps3 instead of ps4 wont make any difference asside from the graphics. bf4 is too much for the ps3, a good racing sim/game can still easily be done on current gen.

  46. Apr. 16, 6:38pm

    Im sorry to say but the tracks and cars are not up to PS4 standards.. the drive club car’s interiors put gt’s to shame… * same can’t be said about the headlights..*

    • Apr. 16, 6:58pm

      ^^^ yes.. If NFS MS and GT6 combined to make their sounds (well NFS just give PD all of them) the world would be a much better place…

    • Apr. 17, 7:48am

      nfs really?… there sounds are engines at least but there so fake its not even funny

  47. Apr. 16, 6:33pm

    this game needs to be and must be on PS4 ppl u must understand how old tec is the ps3 now ,go see a powerful PC runing games on high or ultra and u will know how bad the ps3 graphics are


    • Apr. 16, 6:46pm

      But you can’t compare high end PC with consoles, they have different capabilities – it’s like comparing a Ford Focus’s performance to a Ferrari…

    • Apr. 16, 6:56pm


      That is entirely untrue. You can in fact broadcast two different types of platforms and see the difference. That is why people choose between blue ray or red ray or visa vi. With a PS3, there are no commercial mods (that I know of) where you can increase performance and visuals. No one makes it, because that is trademark, copyright, and patent infringement.

      The comparison of a Focus and a Ferrari? Your point is invalid, because you can tune/mod a focus to be faster than a Ferrari. Not like I’m picking a 240 or a California, but someone could plop a dual turbo v6 that cranks out huge hp and torques.

    • Apr. 16, 9:01pm

      Why care about graphics? Game-play is what really matters.

    • Apr. 17, 3:02am

      IMO, it doesn’t matter which system it comes on. But what is important is that they stick to what they decided on, long ago, because when PD folds to pressure the end result winds up being unfinished.

      I don’t make it a habit of comparing works of functioning art to hacked up Funkenstein machines. I like to look good. You can have your $s. I’m still looking good.

      OMT, IMO, the PS3’s graphics are the best. I ain’t seen a thing from PS4. And graphics, for GT, is more important to me than game play. Not that game play is not important to me. It’s just that graphics is what got me hooked on GT from the start. I don’t dig GT5’s game that much now but still turn it on… for the graphics ;)

  48. Apr. 16, 6:13pm

    Confirmation atlast!!

    • Apr. 16, 7:42pm
      e30 freek


    • Apr. 16, 9:47pm

      Turns out nothing!!

  49. Apr. 16, 5:55pm

    Idc whichever it gets on which console as long they improved the graphic/shadow and as for people who moaning about sounds.. then why don’t you go out and see actual racing event and that’s 1000x better than video game itself :)

    • Apr. 16, 6:00pm

      You’re joking, right?

    • Apr. 16, 6:29pm

      Yes a real live race is better than a video game, come out of the whole man.

    • Apr. 16, 6:34pm
      Pit Crew

      No MuoNiuLa I believe hes serious. His point about engine sounds is…well I dont see the relevance.

      I attended the Baltimore Gran Prix here in my state of Maryland Last year, and guess what I did when I got home? Played GT5.

    • Apr. 16, 8:23pm

      @Pit Crew
      I did the same thing when I got home from the Baltimore Grand Prix, even though it took me about a hour and half to get back to fairfax Va. After races like those still keeps the raw fire going in the blood.

  50. Apr. 16, 5:47pm

    I could order GT6 right now! :)

  51. Apr. 16, 5:34pm

    To all those with short memories, or who are ‘new’ to GT: ONCE PD actually gives us a release date, use this handy equation to determine when you can actually get it in your hands:
    Disc-in-your-console date = PD official release date + (2 months x new features) + (3 weeks x graphical fixes) + (1 month x network issue fixes)
    Try it!

    • Apr. 16, 6:47pm

      Based on what, one game release?

  52. Apr. 16, 5:12pm

    Imagine that, more bashing on how GT5 was incomplete. Loving the relevance.

    • Apr. 16, 5:38pm


    • Apr. 16, 6:11pm


    • Apr. 16, 6:37pm
      Pit Crew


    • Apr. 16, 7:50pm


  53. Apr. 16, 4:54pm

    PS4 or GTFO.

    • Apr. 17, 12:09am


  54. Apr. 16, 4:53pm

    Let us just hope they can pull off something successful, and not have a fourth of the problems they had in GT5. I really wish for more of a variety of cars from all countries. I hope we can all settle that we do not need 151 Nissans. If anything there should be maybe 30 from each automaker that are all cars that are worth even driving!

    • Apr. 16, 5:28pm

      GT is not about cars that only YOU want to drive. It’s always been encyclopedic it is car selections.

    • Apr. 16, 6:27pm

      @ Infamousphil

    • Apr. 16, 7:13pm
      Pit Crew

      Agreed DarkPhantom and Kaz did admit he went to far showcasing JDM vehicles in GT5. Lets hope he meant it my friend. :tup:

  55. Apr. 16, 4:33pm

    Looks like a mistake on their site. Wouldn’t be surprised if they pull it down.

    • Apr. 16, 4:35pm
      e30 freek

      They have

  56. Apr. 16, 4:14pm

    hopefully the game is concentrated on RACING, and not on how detailed interior looks…… I have supported GT for all 5 games…. I will be waiting on a Review before I decide too buy #6…… the game has lost its way :(

    • Apr. 16, 6:24pm

      I’ll but it from Game Stop and if I don’t like it within seven days I’ll just take it back. So reviews can be off at times some spot on. I do agree that GT5 has lost the luster it once had in online game play for some of us, though we still enjoy it. GT will always be the leader but there are other that are catching up fast, really fast.

  57. Apr. 16, 4:06pm

    And let the “GT6 for PS3-PS4” discussion begin…

    Seriously, this doesn’t mean a thing. We’ve seen it before GT5 was released.

  58. Apr. 16, 4:04pm

    Interesting news.

  59. Apr. 16, 4:01pm

    But…oh god…no.

    Personal preference…I have nothing against those who want it and nothing against being in the PS3…we -in theory- won´t need to buy a new console for it so that is a good thing…but how can be possible to make a better game than GT5 in the same console? from a TECHNICAL perspective point. You know, the “graphical” issues like shadows, lower resolution textures and bad details, THE SOUNDS…is all related to hardware.

    I know a better GT game can be possible just by making a better structured game…which to me means this: better and polished/finished features overall, all cars in the same state (no old GT4 cars, also called “standards”) which means all in the proper “league” of GT5 (for not say “premium”), missing features like livery editor and so on…etc.

    Yes the game can be better but most of the things that I think limited it, were not only the bad design of the features, it was the hardware of the console. GT5 engine sounds made me fall sleep a lot of times…oh well…

    • Apr. 16, 4:09pm

      I dont care about the graphics as long as the gameplay itself is good.
      In the Other words graphics means nothing in developing a proper good game.

  60. Apr. 16, 3:57pm

    Hmmm. Finally some happy news. I hope that from now, we’ll hear more about this next game. Imagine, PD told at Newegg
    ” Hey, the next GT will be released in november, put it then remove it. It’s my technique! ”
    Who knows…

  61. Apr. 16, 3:57pm
    Super Novi

    And will I buy it?
    Heck no.

    • Apr. 16, 4:10pm

      Your loss…

    • Apr. 16, 4:19pm
      Super Novi

      Best joke ever 2013.
      In all seriousness, I am not gonna buy GT6 after all the disappointments GT5 brought. I would rather play Saints Row 3.

    • Apr. 16, 4:35pm

      @Super Novi HAHAHA!!! Like, nobody cares if you’re not buying GT6. Really who cares… Oh and have fun playing Saints Row The Third, a game that had a FAKE ending meaning everything in the game was all FAKE.

    • Apr. 16, 6:01pm

      @Super Novi

      You play Saint’s Row? No wonder… Yeah, I think it’s better if you don’t buy GT6. I bet you find NFS Shift a good game.

    • Apr. 16, 6:16pm

      It’s a game that dramatis violence and is basically a movie or story, dare I say “NEVER ENDING STORY” so relax. Great book, bad movie.

    • Apr. 18, 11:49am
      Super Novi

      Don’t even like SR3.
      I hate the game and I hate owning it.

  62. Apr. 16, 3:46pm
    e30 freek

    I actually jumped in joy

  63. Apr. 16, 3:36pm

    Come to think of it, I haven’t hear ANY new information on GT6.

    • Apr. 16, 3:36pm


    • Apr. 16, 3:38pm

      Your right, what will come of this?

  64. Apr. 16, 3:35pm

    Its either someone hacked into it or its simply a mistake.

  65. Apr. 16, 3:34pm

    April fools.

  66. Apr. 16, 3:34pm
    GT5 Level 41

    But will it have horns?

  67. Apr. 16, 3:33pm
    GT5 Level 41

    But will it have horns? I’ve tried to read between the lines, but I’m not able to come up with anything.

    • Apr. 16, 4:22pm


  68. Apr. 16, 3:20pm
    Maddens Raiders

    New Egg is just “jumping the gun”. They are creating hype out of hype because any excuse for hits and visits to your site is good. I don’t think GT6 will be on the PS3 personally. I could be wrong but if I am, I’ll gladly take all of this back.

  69. Apr. 16, 3:17pm

    Even though it’s listed unable to place a order.
    Man that was a fast up LOL..

  70. Apr. 16, 3:13pm

    they’re optimistic!

  71. Apr. 16, 3:13pm

    I don’t think they would be taking pre orders for a PS3 system unless they were pretty sure it was going to be a PS3 title. Otherwise they would be open to many refunds if it came out for PS4.

  72. Apr. 16, 3:13pm

    HOLY @#)@)$)$¨@_¨$@&%$(&@@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  73. Apr. 16, 3:13pm
    Thom Lee


  74. Apr. 16, 3:11pm

    Brace yourselves, the PS3 vs PS4 rants are coming.

    • Apr. 16, 3:12pm


    • Apr. 16, 3:32pm

      +2 LOL

    • Apr. 16, 4:09pm


      HAHA! Yeah. I love reading people’s arguments of why it should be in either console. But meh, everyone has stated their reasons already, so further discussion about the subject is useless… All I know is that I want GT6 out soon.

    • Apr. 16, 4:10pm

      +3 xd

  75. Apr. 16, 3:10pm

    I guessing the release date for GT6 will be delayed for 15000 years a few months after PD announce it.

  76. Apr. 16, 3:09pm


  77. Apr. 16, 3:09pm

    It’s listed as discontinued as of 16/4/2013 at 3:08 PM GMT-5. So either a mistake was made and they didn’t want it up yet, or PD found it and said NO!

  78. Apr. 16, 3:08pm

    +100,000,000,000 if true.

  79. Apr. 16, 3:08pm

    Full circle again. Remember guys this means nothing, don’t expect anything because you will just be disappointed. They won’t have had any info from PD or Sony.

  80. Apr. 16, 3:07pm


  81. Apr. 16, 3:06pm


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