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GT Sport's Decal Uploader Won't be Available at Launch

One of the best features of GT Sport‘s new livery editor will not be available at launch. The unfortunate news comes directly from Polyphony Digital on the GT website as… Read More »

Hands-On With Gran Turismo Sport's Livery Editor

As morning broke yesterday in the UK, a new “Gran Turismo” experience fell into the hands of thousands. The GT Sport demo has been unleashed onto the public, bringing with… Read More »

First GT Sport Tokyo Expressway Night Gameplay Footage

Gran Turismo Sport 46 Aug 3, 2017 by Matej

The outpouring of new GT Sport footage continues. The following video shows off the potential of the new livery editor, as well as gives us our first ever look at… Read More »

Diving Into GT Sport's Livery Editor — Aftermarket Rims Confirmed

Polyphony Digital released a flurry of GT Sport screenshots earlier today. In addition to new cars and new tracks, the menu shots show us our clearest look yet at some of… Read More »

A New Look at GT Sport's Livery Editor Could Show an Image Import Tool

Recent social media posts hint that members of the press have recently got their hands on a new build of GT Sport. Shared across Twitter and Instagram, the photos show… Read More »

GT Sport's Livery Editor is 'Far More In-Depth' Than Expected

After what feels like ages, Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed more information on Gran Turismo Sport‘s livery editor. So far, we’ve known very little about the franchise’s first real stab at user-created… Read More »

E3 2017: More Details on GT Sport Released; Over 177 Cars

You’re probably already sold on yesterday’s Gran Turismo Sport trailer and launch window announcement. However, we now have a Sony-issued fact sheet from E3 that’s no less enthralling. Aside from… Read More »

Having Trouble Creating Accurate Logos In Forza? Here's A How-to Guide

A community member has crafted an easy-to-use guide to help make bad replicas a thing of the past.

6 Features From Other Racing Games We Want in Gran Turismo Sport

Racing games are better than ever. Let’s take a look at what Polyphony Digital can learn from the competition.

More Details on GT Sport's Livery Editor, Photo Scapes, & Customization Options

Kazunori expands on the creative outlets available in GT Sport, plus some of the limitations of the new Scapes feature.

GT6 Course Maker, Car Customization, & the GT Movie Discussed at Gamescom

Kazunori Yamauchi’s Gamescom 2013 presentation offers more information on Gran Turismo 6 and the GT Movie.