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GTPlanet’s Year in Review: 2020

Whew. We have absolutely no fear of contradiction when we say that 2020 has been an extremely odd spin around the Sun. What started off as a year of tremendous… Read More »

GTPlanet’s 2018 Gaming Year in Review

FeaturesGaming 2 Dec 31, 2018 by Kyle Patrick

Another year is wrapping up. We’re mere hours away from 2019, and thus, we’re looking back on what the last 12 months have given us in the gaming world. 2018… Read More »

GTPlanet's Gaming Year in Review: 2017

FeaturesGaming 5 Dec 31, 2017 by Kyle Patrick

As we get the champagne on ice in preparation for New Year’s Eve, we’re taking a look back at the frankly historic last 12 months. 2017 was a great year… Read More »

GTPlanet's Year In Review: 2016

Features 29 Dec 30, 2016 by Kyle Patrick

Another year has come to a close. Look back at the last 12 months with us, focusing on the highlights of what was undoubtedly a surprising year.

GTPlanet's Year In Review: 2015

Features 14 Dec 31, 2015 by Kyle Patrick

2015 has come and gone. Take a look back at the last twelve months’ worth of noteworthy news from across GTPlanet, and get a taste of what’s to come…

GTPlanet's Year In Review: 2014

GTPlanet takes a look back at the world of Gran Turismo in 2014 – a roller coaster of a year filled with big announcements, big updates, and teasers of a bigger 2015.

GTPlanet's Year in Review: 2013

It’s time for GTPlanet’s annual review of events and, with a new game released, what a year it’s been…

2012: GTPlanet's Year in Review

It’s been another great year for GTPlanet and Gran Turismo; take a look at all the highlights of 2012.

Gran Turismo in 2011: The Year in Review

GTPlanet reviews the dramatic ups and downs of the Gran Turismo series in 2011.

Gran Turismo in 2010: The Year in Review

A look back at the good, the bad, and the ugly endured by Gran Turismo fans around the world over the past 12 months.