Gran Turismo in 2010: The Year in Review

January 1st, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Fans of the Gran Turismo series have been through a lot over the past 13 years or so, but none of those years have been as dramatic as 2010. Though I wasn’t able to get this out before the calendar flipped over, I wanted to take one last look at where we’ve been before moving forward (just as I did at the end of 2009)…

Photomode image by Spark_GTP.


  • 2010 started on a very high note – GT Academy 2010 was in full swing, and we rang in the new year enjoying the free, though limited, GT5 Time Trial Challenge demo. Excitement was also building in anticipation of the full game’s March release date in Japan
  • With the expected release date less than three months away, the Gran Turismo 5 art was officially revealed. Excitement continued to build through what turned out to be a very revealing CES 2010.
  • Just days after the conclusion of CES, the first bit of confusing and bad news hit hard: GT5 was quietly and mysteriously delayed in Japan, just four days after Yamauchi and his translator confidently confirmed the March date in a CES interview. Left with a newly open-ended release schedule, fans settled in for a long, cold, and confusing winter.
  • GT5‘s new “Data Logger Visualization Technology” was first revealed to the public by Kazunori Yamauchi at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Curiously, there has been no mention of this interesting new technology since then…



  • A Sony rep reveals the company was targeting an October release for Gran Turismo 5. Getting closer, but still no cigar…
  • YouTuber mimaximax gets regular access to a GT5 demo in Tokyo, generously sharing lots of game-play video clips with the hungry masses, clamoring for any and all scraps of information during what was originally supposed to be the game’s release month.








  • Just a few short weeks before the worldwide launch of Gran Turismo 5, Sony announces the game is delayed once again until the “Holiday season” to bitterly disappointed fans and harsh criticism from the press.



  • Kazunori Yamauchi confirms that a new, officially licensed GT steering wheel – the T500 RS – will be released by Thrustmaster.
  • The Gran Turismo 5 v1.03 update is issued, introducing mechanical damage to the game.
  • GT5‘s online, web-based social network is officially released.
  • Sony announces GT5 sales topped 5.5 million, blasting the GT series to a total of more than 60 million copies worldwide.
  • Gran Turismo 5 v1.05 is released, introducing “Seasonal Events” and lots of other tweaks.
  • GTPlanet hosts our annual philanthropic fundraiser for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, proudly raising more than $1,000 to help fight this terrible disease. Thank you, everyone, for your help in reaching this milestone!

Looking forward, it is not yet entirely clear what 2011 holds for GT fans. With rumors of a new PSP2 floating around the web, could another mobile title be in the works? How much content will be added to GT5, and when when can we dare mention Gran Turismo 6? Regardless of what happens, I thank all of you for your interest and support throughout 2010, and I hope you’ll continue to rely on GTPlanet for all your GT series news in the future. Happy new year!

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  1. Jan. 4, 12:56pm

    T500 RS Reviewed at SimRacing Tonight

  2. Jan. 3, 10:03am
    Dynamite Dave

    I truly hope that the Spa Circuit is hidden somwhere in the game. i heard a runour that there will be no DLCs which makes me think that theres no chance of a SPa DLC

  3. Jan. 3, 8:39am

    As every year…thanks Jordan for your effort for keeping us hardcore GT fans well informed.

  4. Jan. 2, 11:19pm

    Jordan, great work with the site all year-long. I don’t visit as much as I used to, since the game is finally out, but I still check back to get in-depth scoops about the updates to the game and for advice in the forums. Thanks again!

  5. Jan. 2, 7:29pm

    2010 was a hell of ride and GTPlanet was always the place to check for Gran Turismo news, and will probably always be. I hope 2011 brings as many uncertainties in a good way… Thanks to Jordan and all those who keep this site up and running.

  6. Jan. 2, 12:25pm

    Sorry about my spelling. Never been very good at it :)

  7. Jan. 2, 11:37am

    There is much more that needs to be adressed before replays. Dont get me wrong would love to see multiplayer replays but that isn’t as importand as improving anti-cheating system or getting rid of flickering shadows or appearing mountains.
    Also would love to see livory editor but i dont think that would happen (not for gt5 anyway)

    • Jan. 2, 1:56pm

      I agree, flickering shadows is really kind of annoying!

  8. Jan. 2, 9:56am
    Magic Ayrton

    It was a great year once GT5 was released, One question though, why aren’t there any replays in online mode and on 2 player split screen?? I would have preferred they not bother with 3d!!

    • Jan. 2, 11:35am

      There are replays in online mode. After the race click on the, “race results” button in the lounge and you can save the replay. You can even take photos from it.

  9. Jan. 2, 9:32am

    5.5 million sales is underwhelming to be honest…

    • Jan. 2, 12:21pm

      5.5 million sales after less than 2 weeks. Some people are never happy.

    • Jan. 3, 1:07am

      Actually, it was 5.5 after 10 days. Does anyone know the latest sales-numbers? Couldn’t find numbers later than Dec. 11th. Should be around 7 or 8 million by now, I guess

  10. Jan. 2, 9:24am

    thanks for such an amazing site, and all your hard work. Good luck for the future and…. roll on GT6!

  11. Jan. 2, 8:53am

    congratulations on raising the $1000 jordan a great cause and a great result! No doubt this means alot to both yourself and close people to you, and not forgeting the GTP community for donating the money!


  12. Jan. 2, 8:39am

    2010 was a great year for GT5 and gaming in general. Thanks for your work Jordan, a truly great site! ☺

  13. Jan. 2, 8:20am

    Happy new year, hoping for Kaz or Sony to announce something new about GT in E3 2011 this year. :)

  14. Jan. 2, 8:11am

    And ive also got a feeling that gt6’s production will actully go quite smoothly. I dont know why. Just somthing tells me that gt6 will get a release date and stick to it. Its an ambitious thing to say i know :)

  15. Jan. 2, 8:06am

    What a hectic year with so much good and so much bad news. How many delays were there since the game was anounced? Still the more you cant have the game the more you want it and boy did i want that game

  16. Jan. 2, 7:08am

    This year has been nuts, alright. Here’s to an exciting and informative 2011! Anybody else wondering what ‘GT for boys’ could become?

    • Jan. 12, 12:41pm

      Went the same way as “GT HD”.

  17. Jan. 2, 5:56am

    two things are for sure, i think. first, the psp2 will arrive soon and a new mobile gran turismo is RIGHT NOW in the making. second, there is gonna be gran turismo 6 news this year. the guys already said they are working on it. :))

    happy new year.! ;-)

  18. Jan. 2, 5:47am

    Wow. I didn´t actually realize that all those things happened in only one year. Let´s hope this year gets as exciting as the last one. Happy new year to all of you, and especially to Jordan who always kept us up to date and did a great job running this site.

  19. Jan. 2, 5:31am

    2010 has been a long, bumpy, and grueling ride. It will be interesting to see what the future brings.

  20. Jan. 2, 5:26am

    Thans for a great year everyone! We finally got our game…Can´t wait to see what 2011 holds for us!
    Thanks for the hard work you put into this Jordan!
    I blame you for becoming a GT addict ;)

  21. Jan. 2, 4:38am

    Thanks to everyone at GTP for keeping us up to date on breaking news about GT5. Lets hope 2011 is less or a roller-coaster than 2010 was :)

  22. Jan. 2, 1:44am

    best race simulation game

    • Jan. 2, 9:42am

      you mean driving simulatio, gt5 doesnt simulate racing.

    • Jan. 3, 6:05am

      @ Jos
      What you said is EXACTLY opposite. If it was only a ”driving” simulation, u should be able to turn your car’s engine on and off, open the doors, turn on the radio and all those stuff. What a “racing” simulation is, is just obviously different. You do all necessary things that are crucial to “races”, not street driving ;)

    • Jan. 3, 6:07am

      Despite the fact that they actually assigned it as a “Driving Simulation”, I think it would be better if it was “Racing Simulation”.

  23. Jan. 2, 1:01am

    I sincerely hope polyphony releases the other previous tracks that were on GT4 in GT5. I would definitely pay 15 dollars for that.

    • Jan. 2, 1:56am

      Especially the Test Course………..let’s bring back the Max Speed tests, too. =)

  24. Jan. 2, 12:43am

    With respect and a big hug to you Jordan from Russia! Stay Heavy!!! Happy new year!!!

  25. Jan. 2, 12:18am

    Hey Jordan, don’t know if its legit, but I saw a title called “Gran Turismo Raceway” on the Wikipedia page for the Gran Turismo Series. It says it would release on PSP and PS3. Any news on this or is it fake?

    Here’s the link:

    Anyways, great job this year, congrats on the Pancreatic Cancer Fundraiser, and let’s have a prosperous GT filled 2011!

    • Jan. 2, 12:57am

      Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. Scooter, this is the first I’ve heard of “Gran Turismo Raceway”.

    • Jan. 2, 1:19am

      Thanks for the good job Jordan,keep it up,you are doing perfectly.

      And BTW the wikipedia link seems to be edited at 22:16 31/12/2010,there was something that yamauchi was involved(Man at the top awards 2010),I have no idea what that might be,but it was held on December 30/2010,so maybe the “Gran Turismo Raceway” might came up from there,or it could be a prank,in any case it seems like this year is becoming very interesting.

    • Jan. 2, 8:49am

      I just went through the page history, it seems someone without an account mysteriously added this extra on the 28th of December. It’s probably a troll trying to see if he can make the internet go rumour crazy or something…

    • Jan. 2, 1:58pm

      Gran Turismo Raceway may be an Online place where they said you can drive around and obey speed limits and stuff. Maybe on psp too.

    • Jan. 3, 11:04pm

      40% of me wants to believe somebody made this up
      1% of me believes that all this is totally legit, and will be out this year
      59% believes that it is true, but we won’t see it until GT6 and GT2 for PSP in 2024.

    • Jan. 3, 11:07pm


      Sorry for the double post, but “Gran Turismo Raceway” isn’t on there as of 11:05 PM EST on 1/3/2011.

      Darn, Sony caught wind of it. Or the troll just read these comments and said “mission accomplished”. Or maybe somebody here created it. Or maybe Translator-San created it. Or maybe…
      The list goes on and on…

  26. Jan. 2, 12:12am

    the Ferrari 458 picture looks $#%#$% incredible!

  27. Jan. 2, 12:01am
    Jay De Guzman

    Thanks Jordan for all the stuff that you have done for GT fans all over the world.

    • Jan. 2, 12:57am

      +1 Well done Jordan and the entire GTPLANET team.

  28. Jan. 1, 11:50pm

    Congrats on raising over a thousand dollars =)
    It will be interesting to see what kind of updates we will see in 2011

  29. Jan. 1, 11:42pm

    it was a great year for GT fans.. I don’t think anyone can deny that!

    • Jan. 2, 4:27am

      EDIT@ the Red Bull X1 is renamed Red Bull X2010. Thanks for keeping me up with news on times where i just couldnt wait anymore.:):):)

    • Jan. 2, 2:46pm

      Yes, lets promote a prototype car heavily for over a month then change the name…
      I’m still going to call it the X1…

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