Thrustmaster Teases New Wheel Ahead of E3 2017

At Gran Turismo Sport’s blowout event back in May of 2016, a mysterious Thrustmaster-branded wheel sat in a glass case. In May of this year, numerous retailers began putting up listings for the supposed Thrustmaster “T700.” We still don’t have the full details about this wheel, but the peripheral maker has thrown us a bone or two over the past few days.

On the official Facebook page, Thrustmaster posted a batch of close-up photos of the new wheel. For the most part, the images don’t show much. One inconspicuous details can be spotted, though — the “Mode” switch with two options: “GT” and “Other.” With the Thrustmaster and Polyphony Digital collaboration, this switch should come as no surprise. In addition, we recently found out the color-coded dials correspond with GT Sport’s real-time adjustment functionality.

Also teased on it’s Facebook page was the name of the new hardware. We aren’t given the complete name of the wheel, but one can make out that it most likely reads “TGT.” Interestingly enough, this steers away from Thrusmaster’s older naming-convention, disproving retailers’ listings of a “T700.”

In a press release, Thrustmaster announced it will be present at this year’s E3 showcasing various products. The public will have the chance to take the new wheel for a spin for the first time, and a Windows and Xbox One compatible wheel will also be on display. In addition, the company will be pairing up with a “world-class automotive supplier.” This comes after Logitech teamed up with McLaren-Honda to find the faster gamers. So, finding out who exactly allies with Thrustmaster should be intriguing.

Thrustmaster plans on revealing its name for the new wheel tomorrow, so stay locked onto GTPlanet once the news hits.

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