GT Sport London Event

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This Is What It Feels Like To Play Gran Turismo Sport

For many fans, GT Sport is still largely a mystery. With the public beta officially cancelled, the chances of playing the game before its November release are limited. There are exceptions, like the Nürburgring 24H race this past weekend, and of course the big event in downtown London that wrapped up the week before.

GT Sport Public Beta Cancelled To Maintain 2016 Release Window

The details that came out during last week’s London event were a veritable wave of information for Gran Turismo fans. GT Sport’s full retail release date was announced (November 15, 16, or 18, depending on region), but one date absent from the event was the public beta’s availability, which was announced at the original GT Sport unveiling last year. We’ve now got confirmation that it won’t be happening, from Kazunori Yamauchi himself.

The Visuals of Gran Turismo Sport Will Be a Hallmark for the Franchise

When you think of Gran Turismo there are two things that should immediately come to mind: the library of vehicles, and the beautiful visuals the game has been renowned for for more than a decade and a half. Whether it be the breathtaking details of the car models or the landscapes, Gran Turismo is known for its ‘shock and awe’ when it comes to the in-game rendering engine.

GT Sport: New Details on FIA Partnership & Broadcast-Friendly Spectating

Does anyone remember the initial announcement regarding one of the largest collaborations between a motorsport organization and a video game developer: the agreement between Polyphony Digital and Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile? The partnership was followed by the certification of four of the game’s real world circuits and an official FIA Online Championship, a mode destined to merge real life racing with the virtual world of Gran Turismo.

GT Sport Pre-Order & Limited Edition Details Revealed

It’s been a wild day. The big GT Sport Event in London just concluded its live stream, and we’ve been hit by a tsunami of new details. We’ve heard about the 19 tracks, we’ve heard the game will feature over 130 cars, and we’ve even got a date to mark on the calendar: November 15, 2016 (or up to a few days later if you’re in the Europe or the UK).

Gran Turismo Sport to Feature over 130 Cars, New Class Categories

Are you sitting down? Take my word for it: you need to be sitting down for this. Last week the veil of silence had finally been lifted after months of being in the darkness, and today, in downtown London, at the Copper Box Arena, Gran Turismo Sport has been officially revealed to members of the press – and GTPlanet was on the scene!

Tune In to the Official GT Sport Live Stream, Catch the New Trailer Right Now

Welcome to the party! GT Sport is currently being played by a select few individuals – including GTPlanet founder Jordan Greer – before members of the public get to play tomorrow. Sony is about to flip the switch on the livestream, and to whet our appetites, they’ve released a new GT Sport trailer slightly early. We won’t spoil all the surprises (yet), but there’s a lot of new stuff in there. The still image is actually near where I’m typing this, which is pretty cool. Enjoy it!