GT5 Update Coming October 27th

October 26th, 2011 by Andrew Evans

Just as the North American gamers are getting to grips with yesterday’s DLC addition, Kazunori Yamauchi has announced a game update. The update will address issues gamers have brought up with the Spec 2.0 version of the game released earlier this month:

We will be doing an October GT5 update in North America and Europe, planned for Oct. 27th. This will consist of:

1. Kart Space I/II of the DLC will become drivable with cars other than Karts in the online lounge and free run of Practice
2. Expanded restriction options for cars in the online lounge [Car Restrictions], [Performance Points], [Power], and [Car Model] regulations will be possible to set simultaneously.
3. Fix for issues in: Setting sheets, G25/27, resuming from pits in endurance races, TC car numbers and LSD settings, etc.
Many more minor adjustments have been made, but something like this.

GT5 Photomode image by ceiling_fan.

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  1. Nov. 3, 11:35am

    do it

  2. Oct. 29, 3:49pm

    NEEED HEEEELP!!! 8 hrs from end of 24hrs le mans…..shall i “sign in” and update and makes sure i get get 200+xp OR carry on not sure if it it will crash my race???

  3. Oct. 27, 2:15pm

    my wish is a Radical car :D

  4. Oct. 27, 1:19pm

    :D the SLR looks like my ex girlfriend xD jajaja

  5. Oct. 27, 12:53pm

    WHERE ARE the HOT CARS somebody help me with this

  6. Oct. 27, 5:53am

    Any news with what’s its got yet

  7. Oct. 26, 11:23pm

    This is stunningly great! I’m glad PD is so active :) Keep it up!

  8. Oct. 26, 11:06pm

    Excellent job polyphony. I think many of us are very grateful for your persistence toward improving your products.

  9. Oct. 26, 10:30pm

    I hope they also add a “Donk Points” system for people who want to fit 35-inch rims to their fugly neon green Ferraris.

    • Oct. 26, 10:46pm

      Or it deducts credits, disconnects network, and has a message saying “You lose the whole game.”

  10. Oct. 26, 9:57pm

    Looks like I finished my 9hr Endurance of Tsukuba on just the right day- sweeeet! Got a wonderful 150%xp bonus too level 38 wootwoot!

  11. Oct. 26, 9:36pm

    OMG yesterday I said that I was I little disappointed that normal cars weren’t able to go on the kart track. CAN’T WAIT! GO ON PD!

  12. Oct. 26, 9:05pm

    funny how everyone (almost) hated pd yesterday because of dlc and today they are praised like gods… lol

    • Oct. 27, 12:29am

      Yup, gamers of today are more fickle than one’s pregnant wife. >_>

  13. Oct. 26, 8:22pm

    would any one agree to getting paint chips for first place wins in online seasonal events makes more sense yes?

    • Oct. 26, 8:35pm

      i agree and i want different upgrades system

  14. Oct. 26, 8:22pm

    so does anyone know if they’re going to change the upgrades system on gt5

    • Oct. 26, 8:55pm

      wide body kits and more spoiler/hood choices for standard cars for sure ;)

  15. Oct. 26, 8:18pm

    what time does this jone come out ?

  16. Oct. 26, 8:03pm

    bring it

  17. Oct. 26, 7:33pm

    ~Cant wait to take the X2011 around kart space! yaay

    • Oct. 26, 8:58pm

      That’s gonna be a hoot in lobby.

  18. Oct. 26, 7:06pm

    do I hear a better lsd’s? Please tell me they are putting in 1,1.5,2 way diffs

    and also get rid of that stupid 5-60 diff setups and give us torque or something else

    • Oct. 26, 7:11pm

      I’m glad you mension that it irritates me when you want to change a tiny thing and poof its gone more messed up than push cheese though a Xbox controller. In short please bring back 1,1.5,2 way diffs life could be really easy.

  19. Oct. 26, 7:06pm

    That game is not that good though

    • Oct. 26, 7:17pm

      What is it that you’re are trying to say, for this comment say absolute nothing.
      It only tells me you’re A troll, whit no respect for the effort DP and there personnel put into the game until now.
      And al the improvement they brought to us for free…

    • Oct. 26, 7:21pm


      My wrong you mean Shift, man Wright that down than this so confusing this way

    • Oct. 26, 7:25pm

      especially if you are not using the reply button

    • Oct. 26, 8:25pm

      forza troll

  20. Oct. 26, 6:54pm

    I really love spa, I just wish the replays were a little more exciting, like in SHIFT 2 Unleashed

  21. Oct. 26, 6:46pm
    killer tiller

    Woo hoo kart space drifting!!!!

  22. Oct. 26, 6:36pm

    Glad to see the Car models restriction option for lobbies, gonne be nice to be able to choose certain cars from your own garage rather then from the recommended garage option!

  23. Oct. 26, 6:26pm

    Damn you ceiling_fan and your photography skills.

    • Oct. 26, 7:12pm

      Sorry! :P

  24. Oct. 26, 6:23pm

    I really like these small patches and updates, it shows that PD really appreciates our investment in GT5 (released almost a year ago!). I played the 1.00 (non-updated) version of the game at my friend’s, and believe me, this is a 50% better game after Spec II. The menus, loadings, jaggies, AI were much worse back then!

    • Oct. 26, 6:42pm

      Why hasnt he updated??

    • Oct. 26, 6:51pm

      Prob Armish and only gets the internet once a year

  25. Oct. 26, 6:01pm

    Cool, an update on my b-day ;)

  26. Oct. 26, 5:58pm

    Does this mean they are going to fix the endurance races in A-Spec? I played the Miata 4 hour endurance, stopped half way, came back to play the following day, and it turned in “B-Spec”…. meaning, the car was driving itself and I wasnt ever able to control it or tell when to go to the pits… 3 hours wasted.

  27. Oct. 26, 5:52pm

    Polyphony, you guys rock!

    I seriously don’t know of any other game (in my personal experience) that has had so many game updates and new features added, for free.

    We all (even those who won’t admit it) appreciate your hard work!

  28. Oct. 26, 5:49pm

    Hopefully no x1 regulation

  29. Oct. 26, 5:47pm

    They really did listen to all complains.

  30. Oct. 26, 5:26pm


  31. Oct. 26, 5:11pm
    Psycho Tuber

    Spa seasonals please!

  32. Oct. 26, 5:10pm

    Keep doing it PD! I love it!!!

  33. Oct. 26, 4:48pm

    If they remove the 20M cr limit would be awesome

    • Oct. 26, 4:53pm

      Yeah the credit system is a little messed up. I don’t think that they’ll change it though.

    • Oct. 26, 5:11pm

      I geuss we al want to see that 20 milion limit to be higher much higher..plaease make it 50m our like in the older GT series 99m.
      Now if you want to buy A old car there is no money left to paint our do what ever witjh it.
      I now you can put suf in to youre accessoirers list, mine is stufft with tires and motor parts.
      but they really need to put that limit higher !!!!!!

    • Oct. 26, 5:21pm

      sorry NOW must be KNOW

  34. Oct. 26, 4:44pm

    now that I think about it kart space pit width is TINY….I’m guessing it’ll start you on the track and be a no pit situation like eifel kart

  35. Oct. 26, 4:43pm

    drift in kart space!!!! I want to see a picture of kart space with about 10 cars SMOKING around it. going to be cool!!!

    please let this add more throw to my g27 clutch pedal and power on shifting with the clutch “power shifting” instead of catching neutral!! real cars can do it…drift cars do it….. hopefully. NOT a complaint but more of wishful thinking. still love it as it is.

  36. Oct. 26, 4:35pm

    You can’t spell update without PD

    Also, im wondering if im the only person who wants b spec in arcade mode…

    • Oct. 26, 4:47pm

      HA!! Good one!!….made my day.

    • Oct. 26, 5:00pm

      B spec arcade sounds silly to me. I found to hole b-spec silly and amateur

      It needs a much better system management and it requires more or better commandos
      And the AI is realy stupid, cars bumping in to one and another when they overtakeour cet lapt.
      I want to be able to manage my driver and not give him every 20 seconds orders of what to do.

  37. Oct. 26, 4:28pm

    Here is just another reason why PD is world class at their trade! Thanks for all the support! Can’t wait to turn it on again tonight! :)

  38. Oct. 26, 3:31pm

    i’m in the middle of 24hr of le mans…..will this effect my game???

    oh noooo! 11hr30mins down….please don’t erase it! HELP!!

    • Oct. 26, 3:31pm


    • Oct. 26, 4:06pm

      It only updates if you leave the game and re-open it.
      All that will happen is you will lose network connection. Your race will still be going on.
      I know because I was playing the game when an update came out. I could not access OCD, or other online services, but all offline services worked perfect.
      You will be fine.

    • Oct. 26, 4:19pm

      Disconect internet? 24hr of le mans, is offline race, no problem?, Star GT5 whitout Internet conecction!

      correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Oct. 26, 4:54pm

      Yes, the 24 hour race is offline, so it will work.
      When the update goes live, internet services in the game will no longer work until the game is updated.
      Offline services will still function normally.

  39. Oct. 26, 3:25pm
    Mac K

    Very cool, and nice to see it so soon!

  40. Oct. 26, 3:22pm

    with al the updates and DLC that is coming to us GT6 will take a while to come out, I guess it will be coming out with the PS4, our later.
    I really don’t care about the standard cars, except some racing cars in the standard section.
    But then again I hardly use them.
    I hope in the future they will give more freedom of choice with the DLC, so we can buy one car at the time, and chose which paint scheme we want the same with the suits and helmets.
    But overall I, am really happy with this game.
    I hope the update of tomorrow give us the option to block and ban the redbulls from online events, so you don’t have to kick them out every time they so up with that hideous and silly unnecessary car.
    its a wannabe car that never shut have been in the game in the first palace, and in online events they are a pain in the …………
    I hope in the future we will see more GT1, GT2, GT3 and GT4 cars en hopefully you will give us the option to race with these different classes in the endurance races, such as LE MAN

    Keep up the good work PD and thank you for every thing you guys and girls have don for us so far.

  41. Oct. 26, 3:19pm

    Lol I’m RLY wanting the 1.Will be cool using a X1 in the Kart Space,huh?

  42. Oct. 26, 3:16pm

    I want to change wheels on every standard car! PD and Sony…Make it happen…

  43. Oct. 26, 3:16pm

    Well they havent mentioned they wont work on the standard cars…to be honest they dont need work. All they need to adjust is being able to is change standard cars to be able to have wheels. instead of the defaulted/stock ones. That shouldnt be to hard if they already prmoised to have 3 more updates by the end of this year.

  44. Oct. 26, 2:49pm

    Also it would be nice if they could add the Scion TC…2006 and 2011. Those are great cars…I mean if your going to have xb and xa in there…why not a TC? TC’s are great cars.

    Would also be nice to fix endurance races to be able to save the game and play other events and go back to the endurance races when you want. Not when you restart the game. SMH

    It would be nice if they could update GT5 to be able to use any standard car and equip it with any kind of wheel. Not just Premium cars getting that feature. Please PD or Sony update all standard vehicles to put wheels on them!!!!! Lets show some creativity.

    Also it wuld be nice if they can add more body kits and wings for the cars. Some wings dont even match for certain cars etc. PLease fix that!!!!

    • Oct. 26, 2:54pm

      PD has done all they can do with the standard models. We wont see anything better until gt6. It sucks but its true.

  45. Oct. 26, 2:48pm

    Nice! Always appreciate all the updates made. Now, I’m still worrying about the DLC. Now I read before I bought the DLC that I couldn’t use it. Either way I had money in my wallet and I wanted to assure my purchase just in case they gave a little something for the issue. Anyways I believe Kaz said December? Does anyone have exact info on a possible fix for this issue? I really want to race in those new cars on my main account :)

  46. Oct. 26, 2:46pm

    PD is starting to feel like Dolly Partons braw :

    They give us so much support ………. :)

  47. Oct. 26, 2:42pm

    If they don’t fix the endurance save pit bug, they need to.

  48. Oct. 26, 2:38pm

    any idea if this update will allow the DLC pack to be shared with subaccounts? I know originally that fix was slated for December, but hopefully it’ll come out with this update (2.01?)

  49. Oct. 26, 2:36pm

    @saltypenut, you don’t need 1000to differnet cars. You can just buy a 1000 karts. That’s how people get the trophy easy. Im doing it the right way. I don’t have any copies unless it was a reward car.

  50. Oct. 26, 2:35pm

    This is important: 2. Expanded restriction options for cars in the online lounge [Car Restrictions], [Performance Points], [Power], and [Car Model] regulations will be possible to set simultaneously.
    Now you won’t need to max out the cars in any given category to be competitive online.
    Thanks PD
    PS: I hope they will add more car classes in the future, or a year range. Currently the only vintage series you can set is restricted to american muscle cars, would be nice to set lobbies for example to “1960/1969 european cars”

  51. Oct. 26, 2:26pm

    And another thing… Since the launch of the game, the words “engine” and “pista” (Italian for track) are being censored in the in game chat… I thing that should change…

    • Oct. 26, 3:13pm

      they clearly aren’t being censored?

      Anyway, back on topic. Other cars on Kart I and II, other than karts, will be garbage. I can only think that it’s perfect for the Fiat 500?

    • Oct. 26, 3:15pm

      Sorry, i really should read with proper attention. You said “in game chat” i thought you meant here. DOH!!!

    • Oct. 26, 4:06pm

      There so many words that are being censored in the online chat that is really impossible to Wright normal sentences in what ever language not only Italian, its a mess al over the world.
      Even numbers get censored try to type 20.000.000 and you cet **************
      Its silly really silly

  52. Oct. 26, 2:11pm

    Hopefully some new seasonals at the same time! Great update PD @ Kaz

  53. Oct. 26, 2:02pm

    That’s actually great. Fixing some minor issues so fast… As for the added online restriction options, thaty’re all good… It means we can customize our races even more… But what is really missing is an “Engine Limiter = Allowed/Prohibited” option…

    It’s actually rather disturbing to see a GT-R SpecV with a racing exhaust (you can tell from the sound) and a wing at the back, race in a 500PP race… It’s going to win… And that’s because the chassis can take the power, the tyres are wider than needed giving extra traction but mainly because… The engine limiter reduces the HP and not the torque… Or at least it leaves it relatively unchanged. That means the car is going to accelerate in lower gears a lot better than a car that’s not overpowered and detuned… It has become really hard to find a room where tuning is allowed and the cars are all within PP specs without engine limiter… And people either think they’re smart, exploiting an error in the game or do it because they won’t be competitive otherwise…

    I was happy when the update with the engine limiter came along… But it turns out it’s being exploited and misused…

    • Oct. 26, 6:32pm

      Drive an NSX, Lotus Elise or one of the many cars that have excellent power to weight ratio, RX7 works as well as the Ruf 3400S. Come on as much as people claim you can abuse the engine limiter, it’s an illusion. It’s still PP limited so it takes into account a plethora or variables and only cars that have inherent abilities like MR cars will be harder to beat because of their overall agility. Not sure what you mean by error, it’s just figuring out how to get the best out of your car and without tinkering with your gearing, depowering your car massively will net in fail as your car will be sluggish through the gears and not accelerate quickly enough. Not sure how you know people massively overpower their cars and depower them to race? Assume much? Only time doing that makes sense is if you have a relatively low powered car that just barely goes over the limit, then you depower it because it’s makes more sense than trying to tune up to the PP, which might take a whole lot longer.

      Hey there is the force stock option in a room, not sure how that works, but if it does like I think it does, it would return your car to it’s original pretuned settings, no suspension tuning, no engine tunes or gearing changes. Although I think PD can expand on that force stock option, have options within. Like a check list of what things can and can’t be tuned to make things much more streamlined and a greater amount of depth. They also need to add the ability to have multi class races, we have multiple LM car classes, 16 cars, we can split it into two or more classes for even more fun. Come on PD how about it?

  54. Oct. 26, 1:45pm

    perfect. these are some of the things i wanted to get fixed.

  55. Oct. 26, 1:41pm

    keep it coming :)

  56. Oct. 26, 1:38pm

    cars in kart space!!!!! O_O time for some sick drift vids!

    • Oct. 26, 3:24pm

      I hear that… plus how good are the pictures going to look in there with the reflections

  57. Oct. 26, 1:22pm

    Ahh, look here PD is fixing and tinkering away. Just the other week people were complaining away and others were threatening to sell their copy of GT5 and get something else…frantic overbearing and incredibly silly. One thing I noticed is that PD are going off what the community in GT5 say, so keep at it and see what else they fix for us, seriously stop complaining and get to those threads about what we need changed, fixed and or addressed in GT5. It’s our game now, they are looking for our input in crafting this thing and so far it’s much better than when it launched. Wish there wasn’t such a language barrier but so far they are definitely improving, now if they can give us one update that allows us to have AI that drives cars to their limits and don’t easily back off when you encroach on their position. Keep at it PD, keep the additions coming too.

    • Oct. 26, 6:08pm

      people have been complaining (rightfully so) about the engine sounds for years now…still nothing from PD

  58. Oct. 26, 1:16pm

    Expand the Garage so we can have more then 2000 cars would be very nice !!!

    • Oct. 26, 1:33pm

      You know the 1000 car trophy do they have to be different cars?

    • Oct. 26, 5:11pm


    • Oct. 26, 7:05pm


  59. Oct. 26, 1:09pm

    Thank you Polyphony Digital! love this new age of gaming, always something happening new and improved!

  60. Oct. 26, 1:06pm

    Arcade Mode, Kart Space, and Super GT car :O!!

  61. Oct. 26, 12:48pm

    Can’t wait to humiliate everyone online with a (tuned) Caterham @ Kartspace :)

    • Oct. 26, 1:34pm

      Go in x1 lol very hard

  62. Oct. 26, 12:45pm

    There is a glitch on Tsukuba 9hr Endurance namely pitting and resuming after a save. The car just drives into a wall or drives itself like B-spec mode or I’m sure others have had problems of a different ilk. I restarted it and changed the model of car I was racing 4 times before it worked fine. I also didn’t save till I had done 72 laps initially. I only have 2 hrs left to run on the race which I am going to complete shortly.

    It pits fine resumes fine and drives beautifully because I’m the motherfluffin daddy lol.I’m Using the R34 Skyline TC. I tried the Schulz Motorsport R35, R32 TC and R33 TC they all gayed out massively and made me angray after hours of racing. Incidentally they all have digital readouts etc on the wheel and the current car I’m driving is ‘normal’ inside. Try different cars and your problems are solved – simple!

  63. Oct. 26, 12:41pm
    HKS racer

    Thanks PD!! Drifting in the new kart tracks will be lot of fun!! Also some new seasonals with Spa would be cool

    • Oct. 26, 12:46pm

      Am I missing something or since 2.0 whenever youre watching replays the skidmarks from the race are already on the track now, where as before they would happen in real time like in the race?

      Take a look to see what I mean, it ruins all drifting photos now, because its like your car is riding on two black rails. where as before you could get some really realistic drift photos now you have to have pre laid skidmarks stretching out infront of your car… and it takes away that realism from the photos and replays.

      I hope its just a glitch but my OCD kicks in with it and it plagues me on replays now haha

    • Oct. 26, 12:55pm
      HKS racer

      If it’s a glitch hope they solve it I’ve never noticed it but I don’t use replay that often so try to ask someone else, anyway good catch.

    • Oct. 26, 2:25pm

      We have my crippling OCD to thank for this gem haha

    • Oct. 26, 10:23pm
      SZRT Ice

      Choose the “Back to Top” option instead of “Back” to fully reload the replay. You have to get your pics in one take however. You’ll also notice that if you are near a rewind point while drifting, the smoke will linger as you hit “Back”. Cool in some circumstances, annoying in others…

  64. Oct. 26, 12:17pm

    Kart Space is scenery pornography. Glad they’re giving us a chance to drive it with cars :D

  65. Oct. 26, 12:02pm

    Holy Mother Of God! Drifting On Kart Space!!!!!!!!!

    • Oct. 26, 12:08pm


  66. Oct. 26, 11:56am

    It would be nice to see and update that had more American domestic choices, I think we have enough imports to choose from at the moment.

    • Oct. 26, 1:08pm

      I could write 10,000 words describing how much agree with you on this.

    • Oct. 26, 4:46pm

      I agree that there are too many Japanese cars many of which are complete repeats such as the 01 Civic Type R which is in the game twice and is the same car. Then they have the DB9 as a standard and premium car. They should have made the premium car the DBS. I think there needs to be more European cars to chose from too. Out of the 1000 cars in the game i’m sure 650 are Japanese.

  67. Oct. 26, 11:39am

    Great news, hope this fixes the Tsukuba enduro glitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Oct. 26, 11:38am

    Kart space will be fun for my Suzuki’s and Daihatsus now.

  69. Oct. 26, 11:26am

    Oh and dont know if anyone has noticed, but the latest time trial event is broken, All the top times are with the Suzuki GSX-R4, but its a concept car and wont even allow people to use it now…. so surely in the interests of fairness those cheating bas*ards should be wiped from the leader boards!

    Good job on the new update, glad you car drive cars on the kart space, it was pretty much useless with just karts!

    • Oct. 26, 2:01pm

      That GSX-R4 is a Monster. That things power to weight ratio is crazy!

    • Oct. 26, 2:24pm

      I know its a beast, just wish I could use it for the time trial like everyone else :(

  70. Oct. 26, 11:25am

    I notice some text errors in the description of the X2011 Prototype: “br/” and I think one instance of “X2011” should’ve been “X2010”. Nothing big, but if PD’s a perfectionist like me then they should fix it in this update or another.
    Love the DLC though! Can’t wait to jump on the new tracks, especially that neon-like Kart track.

    • Oct. 26, 11:34am

      Nope it’s the ‘X2011’ prototype version of the X2010. We might see the X2011 in future DLC.

    • Oct. 26, 10:35pm

      There are errors on nearly every car’s description, anyway.

  71. Oct. 26, 11:20am

    “1. Kart Space I/II of the DLC will become drivable with cars other than Karts in the online lounge and free run of Practice”

    I hope this change also applies to splitscreen..? Please PD, please! 8-)

    • Oct. 26, 12:15pm

      It has to. Good thing is, we only have to wait ONE day to find out.

  72. Oct. 26, 11:19am


    • Oct. 26, 12:51pm

      My favourite car!

  73. Oct. 26, 11:19am

    Great work from PD. shows they are listening to the community.

  74. Oct. 26, 11:06am

    Please… More choice for the Mag…more customisation and let us change the mag on standard car !!

    option of better AI ! Ai sucks big time in the game…!

    AND….. Upgrade the Sound of the car !!!!!!!!! come on , its like every car are fully isolated from the ground… I wanna hear all the sound insinde a car that I am supposed to hear. the sand on the road, the rock flying on the windsheild… A good exemple of how bad the sound are, there is no VTec progrssion on any Honda ! how basic is to recreate this ! I have a EK9 Type R Civic and come on you need to reproduce the aggressivite of the sound…..!!

    P.S. tks to at least upgrading the game !:-)

    • Oct. 26, 11:07am

      I own in real life I mean…. ( the Type R.. )

    • Oct. 26, 11:09am

      And another exemple the subaru…!! come On you need to be deaf to think its the right sound !!!!!!!!!

      P.s. sorry for my poor english..!

    • Oct. 26, 11:13am


    • Oct. 26, 11:25am

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I hope they listen to your words, even though your grammar isn’t that great :) but who cares.. You’re awesome!

  75. Oct. 26, 11:04am

    I would like to see a car pack for this years Super GT cars. I want the Honda HSV-010 GT!!!!

    • Oct. 26, 12:06pm


    • Oct. 26, 1:27pm

      me gusta!! : )

  76. Oct. 26, 10:55am

    Remember when they did the spec 2.0 download it was also a way to download all of the DLC to the system to be unlocked later. I think we will see another DLC pack coming available soon! Pay attention to the size of this update. :)

    • Oct. 26, 10:55am

      *Spec 2.0 update…

  77. Oct. 26, 10:49am

    “something like this” hahahaha :D
    Somebody is working against the clock.

  78. Oct. 26, 10:46am

    Cars in the Kartspace….. Thats gonna be a disaster! Would be fun tho a mini challenge in this space

  79. Oct. 26, 10:44am

    Awesome! Cars on Kart Space :D

  80. Oct. 26, 10:37am

    Got new G27 all set up yesterday, only to learn today that the buttons don’t map correctly. Getting fixed tomorrow. Win!

  81. Oct. 26, 10:37am

    One thing I would like to see added into the game would be money and experience rewards for winning arcade races. I really like to do night races, but aside from doing an online lobby the only place you can do that is in arcade mode; and I don’t get anything for completing those.

    • Oct. 26, 1:24pm

      Would it not be better to just have the ‘arcade’ and ‘online’ options in A-spec? Then you could race the ‘ring while the sun sets, against level-10 A.I., with full damage on and realistic slipstream…. all while gaining xp and cash.

      Do it PD. Doo it.

      : D

  82. Oct. 26, 10:35am

    I didn’t think the Kart Space restriction was a big deal.
    Now I’ve raced it…and I have an urge do all kinds of silly things.
    Epic 4wd power sliding, chrome paint photomode, X2011 time trials (will remind me of drugs). Bring it on.

    • Oct. 26, 12:39pm

      Looks like some of te drift tracks from NSF underground

    • Oct. 26, 3:19pm

      So true! I loved NFS Underground!!

    • Oct. 26, 3:36pm

      2nd favorite racing game. It’s a classic, now.

  83. Oct. 26, 10:34am

    Drifting at Kart Space would be sweet =)

    • Oct. 26, 10:55am

      that was i hoping when i bought the dlc but tomorrow its going to happen:)

      (o no some other day because tomorrow i going to play BF3 lol)

  84. Oct. 26, 10:33am

    IMO ever since they ended online support and events for GT5 Prologue on September 30th, it seems like Polyphony Digital’s been able to pay a lot more attention to fixing GT5’s bugs and listening to the community.

  85. Oct. 26, 10:32am

    Haha, can’t wait to test the X2011 on Kart space II. Laptimes under 10 seconds should be possible:D

  86. Oct. 26, 10:31am

    Please add endurance option in arcade mode… don’t care about the credit. I care about the driving and heavy damage enable for the 24h race.

    • Oct. 26, 10:33am

      ? You can just set the amount of laps to whatever you want right?

    • Oct. 26, 10:46am

      You can set an amount of laps, but he’s talking about a timer.

  87. Oct. 26, 10:29am

    In arcade mode and seasonal events

  88. Oct. 26, 10:28am

    Few bugs I would like to see fix in endurance race
    – Every time I resume the car look like it had a car wash
    – The lap for my best time keeps on changing
    – When I resume I will like to see my car stop. No coming into the pit
    – I want to be able to select what tire to change and what level of fuel to add and not have to enter this information when I resume.

    Did both 24h and it is amazing… Best race in the entire game ;)

  89. Oct. 26, 10:27am

    What about letting us choose how many ai drivers we want on the track , like one on one or two on two. Race options like that.

    • Oct. 26, 12:54pm

      And what cars they drive, that would also be nice.

    • Oct. 26, 3:58pm

      Multiple AI drivers in a GT Mode race?
      That would be cool. Multiple drivers, multiple earnings. It would probably have to be limited to two though.
      Otherwise it would just be too easy to get earnings.

    • Oct. 26, 3:59pm

      Woops. Completely took a different meaning from your post.
      You meant competition AI.
      That’s good too. Haha

  90. Oct. 26, 10:26am

    How bout fix it so where once you save a race,you can actually do other things on the game besides having to quit the whole thing

    • Oct. 26, 11:15am

      That kinda defeats the purpose of it being an endurance race…

    • Oct. 26, 11:17am

      But that kinda defies the point of them being a test of your endurance, some might even say being able to save and resume is going too far! (but not me)

    • Oct. 26, 12:15pm

      No one in real endurance races does a stint for 24 straight hours. Adults have lives/jobs/children and don’t want to be bound to one part of the game for 24 straight playtime hours. If I dedicated 3 hours a day it would still take over a week. What if I ran a weekly online race? There is no way to both without knocking out more hours before hand. I sort of understand it with the championships, as they are shorter in general. It’s still a piss poor way of handling it. As far as I am concerned the 24 hour endurance races are a feature I’ll never get to complete.

    • Oct. 26, 2:57pm

      I completly agree with toolo4sno

    • Oct. 26, 3:17pm

      Yeah I kinda agree, but I really love endurance racing, theyre just demanding….very

    • Oct. 26, 3:47pm

      Just a thought but has anyone tried saving saved game data to a USB stick after quitting game for the mid race save, re-loading the game and quitting the saved endurance race, running online races and then re-loading the saved game data from the USB at a later date to continue the saved endurance race?
      Not sure if this would work but I see no reason why not as long as you didn’t mind losing any credits/xp gained from the online races.

    • Oct. 26, 7:08pm


      Then don’t do the 24 hour race, it’s that simple.

    • Oct. 26, 10:13pm
      SZRT Ice

      If the endurance could be quit and returned to, it would no longer be an endurance race. Imagine that in real life?Hey, I’ll do three hours today, go do some rallying tomorrow, and finish up between other scheduled events in the coming month. Endurance races are supposed to test your ENDURANCE! It’s supposed to be GRUELING! It’s supposed to tire you the FUDGE* OUT!!! It’s like complaining about the physics being too real, and tires wearing out being stupid, and ugh… THIS IS GRAN TURISMO!!! NOT MCLA, NFS, ARCADE RACING!!! You either ENDURE an ENDUR’ANCE race, or you don’t!!! There are many teams that don’t finish them IRL, if you can’t muster it, then those are the teams YOU represent!!! Now excuse me as I go smack random stranger out of frustration from the sheer dumbness I feel portrayed in this conversation…

      J/k, but damn people…

      – Wikipedi -:
      Endurance Racing:

      Endurance racing is a form of motorsport racing which is meant to test the durability of equipment and endurance of participants. Teams of multiple drivers attempt to cover a large distance in a single event, with participants given a break with the ability to change during the race. Endurance races can be run either to cover a set distance in laps as quickly as possible, or to cover as much distance as possible over a preset amount of time.

      One of the more common lengths of endurance races has been running for 1,000 kilometres (620 mi), or roughly six hours. Longer races can run for 1,000 miles (1,600 km), 12 hours, or even 24 hours. Teams can consist of anywhere from two to four participants per event, which is dependent on the driver’s endurance abilities, length of the race, or even the rules for each event.

      At club level racing, a race taking either 30 minutes or 1 hour could be considered as an endurance race.

      ::End Rant::

    • Oct. 27, 5:48pm

      No they shouldnt do that. Then thats not an ENDURANCE race. If you dont have the time or fortitude to comlplete an endurance race then dont. Nothing says you HAVE to do it. But why cheapen the accomplishment for people that CAN do it.

    • Oct. 27, 7:42pm

      Ok then do it right. Have me do a 4 hour stint, then let 2-3 B-spec drivers take over, and I’ll do another. If I recall that was an option in GT4. So it’s not like it’s a foreign concept to them. Or require at least a 3 hour stint before a save. I don’t care. Ultimately I’m the kind of person that likes options. I see it as more grueling to do a 3-4 hour stint at La Sarthe, then hop in a rally room and bust out some laps around Eiger Nordwand K trail. Then complete the automotive triathalon by hosting an F1 room for some quarter GP’s. I’m not suggesting I was actually going to do it, but I can’t and that’s the point. I get the whole authentic feel, but a 24 hour stint is not realist either. Nor is pausing your machine, because your mom told you to unplug (that’s what my mom called it).

  91. Oct. 26, 10:23am

    Other than Karts for Kart Space? Sounds like flying a 787 in a gymnasium.

    • Oct. 26, 12:48pm

      Yeah that’s gonna be interesting. That track is just a bit to small for cars but I guess we’ll see.

  92. Oct. 26, 10:21am

    Pretty good reaction time. Well done!

  93. Oct. 26, 10:16am

    Nice! Lets race X1’s in kart space!!

    • Oct. 26, 10:17am

      yeeessss bring on the x2011,s…

    • Oct. 26, 12:07pm

      noobs hahaha I’m kidding

  94. Oct. 26, 10:10am

    who else thinks gt5 should win a world record for the most updated game. im not complaining i love updates.

    • Oct. 26, 10:29am

      Best updated. YES.

    • Oct. 26, 11:17am

      Most of them aren’t really ‘updates’ though are they? Most of them just fix the previous updates that were bodged.

    • Oct. 26, 11:45am

      Cough cough troll troll troll troll

    • Oct. 26, 11:52am

      I absolutely love it when GT5 updates their games because they are 90% of the times awesome. But THE BIGGEST UPDATES COME WHEN MY PS3 BREAKS! GAAAAH!

      I’m going to attempt a CPU and GPU reflow tomorrow night to fix my YLOD. Apparently it works well and it’s something I’ve done before to other devices, hopefully I can get my PS3 back and kicking again without spending 150+ on a new PS3. Besides.. my 500G HDD is in there with so much DLC and stuff I’d RATHER not download.


    • Oct. 26, 12:01pm

      *Cough*Team Fortress 2*Cough*

    • Oct. 26, 12:02pm

      I had to do it, at least, 8 times before I just went ahead and bought a Slim. Good luck, man.

    • Oct. 26, 12:07pm

      MasterLeaf, I didn’t quite catch that.

      That’s awesome Team Fortress 2 has received so many updates. I didn’t know it.

    • Oct. 26, 12:32pm


      As an avid TF2 player… yes… it does have the most updates. But valve is a given when it comes to supporting their games (I buy every one of their games to support such a great business model). On console, I haven’t seen anyone that comes close… but PD does… well.. relatively speaking.

    • Oct. 26, 4:17pm

      phosphor if the reflow doesnt work (or it fails again after a matter of hours just pay someone to reball it. Which involves replacing the solder under the chips with fresh stuff which wont fail. Its a surefire fix and can be done for £35 Probably. After searching Ebay US it’s $63. A lot cheaper than forking out for a slim

    • Oct. 26, 5:13pm

      How am I trolling? All three of the changes in this update is fixing something they didn’t get right in the last update.

    • Oct. 26, 7:50pm

      yes they have the best updates reminds me of how much IL-2 got updated

    • Oct. 26, 9:22pm

      SimonK, party pooper. You can’t seem to lighten up when there’s something good happening.

    • Oct. 27, 7:47am

      Did someone say Team Fortress 2?

  95. Oct. 26, 10:10am

    True to his word!

  96. Oct. 26, 10:07am

    Nice job PD!

  97. Oct. 26, 10:07am

    yeah another update.

  98. Oct. 26, 10:07am

    Love you GT.

    • Oct. 26, 12:45pm

      ^^ +1 :D :D

    • Oct. 27, 2:19pm

      Very happy with this.. I noticed half of those problems! Respect for PD for act fast!

  99. Oct. 26, 10:06am

    cool beans. glad to see PD is on top of things

    • Oct. 26, 10:28am

      OOOOOh yeahhh. :tup:

    • Oct. 26, 10:45am

      Oh yea im excited for 2, hopefully the g25/27 fixes mean I can actually drive the evo, f10, and x1

    • Oct. 26, 11:56am

      Hopefully they will update GT5 for the fact, that we can put any rims/wheels on any standard car. That would be a great addition that im sure many are looking forward too! So we can show more creativity with our cars instead on not driving our standard cars because our premium cars look better. I hope all agress and PD helps us out on this.

    • Oct. 26, 12:21pm

      Most cars I drive are standard. I’m thankful they’re in the game.

    • Oct. 26, 6:51pm

      GRAFX21: Couldn’t agree more, Wheel changes on standard cars are high on the list of things they should put in the game.
      So many cool standard cars which have really bag standard wheels!

    • Oct. 26, 6:58pm

      Jordan, do you know what time exactly the update will be available?

    • Oct. 26, 7:00pm


    • Oct. 26, 8:43pm
      Chad D.


      Like the AE86’s for example, they look a little like ninja stars, lol, and I love to drive those 2 cars (more the Trueno than the Levin, but thats a minor detail)

      Also, the 1988 IROC Z Camaro, I never liked those wierd rims, I wish that it used the real IROC rims, instead of those.

    • Oct. 28, 12:28pm

      Still a lot of updates required to give this the gameplay of previous versions, I for one am waiting on the options to change wheels on standard cars. And racing modifications in the body shop. This game could be so much more. It cost me 250 quid as I bought a ps3 specifically for this game. Same reason I bought a ps2

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