Gran Turismo 5 DLC Releases in North America Today [UPDATE]

October 25th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Though there’s still been no explanation from Sony regarding the delay of Gran Turismo 5‘s first batch of DLC in North America, its release date of October 25th is finally here. The exact time the new content will become available in the PlayStation Store is not known, though it will likely be in the afternoon, Eastern Time (Edit: Confirmed as 14.00PST through Twitter).

As you’ve probably heard by now, the new content includes two new tracks (most notably, Spa Francorchamps), 15 new cars, 100 new paint colors, and new suits and helmets. Each pack can be purchased separately or together in one bundle for $11.99.

For all the details, read our complete set of Gran Turismo 5 DLC Frequently Asked Questions, which includes information on how to buy it, how to install it, and everything in between. See you at Eau Rouge!

*** UPDATE ***

Though the content has been officially released, as you’ve probably seen in the comments below and in our forums, there is a problem with the North American GT5 DLC packs. Though you can complete the purchase from the PlayStation Store, the content itself does not actually appear in the game.

If it’s any consolation, everyone is currently experiencing this issue, so it’s best to just sit tight until SCEA can correct the problem. As always, stay tuned to GTPlanet’s blog and forums as this story develops.

*** UPDATE 2 ***

The North American DLC installation issues appear to have been resolved. Be sure to click the round “DLC” icon in GT5‘s main menu after purchasing the content to activate it. As mentioned, read our DLC FAQ for more help.


GT5 Photomode image by Walkinshaw.

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  1. Oct. 25, 4:29pm


  2. Oct. 25, 4:27pm

    I can’t wait for it to.become available finally got the money for it. Now I wait……………………..and wait…………….(repeat untill its downloaded)

  3. Oct. 25, 4:25pm

    At least all of you guys are lucky to wait real soon. Gotta wait for my PSN gift card I won at the giveaway here some time this week, then I can get the DLC…

    • Oct. 25, 4:30pm

      im not putting my psn card on my account until i see the DLC lol

  4. Oct. 25, 4:22pm

    39 minutes to go…..

  5. Oct. 25, 4:15pm

    45 minutes to go! Sorry I’m extremely bored. Just watching B-Spec run laps around Monza in the DC Championship.

    • Oct. 25, 4:20pm

      Same, I wanted it to update around 1PM EST so when I got home at 4 it would be ready to buy, guess I have to wait another hour.

  6. Oct. 25, 4:13pm

    pd and ps and crazy they should have sneeked the dlc codes out at 3 am this morning …… there just asking for trouble at 5pm est everyone is going to log on at the same time …. tech issues ? maybe maybe not but still crazy . hopefuly next dlc december? they wont make such a big deal out of it … kaz said he wanted all the fim gt cars in the game . wonder if he will save those for gt 6?

    • Oct. 26, 8:19am

      told you so peeps had problems ……… crash aaahhghghhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Oct. 26, 8:22am

      NEXT TIME PS RELEASE 5am not 5PM sure PD could see you problems coming .
      blind man could see PS store crash at 5 pm est … duh

  7. Oct. 25, 4:11pm
    It’s me

    Ahhhh I want it now!! I was just disappointed to find out I can’t get it when I get out of school and to find out I had to wait 2 more hours…just no…… Instead of giving us a free car they should make the add ons cheaper

  8. Oct. 25, 4:10pm

    agreed @volracer

  9. Oct. 25, 4:08pm

    Ok, cool..when I get home I will add you. Take care.

  10. Oct. 25, 4:07pm

    Face it, if anything fro Gran Turismo happened on schedule, the universe would come to a screeching halt in amazement. Is it not ironic that a game series based on people trying to win by shaving a fraction of a second here or there has to force its customers to practice so much patience.

    • Oct. 25, 4:09pm

      LOL : )

  11. Oct. 25, 4:07pm

    53. Ok I’m done. I start again at 4:55

  12. Oct. 25, 4:06pm


  13. Oct. 25, 4:06pm

    lol @ all the minute watchers. lol…im donig the same. hahaha

    • Oct. 25, 4:08pm


      I did send you Afriend invitation

  14. Oct. 25, 4:05pm

    TICK TICK TICK….damn, I am inpatiently waiting and I already have BF3! Got it last night at midnight like they said it wuld be released! At least there good at that. PD, sucks at giving info. There always late on the follow ups.

  15. Oct. 25, 4:05pm

    55 min

  16. Oct. 25, 4:04pm

    56 minutes to go!

  17. Oct. 25, 3:54pm

    1 hour til the release

  18. Oct. 25, 3:46pm

    Your right the world is nt wrecked. The problem is USA does not have a clue why it was delayed is my point and why it takes a while. Why can it not just drop n the 25th? When there was a delay for 1week to purchase while half of the globe already got there content. What are you still talking for, must I keep elaborating my point? Obviously you just found money to purchase it Thursday and not Tues. Good for you. USA didnt!!!! Thats why im ranting! And we still dont while I type this!!!!

    • Oct. 25, 3:54pm

      I agrea its strange that you guys had to wait this long on the DLC and I dont no why it is to.
      Mabay it has something to do that youre continent is so big and over populated that the where afraid of losing control our overload there severs.! I dont no

    • Oct. 25, 3:57pm

      I hate it when something goes wrong and there’s no explanation for why it happened too. I’ve tried to find out what happened, but Sony seems to refuse to give us an explanation, which the conspiracy side of my brain going.

    • Oct. 25, 3:57pm

      I heard from friends that tryd to download the content in the first hours in europ was a mes as wel and the sever where overloaded for hours.

  19. Oct. 25, 3:44pm


    • Oct. 25, 4:04pm

      I just said 1 hour and 7 mins too!

  20. Oct. 25, 3:41pm

    One hour and 19 minutes to go!

    • Oct. 25, 3:53pm

      One hour and 7 minutes to go!

  21. Oct. 25, 3:34pm

    Still no reason, However I would like to know still. Especially since I am paynig for the DLC.

  22. Oct. 25, 3:33pm

    I just dont understand the fuz over some DLC and the delay
    The DLC came out here on Tuesday and I didendt have the time until Thursday to purchase it.
    and the world is not wrecked by it and I was stil able to play the game as I used to.
    in the mean whille I was able to try out the trachk online

  23. Oct. 25, 3:32pm

    Does anyone know why they delayed it in the US?

  24. Oct. 25, 3:32pm

    Thats what the blunt is for ;)

  25. Oct. 25, 3:32pm

    for the record I dont do pills. Nor take them. SMH

    • Oct. 25, 3:49pm

      Lol. It’s a figure of speech. I don’t take pills either! Wel unless I’m really sick.

  26. Oct. 25, 3:31pm

    I have been Online on SPA already. Ive been racing there since the first night the world but USA recieved it. Trust me I dont live under a rock. I work alot. So I am tempted to play. People who do not have my schedule wouldnt under stand. lol.

    I alreay mastered SPA…However I would like to host my own room using SPA. I already mastered my GT-R Stealth Model and am eager to play with friends. Add me if you want. Thats my PSN screen name.

    • Oct. 25, 3:41pm

      oke I wil do that then, dont get al mestup about my psn name its dutch and i have A dutch acount as well for i,am dutch from brith and we live in Finland ..

      if there is anybody else outhere ho wants to drive Adlc car but dont have them yet here is my psn name.
      the cars are online to use.

      PSN NAME IS laatmaargaan

  27. Oct. 25, 3:22pm

    5………….very funny PD, so because this is Gran Turismo 5, the DLC has to be unveiled at ” 5 “, strange tactics PD, very strange indeed

  28. Oct. 25, 3:19pm

    Geez, everyone just needs to take a chill pill! We know it’s coming at 5pm EST, so telling them to “Hurry up!”, isn’t going to change anything. Just find something else to do until 5!

  29. Oct. 25, 3:08pm

    thats right…im not mad. im impatiently waiting :)

    • Oct. 25, 3:13pm

      @ GRAFX21
      I understand that, but if you want to drive on SPA go online and try the track.
      i will keep you going for a whille and if you have friends online in Europe our elsewear the wil borrow you A car as well.
      i did the same with my DLC cars and the are being driveing by friends like the stool them.

  30. Oct. 25, 2:57pm

    exactly…u posting in ranting just as much, your just trying to sound cool about it. Content is taking way to long. They already had a week. I want it now! Especially if im paying! Not them. It aint free. So stfu.

    • Oct. 25, 3:07pm

      Why so mad over a delay, you cet A free car to compromise that delay..

    • Oct. 25, 3:12pm
      Chad D.

      They had to pay the workers to make them you know, lol, so your not entirely correct there, but yeah, I can’t wait for it.

  31. Oct. 25, 2:57pm

    Bring on the Challenger… Can’t wait :)

  32. Oct. 25, 2:48pm

    Come on boys don’t start crying over when the DLC comes to you if not today, then tomorrow..
    Welcome to the real world cry baby’s and screamers, where things sometime go wrong our don’t go the way you want

    • Oct. 25, 2:50pm

      Welcome to the real world tika where you don’t have to scold everyone who doesn’t behave in the manner in which you think they should…. Ha! I just did it too! ;)

    • Oct. 25, 3:01pm

      @ ykiki

      Come one you very well this message is to those ho are screaming for there download content.
      and almost go nuts over it.
      And I didn’t mean to scold, but I our we over here in Finland like to call people how act like litle childeren cry baby`s our screamers.
      I did not know that you in the U.S. have such delicate souls

    • Oct. 25, 3:07pm

      someone’s being an arrogant and spoiled fin

    • Oct. 25, 3:21pm

      Spoild maby, arogant no
      Well-educated and fit with a mind that is able to think relative, yes
      it`s Agame not the end of the world

    • Oct. 25, 3:43pm
      SZRT Ice

      If only you typed as intelligently as you believe you speak. Let people speak. It’s what “Comment Boxes” are made for. Or request Jordan/GTPlanet moderate comments or to remove comment boxes altogether. The only people you should be telling what to do are your kids, emloyees, students, staff, or citizens. But if you aren’t a parent, boss, teacher, pricipal, CEO, CO, or President…, then shutting tfu might be in your best interest.

  33. Oct. 25, 2:42pm

    Hurry up PD damn…my lunch is almost over. lol

  34. Oct. 25, 2:37pm

    On the home screen there is a button on the far left, its for DLC. When the DLC is ready you will be able to download it from there, its linked to the PSN Store.

    • Oct. 25, 2:38pm

      I mean on the far right….sorry

    • Oct. 25, 2:53pm

      You have to got to the PSN store first and the DLC button is for the install.

  35. Oct. 25, 2:36pm

    14:00 PST is 17:00 EST….
    Please be patient….

    • Oct. 25, 2:37pm

      Lol I thought that it was finally realesed

  36. Oct. 25, 2:36pm

    West coast is set for 2pm and East coast is set for 5pm.
    C’mon people smarten up!

  37. Oct. 25, 2:24pm


    • Oct. 25, 2:33pm

      Your account is US?So this is a awesome new!!!

    • Oct. 25, 2:35pm

      yup, me and the other 1 Billion people here want our DLC pack!

    • Oct. 25, 2:35pm

      EDIT-Is it on PSN Store or in game?

  38. Oct. 25, 2:24pm

    it says 14.00 pst and it s 14.25pst and still no DLC

    • Oct. 25, 2:33pm

      14:25 EST??????

  39. Oct. 25, 2:15pm

    just weather change no time change

  40. Oct. 25, 2:14pm

    just checked for dlc, not there yet. Come on Poly/sony.

  41. Oct. 25, 2:14pm

    Does anyone know if Spa will have time and/or weather change?

  42. Oct. 25, 1:52pm

    I have BF3 and I am still waiting to D/L this stuff…mann they really do squeeze every drop of the lemon. My goodness!

  43. Oct. 25, 1:51pm

    Can someone clear something up for me?

    I have an EU version of GT5 but am playing on a US PSN account (I also have EU and JP accounts)

    If I purchase the DLC on the US PSN will it work with my EU game?


    • Oct. 25, 2:05pm

      No!!! Sorry! :(

    • Oct. 25, 2:18pm

      in DEC

  44. Oct. 25, 1:49pm

    The least thing they could of done was given a time. I got up early this morning before work just to D/L the content but couldnt fined it. I was going to come at lunch too and right after work. Just give me a time zone when it is releasing..I already have my CC ready!!!! Hurry PD. This is annoying because of the 1 week extra wait already! Why cant they just release it at midnight Eastern time. So I can dictate when it will come out in California. sheeesh!

  45. Oct. 25, 1:39pm

    both which is why you guys need new hobbies to kill some time. geez wait like everyone else here and its about 20mins till 2 est

  46. Oct. 25, 1:37pm

    Today when!???? Yesterday I stay up till 1am, now I came from lunch break to check and there’s nothing still…. The DLC should be more accurate and if the say oct 25 it should be out at exactly the first hour of the day I mean 12am.

    • Oct. 25, 2:05pm

      “The DLC should do this…. They should do that….”
      Come on, you sound like your life depend on it !!!
      Live the real life first, the rest can wait until you come home tonight………

  47. Oct. 25, 1:21pm

    Is that truth we will won a NSX Stealth mode because the delay?

    • Oct. 25, 1:31pm

      yes it is the truth!! :)
      its sony america’s for the delay for dlc
      so not only do we get the wonderful DLC packs, but the steal car aswell
      aint it great?

  48. Oct. 25, 1:13pm

    Work but will be out by 5pm est. YESSSSSSSSSSS!

  49. Oct. 25, 12:56pm

    How many of you all have school or work? Just askin.

    • Oct. 25, 1:15pm

      Most people have school, work or both. We are the 99%

    • Oct. 25, 1:19pm

      I work and studie, but i work at my dad firm and only 20 hours so there is room for studie, and free time.
      free time to ride rally’s and banger races and in the winter ride my snowmobile as well.
      And then just for the fun play GT5 specially in the winter time, I live in Finland and we have long and dark winters over here.
      In the hard of winter we only have 4 hours daylight and it is very, very cold then over here around -30a-35 degree Celsius so you want to stay in home and amuse you’re self..

    • Oct. 25, 2:18pm

      -35C (~ -20F)!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW THAT’S COLD. I’ve only been in that kind of weather a few times. Yeah, staying indoors and enjoying GT5 (other stuff too) by the fire, heater, and anything else to keep warm is the ONLY thing to do.

    • Oct. 25, 2:39pm


      well there are enough things to beside playing on the PS3 to stay warm.
      spending time with family & friends, going to the sauna. our read A book.
      but the ps3 makes long hours in the winter..

      question : are like me A girl and if so are we the only girls our woman out here…in this male dominated world ?

  50. Oct. 25, 12:50pm

    My patience is wearing thin, I know we are closer than ever but come on already!! To make matters worse my car is having brake issues so I have no way to get to the store to get my paid copy of BF3. Patinece Granddriver, patience!!

  51. Oct. 25, 12:33pm

    Gonna stay up late tonight. Once I get the DLC at 5 I’m gonna play play play. CAN’T WAIT!

  52. Oct. 25, 12:02pm

    its 9AM now here the 25th and no DLC well its good i was going to get a PSN card over the weekend anyway lol BUT YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS:

    2. DLC CAN NOT BE SENT (not even suits/paints)
    3. DLC paints is a 1 time use and can NOT be got back like some races give you paint but you can NOT win these after buying them.
    4. DLC has to have the same USA PS3/User/Game DATA or it cant be downloaded

    this all sucks for fam’s if there kid wants to use there DLC he cant because its locked to the user…
    PD great job AGIAN

    • Oct. 25, 12:19pm

      #1 is supposed to be fixed with december update.

    • Oct. 25, 12:32pm

      While you are busy sorting out your worries listed above, I will be enjoying SPA with the F1 cars.

      Good luck!

  53. Oct. 25, 11:55am

    Well is around 17PM here in Londres.So how much time for the DLC?I’m pretty confused :S

  54. Oct. 25, 11:49am

    I think its 2pm est..

    • Oct. 25, 11:55am
      King Something

      It’s comnig out 2pm Pacific, which is 5pm Eastern.

    • Oct. 25, 12:58pm

      God dammit, II work at 5. This is going to be the slowest day ever.

  55. Oct. 25, 11:42am
    SZRT Ice

    Ok, questions:

    1. Are there more than one copy of each paint chip? Or is it a one time use for each color?

    2. Can Street Cars hit the “Kart Space I” & “II” for drift sessions?

    3. Are the DLC Cars paintable? Or do we all have to run around in uniformed painted cars again? (Chrome lined)

    4. Are the rims changeable?

    Thanks to whoever takes the time…

    • Oct. 25, 11:46am

      From what I understand,

      1: You only get 1 paint chip each unless you buy it multiple times

      2: Not sure, haven’t tried it and haven’t really been able to (US)

      3: From what I’ve seen, you can definitely paint them whatever you want

      4: Not sure because I don’t have them yet (US), but I would assume they are.

    • Oct. 25, 11:49am


      1. It’s a one time use for each color, you only get one paint chip of each color.

      2 NO you can not take street car our race car to the kart track.

      3 Yes DLC cars are paint able, so do want you want with the car.

      4 Yes they are

    • Oct. 25, 11:58am

      1. Each chip are 1 time use

      2. No street cars allowed on those tracks (doesn’t seem dimentionally possible anyway)

      3. DLC cars are definately paintable, though the burnt titanium decals on the R35 GT-R TC Stay after color change

      4. From what has been shown so fa (at least that I’ve seen), They can only be painted, not changed.

    • Oct. 25, 2:33pm

      1: Only 1 paint chip of each paint, Unless you buy the DLC Paint Pack multiple times.

      2: Only Karts are allowed on the Kart Space tracks.

      3: Yes you can paint the DLC car’s as well as number change (Expect R35 TC).

      4: Rim’s are paintable & can be changed

    • Oct. 25, 3:25pm
      SZRT Ice


      Also, If I buy the DLC, paint a car, suit up a B-Spec Bob, then re-download the DLC, do I keep the painted cars & suits already used? Like Paint> Back Up GT5> uninstall> re-install, re-D/L DLC?

  56. Oct. 25, 11:04am

    Kazunori just tweeted that the DLC will be released at 14:00 PST!

    • Oct. 25, 11:07am

      1700 EST

    • Oct. 25, 11:29am

      5pm? im pretty sure that i can wait until then
      thank god im on reading week
      study had home, order pizza, let Bob grind away until its released
      i like

    • Oct. 25, 12:39pm

      reading week won’t really allow me any play time this semester

  57. Oct. 25, 10:24am

    I can’t wait for this dlc, but can I have brake upgrades please?

    • Oct. 25, 10:38am

      like carbon brembo ap Racing etc?

    • Oct. 25, 10:42am

      OMFG yes! And brake fade too!

  58. Oct. 25, 10:19am

    I’m too slogged from a BF3 marathon for this. I’ll get the GT5 DLC tonight.

  59. Oct. 25, 10:11am

    iiiiiiiii waaaaant myyyy ………. i wantttt myyyyy DDDDDLLLL cccccccccccccc !!!!! ( Loud drums and guitar e chord)

    • Oct. 25, 10:14am

      A Dire Straits referance… wow.

    • Oct. 25, 3:26pm

      Look at them yo-yo’s. That’s the way you do it. You drive your racecar on your PS3.

    • Oct. 25, 4:07pm

      lol good one unka !!

    • Oct. 25, 6:10pm


  60. Oct. 25, 9:24am

    Can you win the Stig suit in Seasonal Events?

    • Oct. 25, 10:15am

      no but you can buy the suits and helmet pack in the DLC, then you get the stigs outfit…..

  61. Oct. 25, 9:17am

    I hear some of the cars will not allow you to adjust the LSD. What’s up with that PD???????

    Also, after the PSN blackout some months ago, (due to possiable cyber theft) my password will not work.
    When I attempted to change it to update my credit card information for use the PSN was down for maintenance.
    So I will not be able to get the DLC. At least for now.

    But after the LSD crap, not sure I want the “Car Pack” anyway. I mean come on, cars with no LSD adjustment….please.
    Hopefully it’s not every car in the download. I think I would like SPA and the cart track looks like it would be fun.

    Finally, when will GT1, GT2 and GT3 type Race Mods and color schemes find their way to GT5?
    You should be able to Race Mod whatever car you want provided the car actually runs in a legit racing event.

    • Oct. 25, 10:24am

      I believe there is not one car in the DLC that you can put A lsd on, that indeed is A shame
      So far I can see but I dont no if thats right for A have some DLC car online to share with friends and I cant lok in to them right now.
      But so far as I can see there is no LSD possible on DLC cars.

    • Oct. 25, 10:26am

      YES! FINALLY someone is looking for the same thing I do. Sometimes I want to modify a normal car and make it a raceing machine and put raceing schemes on it.

  62. Oct. 25, 9:15am

    Anyone freaking out… its friggin 9 am EST…. When does anything ever release on PSN before the late afternoon or evening? Ive never ever seen it. Wait for tonight. Its not delayed.

    • Oct. 25, 9:20am

      Tonight or tomorrow. They should really say Wednesday store updates since it takes them so long.

  63. Oct. 25, 9:06am

    Is it delayed again? No sign of it on the Play Station Store.

    • Oct. 25, 9:18am

      It’s not delayed, it just takes Sony a long time to get their store updated. Last week it took them until 11:00pm EST to finally update the store. So expect to wait a while. Unfortunately…

  64. Oct. 25, 8:46am

    I’m still sitting on the fence about this DLC. It looks really good, but if they end up coming out with a “Classics Track Pack”, I’d much rather spend my money on that.

    • Oct. 25, 9:41am

      Amen to that, I’ve been missing Grindelwald ever since GT2 and always wondered what those uneven roads would be like with force feedback wheels. Sure to be a wrist breaker!

    • Oct. 25, 10:36am

      And where is Sears Point? I’d it’s a long shot but I’d love to drive Austin’s Circuit of the Americas!

  65. Oct. 25, 8:44am

    Well this sucks, it’s still not up yet. Not that I woke up an hour early to download it or anything….

  66. Oct. 25, 8:26am

    Since A week we have our DLC over here And I, am overall happy with it.
    But there are some downsides on it to, especially with the paint DLC, you get 100 different colors in 10 different paint scheme`s.
    The problem is you gan not schoose wcich color scheme you want to buy, so you get paint colors you dont want.
    I bought 2 extra sets of paint for the reason that you only get 1 paint chip of each color.
    And I had to throw the half away for that were collors i will never use.
    The need to fix that. i want to be able to choose wcich color scheme i want and dont want.

    • Oct. 25, 3:21pm

      spell check, bro. It makes life that much easier :P

  67. Oct. 25, 8:18am

    Well I’m off from work the next two days and I will enjoy myself hopefully!

  68. Oct. 25, 7:52am

    Ugh, I go into work at 1pm on Tuesdays so I have all morning to game. I was more than dissapointed last week when it got delayed but once again I still can’t play it because it has to release in the afternoon. That’s so stupid. /shakesfist

  69. Oct. 25, 7:51am

    Will it be available in Brazil? Can the cars be gifted?

    • Oct. 25, 8:01am

      It’s been available everywhere else in the world, besides North America. The cars can’t be gifted.

      If you haven’t checked the PS Store for the DLC, it might be there. If not, it WILL be there.

    • Oct. 25, 8:07am

      No you can not give cars our helmets and suits even as paint away to A friend.
      That, that is not possible for Cars and suits was to expected there, PD wants to sell those items.
      that it is not possible for paint is A strange think for it is only A paint chip.

    • Oct. 25, 12:15pm

      I’m from Brazil. someone said that it will not be available in the brazilian store due to car licensing. now, does it make any sense?

  70. Oct. 25, 7:44am

    Should I wait… or should I go?

    • Oct. 25, 9:37am

      If you go there will be trouble…

    • Oct. 25, 10:09am

      but if he stays it will be double..

  71. Oct. 25, 7:34am

    Gran Turismo 5 is now perfect to me.

    • Oct. 25, 11:40am


  72. Oct. 25, 6:43am

    so weres the free car then

  73. Oct. 25, 6:15am

    Us americanse have BF3. You can keep you’re Bad excuse for premium DLC.

    • Oct. 25, 9:36am

      Go PENS!

  74. Oct. 25, 5:53am

    yeh GTS you pig,thats unaustralian

    • Oct. 25, 8:04am

      The CHASER’S!!! That’s where I heard the “unAustralian” term. Good stuff, that Australian show. I saw the first 2 seasons.

  75. Oct. 25, 4:55am

    the wait part 2…hears jaws music…..another delay………..har har…hope i can pay via a playstation card,cant register me aussie credit card on US account…need to practice spa for fgt racin series on the weekend….i think the seasonal/special events are new content every week !!

  76. Oct. 25, 4:45am

    Got to get my mom to buy it when she gets up. FINALLY!

    • Oct. 25, 4:51am

      No DLC yet bro…

  77. Oct. 25, 4:23am

    7:22 GMT and no DLC yet…

  78. Oct. 25, 3:54am

    Dammit its gonna be a looooooong day at work.

    • Oct. 25, 4:18am

      At least, you have work. The cup is half full, eh?

  79. Oct. 25, 3:49am

    I just checked again 0347 EST but still nothing

    • Oct. 25, 3:55am

      They said afternoon idiot.

    • Oct. 25, 3:56am

      Lucky that I already have it.

    • Oct. 25, 4:06am

      Calling people idiot just cause they try to get DLC when their is no official time release given. Don t know who is the bigger idiot.

    • Oct. 25, 4:17am

      Pretty much. There’s no reason to be acting like that, person with letters, underscores, and numbers. I just have the underscores and letters.

    • Oct. 25, 4:17am

      Calling him an idiot was not at all called for. There are ways of correcting people with being a outright asshat and insulting them.

    • Oct. 25, 4:20am

      Then, he basically commented right after with that crud to be an even bigger prick.

  80. Oct. 25, 3:40am

    is there some one get the dlc?

  81. Oct. 25, 3:31am
    Marko Le Rosso

    Enjoy Spa. It’s fantastic, and I think PD have done an epic job of creating the course.

  82. Oct. 25, 3:29am


    Hawaii geographically is not part of NA. And they observe HAST time zone UTC-10

    Im just kidding

    • Oct. 25, 3:45am

      It s all good. Just sometimes you never know if person was serious or not so i wrote to avoid confusion

  83. Oct. 25, 3:23am

    Darn don’t have time to play today. Not the DLC or BF3.

  84. Oct. 25, 3:22am

    Maybe gets uploaded when PSN updates store at whatever is their usual maintenance time frame.

  85. Oct. 25, 3:16am

    I hope it comes soon. I’ve been waiting around ever since 12am as well :p

  86. Oct. 25, 3:07am

    does he mean 25th in Hawaii time zone?

    • Oct. 25, 3:19am

      Hawaii geographically is not part of NA. And they observe HAST time zone UTC-10

    • Oct. 25, 5:49am

      Wow, you live in Hawaii?

      Have you explored the island, seen the LOST sets? Beautifull place man hawaii, i hope one day i’ll be able to afford a boat / yacht and go there, without all the tourists and stuff, and enjoy the beautiful beaches, woods, mountains and all.

      Hawaii (L)

  87. Oct. 25, 2:57am

    Wish I had known this earlier. I wouldn’t have waited around for midnight like a loon. Gonna be a long day tomorrow.

  88. Oct. 25, 2:51am

    Possible since 2am cst is oct. 25 all across North America

    • Oct. 25, 2:53am

      I’m in EST time zone will try at 3am and post if available or not

    • Oct. 25, 3:06am

      Ok so it 0309 est and no dlc in game add ons on PSN

  89. Oct. 25, 2:30am

    2AM CST right? I think that’s when it’s supposed to hit the playstation store but I’m not sure, anyone know the facts?

    • Oct. 25, 2:33pm

      2am! i thought it was between 2&5pm

  90. Oct. 25, 2:23am

    Shame the Miata TC has an over-the-top spoiler. It would be really nice without IMO.

    • Oct. 25, 12:00pm

      *MX-5. Function > Form = fast.

  91. Oct. 25, 2:22am

    I figured since it’s not a global release like Spec 2 was, then it would center more around the middle of the day, since it’s a more specific region.

  92. Oct. 25, 2:17am

    BOOO!!! I am waiting till a minute ago and it’s not yet in the PS Store!!! Hahahaha I’m in Canada. I guess i’ll download it tomorrow when I come at home from school :D

  93. Oct. 25, 2:15am
    Ben Rogue

    North America gets the DLC much cheaper than what we get it here in NZ, about 30% cheaper

    • Oct. 25, 2:17am
      Ben Rogue

      *30-40% cheaper

    • Oct. 25, 2:42am
      Big Ron

      ….poor people need cheap prices.

    • Oct. 25, 3:31am

      That’s a very nice comment Big Ron, thanks!

    • Oct. 25, 5:27am

      US still has significantly higher GDP per capita than NZ.

    • Oct. 25, 6:48am

      But we are trillions of dollars in debt.

    • Oct. 25, 7:41am

      Its even cheaper for PSN Plus members for the first two weeks after release. Since its 12 bucks for it in bulk, I bet it would be 9.99 for Plus members.

    • Oct. 25, 9:58am

      No, our Gov’t is trillions in debt. I’m doing just fine! If they go down in flames we’ll all be Chinese anyway. Then we can export all of our goods to ourselves! $$$!

    • Oct. 25, 11:05am

      The US GDP is second only to the EU and our corporations are making record profits. The thing is that we have a system that prevents ordinary people from reaping the benefit from their productivity.

  94. Oct. 25, 2:15am


  95. Oct. 25, 2:11am


  96. Oct. 25, 2:10am

    Luuuucyyyy, you got some esplainin to doooo!!!

    • Oct. 25, 2:28am


    • Oct. 25, 10:48am

      LOL .. classic :D

    • Oct. 25, 3:26pm


  97. Oct. 25, 2:08am

    i guess i can wait till then… for now….battlefield 3, then some sweet gt5!!!

    • Oct. 25, 3:21am

      Battle feild 3 and gt5 stuff. Could this day get any better.

    • Oct. 25, 5:25am

      wait is BF3 out in the US?!

    • Oct. 25, 3:15pm

      ^ Yes

  98. Oct. 25, 2:05am

    Can’t wait!

  99. Oct. 25, 2:05am

    Sweet! Can’t wait to pick it up after school. My favorite F1 track is now here.

  100. Oct. 25, 2:04am


    • Oct. 25, 8:47am

      At least PD allows people to race on Spa without buying the DLC. Been racing it daily on EU lobbies since last week.

    • Oct. 25, 11:52am

      lol omg this is my first time hearing this…too bad i was too lazy to try it out myself -.-

    • Oct. 25, 5:08pm

      about time

    • Oct. 25, 5:59pm

      Nope, I purchased the complete pack and it doesn’t download!!!! Just the bonus works…

    • Oct. 25, 6:04pm

      The ps store has updated but the gt5 dlc is missing. :( ??

    • Oct. 25, 6:12pm

      I have had the same problem, I got the NSX and nothing else. I called PSN and apparently there are some “issues” hopefully our DLC will show up soon.

    • Oct. 25, 10:53pm

      If you haven’t already, make sure to activate the dlc in the dlc button on the main menu page.

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