Watch the ForzaRC Season One Grand Finals Here

The first season of Forza’s biggest eSports event is about to come to a close. After three weeks of close competition, a dozen of the world’s fastest Forza drivers will face off to win the grand prize: a 2017 Ford Focus RS. The talented twelve are listed below:

  • TX3 Laige (Virtual Drivers by TX3)
  • The Shadest (eSports+Cars)
  • CAR bbb0x (eSports+Cars)
  • Raceboy77 (eSports+Cars)
  • BAM ASIX13 (BAM e-Sport)
  • BAM Anto (BAM e-Sport)
  • aTTaX Johnson (The Gaming Libertines)
  • CAR Chemical (eSports+Cars)
  • JSR Rayzer JDM (JapSpeed Racing)
  • JSR Rossi (JapSpeed Racing)
  • CAR Harmonic (eSports+Cars)
  • GTz Chriz (GTz)

The eSports+Cars team is well-represented, with 5 drivers all vying for the prize. BAM and JSR will be fielding two drivers each, while Laige, Johnson, and Chriz all represent their respective teams solo.

Appropriately enough, the drivers will all be piloting the 350hp super-hatch in-game. The event is set to cover three races, with the winner earning the keys to the real-world equivalent plus $5,000 USD. That’s not the only prize up for grabs either: 2nd place walks away with $20,000 USD, and 3rd receives half that amount.

All three podium finishers will receive a Logitech G920 wheel and a 2TB Xbox One S in addition to their respective hauls. The entire grid will also be awarded a signed copy of Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition, which releases later this month.

ESL’s handy spotters guide for the Grand Finals.

The event kicks off at 11 AM PST (click here to convert to your local time). You can catch the whole show up top, straight from the official Forza Twitch channel.

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