Forza Motorsport 6 Leaves Microsoft Store September 15

Turn 10 has confirmed what many of us suspected: in just over a month, Forza Motorsport 6 will disappear from Microsoft’s digital storefront.

The writing was on the wall with the announcement that FM6 will be a free Xbox Live Gold title later this month. For the last three years, Forza titles have shown up in the Games With Gold program around this time, only to then disappear from the marketplace afterwards. With FM6 joining the lineup, the trend continues, with it leaving the Microsoft Store once its free period is done.

It’s not all bad news, though: Brian Ekberg recently confirmed that FM6 DLC will also be on sale during the game’s time on the GWG roster. That includes one all-in pack featuring every single add-on — including the 21-car Porsche expansion and NASCAR — for only $5. By our count that’s roughly 100 cars.

Servers and all other in-game features will remain active, and those that own the game, be it on disc or digitally, will still be able to play it.

FM6 was a return to form for the franchise after the mixed response to Xbox One launch title FM5. It vastly expanded the car roster to over 460 models at launch, which is a number no other franchise has matched on consoles this generation. It also brought in (non-dynamic) rain and night options on select tracks. The physics engine was more of a gentle massage than a full-on redo, tightening up the quite slippery feel of FM5.

On a special note, Forza Motorsport 6 holds an important distinction in the history of GTPlanet. Back in 2015, we snagged pre-release access from Turn 10. The resulting Forza 6 in-depth review was the first (of many) game reviews for the site.

FM6 will be free to all XBL Gold suscribers starting August 16. It disappears from the Xbox Store September 15.

Featured image courtesy of Demetrius 81.

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