“World Classic Car Series” GT5 Seasonal Event Now Live

Gran Turismo 5

The latest Seasonal Events are now available in Gran Turismo 5, featuring a series of five expert level racing events exclusive to vehicles built on or before 1969 with no more than 500PP and no better than Comfort/Soft compounds.

This week’s challenges are as follows:

  • 500PP World Classic Car Series: Tsukuba Circuit / 7 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/09/12 04:00 –
    1st: Cr.285,300  2nd: Cr.156,915  3rd: Cr.114,120
  • 500PP World Classic Car Series: Rome City Course / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/09/12 04:00 –
    1st: Cr.278,000  2nd: Cr.152,900  3rd: Cr.111,200
  • 500PP World Classic Car Series: Trial Mountain Circuit / 3 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/09/12 04:00 –
    1st: Cr.264,200  2nd: Cr.145,310  3rd: Cr.105,680
  • 500PP World Classic Car Series: Sarthe Circuit 2005 / 1 Lap
    Period of Availability: 2013/09/12 04:00 –
    1st: Cr.280,750  2nd: Cr.143,681  3rd: Cr.104,495
  • 500PP World Classic Car Series: Eifel (Kart) 309A / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/09/12 04:00 –
    1st: Cr.300,000  2nd: Cr.165,000  3rd: Cr.120,000

Note the “Performance Difference Bonus” applies, so more credits will be awarded for using a slower car below the maximum allowed PP value.

The game’s Online Car Dealership has also been updated with new inventory. As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT5 Photomode image by jonny_goddard.

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  1. Vin1021

    It kills me that after all this time they still have not gotten rid of the hackers. My brother and I have both been racing various types of auto sports from shifter karts to Sportsman class drag racing for 30+ years each. Also, we both have quite a bit of time under our belts with GT5 and we race with a G27 wheel. Nothing crazy but definitely a decent wheel. That being said we were like 6 seconds off from the #1 car. We raced along side his ghost just to see what was going on. There was no reason why he should have been so much faster. We both agreed. There must be some hacking going on. Also, I like how they allow that one model of the Red Bull car, that I don’t have, in the 600pp race car event. Way to keep things fair, guys!

    1. panjandrum

      I think the problem may simply be that those of us who do real world Motorsports understand the consequences of racing poorly and drive as if it is real life. I know I do that. If I even tap a guardrail or another car I consider my race a complete failure! We will probably never be as fast as all the people who treat it just as a video-game. I simply don’t race in a way that is likely to destroy my car, kill me, or kill other drivers, even though those ramifications don’t exist in the online world. Plus, lets face it, when you are used to g-forces and chassis movement and weight distribution and engine vibration and and and…. It’s hard to race fast when we are essentially losing half our senses. I think people who never relied on those senses and learned to race via. Sight, sound, and steering wheel feedback probably have an advantage over us in that regard (they are not trying to race while missing sensations they normally have).

  2. Sick Cylinder

    I tried 500pp Shelby Cobra, but my favourite so far for this seasonal is the Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 1965 – use cockpit view as it’s gorgeous, crank up the sound and use an H pattern shifter. At La Sarthe you get to use all five gears – wonderful!

    Ginettas are great cars by the way – I hope the G4 and as many classics as possible are premium in GT6.

    In the UK there is a one make race series for the current Ginetta model which uses a 3.5 litre version of the Ford Duratec V6 – that would be a lovely addition to GT6. I think it is called the Ginetta G35.

  3. Rionmoon


    500pp Cobra 427, everything off, no sissy ABS, for the AMERICAN win.

    EZ gold wins

    Yes I know it’s a Brit AC but it took an ‘Mercan Ford engine to make it great.

    Speaking if Brits I had fun booting and Dale Earnhardting that little G4 off the track on lap 2 of every race. Can stand that little thing.

    Speaking of cars that should NOT be in GT6, how about the Ginetta G4.

  4. mr_pepps

    Fun seasonal – blitzed (of course) with the uber sexy old Jag XK. Ballast added to get the PP down to 457 and slung forward for 52%/48% balance.

    1. swynder

      He wasn´t refering to the image, he was refering to one of the races in this seasonals wich takes place in La Sarthe.

    1. Mr C5 Z06 Vette

      I wouldn’t say that the vw bus challenge was awesome or terrible it was just annoying because if the slowness of the vw bus, i would have preferred if the challenge was 1932 vw bugs cuz they are fun to race. Me and my dad are both GT fans and we played a championship using vw bugs 1929 and 1932, mini cooper 1.3i, fiat cinquecentos, and some other really slow cars it was fun to race these cars around monaco and the race was always close. I recomend that you guys give my self designed championships a go you are guaranteed to have fun. :) btw rhe mini dominated the series and won all of its races.

    1. Mr C5 Z06 Vette

      Hell yes the z28 race mod would kick ass but i think i have a better chance with my street car z28 cuz it has one vw lupo (100hp) more than my race mod and it has all the race suspension and drive train upgrades

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