Xbox Series X Games Showcase Coming July 23

The excitement for the next console generation has truly kicked in to high gear. Following Sony’s Playstation 5 reveal, Microsoft is set for another games event for the upcoming Xbox Series X on July 23.

Microsoft previously held a special Inside Xbox stream in May, but that was to showcase new third-party and indie titles. However, the event left fans disappointed due to a lack of proper gameplay. Microsoft took the blame for that, noting that it had set the “wrong expectations”.

Ironically, this means probably even more hype for the latest showcase. If Microsoft has learned from the mistakes of that first presentation, this new event could be a more compelling affair. Helping to fuel that is the fact that first-party titles will likely take the spotlight this time around. Juggernaut brands like Halo Infinite are among the best candidates to show the power of the Series X.

After the surprise reveal of Codemasters’ DiRT 5fans of racing games may also finally get the first news from Turn 10 regarding Forza Motorsport 8.

Turn 10 skipped out on 2019 to launch its next iteration — the first time in Forza history that an odd-numbered year didn’t see an FM title. That only increases the likelihood of FM8 being a launch title for Series X. However with no platform-exclusive first-party titles due for at least a year, FM8 looks sure to launch on standard Xbox One consoles as well.

Forza Horizon developer Playground Games is also rumored to be working on a new role-playing game. With Microsoft officially picking up PG in 2018, we may get a first look at this new project very soon.

You can catch the stream below, starting at 1600UTC on Thursday July 23 (convert to your local time here):

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