Yamauchi Impressed with ModNation Racer’s Track Editor

September 27th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

Let’s hope it inspires him to bring a similarly robust track editor to the Gran Turismo series! Thanks to Randy for the early tip.

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  1. Sep. 29, 7:36pm

    So there is 100% going to be a track editor/maker of some sort in GT5 when it is released this year?

  2. Sep. 28, 5:15pm
    SZRT Ice

    The course maker in GT5 let’s you choose the “parameters” of the track. You do not make every twist and turn, elevation and banking (steepness) change yourself. The preset environments are chosen (by you) beforehand and generated around you course, automatically. You can choose the track type (tarmac/off-road), weather, track length (sectors), consistency of turn and straights (with a slider), and weather you want it to be a point-to-point race or a circuit. There may be more to it that has yet to be seen, but all the above has been mentioned on the official GT website, and even right here on GTPlanet! Look up the “Gamescon” article. You’ll find out more and sooner if you seek the info yourself instead of waiting on someone else to answer it for you. It’s also more reliable. Dueces.

    • Sep. 28, 5:28pm
      SZRT Ice

      @ MrDave079

    • Sep. 28, 5:45pm

      Thanks for clarifying

    • Sep. 28, 5:46pm

      I meant, for clarifying my doubt lol

  3. Sep. 28, 4:00pm

    Mmmm ok, please explain me something, what about the Course Maker that was confirmed for GT5 at Gamescom 2010? It will be available only in online mode, or in single player mode as well? Or what? Please Jordan could you give me a reply or someone else who really knows!

  4. Sep. 28, 2:41pm

    the MODNATIONS have notable graphics
    i dont know the physics
    but it is an arcade game, who cares about the physics!!

    i never play it, srry

  5. Sep. 28, 2:36pm

    A track editor is just harder than create the GT5 game
    To get good visiual while we are contructing a track is very dificult and to put the shadows and light effects
    it is really difficult. So if we dont get track editor on GT5 or GT6, i will understand.What i would expect in GT6 is more traks and cars and some minimun ajustments to the graphics and physics. ah, and all cars with cockpit view

    i just see the drifting video of the mercedes-benz
    and i was :0.
    my friend pass by and he sayed:
    “(:0) omg, really good graphics ”
    he was amazed(he didnt know the gt series).

  6. Sep. 28, 8:17am

    The track editor was nice…the rest of MNR however was not so great.

    I wouldn’t want a full-out track editor in GT5 anyway; it would just seem too outside the GT theme. It wouldn’t fit right. Not to mention their scenery objects aren’t exactly pretty to look at closer up.

  7. Sep. 28, 1:58am

    I’m sure, we’ll get something like this in GT7, not GT6. PD know, they have to bring something spectacular, better graphics + new cars and tracks won’t be enough in 2017 or so
    Guess, the cometition between PD and MS should also help ;-)

    • Sep. 28, 1:59am


  8. Sep. 28, 1:42am
    SZRT Ice

    Track Ranking should go by the creator… Find someone who creates great tracks? 10* Terrible track? 1* Rankings go by average 5* & under dissapear into the garbage bin. Good tracks increase rank, bad ones diminish it.

  9. Sep. 28, 12:22am

    That kind of editor its what i was waiting for in GT5, a complex tool so a few sellected people could make great track replicas or good fantasy tracks.

  10. Sep. 28, 12:07am

    Just because the majority will suck, doesnt mean those of us talented and dedicated enough to produce a great track shouldnt be given a chance. Obviously, overall, a user created track wont compare to the PD ones, but I know if you just base it on the track layout itself, the community WILL shine. Just give us full asphalt, banking, and elevation controls and its on! Throw in a few generic backgrounds, a tent or arch here and there to place, pit road garages, etc, and you’ll never see me leave the house again, lol. If we get this tool, I think the best tracks will be the ones that replicate actual roadways. Real roads make the best tracks. Every now and then a gamer will make a user designed layout to challenge the likes of Spa, Laguna, etc, but those will be very few that reach full critical acclaim. But users who take my approach, and just go out and find the best selections of real road to use, those will be the tracks that get ridiculous DL numbers. Obviously, I see point to point tracks dominating closed circuit tracks in DL numbers too.

  11. Sep. 27, 6:28pm

    This bodes well for the near future of the GT-series in my opinion seeing that Kaz talks about the possibilities of offering user created content in games like MNR and was clearly enthused by how it was constructed and implemented.
    The simple pleasure of building and using your own creation in a game also wasn’t lost on him ( as you might expect he was already used to that, although using a simple tool in a different game ofcourse doesn’t compare to creating an entire game ) and I do hope we see more of these kind of tools in future GT-releases ( livery/track/driver/car design? ).
    And why are there so many people who only think of the negative aspects of cluttered user created rubbish online ( which undoubtedly is going to happen ) when the positive aspects of being able to create something yourself far outweight this, in my book, minor concern?
    Yes it will perhaps be hard to navigate or find the good ones ( but this could be made easier by a ranking system perhaps or the total time spend creating could be shown as an indicator, etc. ) although to be honest, I will probably far too busy creating stuff than worrying having to possibly witness hideous creations.
    So what if the majority will be rubbish? It’s the ability and experience given to all and it only takes a talented ( relative ) few to make these features a worthwhile addition for the series or community as a whole.

  12. Sep. 27, 5:54pm

    What would be cool is if you could import created tracks from ModNation into GT5!

  13. Sep. 27, 5:53pm

    I would love this as I have quite a few personal tracks I’ve designed with pen and paper. And some on the computer… I wish there was a way to show them off online.. this would be one way of doing that. in a robust track editor for Gran Turismo….

  14. Sep. 27, 4:42pm

    Just like any gigantic list, as long as you allow filters to comb through and only show results you want, its no problem. You could filter by most played, highest rated, or PD could approve tracks that are worthy and filter for only “PD Approved” tracks. LBP does a good job at this if you ever played it.

    • Sep. 27, 5:14pm

      I was thinking the same thing. There will always be someone who makes a terrible track and how will all those tracks affect online play? I’d love a track editor, but I don’t want to deal with online clutter.

  15. Sep. 27, 3:58pm

    That was a fun clip. ModNation seems like a relaxed experience with an amazingly powerful track editor. I will surely check it out.

  16. Sep. 27, 3:45pm

    I honestly don’t understand why is everybody wanting a Track Editor for GT, because I think we the users will NEVER make a track as good as Polyphony Digital does. And what would that tracks be for? Online? There would be dozens of versions from Spa, Imola, etc… It would be caotic in my humble opinion…

    Greetings :)

    • Sep. 27, 4:47pm

      Are you joking? Apparently u have never played NMR because users made better tracks than that games developers

    • Sep. 27, 5:03pm

      I agree, user created tracks will never be as good as PD’s. I think what they have given us for GT5 is great, set environments where we can create roads, not real life tracks! And in time, it will get better, leave the real life tracks to PD.

  17. Sep. 27, 3:33pm

    He would drive a GT LM Spec II Test Car…but cool interview. Gives us a taste of what’s going on in his head for our next GT.

  18. Sep. 27, 3:09pm

    Kaz is a cool guy for doing stuff like this. It’s pretty good PR though I’d imagine.

  19. Sep. 27, 3:05pm

    Well let’s not ask or too mich! Look at the rest if the game alone. And maybe a more advanced track editor could be dlc?

    • Sep. 27, 3:10pm

      I doubt it. Kaz claimed that the game would be finished upon release, and there would be no DLC.

  20. Sep. 27, 3:02pm

    I’ve never tried ModNation before. Looks like a fun arcade racer. :)

  21. Sep. 27, 3:00pm

    Give me a livery editor over a track designer any day, and remember; it’s not trolling if you don’t admit it.

    Che and D.G.

  22. Sep. 27, 2:44pm

    Ah MNR, great game!

  23. Sep. 27, 2:43pm

    gt5 needs a map editor ala Crysis.

    • Sep. 27, 5:29pm

      Far Cry 2?

  24. Sep. 27, 2:35pm

    I’m pretty impressed with the modnation track editor too. What I’m not impressed with is the endless laps on horrible user-made tracks at the hands of a random game host.

    Call me old fashioned, but I’d rather have PD making the ‘original’ tracks.

    • Sep. 27, 2:52pm

      Isn’t that kind of like saying paint, brushes, and canvas shouldn’t be widely available, because the world will be flooded with lackluster paintings? Millions of GT fans with a powerful tool set should be able to crank out more than a few Mona Lisas, all of which could be featured and organized in the game and in online communities such as GTPlanet.

    • Sep. 27, 3:22pm

      I see the point you have there, and GTP members have done some *damn fine* things in modnation racers, but user-generated content has really turned the overall experience of that title into garbage, and GT would go the same way except with far less forgiving game physics.

      Sometimes when you want a work of art, you hire an artist, rather than turn loose millions of finger-painting preschoolers hoping one will bother to put some effort into his work.

      I know there has to be some level of middle ground on user-generated content in the online gaming world, but I don’t think it’s been found yet. Until then, people play the modnation “drift spiral” over and over and over.

    • Sep. 27, 3:51pm

      I think to faithfully recreate original tracks is out of the realm of any one persons ability. There’s just too many variables to take into consideration. I do think however that very fun and tricky tracks can be created from scratch, but like MNR I would be worried about tremendous clutter on the online database. There needs to be proper rating system and all duds should be removed within a few weeks.

    • Sep. 27, 4:42pm

      Just like any gigantic list, as long as you allow filters to comb through and only show results you want, its no problem. You could filter by most played, highest rated, or PD could approve tracks that are worthy and filter for only “PD Approved” tracks. LBP does a good job at this if you ever played it.

  25. Sep. 27, 2:35pm

    never really gave modnation much thought until now…

    well folks, i think i found a way to kill horrible, horrible October.

    • Sep. 27, 4:42pm

      TRUST ME, you’ll love it

  26. Sep. 27, 2:09pm

    He should try trackmania

    • Sep. 27, 2:25pm

      What environment? ;)

  27. Sep. 27, 2:07pm

    Dude!!! that is awesome!!! I hope Kaz can at some point make a similar editor for GT. SERIOUSLY UNLIMITED PLAY.

    Also, is it me? or Does Kazunori look like hes got some color and age back.

    He’s looking back up to spec again, as opposed to a fwe months ago when he looked rather old (probably from stress) then again, could be makeup.

  28. Sep. 27, 2:04pm

    funny, I just traded in my copy of modnation racers. MNR is fun, for awhile, but after you beat the campaign mode there’s nothing else to do but race online or create your own content. Unfortunately, unless you plan on making cars from movies or comics then the hours you spent creating an original design are wasted. There’s so much clutter when it comes to viewing content that everything just seems to get lost. I also HATE how right after the game comes out they want you to pay for new karts/mods that could have easily been put on the disc. I hope GT5 won’t nickle-and-dime us like MNR does.

    Even worse, the kart racing itself rewards mediocre driving by letting those who lag behind power up their weapons just to slow down the leaders that actually know how to race. Trading this game in for F1 2010 was probably one of the best things I have done in awhile.

    MNR is the most frustrating racing game you will ever play.

    • Sep. 28, 2:15am

      Beating campaign mode is one thing. But, how can you not enjoy racing online? You can go into endless rooms and never race the same track twice. My cousin and I play split-screen online and it’s a blast.

      And how is a design wasted? Do you really need a design to be noticed by others to make it worthwhile?

      I agree with the clutter.

      There is DLC to be paid for, but nowhere near as much as a lot of other games. I haven’t bought any of it, nor do I plan to. And, I don’t think it takes away from the game at all by not having it.

      Rewarding mediocre driving? Maybe slightly less than perfect. If you’re in front you can stay in front pretty good unless someone is pretty close in skill. If you just plain suck and never use drift or hit walls, you aren’t catching up, much less getting 1st. I finish top 5 quite regularly. Even with insane amounts of weapons and on tracks I’ve never raced on before.

      You’re the typical whiner about this game. “It’s too hard.” “No one notices my mods/karts/tracks.”

      I can’t believe the amount of people that wanted this game only to accessorize mods/karts and build tracks. The core of this game is kart racing. If you don’t like kart racing, why even buy it or whine about the “kart racing” aspect of it. That’s like buying a FPS with a level editor and then whinging that it’s a FPS game. Again, this game is a blast and continues to be. Full online rooms don’t lie.

  29. Sep. 27, 1:58pm

    A complete track creator for a game like GT is THE Holy Grail. Give us several miles worth of track, and its ON! We could recreate ANY stretch of real life road. Ive got a stretch of the Pacific Coast highway north of San Francisco in mind when the day comes. You know he’s going to give us that for GT6, and I cant wait! I could spend hours and days straight in that mode alone. I will tape a video camera to my dash, record the stretch of road I want to make, and use Google Satalite maps to help. Between the map and the video footage, Id create some very close recreations.

  30. Sep. 27, 1:41pm

    I am so downloading all of Yamauchi’s tracks.

  31. Sep. 27, 1:38pm

    Hmm, never noticed the license plate light on the Subaru @21 seconds before. Nice touches.. :)

  32. Sep. 27, 1:35pm

    lets hope for GT6

  33. Sep. 27, 1:34pm

    I wouldn’t be suprised if they started recreating a track editor like this months ago.

    • Sep. 28, 3:52pm

      Humm… Maybe I’m wrong but, isn’t there a Course Maker confirmed for GT5, or it was descarted?

    • Sep. 28, 8:19pm

      there is a track creator (kaz specifically said he didn’t want it to be called a editor because it’s not) look it up on GTPlanet!

  34. Sep. 27, 1:32pm

    “Let’s hope it inspires him to bring a similarly robust track editor to the Gran Turismo series!”

    NEVER WRITE SOMETHING LIKES THAT AGAIN. It could delay GT5 ;) Wait for GT5 to be released and post it again ^^

    • Sep. 27, 1:34pm

      …I’m not too worried about that.

    • Sep. 27, 1:57pm

      I think it’d be a GT6 thing.

    • Sep. 27, 5:31pm

      I had a go at the track editor in MNR. Fun stuff. Made a pretty decent/fun version of Laguna based off the course in GTpsp, if do say so myself.

      Give it a try, MadMic is my psn.

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