24 New Programs Now Available in Gran Turismo TV

September 1st, 2011 by Jordan

Polyphony Digital has been fairly quiet about their Gran Turismo TV service since Gran Turismo 5 was released. Today, though, they’ve added 23 new pay-per-view programs to the list, along with a free show about the 8th Annual Gran Turismo Awards held at SEMA last year. Here’s a look at the new line-up:

Gran Turismo

  • 8th Annual Gran Turismo Awards Video Recap

Best Motoring

  • 2007 September issue
  • 2007 December issue
  • 2008 March issue
  • 08 Later Model GT-R Development Report
  • New Z vs Rivals Head to Head
  • 2009 Superspeed Sports Tsukuba Special
  • The Best of the Newest Sports Cars!
  • Tuned Super Sport Face Off
  • The Challenge of Honda
  • 2009 GT-R Nurburgring Time Attack Close up Report
  • Sugo Super Time Trial
  • All out’09 GT-R Test Drive in Germany
  • EV Motoring
  • Middle Class Sports, Open & Closed top

D1 Grand Prix

  • 2007 D1 World All Stars
  • 2009 D1 Round 1 Ebisu
  • 2009 D1 Round 2 Autopolis

Video Option

  • Car Soccer
  • Epoch Car Building Competition
  • DIY Heaven of Chief Editor Kawasaki Part 1
  • DIY Heaven of Chief Editor Kawasaki Part 2

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  1. What happened to Top Gear?

  2. SKOT Free

    What’s crazy is those watching on YouTube are basically stealing. 2.00 an episode is pretty cheap compared to the 15 dollars an Option DVD cost and personally I’d like to see Drifting grow so I don’t mind paying. The rest of you thieves are a bunch of Morons.

  3. opladener

    I would love to buy all the SuperGT videos, but since they’re only valid for a year, thats never gonna happen.

    • SKOT Free

      P.S. You can purchase many of those old DVD’s for 10 bucks give or take from jdmoption.com

  4. Landbergaren

    I would buy all if they where cheaper. Now i buy zero. Overpriced simply put

  5. None of the videos are showing up in my GT TV, weird.

  6. Mangusta36

    They should put up some v8 super cars videos

  7. The D1 Gran Prix videos are okay. But I’m more interested in the Super GT and Best Motoring videos. The Best Motoring videos are informative and the review not on Japanese cars but Europeans as well. Yes, the videos are a bit old, but Best Motoring is, I believe, on of the best video magazines. Option focuses on D1 because they’re sponsoring it. Drifting is a part of the game as well, and there are a whole lot of rooms online. I agree that Gran Turismo tv should include some other forms of motorsport as well, but I’m glad they have the Super GT races. I just wish they put up more recent vids of the series.

  8. Mangusta36

    What is the point of drifting? Anybody can throw a car sideways, GT5 needs to cut the crap with all this japanese crap, I mean come on, when can we have a great fun American made racing game?

  9. Piotrov

    Maybe they think we are still in 2009. :-P

  10. Great, more GTR stuff and a bunch of people skidding. Maybe some DTM videos or decent motorsport vids instead of silly drifting rubbish and I’d spend some money.

  11. And most people are right saying that you can view Volumes of BM and BMI on YouTube. I’m not complaining, just agreeing with the majority.

  12. Speaking of BM I wish they’d model the Touge track.

  13. My issue is that this is all old outdated stuff. It’s not crap it’s just its relevance is pretty much zero.

  14. neamatoad

    it’d be nice if they put something on there that wasn’t from 4 years ago

    • My thoughts exactly. And they want you to pay for it as well. No thanks.

  15. I bought a few before.. they were good but way to much $$. They should charge $0.50 an episode and they would make more $$ because 10 times as many people would purchase them. At the current prices it’s a big fat rip-off.

  16. HighPlainaDrftr

    If they were a little cheaper I might do it.

  17. RADracing

    They should just give the GT Academy free coverage with GT/TV. Come on PD don’t you want to promote your own show for free. It would probably be good for marketing your game.

  18. Jamie-c

    I’ll give it a miss, I’m not paying to view, youtube will do just fine!

  19. EliteDreamer

    To those who say they’re not paying for it:
    What if that’s where there getting some money to make those little premiums and tracks you guys want oh so badly? :)

  20. You pay for them and are able to watch them for a year. Not a lot of people are thrilled about these videos on Gran Turismo TV but some of them are really good.

  21. GT_Johan

    Once again I thought it was DLC news, but no :(

  22. Pass. Bad enough to have to pay for most of this at all, but never for what theyre charging. Maybe if the prices were 15-20% of what they are….

  23. scotty p


  24. You forgot to give credit to the GT5 Photomode image author… :-D

  25. aww crap, just when I trashed my TV! (I cancelled cable TV, it was giving me full retard cancer.)

  26. snowxdadx3

    nope. not pay-per-view. nope

  27. Pay-per-view??? I think I’ll pass…

  28. William

    Jordan is working crazy the last days, with all those news ;D

  29. Tesla99

    I am guessing that there is still nothing recent on GT TV.

  30. spikeyhairdude


  31. Honchie

    Really? they waste their time on this rather than addressing patches that work properly & the ever so elusive DLC content?

  32. AnPrionsaBeag

    I’ll pass.

    • SKOT Free

      Well I do know that Tsuchiya had to be frustrated when they get to American D1 the judges got constantly accused of playing favorites to the Japanese drivers and in Particular to those Drivers Tsuchiya liked personally. It got so Bad that at one event at Irwindale, After what was perceived a bad call, the Fans started throwing paper and stuff out the stands! I know one year Vaughn Gitten beat out a Japanese driver clearly and yet still didn’t win. The Next Year Vaughn was the First U.S. driver to win a D1 event.

  33. Demonyze

    WTFnews you can watch that for free on youtuubeblows channel, he has over 500 videos of BM, D1 and Video Option

    • TakumiFuji01

      Yea, there was another dude name StarQuestSoul but his account got suspended due to copyright. He had most of my favorite videos including the body work on Keiichi’s TRD Street 20v BT AE86 Trueno

    • Demonyze

      You should really check out youtuubeblows channel, it’s like the best YT channel for all that cool Japanese stuff.

    • TakumiFuji01

      Yeah I know that channel. I watch most of the BMI/HVI stuff rather then Video Option and D1. Y’know Tsuchiya and Inada made a new drift competition called Drift Muscle?

    • Demonyze

      I knew that Tsuchiya left D1 because he didn’t agree with some things, but I didn’t know that him and Dai founded a new Drift Competition :O

  34. WTFnews

    i think i will download car soccer

  35. TakumiFuji01

    Sick Picture! Drift! ER34 VS B324R! Finally, Video Option, D1GP and Best Motoring!

  36. Yeah I looked at these earlier, at £2 something an episode it would cost you a fortune to buy them all.

  37. Demonyze

    Nope thank you I have a thing called Youtube, if these programs were cheaper I would buy them.

    • FlareKR

      Same here, those prices are absurd for those videos. And they’re pretty old too. No thanks PD.

  38. Thats always welcome, to bad all those programs are fairly short and cost a lot to purchase and you can only keep them for a year… oh well. I’ll download the SEMA video though, which car won last year?

    • Problem is those are old episodes.

      I watched them all where i had Gran Turismo PROLOGUE…..

      Come one i want watch new episodes ! in HD.

    • All of these videos can be watched on YouTube channels: GTchannel(HQ) and youtuubeblows (HD).

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