Acura NSX Concept Featured in New Gran Turismo Video

January 15th, 2013 by Jordan

If you thought all of the surprises for Gran Turismo fans were over this week, think again! Polyphony Digital has just released another brand-new trailer featuring the Acura NSX Concept, which has just debuted at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

As most will recall, the NSX was also featured in a video from the show last year, which revealed Special Stage Route X to players for the very first time. This video, too, reveals what appears to be several suspiciously impressive new landscapes and locations…

There is still no information, however, as to if or when the NSX Concept will be available to players in Gran Turismo 5.

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  1. When can I have this car. Looks better inside and outside than Vette. Why was another video made again… without adding the NSX to GT5?

    • Dekropttiv

      I guess cause the prototype isn’t final yet. If look from the previous video to this video you’ll notice they now have the interior as last video didn’t. And the rims have been changed. My guess is they want to wait until its final or save it for GT6.

  2. Gt5JDMallday

    I think there are waiting for the car to come out so they can see the interior and make it premium

    • Or PDI could contact Honda headquarters and ask them to see the real prototype…

    • Which obviously they (PDI) have.

  3. bigbear

    What are you trying to do, blow my mind?

  4. carfanatic45

    If all manufactures did this with GT5, there will be new game buyers and some really happy GT gamers!

    • Yeah, too bad some companies choose to present their products in games where criminal activities are just. (ahem, Porsche)

  5. xero0083

    You can release all the trailers you want there’s one small problem with your enthusiasm hear? There’s no car in the game!! (this is the 2nd trailer) YARN!!!

  6. We had 4 concepts for the 86 before we got it. It’s coming soon.

  7. aronh17

    Could be starting off the 2013 year right. Or maybe subtle hints of GT6. I think GT6 would be the appropriate place for all of the old tracks revamped, adding in more day/night and weather tracks and premiums. They need a selling point for their next game, not a bad idea.

    • SavageEvil

      What would show off GT6 would be a quick video that shows 30+ GT5 premium cars on one course, that would be a great lead into GT6. Anyway who knows about these tracks and I doubt that GT6 will make PS4/Orbis debut, so perhaps there is one more update in store for GT5 but since GT channel was closed at the end of last year can only spell slow times for GT5 and ramp up for GT6. So the only way I see GT6 coming out anywhere near PS4 release is everything that we see now are all part of GT6, all the found things by Sorg are all a part of GT6 and GT5 is like a huge GT6 prologue. All the added courses, cars, missing tuning options these things can most certainly be part of a completely revised engine just for GT6. Kaz has said that GT5 is the ground work for GT6 so one can only hope that they attack the problems in GT5 and pound them out for GT6.

    • aronh17

      I don’t know if it will be PS4. If it is then it will be very similar graphics, more polygons and high AA, shadows and AF. They would do another engine revamp for Gran Turismo 7. I’m not worried if it’s on PS3, it already looks beautiful so more tracks, premiums and features are greatly welcomed. But with next-gens highly likely to be debuting this year, I don’t doubt that GT6 will be a PS4 launch title. That will be good for Sony and Polophony. Now I know a lot of people won’t make the switch yet but a bundle could guarantee probably a million sales. I see games still being developed for current consoles for about 3-5 more years after next gens come out. It’s highly likely also that Call of Duty will have some PS3/Xbox 360 ports because so many people will not switch yet. It would be counter-productive for mass AAA titles Like Battlefield and Call of Duty and the like to not port down to current gen. Next-gen is really exciting, I’m so ready for DirectX 11 lighting, native 1080p @ 60FPS and so on.

    • tube chaser

      Goooood points aronh17. How ’bout a multi-platform release for PS3, PS4 and Vita?

    • I could see a Vita port, idk if GT6 would be ported to PS3 after being released on PS4 if it does. GT5 is their benchmark for PS3. They’ve pushed the graphics, physics and special effects to the max. Lights beaming and coloring smoke and dirt, dynamic smoke and not to mention the game runs like native 1280×1080 when your PS3 is set to 1080p with 2xMSAA which is outstanding. No need for GT6 on PS3 if it’s on PS4 to my opinion. Anybody that’s a big fan of the series will most likely switch to PS4 for GT6 anyways to me. I think I would, but I’m still going to wait it out until all the bugs are ironed out and maybe until a slim release.

    • If GT6 is released on PS4 there will be no port for PS3. Sony uses ‘PS only’ games to sell their consoles. Making a port for PS3 would mean more people would stick to their PS3s, which is of course not what Sony wants.

    • fordskydog

      Daytona Road Course in weather/day night cycle, please. I hve wanted to run Rolex 24hr there since i saw it. Other tracks that host long day/night races areset up that way. Daytona deserves it too, I think.a

    • Amac500

      +1,000,000 for the Rolex 24, I also want proper run off in turn 1 and us to run the GT bus stop, not the motorcycle one that isn’t even there anymore!

  8. HuskyGT

    I’m not entirely sure that’s Seattle Circuit, but it could be. Apricot Hill is highly unlikely since there is a lot of tracks that have a similar scenery.

    Remember that we’ve seen El Capitan before and it never got into the game.

  9. Escort mk1 yum


    • tube chaser


      Hehe just teasing ^^

  10. TorqueHappenS08

    1:09 Seattle

    1:52 Tokyo japan Ginza (at night)

    and i saw apricot hill, Dont know what the other track is though.

  11. HuskyGT

    Must be a new Concept Car pack. The Corvette and the NSX. Hopefully there will be new tracks which is what I care for the most.

    • JeremiahTB

      The Vette isn’t a concept; it’s coming out soon.

    • HuskyGT

      Well, technically it’s not a production model yet.

    • HuskyGT

      Well, it’s more like a pre-production model. Probably the real production model will look and work exactly the same.

  12. stupidstormy36

    I’ve been wondering what ever happened to the NSX Concept. I was even talking about it recently. The only locales that were not in GT5 but are in this video are Seattle and what I believe is Apricot Hill Raceway (the chicane before the final corner normal). I’m not sure of the locale at 1:50 though. Seems new to me. Both tracks have been in previous GT games, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up for new DLC regarding tracks just yet. But then again, it is something to keep the hopes alive!

  13. Ok for starters the video, music and car all goes together and brilliant.
    Good to see Seattle and Apricot Hill. I swear I either saw Red Rock Valley or Mid point race way as well.

    Now for my main gripe….. Aimed at all the whiners about why the car hasn’t been released yet.
    One minor thing you have overlooked.
    Yes Yamauchi San and PD have created the car and shown it working in a GT set of environments. But they may currently not have the permission by Honda/Acura to release it YET!

  14. Blank_Redge

    Worst. Valet. Ever.

    • Think of it like this: Who would be dumb enough to go that far up to steal it? ;)

  15. GTracer98

    Seattle!!! Loved that track since day 1!

    • GTracer98

      Those easter egg tracks should mean something…

  16. I bet this car is for show only, and we will never be able to drive it.
    Only believe it when I see the dlc in Playstation Store.

  17. GT5, the ultimate hype machine… and that’s about it anymore.

  18. NascarManiaco99

    Did anyone saw Seattle and Apricot Hill? Because I’m pretty sure I did.

  19. SEATTLE!!!! F*** YEAH!!!! My favorite course of all time. I am so excited to see Seattle. I once said I would give my left nut to have Seattle in GT5, and I am not one to go back on my word. I will wrap it in a gift box and send it to PD.

    • xxDingerxx

      Exactly what PD have always wanted…

      Somebody’s testicle kicking around the office (if you sent your right nut as well, at least than can use them as marbles)

    • grazbro

      10/10 Bro!

    • researchALLwars

      well, they’ve basically already turned them BLUE with this year old NSX tease job. [facedesk]

    • Read the comments below. You’re two hours late :-)

  20. 2012GT325

    As always, great video and music by the talented team at PD, but I have to say that this car won’t be as exciting to drive as a non-hybrid car in GT5. I haven’t driven a lot of hybrids in real life, but from what I’ve read about them and driven the ones in GT5, they are NOT the most exciting cars to drive.

    Also, do guys agree that the C7 Prototype was a very bad handling car? The suspension was soft and gears wear oddly spaced. The “production” C7, hopefully, will handle better than that prototype when we get to drive it later today.

    • I thought the “masked” car handled well, not perfect but better than the other corvettes in the game. I even got it down under 6:50 on racing softs on the ring, and the top TT times on sports tires are very quick for a low powered car with no wings/spoilers/etc.

    • HuskyGT

      This C7 Corvette is technically a prototype still. But hopefully it will handle better since it’s closer to the production model.

  21. at 1:09 Seattle Circuit

  22. MadmuppGT

    Wouldnt mind that mountain top as a photo location

  23. GTdarjan


  24. eminem09494

    1:25 apricot hill

  25. Moontallico

    Maybe all the new tracks and the NSX are coming with the SPEC III update :O

  26. TheKitten

    Who agrees the music fits perfectly?

  27. AnPrionsaBeag

    Bad place to park :-)

  28. magawolaz

    Bring on the Spec 3.0!

  29. Okay, at this point it is going to be ridiculous of they don’t add the new NSX to GT5. Ya can’t keep waving it in front of our face like a carrot PD, if ya show it in GT5 pit it in GT5! The NSX and Willow Springs we hopefully get.

    • *and Seattle. You forgot to mention Seattle.

    • SavageEvil

      Well they can’t give you the NSX unless Honda says they can give it away, it’s all promo unless it it comes to the game like the C7 and GTR did.

    • researchALLwars

      whats ridiculous is telling us that we will be getting some sort of DLC “every two months or so..” – comparing that statement with reality is a bit of a sore subject.

      Polyphony Digital. MAN I wish they would get it together.

  30. At what part of the video are we supposed to see Seattle?

  31. 2:05 where is that?

  32. WOW, So what on earth would they be releasing another NSX video for a year later… If we will only get Seatle. I want this car, stop promoting it in videos already and let us drive it!

    • e30 freek

      I dont really want the car i want seattle

    • I hope they add Seattle, we don’t have an American street course yet and if it can’t be Long Beach, St. Pete, or the brand new reconfiguration of my home track at Belle Isle Park, then Seattle is it, lol

    • JeremiahTB

      I’ll second Belle Isle. I’m getting married at the Scott Fountain this summer and seeing that in GT would be crazy cool.

    • sangdude82

      @ Amac500

      I want to have an American street course or two as well. It would be nice if PD can add CBD of Chicago & New York.

    • Amac500

      The fountain is a great icon at Belle Isle, and with the General Motors head quarters in the back drop, maybe Cheverolet would like it in the game, they sponsor the race there. But again, I’m super biased towards that track because its my home track.

      If the designed a Chicago one on the water it would be sweet, or a good New York one. The main thing to me about street courses in the game is that they have to be realistic. Right now Monaco, already being a real world track, and Tokyo are the only realistic street courses in the game. You know, just a good normal stereotypical street course like you would see an Indycar running or something, like Tokyo, you could see it there. If they can make a nice layout like that in any American city like a New York or a Chicago or a Detroit or Miami or perhaps revamp Seattle a bit or add it as is. GT5 only has 3 locations in this side of the pond right now. There are 5 locations in Japan alone as well as being where a few of the Special Routes are located. Then there are I believe 8 locations in Europe. In all of America, the US, Canada, Centeral America, and South America, there are just 3 locations, all in the US.

      If they want to do the easy thing they should put Edmonton City Center Airport in the game. They reconfigured that layout 2 years ago and it is now a really, REALLY cool track layout, not just an average boring airport. However the race got pulled of the schedule for this year because the promoters were garbage and got in a fight so there was nobody to put on the race. By the way, these are the same promoters who did the Montreal NASCAR Nationwide race and tried to leverage NASCAR by saying “send a Sprint Cup race here to or no Nationwide race”, so no Narionwide race in Montreal no more. Yup, those crappy promoters. So we have a really cool airport circuit that is a fun and challenging circuit to drive, we don’t need any rights from a series any more, and being an airport with almost no scenery it would be a much quicker and easier scan for PD to put in the game. That’s just what I think :)

  33. This video is evidence of the gulf in quality between Forza and Gran Turismo.

    • BoneSawTX

      Quality in graphics maybe but not game play. I have both, game play trumps graphics for me.

    • SavageEvil

      Meh, they both have issues. GT5 has wonky low speed physics and Forza allows anyone to drive without ABS.

  34. TokoTurismo

    This is also full of win!!! PD is really at it this year huh? Go PD GOOO!!! :D

  35. tpark103

    Wow PD is stepping there game up!!

  36. 1:51 is Tokyo.

    The neon sign of C’bon Cosmetics are based there.

  37. glassjaw

    That’s Seattle ;)

  38. Stop teasing us, just give it to us! :(

  39. TheKitten

    Now that is the most amazing trailer ive seen :O

  40. Seattle baby!!

  41. tpark103

    The interior of this car is beautiful.

  42. OMG SEATTLE! One of my all time fav GT Tracks!

  43. Wow. I hope PD can hush up the people saying this game is dead.

  44. Flash3001

    at 0:55 there’s a Hotel Asturias, does anyone knows where it is?

  45. schumi26

    Look at 1:50

    Building?? NewYork, Hong kong?


    Special Stage route 11?? with light tree

    • The part with the lighted tree is Special Stage Route 5.

    • schumi26

      No Harvee, the lighted tree in Special Stage route 5 are in the chicane, here, in video, the light tree are in a straight line with big white wall

    • I did a lap around SSR5 and it seems you are right, so I withdraw my previous statement. The only other track currently within the game that has a barrier like that and is at night time is SSR7, but I don’t remember seeing any trees like that one that course.

    • SavageEvil

      At 1:49 that looks like Times Square to me, at 1:50 you can see in the reflections on the cars rear what seems to be Times Square, could be wrong though, but I know that that course is definitely not in the game anywhere. Wonder if it’s downtown Shibuya or something?

  46. Deko Wolf-GTPT

    Holly cow! Was that Seattle?!

  47. How on Earth did they drive the NSX Concept on the rock/cliff? :)

  48. CrazyBrazilian

    Is not that the Special Stage Rout 11?

  49. liampage123

    With all the hype about the C7 stingray, I completely forgot about the NSX

  50. That video was done really well.

    • It really is an exceptional video. It reminds me of how far ahead of Forza Gran Turismo is.

  51. OmarBaez53

    Actually, most of you Haven’t noticed, Circut the Seatle is spotted here, Watch closelly 1:07

    • Most people have noticed… It’s pretty hard not to see The Smith tower there.

    • AstonMartinDBR9

      Sorry to burst oyur bubble, but that looks like Madrid to me.

    • AstonMartinDBR9

      Nevermind, did not look close enough, would be great if they released all these tracks to us though.

    • JeremiahTB

      @AstonMartinDBR9, both Madrid and Seattle are shown…along with many other tracks.

    • JeremiahTB

      Oh…you corrected. ;)

    • SavageEvil

      That is Seattle, you can see the overhead tracks in the background and the video flows into the left handed uphill section and cuts.

  52. infamousphil

    Can’t get the video on my phone ;( but Seattle’s jumps make my back and kidneys ache just thinking about it. Cain’t get enough street circuits. Hype or what PD?

  53. Super Novi

    Looks like a wannbe GT by Citroen Road Car.

  54. praiano63

    I promess i’ll never say a word against PD after this… if it really come … all, now !!

  55. jamiebeech

    yes yes yes yes… YES!!!

  56. hazellnut134

    I sure hope that is Seattle, I miss all those classic tracks, especially Midfield.

  57. PD you’re teasing us sooo much right now I love it but I hate it lol.

  58. COME ON PD.


  59. schumi26

    1:09 Seatle circuit
    1:14 ApricoHill Circuit

    Yes yes yes

    • SavageEvil

      You are dead on those courses, I’m going through the video and naming all the courses, before the 38 second mark no idea what that tunnel is, 38-41 not exactly sure but that could be Nurburgring(too short a sequence for me to guess accurately). Now let’s see here at the 45 second mark we have Spa, then at 50 seconds we have Nurburgring, then back to Spa then at 52 sec Monza, at 56 sec we have what looks like London(not sure as I barely drive that course myself) at 58 sec looks like London or Spain and at the 1:00 mark we have Cote de Azur quickly jumping back to Monza then at 1:04 back to the Nur, at 1:06 we have Grand Valley Speedway, and 1:08 we have SEATTLE! Then 1:11 we are back at Grand Valley, from 1:14-1:26 we have what looks like APRICOT HILL RACEWAY! At 1:27 we are back to Spain, followed by London, then comes the photo mode set piece Bern, then at 1:49 we have this night course which I think may be NYC(at 1:50 you can see reflections in the rear bumper and it looks like Times Square) at 1:53-1:56 looks like a transition between Route 11? into Route 5, could all just be Route 5 but I don’t remember a wall with lit trees like that on Route 5, this is followed by a jump to Route X at 1:57 and stays on there until 2:10 where it hurls back to Nurburgring, 2:14 Eiger Norwand and at 2:20 it heads over to Cape Ring then video ends with NSX on some rock which apparently is no logical way for a car to get up there driving(Photo mode perhaps but I doubt it, might just be something just for the Auto Show crowd, kind of like those Jeep commercials).
      Well this is the best I could do just watching the video I could not really get accurate enough with some of the shots as they were really nondescript.
      So really there might be three unseen courses in GT5 Seattle, Apricot and what may be Route 11. Then there is that mysterious night course with lots of lighting, Times Square NYC?!? Who knows, but I guess we can only ask Kaz what are actual courses and what are just there for presentation purposes.

  60. przemekszulim

    It is ugly. With no soul. Another boring concept car.

    • OmarBaez53

      I bet that if it was a Ferrari or a Lamborghini everyone were ”OMFG THAT HOT”

  61. Can’t wait for new update, not looking forward to faulty download. Looking forward to posts about it this afternoon, and for the C7 tire smoke on the Ring tonight.
    Looks like Santa is bringing me a new PlayStation on GT6.

  62. GT6 must be right around the corner.. I can just feel it.

  63. what a great video,and awesome acura nsx concept, PD is really bombing us with some nice adictions to the game and i believe more bombing news are still to come, i think we must thank them, it’s the only company giving us updates, fixing the issues, giving us exclusive stuff that no other racing game as, simply suporting the game and not like some other companys that don’t even try to fix their games. Thumbs up for PD.

    • JeremiahTB

      PD is “the only company giving…updates”? Really???

  64. JeremiahTB

    I live in the Detroit area and no one here calls it the Detroit Auto Show. It’s the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Being the Grand Daddy of all auto shows, it’s bigger than just Detroit.

  65. Niyologist

    5 new courses should be available in the next update. Next update is unknown ATM.

  66. I just want to cry from happines right now….OMG!

  67. and the tunel can be hide inside the SSRX… there is a lot more than a simple oval in there :D

  68. yay!

  69. Seeeaaattleee in 1:10! WOW!!

    • e30 freek


    • Mellow70

      I almost knocked my Laptop off my mini table when I saw that track! SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW!

  70. RandomCarGuy17

    I saw New York, Seattle, & Apricot Hill or Midfield
    PD, why must you tease me?

  71. Niyologist

    There’s also Times Square.

  72. Seattle Circuit? Nostalgia!
    Tokyo @ Night? Perfect photo travel spot!
    Pipeline? I smell Top Gear!
    Grand Canyon? Nostalgia Part 2!

  73. Niyologist

    It is Seattle. I know that background well. Looks like GT2/3

  74. Castrol96

    OMG!! Seattle is coming back

  75. caasimun_18

    GT6 guys….is gonna be GODLIKE!

  76. 1:24 could that be midfield raceway?

  77. maxpontiac

    Gran Turismo – Coming to auto show near you.

  78. Whodoyouthink

    Is this new NSX even out yet? I remember seeing the funny commercial last year during the Super Bowl and all, but I haven’t heard about it being released!

  79. binbin90

    PD, please stahp with the visual torturing T_T

  80. 1:50 looks like a new or maybe an existing London track at night.

  81. patriotzero

    Seattle Circuit!!!

    • GT5 Level 41

      Yep. I lived in Seattle for 10 years. Very familiar landmarks. The double stacked highway, the original west coast skyscraper, I could go on. It’s Seattle alright.

    • perrolocomcquee

      It is at 1:08?

  82. I just thought, could the track logos that were shown on the GT website, now be finally getting released to end GT5 with a bang?

    Oh I hope this is the case.

  83. 1:07 and 1:09 is the Seattle circuit from GT3 and 4
    1:49 looks like Times Square or Ginza
    2:05 looks like some new tunnel

  84. PLEASE GIVE US THAT PHOTOMODE LOCATION!!!! :( Such an awesome teaser, I’d love that massive tunnel track. Looks awesome for long-exposure photography.

  85. Vprodanov

    Very nice car

  86. Mister Slow

    PD folks are hard work, the ultimate question is, when??

  87. Errmmm is that not – Seattle….

    I dare only whisper that it might be ;) !

  88. Seattle~!

  89. Jump_Ace

    I like the new NSX more than the new Vette, thats for sure.


  90. HKSBro92

    Jeez what’s with the song? Felt like a Dark Knight trailer lol but anyways this is cool. We finally get a view of the interior!

  91. wackylatino

    Yes…It is…. Seattle circuit……..

  92. Monatsende

    Great stuff here.

  93. Perfect!! Really good car!!

  94. binbin90

    OMG, did I just saw Seattle Circuit?!?!?! :O

  95. L8erBaby


  96. woho its better than christmas !!!

  97. alaingeronimo87

    Seattle Circuit at 1:07

    • Steph290

      Why do they tease us so?!

    • Steph290

      Wait a sec… Is that Apricot Hill @ 1:18 as well?

    • BenRallies

      I hope so. One of my favorite tracks in GT4 and was disappointed when I found it wasn’t in GT5

  98. I can’t wait to see the new NSX in GT5 either.

  99. patriotzero


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