Canada Joins GT Academy 2014 North American Region, Competition Begins April 21st

April 16th, 2014 by Wardez


Nissan has officially confirmed the GT Academy program is coming to the “Great White North” this year! After a long wait, GT Academy has “let Canada in” (with the province of Québec excluded for legal reasons), as the country joins the United States for the 2014 North American region of the global competition on April 21st.

With Canada having so much talent that has been itching for a chance to compete in the driver search program since its inception, we expect the finalists to be some of the most determined and deserving competitors yet.

GT Academy Race Camp 2013 - Silverstone

2013 Spa podium_1397476325Nissan North America Vice President of Marketing, Jon Brancheau, said, “The GT Academy concept has now been validated by the results of NISMO Athletes’ performance on the track worldwide.  It’s a blast to see Gran Turismo 6 gamers driving Nissan performance cars in the game, while aspiring to race our real vehicles in this competition. Nissan’s partnership with PlayStation has been a very good one, and I look forward to seeing what the fourth year of GT Academy in North America will bring.”

“I am very proud that GT Academy has returned for its sixth season globally, and that Gran Turismo together with Nissan will once again serve as the platform for the development of new racing drivers who otherwise would not have had the chance to pursue their dreams,” said Kazunori Yamauchi. “Even if you don’t make it through to the next round of GT Academy, the GT6 qualifying challenge will improve your skills as a driver and all players taking part will be rewarded with in-game credits to enhance their experience.”

Stay tuned for more details as the competition kicks off on next Monday, April 21st. Visit our GT Academy North America forum thread for more discussion with other hopeful competitors!

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  1. Soyuz 77

    Best news I’ve read so far this year!
    Good luck to my neighbors to the south, … You might need it. ;)

  2. Conor Swan

    14 year old from the US goin’ for it. Let’s do this….

  3. Falango




  4. BlacqueJacques

    Yay! The separatists lose the recent Quebec election and Canada finally gets GT Academy :) (Not really, but Yay anyway :))

    • flynch3211

      Blimey!!! even if there were no separatists in power in Québec there would still be no Gt Academy in Quebec. I do not blame you for not knowing , but let’s just say that recently every little thing that is different in Quebec is being charged on the seperatists account… without actual knowledge, everything is easily their fault.

  5. fowlkore

    There goes my chance. Canada has hundreds of drivers way better than me.

    • BlacqueJacques

      I was being sarcastic eh :)
      I was born and lived 30 years in Quebec; je sui Quebecois :)

  6. flynch3211

    For all people in Quebec:

    Please blame the régie d’alcools des courses et des jeux for us not participating for these things. Contrairy to the rest of the country, Quebec has a legal organism that makes sure that contest are usually handled honestly. Whilst I do not suspect PD, Sony and Nissan for having sides, That organism requests that they register the contest over here. This is what companies do not want to do. :(

    • killerjimbag

      Uhm I think the word your looking for is organization.Blame your government,never mind they got turfed.

    • flynch3211

      @killerjimbag The organism i’m talking about has no ties to the political party in power. They all support it. This thing existed from even before I was born.

  7. Biggles1961

    This is a nice suprise !

  8. mingia_boyz_88

    Why do I live in Quebec…. Finally my wish has come true only to be excluded from the rest of my country. Anyway, nuff complaning I’m happy for all my fellow Canadians. Represent Canada!!!

  9. Johnnypenso

    Oh Canada…

    Great news for us Canucks. Now I can pretend I actually have a chance…lol.

    • research

      Attention GTP: Do not listen to Johnnypenso when he acts all modest. He will hustle you on the track.


    • smskeeter23

      +1 lol

      Took me quite a few tries to get to his time last year, and I suspect he still had plenty more to find when he called it quits.

      Am I right Johnnypenso? I fully expect to see an alien time this year…

    • Johnnypenso

      Appreciate the confidence boost but I’m not quite in that super alien territory you have to be in to make it to the Academy…lol. I’d be pretty happy with a top 200 in NA finish.

    • research

      *Yaawwnnn* Oh, you know, top 200, no big deal… *sigh*

  10. If Interlagos is the new track for the final TT, that would make no sense if there was no Brazil. If there is no Brazil I think the track is either Shanghai International Circuit, or…. Imola, if it lines up with the Senna update. It would just be so stupid to have Interlagos and not let Brazilians in, though I wouldn’t put it past PD.

  11. smskeeter23

    Aw crap there goes my top 250 hopes lol

    Congrats on finally getting in my northern friends.

  12. perrolocomcquee

    Wow!!! I’m glad for my friend lapierre4 !!!!
    Go mate!!

  13. RodrigoDLL

    My hope is officially back up that there will be a Brazil GT Academy later this year!


    YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. (strikeout-Blame-/strikeout) Bless Canada! I’m so happy, eh! The front page makes me wish to say I’m sorry to PD today, and for no reason whatsoever!

  16. dimassa19


  17. RacingOtaku86

    It took them THIS long to get Canada into the academy? I’m happy we’re in, I really am, but WHY NOW? It makes no sense to me.

    • I think Canada gets in now, because of a few racers who used the name “LetCanadaIn” in the last GT Academy and were top or close to the top of the leaderboards.

  18. TokoTurismo


    • MeanElf

      Now’s your chance dude! Go for it.

    • sangdude82

      Good luck, Toko :D

    • TokoTurismo

      Haha, I wish. :) I’m like one of the slowest racers in GT, I’ll be blown by others. lol. xD

  19. Sucks to be a Quebecer :( Oh so close, but not quite. It’s up to the rest of the country to do us all proud!

    • chevyisawesome

      Quebecers can pretend to be an Albertian, or Ontarian.

  20. chevyisawesome


  21. biftizmo

    Awarded in-game credits to enhance their experience.” cars as well i hope.

  22. Alright Steve, here is your chance.

  23. SileightyCyrus

    Fantastic! This is going to be very interesting…

  24. chriz00

    Alright Turismo_Lester, now is your chance…make us GTPers proud brotha!

    Ill b trying my hand at it for the 3rd time…hoping I can improve upon from last year. :)

  25. R1600Turbo

    Results will be interesting this year.

  26. research

    “LetCanadaIn” was one fast bastard..

    Nice pun, Mr. Wardez.

    • lapierre4

      or 2 fast bastards… No one knows except them :)
      Maybe more than one fast canadian decided to show it’s country on top of the leaderboards?

  27. sangdude82

    Oh My God… All those Canadians would be so happy that they will die of heart attacks :D

  28. ITCC_Andrew

    Oh. Well, this is interesting….

    (I was or was almost in top 32 in Canada in 2012… Can’t remember which)

  29. killerjimbag

    Watch out my fellow American friends. There has been a whole can of worms opened now. Thank you PD.

  30. TAkEoFF_420

    Yes, good luck you Canadians!

  31. Congrats to all the Canadians who fought to get the Academy. Great news.

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