Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 Now Available

October 10th, 2011 by Jordan

Gran Turismo 5‘s biggest update yet, Spec 2.0, is here! It weighs in at exactly 1192 MB, and is available now at no charge – just load up your game and put your Internet connection to work.

Here’s a complete overview of everything that’s been changed, tweaked, added, and implemented. As always head on over to GTPlanet’s Gran Turismo 5 forum for more discussion, analysis, and debate!

Major Changes and New Features

- Standard Cars now given simplified cockpit views
The over 800 standard cars included in the game are now given simplified cockpit views. You can change your view using the SELECT button when racing, to change your display to the exciting cockpit view.
*Unlike the cockpit view of premium cars, the simplified cockpit is shown in a dark silhouette, and the gauges used for the car will be standard in-game instruments.

- New Opening Movie
A new opening movie is now available from “Gran Turismo TV”. When you download this movie, it will replace the current opening movie. The previous version will be viewable within Gran Turismo TV.

- Addition of the weather change menu
On some tracks with weather changes, it is now possible for the user to set time and weather changes from the Quick Menu in both the Arcade Mode, and “Practice” of the GT Mode. Also, you can make more detailed time and weather changes while editing in the course maker and in the online lounge.

- Multiple car settings/save feature
We’ve added a setting sheet feature that allows you to save multiple car settings.
From the [Setting Sheet] on the lower right of the screen, you can check the current settings. You can switch between 3 settings A, B, and C, allowing you to change between your personal settings easily according to the type of race and your objectives.

- Added 11 NASCAR cars
The newest NASCAR 2011 models have been added to the car dealerships. The added cars are the following:

  • Toyota 2011 Denny Hamlin #11 FedEx TOYOTA CAMRY ’11
  • Chevrolet 2011 Tony Stewart #14 Office Depot CHEVROLET IMPALA ’11
  • Toyota 2011 Kyle Busch #18 M&M’SR TOYOTA CAMRY ’11
  • Toyota 2011 Joey Logano #20 The Home Depot TOYOTA CAMRY ’11
  • Chevrolet 2011 Jeff Gordon #24 Drive to End Hunger CHEVROLET IMPALA ’11
  • Chevrolet 2011 Juan Montoya #42 Target CHEVROLET IMPALA ’11
  • Ford 2011 AJ Allmendinger #43 Best Buy FORD FUSION ’11
  • Chevrolet 2011 Jimmie Johnson #48 Lowe’s CHEVROLET IMPALA ’11
  • Toyota 2011 Brian Vickers #83 Red Bull TOYOTA CAMRY ’11
  • Chevrolet 2011 Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88 AMP Energy/National Guard CHEVROLET IMPALA ’11
  • Ford 2011 Carl Edwards #99 Aflac FORD FUSION ’11

- Added the Nissan GT-R N24 Schulze Motor Sports
The Nisssan GT-R N24 Schulze Motor Sports has been added to the car dealer. This is the car entered in the 2011 Nurburgring 24 hour race by Schulze Motorsports of Germany, and is the very car in which Kazunori Yamauchi drove and achieved a class victory.

- Avatar now usable in Photo Travel
An Avatar ON/OFF feature has been added to Photo Travel. Now you can photograph your avatar together with your car.
You can turn the driver avatar ON/OFF by pressing the △ button while positioning the car.

- Replay Fast Forward/Rewind
All replay videos recorded after the 2.0 update will have [Forward] [Rewind] buttons.
You can now easily search for the scene you are looking for and play back a certain section whenever you want to, adding even more fun to the photo mode.

-Improved Online Lounge
[Car Restrictions] has been added in the regulations. You can now limit participants to specific categories such as “NASCAR” and “Super GT”. Also, there are now more cars that can be used in shuffle races, and a new “Shuffle Base” setting allows you to set the performance level of cars allocated to each player.
For details, please see Top screen – [Manual] – [Online Race] – [Event Settings] and the “Regulation Settings”.

- Additional features to Remote Racing
A “Graph Display” has been added to the remote race screen in GT My Home of, where you can enjoy B-Spec racing. This allows you to visually see the changes in positions in each lap. A time difference display for each car in the race has also been added.

- New Photo Stage Added
The “Indy: NASCAR Pit Stop” stage has been added to photo travel. We invite you to come see and capture the energy of NASCAR’s famous pit stops.

- Addition of the Consecutive Login Bonus
When a user logs in consecutively, a bonus will now be applied to experience and race rewards.
It will increase to 110% in the 1st day, 130% in the 2nd day, 150% in the 3rd day, 170% in the 4th, to a maximum of 200% in the 5th day. This will apply to all events both online and offline, so logging in every day will make the game progress faster.

- DLC (Downloadable Content) Compatibility
A [Downloadable Content] button has been added to the lower right of the top screen. Here you can install content purchased from the PlayStation®Store, which will be made available on October 18th.

- Official Support for the G25/G27 Racing Wheels
The Logitech G25 Racing Wheel and G27 Racing Wheel are now officially supported. You can now change button assignments for various racing controls on these wheels.

Other Improvements
- User interface improvement
- Quick Menu can now be accessed while the race is loading.
- It is now possible to save and resume endurance races.
- Two NASCAR cars selectable in Arcade Mode have been changed from the 2010 models to 2011 models.
- In the Arcade Settings of [Options], AI Car Characteristics settings has been added. You can now change the aggressiveness of the AI against you in Arcade races.
- Some effects of Traction Control have been adjusted. When the TCS level is set to 1, it will not come into effect as much especially in tight corners on dirt tracks.
- Surface Water and Tire Load Indicator displays have been added to the race screen. The Tire Load Indicator can be set from the Quick Options menu that is displayed during the race (when the game is paused using the START button), or the standard Options menu.
- The option to Create Thumbnails for All Cars has been added to the context menu of the Garage. This will update the thumbnails of all cars in the garage.
- Experience gained in online races have been increased by 60%, and rewards have been increased by 66%.
- You can now change the Slipstream Strength settings in the lounge.
- In the Lounge and in [Option] – [General] – [Arcade], it is now possible to turn Visible Damage ON or OFF.
- Drivetrain settings has been added to the regulation settings in the Lounge.
- A setting to prohibit “Tuning” of cars has been added to the regulations settings in the Lounge.
- Adjusted the driving speed of formula cars in banks, and auto-drive when coming onto straights.
- Added a button to [Reset Playlist to Original Settings] under the settings menus of [Menu BGM], [Race BGM] and [Slideshow BGM].
- Personal BGM can now also be set in [Slideshow BGM]
- A new brand “AMG” has been added to the MUSEUM.

Correction of Known Issues
- Corrected an issue where the “Torque Sensing Center Differential” installed on a Lancer Evolution X was not functioning.
- Fixed an issue where you could participate in the Intermediate/Tarmac Rally of the Gran Turismo Rally in a Ferrari F1 by using the power limiter.
- Fixed an issue where the Controller Steering Sensitivity was not applied correctly.
- Fixed an issue where there was a server connection problem in certain network environments.
- Fixed an issue where auto-drive would make braking mistakes.
- Fixed an issue where the system would misjudge whether deceleration happens in time when making pit stops in the rain.

New Seasonal Event

To help celebrate the fact the game’s Standard cars can now be played using the “interior view” (including open-cockpit cars), a new Seasonal Event featuring the Formula GT has also gone live along with this update and includes the following events:

  • High Speed Ring (10 laps)
  • Grand Valley Speedway (10 laps)
  • Nuburgring 24H (2 laps)
  • Tokyo Route R246 Reverse (10 laps)
  • Eifel Circuit 11A (10 laps)


GT5 Photomode image by Spark_GTP.

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  1. ChromeBallz

    So what happened to the improved racing ai? That was kind of my most anticipated feature :/

  2. reverand33

    the clutch on the g27 is still crap and you can’t have e-brake button on the wheel which is what i thought they were going to correct. if you don’t know how good the clutch+shifter can be try dirt 3. the new gtr is sweet but the new nascar models aren’t my favorite. the simplified interior view for standards is good but i tried one in the rain and there isn’t a wiper so you really can’t see anything. still happy with it all though. the nardo even shows the panoramic roof in the new interior. couldn’t find the 2.0 opening in the gran turismo tv menu. the pit stop photomode is pretty cool but you have to be ready to get a good pic and will have to try the driver avatar standing next to the car tomorrow. keep up the good work pd and FIX THE CLUTCH!

    • shewy92

      the clutch is fine in this game, in dirt 3 its either all the way on or off, no in between like in real life

  3. TheStig91

    Anyone else want the x2011?

  4. Sir Tuddle

    That opening o______o

  5. MadmuppGT

    Anyone else thinks the Avatar looks like a goosebury when he’s just stood around like he doesnt belong there haha… plus whats with that stance… HELLO SAILOR! you all know the one I mean haha

  6. king4951

    Absolute WIN PD. I’m gonna be up late tonight :) Thank you Kaz and your team:)

  7. Awesome stuff here! Just that the simplified interiors should have visible hoods too but good update nonetheless.

  8. SAMIboarder

    wow. just wow. nice update polyphony! don’t you just love the new generation of gaming? whiners be damned, this is fantastic stuff!

    • Agent-A20

      I do love this generation of gaming. I’ve been gaming since the beginning, literally. Once upon a time, you bought a game from the store and it was done. No updates, no added content, nada, game as is. Now, the game you purchased a month ago is fluid, bugs get patched, new content increases overall play value. I love it! I don’t think gamers realize what big advancements game updating and DLC are. Definitely gamechangers.

    • another_jakhole

      10-4 SERGEANT!

      Thaaaat’s a 10-4, copy.

    • another_jakhole

      over and out

    • another_jakhole

      skadaddle rattle paddle.

    • another_jakhole

      Ski Ba Bop Ba Dop Bop

    • another_jakhole

      On a serious note, Spec 2 is even better than it looks. Gotta love PD. Well, you don’t have to, but I will.

    • MyFavoriteGame

      WTF dude!?

  9. RoarOfZonda


  10. mmaforlife

    39% slowly but steadyly.. its 590mb and 5min 17 sec :)

  11. mmaforlife

    somebody youtube it… fast!!!

  12. to500mo

    how do i do the in race save?

  13. Barry Spock

    I’m more excited about this than the DLC. Great list of upgrades here.

  14. mmaforlife

    27%… really slow :(

  15. mmaforlife

    channels and to bottom (gran turismo) gaf did not seem to notice… old news?

  16. Jon64½

    Awesome. What an excellent birthday present for me today. DoggyB22, if you want to quit whining and fork over a few dollars to the game’s creators, you can have some new cars…Oh and by the way, we’ve set up some bowls and silverware so all of you haters can start eating your words at your convienience.

  17. mmaforlife

    Opening movie is ready for download

  18. DoggyB22

    Yay all these updates & STILL no new cars……. GT5 FAILS

    • killer tiller

      Well considering it takes 6 months to do the rendering on 1 new car, you can forgive them for not releasing 50 brand spanking new cars.

    • Oobbergear

      There are a number of things that I personally am not happy with and I don’t think its just me…

    • Oobbergear

      dude, they render all this interior and they don’t even let you take a full look of the inside… why? I mean if you say you took all this time and effort to show us the best, we should be able to see it.

    • shigllgetcha

      just because it takes PD 6 months to render a car, doesnt mean thats how long it should take.

    • Agent-A20

      Settle down grasshopper. Spec 2.0 is free. How can anyone complain? PD has supported the game very well. Consider the fact that their HQ was in the vicinity of the Japnese earthquake and they had to relocate, all the while still pumping out seasonals, adding racing gear and performing a few other minor tweaks. Also, I thnk it was pretty cool that the seasonal prize money was boosted, the OCD prices cut and mileage zeroed for such a long time. Give these guys the credit they deserve and be patient. When they rake in the dough from this first round of DLC, more wil be on its heels. They are in business to make money. Be patient and enjoy your racing.

    • another_jakhole

      Chyea BOY!

    • another_jakhole

      haha grasshopper. That he is, for sure.

    • gtracer2

      Oi there. DLC is coming with cars so stop blubbing about

    • MyFavoriteGame

      @Oobbergear — U know what, that’s true. we cant really take pics of the insides are even look at them except when in cockpit view. A lot of newer racing games games let you use the right stick to look left and right, but not GT5….I wouldn’t mind if when they upgrade some standards to premium they don’t put so much effort into the cockpit.

  19. Is there “Saving During Race” i didn’t read anything mentioning that. Or did I miss it? :(

  20. Thanks PD

  21. HondaS800

    I can’t find the movie either.

  22. FINALLY LETS GO PLAY !!! GT5 has add DLC download yay

  23. Oobbergear

    Has anyone seen the new bloody movie, because I can’t find it in Gran Turismo TV =(

  24. CaptainHarlock

    If someone can tell me if the camera angles on the Top Gear Test Track have been changed to more resemble the broadcast, I’d appreciate it.

    • Oobbergear


    • CaptainHarlock

      Dang. Oh well. Can’t have everything.

    • MadmuppGT

      alas no, kind sir… and the replay controls arnt exactly controls… more skip forward by a chunk, skip back by the same chunk… still beats waiting and waiting so works for me!

  25. CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

  26. Oobbergear

    The “rewind” and fastforward” buttons are more actually like “previous” and “next” buttons… Even GT4 had a “fastfoward” that works better, but I guess its better than nothing =_=

    • MadmuppGT

      I was thinking that its more of a skip button…

    • Kingvi1la

      I was going to be surprised if they got “true” fast and rewind in because of the lack of RAM in the ps3. It only has 256mb while xbox has 512mb.

  27. MadmuppGT

    Just noticed you cant seem to put your car in the pit lane for photos, you just have to take photos of those damned NASCARS, Bummer

  28. Gohaninengland

    Well done Polyphony, almost 1 year to introduce Replay Fast Forward/Rewind. The hard part is already done, huh?

    • JayJonesJunior

      i could name you a few 2011 games that have been completely abandoned by their developers less than 2 months after launch, you should be happy PD still cares for their products.

    • shigllgetcha

      …that they released unfinished

    • Vortex1be

      They had to release it unfinished…

    • viejaloca

      Guys, be quiet…

  29. NO DRAG STRIP ???!!!

  30. GTTurtle

    Grrr. I got grounded earlier today!

  31. WanderingSoul

    Oh my god… I just fell in love with the GT Formula car all over again. <3

    • MadmuppGT

      I’m going to try the Formula GT now… I’ve just been in my Caterham and WOW! great job PD… This alone is worth the update.!

    • MadmuppGT

      Just tried the Formula GT… how AWESOME IS THAT!

  32. wingman1659

    Downloading the GT5.2 Demo err I mean update as we speak.

  33. Oobbergear

    Am I the only one that thinks this update isn’t as good as it seems, other than the G27 and physics update….?

    • GregTheStig

      I’ll take a few new features any time. I’m still holding my breath for the DLC though :)

  34. cornappeltje

    WOWIE!!!!! Too bad I have school till 6 :(

  35. SixFourTwoHero

    It already froze on me. I’ve had enough. I’ve given this game SO many chances. Time to swap the PS3 for an XBOX.

    • JayJonesJunior

      because of a single game? you do know that freezing is not a PS3 exclusive right?

    • Tvensky


    • Tvensky

      he dont own PS3 dont you get it! its just a boy with Xbox typing there! :)

    • SixFourTwoHero

      What I meant by the XBOX comment was it’s time to switch back to Forza. I sold my 360 a year before GT5 actually came out, in preparation for the game. Not only did it come out months and months after initially expected, but it’s been an incomplete and tossed-about game.

      I’m just saying that after giving numerous chances (updates), it’s not the game it should be. I’ve always been a PlayStation guy and the GT series has had me hooked since the original. It’s just time to admit defeat and cross back over into Forzaland.

    • another_jakhole

      Cry me a riverrrr, cry me a riverr. Cry me a river, ohhh, cry me a riverrrr.

      So, what’s up?

  36. Seasonals have lost most of there value and are worth between 100,000 – 200,000 credits each…..

    • GT CHAMP

      Higher prices in OCD and lower prize money on seasonals. Time to dupe a few lvl 23 tickets.

  37. Prize money in seasonal events is back down to nothing again, 168,000 at Sarthe instead of 504,000

    • Mithster18

      You do get the Suzuka Seasonal for 5million. Although it is a 1-off.

    • terminsel

      10 million if you’ve logged in 5 days in a row, everything doubles then

  38. monildan

    hey guys..i started the endurance races but i do not see any option to save the races… is there something like the race can be saved only when you are halfway thru the race??

    • adversus

      You have to pit.. .when you go into the pits you get a “Suspend” button on the pit window. This forces you to exit the game, and re-loading the game makes you either resume or abandon the race.

    • monildan

      Thanks man!!

  39. online car dealership…prices are not half price ! i knew i shoulda bought a couple of them at 2,000,000

    • GT CHAMP

      Higher prices in OCD and lower prize money on seasonals. What the hell PD. Would a little warning be too much to ask? Wonder why that was left out of the update information. PD YOU BASTARDS!!

  40. Playstation network is back up !!

  41. study for school or GT5?….. GT5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. any tracks yet?

  43. PENSfan4eva

    G27 Mapping<333333333

  44. Super_Colossal

    Ability to turn visual damage off in arcade?! YES!!!!

    • another_jakhole

      Awesome, I’m not the only one that thinks so.

    • another_jakhole

      I haven’t seen anyone post anything about that, besides me.

  45. I’m also seeing the 1.0 intro movie. Watched it the whole way through, didn’t see any new stuff in the movie.

    Definitely love the G27 support and the quicker menu system, though. All in all, it’s a solid update. I really wish the game released like this.

    • deltarider209

      available from “Gran Turismo TV”. When you download this movie, it will replace the current opening movie. The previous version will be viewable within Gran Turismo TV.

  46. doodooshorts

    Server is still down guys……..

  47. adversus

    There is a new “Downloadable Content” on the entry screen, but clicking it gives a “Server not available” error.

    • Denilson

      Prob due to traffic.. Try again in a few hours..

    • Vortex1be

      Probably because there isn’t any downloadable content available yet. It will take another week before the DLC comes out.

  48. MasterFocus

    I’m stuck at 8min but the dl is now 79% done.
    Got to say that is a LOOOONG 8 min =P

  49. adversus

    Yeah I installed and entered but I’m still seeing the 1.0 movie. Unless the in-game portion is different, almost through the factory.

  50. Midnight32

    almost done installing. gonna go have fun with this new update. goodnight and happy racing.

    • MyFavoriteGame

      Noooooooooo, u gotta come back and tell us all about it

  51. pepsiblast08

    First attempt error occurred. 6 minutes left now!

  52. PENSfan4eva

    Hmm a few hours before the release of forza 4…GOOD move PD! :D

  53. WanderingSoul

    Very nice. I don’t see the new intro movie, however… It still looks to be the 1.0 intro. Anyone else having the same issue?

    • Super_Colossal

      I was thinking the same thing

    • Once you download the new spec 2 intro from Gran Turismo TV, it will automatically replace the existing video when GT boots up

  54. Bundy247

    hello i see a DLC option on the home screen :) im keen isnt it a week till the dlc is out ????

  55. Damn, it’s noon in Tokyo now and I can’t quit work earlier today, gotta wait a while longer! > ~ <'

  56. In the words of Sebastian Vettel, “YES! That’s what I’m talkin about!” LOL

  57. too big for me to download atm ….fugg

  58. it’s cool but interior for the standard cars not as good as hooped but good enough.

  59. Downloading!!! YES!!!!! 15%…… Back to my guitar….

  60. terminator363

    Can’t wait to see the DLC

  61. alexlam24

    This is Nov 23 2010 again! I will download tmrw!

  62. nounclejesse

    Please, and this has been said before, F1 cars from the 60′s, like GPL. PLEASE DO THIS.

    • 0ldman279

      I would love to have some more old n dusty race cars on there.

      Bring it on!

  63. doodooshorts

    UGGGGG!!! server still down!!! download complete though…..

  64. gt5fanatec

    JUST WENT TO BED!!! NOW IM NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO SLEEP! I have to wait til the morn.

  65. AaronCarlsonGt5

    19 minutes to download mine!!!! ye

  66. downloading right now. thanks for the updates!!!

  67. GT5_Honda_Guy

    I am very excited! I love this game, been a great ride! Looking forward to checking out the update, 10mins remaining… I am curious how they will improve the best game of all time.

    Also, isn’t this a day early? Way to go Kaz! And love the whole competition thing, with that one arcade simulation that I think is coming out tomorrow??? It’s just not fair :) reminds me of the whole Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD, Polyphony is obviously Blu-Ray! Muah!

    Signing off, time to race!!! =D

    • I only found out a few minutes ago while racing online, 35 minutes to early Xmas !

  68. GTP_Versatile

    Already??? WOWOWOWOOW!

  69. Snackempizzas

    Thankyou kaz and pd. You guys are the best. Woo!

  70. jordan you should put the done thing away at force feedback

  71. Omamder5


    I’m not at home right now, and even though I have my PS3, I can’t hook it up to the internet right now, so I’ll have to wait unttil I drive the 11 hours bac to get the udate, but it loks just as promising as when it was announced. Should be badass.

  72. gtfan4life

    only 5min to DL, time to install & check everything out. Happy days are here again!

  73. mclifted

    10 minutes to go and I’m on. See you tomorrow morning.

  74. Super_Colossal

    Once I saw the maintenance notice, I knew it was time. Phuck yea.

  75. TougeBulletsX

    YeeHaa!!! Can’t wait till I get back home from work and check it all out! Hope there’s some new driftcars added to the game too, fingers crossed :)

  76. ChicoMaloXD

    Does it includes the new RM cars?

    • if not, that’s a bad thing because that means will have to pay for those cars as they’ll be bundled with dlc


      no, those are DLC


    you’d think they would add new Super GT liveries, and maybe the HSV (wink wink) who cares about turning left on an oval

    • VtecTuner

      the HSV currently being used in japan would take every car out in gt5! :)

  78. Awesome! Can’t wait to play around with the new cars and the interior views.

  79. my download has just ended now installang and then watching the new intro

  80. FloridaFanGT

    Awesome. Thanks PD :)

  81. slightly concerned at how long this will take for me to download my ISP is crap :( lol

    • VtecTuner

      i recon atleast 2 days lol

    • Thats probably not far from the real time it will take, SKY suck!! F*** you Rupert Murdoch

  82. Nikkolaz

    Downloading :D

  83. JasonMann

    Yesss downloading now. Was goona go to bed early for school, screw that!

  84. Waster3000

    Sweet as! I’ll get right on it, just as soon as Bob finishes messing about…

  85. Let’s do this like gentlemen ;)

  86. omgitsbees

    yay! GT5 is finally finished.

  87. VtecTuner

    Downloading, only 118 minutes to go lol

  88. Blackex99

    Thanks Kaz!!!!!!!

    • Tenacious D

      Truly, thank you and your marvelous team for working so hard through a tumultuous and troubling year. And putting up with a lot of badmouthing from us in the West. :p
      I’d apologize for them, but they aren’t worth it.

    • AstonMartinGT5

      ^^ +1 epsecially the bit about Japan’s troubles. WELL DONE PD AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR BEING SO AWESOME :D :D :D

      wonderful update by the way :D :D intro movie way really wonderful :’)

    • another_jakhole


  89. zedfonsie

    sweet, lets see how different the physics are now (probably not much considering what pd thinks is important is 11 different skins of nascars :/)

  90. doodooshorts

    You know that feeling you get right after narrowly missing getting into a real car accident? i just kinda got that feeling reading this headline. And i gotta tell ya…….it feels fantastic!

  91. TheFlyingKiwi

    Downloading. Haven’t been this excited since well November the 23rd 2010

  92. savage388

    Ahhhh yea!!! Downloading now it’s like release day all over again!!!

  93. Downloading right now! 7 Minutes left, can’t wait! Oh it appears to be no new intro, what a disapointment…

    • mazdaman83

      You have to download the new movie from the ‘Gran Turismo TV’ section

    • Once you download the new spec 2 intro from GT TV, it will automatically replace the existing video when GT boots up

  94. Awesome! Enough chat though, time to download! Nice photo choice for the article by the way.

  95. MLR_DAnGeR_KiiD


  96. Cool!

  97. xDriftzzinc


  98. ObscureSerenity

    Yup… 1192mb, and 29minutes to d/l and install!
    Will updated once we see anything more interesting than the loading screen. :)

    • CaptainHarlock

      I wish it would take only 29 minutes for me. My internet is seriously slow. No AT&T U-Verse in my area either.

  99. Woot woot.

  100. McZachenF138


    • theArmourKing

      super update! What about the shadows?

    • No improvements to shadows, doubt they will ever fix them

    • Imtheboss53

      Really? Ur gonna complain over shadows?

    • MyFavoriteGame

      i understand where hes coming from, i spend a lot of time watching replays and thats something i really cant stand sometimes. fixed shadows would make this game absolutely perfect in my eyes. that being said, im gonna really love spa!!!

    • theArmourKing

      I think so, myFavoriteGame…
      I love GT! Because of it I bought the PS2, PSP & PS3! For its 3D i bought the EX720-40:)!

    • Tompie913

      You know, I’ve found a way to sort of fix the shadows. My Panasonic TV has a Video NR (Noise Reduction) feature, and I hardly notice any of the “jaggies” now with it on. If you’ve got a TV with that feature, I’d strongly recommend turning it on for GT5.

    • MyFavoriteGame

      @Tompie913 , your story intrigues me,..are you saying that with a really expensive super high tech TV, the shadows wont be buggy?,….and that the reason why PD hasn’t fixed it is because they prob haven’t noticed!?….hmmm. time to go shopping.

    • Tompie913

      My television has a Video Noise Reduction setting, which I assume is sort of post-processing done by the TV on the image to remove noise or stray pixels. The jaggies are sort of stray pixels, so they’re smoothed out. It’s not like your game suddenly looks like all the GT5 trailers, but it seems much less noticeable, especially in a moving picture (which GT5 mostly is).

    • payback23


    • atlhardhitters1

      LAME LAME LAME i don’t care about button mapping on my g27 it’s ok ,but what i want is to feel the real force feedback of the wheel. under options it states that the feedback is for DFGT,and DF PRO wheels only. the other updates are cool but come on give the g27 the real power

    • theArmourKing

      I turn on the video noise reduction on my EX720, it’s helping but not good enough…the shadows is the only GT5′s problem…

    • MyFavoriteGame

      @theArmourKing – I think so too, but then again, that’s coming from a guy who watches 2 hr long replays :D. A lot of ppl online are saying that it cant be fixed because of the ps3′s lack of RAM…. I really hope they’re wrong and this is just an optimization issue….

    • theArmourKing

      it’s not only the PS3′s problem…it’s in the GT’s programme…I noticed it since the GT1,2,3&4!!! But it’s clear here because of the HD-resoloution!

    • Brunskill777

      This update is great. like the new nissan GTR, except the new nascars are basically the same as they were before bar a few colour changes. But I HATE the statement about rewards and xp improving. It’s fine offline with 200% but online where I was getting 504 grand for the La Festa Cavalani on De la Sarthe now I get 164 grand. RIP OFF. And xp has gone way down as well. Even with double points they’re both still way lower than before. And the online collectors dealership has now been RUINED by all the cars being full price instead of half price. We’re getting less money for more expensive cars. Although mid race endurance saves are good and xp for A spec is great. I got 1.5 million xp for Indy 500. Free X1′s are great for endurances too.

    • BKViper

      Tompie, you are the man! I turned on that “DNR” setting on my TV and the difference is VERY noticeable. Even paying attention specifically to the shadows, they look pretty good. When you are watching the action in general, they are no longer that distracting thing that pulls your eye away. Kudos, and anyone else who’s TV has this should try it.

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