Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.08 Now Available, DLC Incoming

September 24th, 2012 by Jordan

Gran Turismo 5 version 2.08 is now available as a 227MB download and brings with it a number of bug fixes and minor features.

The following is an official changelog, but updates typically include other undocumented changes as well; keep an eye on our Gran Turismo 5 forum as our community uncovers and discusses everything new.

  • Now possible to select “Disable collisions” in the [Event Settings] of online races.
  • ID’s are now shown above cars when watching online races.
  • Response of the clutch pedal when using the steering wheel controllers “G25 Racing Wheel”, “G27 Racing Wheel”, “T500RS” and “TH8RS” has been adjusted.
  • Rate of tire wear in endurance races has been slowed (excluding formula cars).
  • Amount of air resistance change when altering aerodynamic wing settings has been increased.
  • Autopilot has been adjusted to prevent colliding with the wall when exiting the pit lane on the Tsukuba circuit.
  • Adjusted the changes in control characteristic when altering vehicle height from standard height. (Vehicle height can be changed by adjusting ride height, either by installing a suspension kit or adjusting a full customizable suspension kit.)

The latest batch of DLC, including the Honda Weider HSV-010, Subaru BR-Z, and Nissan GT-R N24 will become available to purchase in the PlayStation Store when it updates in your local region on Tuesday.

As always, stay tuned in to GTPlanet’s forums for breaking availability information.

GT5 Photomode image by Revolution.

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  1. nielsenman2

    ore is supposed to be more in my previous comment.

  2. nielsenman2

    The reason why there isn’t free DLC is because that is how PD makes some ore of their money. They sell you the game then charge you to have the good stuff. I don’t have a job and cant afford to buy the Playstation network money card or whatever they are called so I can’t have the new cars like the amazing Aventandor. So you are not the only one suffering.

  3. thestiggy

    Why oh why cant they be free dlc’s

  4. TheEzekiel

    Awesome work PD you ruined online gaming !! :-) thank you so much..

  5. madmax2069

    Thanks for the 2.08 PD. Now I’m getting many random disconnects, many black screens with logo in the lower right when entering a online race. Longer loading times, sometimes cannot see other cars in a online race, didn’t solve the hacked car issue (seen a Dodge ram blow away a x2011 like it was standing still and take off flying when it hit a bump in the road)

  6. SakuraHaruno

    How about fixing up the online part that was happily and intentionally screwed up?

    • Spazmaticality

      happily and intentionally? wow youre crazy. I suppose you think they also made a graphic pop up at the front corners of the car when you hit something hard enough

  7. iRtheSTIG

    How about this polyphony…try putting cars into the game that people want

  8. floydlloyd

    this update has screwed up the loading time. the game is now freezing a lot.

  9. how do the other cars sound,i know the HSV sounds crap but what of the other 2 DLC cars?

  10. I hope they add some new upgrades in the car like changing rim size, tire profile, upgrading headlights to HIDs. something like that.

  11. I’d like them to disable seasonal events and make earning cash harder, it is really too easy to make cash and everybody is drivnig around in exotic cars when your playing online, back in the old days you saw more JDM’s and less exotics, made it more fun.

    • Disable seasonals events ?! Because YOU don’t want that other people may play them, right ? Good point. Huuum, let’s see… I’d like them to disable online races. So that we would not be bothered with people driving around in exotic cars.

    • MasterWayne

      Yes, let’s disable seasonal events so that I can spend countless more hours driving in circles, grinding away for cash, because wasting more time than others doing rote, monotonous things in a video game is how I get my sense of accomplishment. I wouldn’t want others, who don’t feel like spending hour after hour after hour driving in a circle to actually enjoy driving the cars they want in the car racing game that they bought and paid for.

    • kyho951

      I agree with you because my friends will get the game and have never played it and they can already afford many nice cars that I had to grind for days. For about a year my GT5 wouldn’t let me log online for some reason and it made earning credits a lot harder. Now that I fixed that problem I have every car in the game (except all dlc) including duplicates. When it takes more time to earn credits it makes the game feel more rewarding. Now I always have max credits and I’m bored of the game because there’s nothing new. What I like to do now is have my b-spec drivers run the 24 hours nurburgring to gain my drivers skill and to break-in engine power. They should add more a-spec stuff; I know there are many events in the seasonal races but I always liked a-spec the best. It is why I enjoy gran turismo. And I like the online play, but there are so many douchebags on there that just kick me when it takes forever to join a room. I rarely find a fun online server..

    • simjam45

      But if theres not easier way to get money then there wont be gtr’s supra’s evo’s vipers

      me i like gtrs,lamboghini,ferrari

  12. SonicConqueror

    After the version 2.08 update, I’ve noticed that when making a pit stop in an electric car, the battery level isn’t charging up at all.

  13. They should make the new super cars of the most famous brands as:
    pagani huayra’10
    ferrari f12’12
    bmw m5 f10’12
    aston martin one-77’10
    RUF CTR3
    bugatti veyron ss’10
    dodge viper srt gts’12
    acura nsx’13
    koenigseeg Agera r’12
    bmw 1m coupe’12
    camaro zl1’12
    audi rs5’11
    jaguar xkr-s’12
    Maserati Quattroporte sport gts
    maserati mc stradale

    • sha4dowknight05

      Yeah its too bad polyphony digital is busy racing in the real world circuits instead of worrying about their current game…

      While KAZ is out there blowing his money and racing on Nurburing, we gotta play a game that could of been much better and this game lacks DLC completely.

      Look at Forza the car collection DLC alone is amazing and not to mention the cars that are already in game are a spectacular collection to drive!!!

  14. They should add the new viper or maybe some bmw, audi, mercedes’s new lineup.

  15. gtrboss

    I was just wondering if anyone experienced the same problem I have.

    After I joined an online lobby, I would try to enter the track and the screen would turn black, the GT5 logo would appear in the bottom right corner of the screen, and I would have to restart the game. The weird thing was that I would be able to control my car, hear my car, hear other people with mics, and their cars. This occurs in 1 in every 3 rooms I try to join, and has only been occurring after the 2.08 update.

    Has anyone else had to deal with this?

    • Yeah mate same thing, near enough 1 in 3 for me aswell, so annoying, but worth it gt5 is pukker

    • mcalva98

      Yes, this did happen to me i could control my car but it was all black, every new update comes with a new glitch

    • SakuraHaruno

      They did it and they are not gonna fix it. They’re HAPPY!

    • simjam45

      its called black screen

  16. TheEzekiel

    I’d love some GT1 cars or some LMP1 cars like Audi R18 Ultra or Toyota TS 030

  17. They should add the new viper and R8 and maybe some lexus’ cars and audi’s.

  18. montecarlo87

    Shows how much I didn’t care about GT5 at this point. Once again nothing but Japanese cars and now more than five different versions of the Toyota 86. Along with yet another version of a GT-R. Let’s see didn’t Ford recently come out with the Boss 302, and didn’t Carrol Shelby pass on this year as well? Where is the honor for the greatest car guy ever to live? And didn’t GT’s main competitor get a thirty Porsche pack?

    Yeah Japanese bias much, and not caring what the fans want to see??? This keeps up and there’s going to be a changing of the guard. While we wonder what happened to that old game called Gran Tursimo, we will be playing Forza 9.

    • gamerdog6482

      You obviously either don’t know or don’t care about how racing sims work.

      The reason that Gran Turismo can’t get Porsche in it is because Electronic Arts (Maker of the Need For Speed series) has EXCLUSIVE rights to digital versions of Porsche cars. Forza Motorsport only got them because they bought a sub-license from EA, and EA charged through the nose to get it.
      PD cares greatly about what the fans want. Just look at some of the past DLC.
      The fans repeatedly asked for the Aventador, V12 Vantage, Spa, and a lot of people wanted the Golf R.
      If you read some of the interviews of Kaz, you would understand the “Japanese bias”, so I won’t go into detail here.

      And Forza Motorsport can’t really be called GT’s “competitor”, because they aren’t even on the same system. Someone who has a PS3 isn’t going to think “Should I get GT5 or FM4?” because they would have to buy another system to get FM.

    • Nicely said gamerdog

  19. Gt5 is so boring and 95% of the cars no one cares about

    • gamerdog6482

      Uh…95% of the cars no one cares about what?
      Finish your sentence, I don’t know what you are trying to say.

  20. Punner63

    With this new update you are now able to draft in the free run mode. Makes it impossible to run qualifying sessions with multiple vehicles on the track at one time. Also seems like the fuel is being consumed faster with the new update.
    For the next update, is it possible to add shortcuts to the penalties instead of using the weak penalties? Vehicles turn invisible at times when bump drafting with penalties on weak.

  21. After the 2.08 update, every time I enter a race there comes a weird cracking noise from my speakers.

    • Veyron Tony

      I`ve heard that too, when the car enters the staging mode and when changing settings

  22. xero0083

    Thanks for the DLC and for the ability to pick an choose what you want

  23. dethringr

    Tell PD enough with the GT-R by not buying the DLC. They wont get the message if you complain about how there’s nothing different but yet you still buy it.

    • gamerdog6482

      There is something different. If it was the American version of the Black Edition things might be different, but the N24 GT-R has deep meaning to Kaz, and by extension the Gran Turismo series itself. The new version is a different car.

  24. Jump_Ace

    I tried racing online and attempted to properly tune a car and imo they still haven’t fixed the issue with tuning the front actually tweaks the back setting in the suspension section. I did only adjust one car; Toyota MR-2 G-Limited ’97 but it was enough to make me think they didn’t fix it. Anyone else find this to be true too? All PD needs to do is flip the car image and headings in the suspension page and it would make things easier on us.

    Thanks in advance.


    • gamerdog6482

      The update didn’t effect online, just offline.

  25. TheEzekiel

    wel…I loved this series :-) I loved GT since 1997 but you…PD…you ruined it…now it’s piece of freezing, bugging garbage….it’s shameless and I regret that I bought PS3 just because of GT5 :(

  26. UrieHusky

    Wow. I’ve come back to the game and ALL of my tunes are broken. Even my Nissan Skyline R32. Which I used to own IRL, drives nothing like the real thing any more.

    PD have finally done it. They’ve killed the game.

    Every single one of my cars, even ones that are totally stock standard, understeer something fierce.

    Understeer ISN’T FUN.

    I’m done. I’m so, SO sad to say this but I’m done.

    • The thing that changed in the setup was the ride height. Now there is a difference between 0/0 and 5/5 for example. My NASCAR setup was an absolute ACE. Leading out in clean air it was faster then weak boost in clean air, and sometimes quicker then strong. It was my crown achievement, but now it’ll need a tweak. Setting your ride heights down to around the zero marker should help you for starers. Say your ride height use to be 9/11, set it to -1/1, even ratios around the zero. That should better it until the tuners in the forum have it figured out.

    • UrieHusky

      I’ve been playing with my tunes in a desperate attempt to enjoy the game again, but even putting my ride height 1 point in either direction causes drastic changes, IE at one point it’s oversteering violently, then it’s understeering pathetically.

      I’ve managed to fix /one/ of my cars but that’s only good for driving ‘properly’. All of my drifting cars are ruined :(

    • Rynogtr23

      sounds to me that someone doesn’t know how to tune, PERIOD!!

    • mr_pepps

      A bit overdramatic there Urie?

      Knock one out and go kick a football – when you come back to your ps3 I’m sure all will be calm and you can start to re-tune your favourite rides again.

    • tofudrifter

      Lol @ Urie …. you are the worst kind of person :(


      Ok, that’s your game. Not what PD tried to do. Everything in my garage is still the same.

  27. rustyford84

    we just got it in new zealand but only the honda and thr bzr no gtr??????

  28. loveitoi


  29. mr_pepps

    I’m going to the pub tonight. DLC can wait for me instead :)

  30. Mr Nerv

    It’s here in the UK, must’ve been 5pm that the Store updated.

  31. stigum81

    DLC Out in Norway now. (EU)

  32. is the DLC going to come to the uk today ??????

  33. I am loving 2.08, thank you PD. & your Honda Weiber is most excellent. however, your default car settings for the new Nissan, did someone play a joke on us?

    • danger23

      yes your right it’s setup like a street car,”no 4wd no aero”

    • Veyron Tony

      Hello, I took the Nissan out on the Nurb track (seasonals #4) and I was sorely disappointed. It handled terribly, I didn`t have any confidence I was going to make the next corner, it felt like it was floating. (I use a steering wheel)
      So I put the BRZ to the test, whaooo, now that`s what I`m talking about, handled great, came in 4th behind the dreaded MaClearen F1 racer, vs, 6th with the Nissan.
      I thought being an Academy car would`ve meant more, just sticker though, sadly.

    • danger23

      yeah 1700+ rear wheel drive is going to handle like crap

    • The description says its very different to the 2011 Nur24 Kaz_car

    • Veyron Tony

      Yeah, but usually when something is described as different , it`s thought to be better.

  34. Manos Ahladianakis

    In Greece when?

  35. tooheys77

    Still no DLC in the UK?!

  36. WTFnews

    still no DLC in holland?

    • Racingworld68

      The dutch/belgian store only gets updated at wednsdays, this will be arround 04.00pm….

  37. Lmao at the new deep forest penalty

    • There’s a penalty on that track now?

    • I’m gonna guess that corner at the start of the lap where everybody blows over the concrete curb, lol. Now if only they fixed the penalties at Fuji. Take turn 2 for example, you get called out if you get half a tire on the outside grass. Like anybody seriously thinks they are making time with a tire in the grass on exit of the curve. It shouldn’t call you for a penalty unless you get your tires over the grass, that’s when you start speeding up.

  38. Amac500

    Just gave the Honda HSV-010 a shake down. First off, if you use or like to use the racing line this car is not for you due to the 2 roll bars across the windshield. If you aren’t using racing line you’ll get use to it but you’ll have to change the reference points you look to on the track while driving. If your on the left side of the road you will have a hard time finding the visible edge of the track, which can also change you breaking points if you look for colors in the pavement or shoulder of the road. That aside, I really like how it drives. You get use to the roll bars, which only block your most convienent vantage points. It really is funny because they aren’t really big, they are small, but only where you don’t want to be. It also wasn’t helped cornering by adding downforce, in my experience anyways, I ran at Fuji. It felt od, like it just didn’t want to dive where you wanted it to, or rotate when you wanted it to. But that will make a tuning challenge, and I for one like a good challenge :)

  39. You know, for 99c you can buy a racing game for your android phone that has better car sounds than GT5.

  40. blksentra2

    I don’t understand why there is a charge for the BR-Z while there was none for the 86GT and FR-S?
    Did it take a little more effort to digitize the Subaru?

  41. Amac500

    So does the BR-Z have a race mod? If it does then I will be quite happy and purchase it with a big grin. If not I will shake my head and laugh when I see it on the PS online store.

    • Amac500

      Also how is the tire wear on the HSV-010, better then the NSX?

    • tpark103

      Come on man spend the 1.00 don’t be so thrifty. You probably wasted more than that on soda today. You can probably find that in your couch. I’ll bet in a weeks time you spend more than that at Taco Bell. It’s a dollar…. Really!!!!

    • Progress823

      The tire wear is finally realistic!!!! 22 laps on Suzuka just like the AI with Super GT cars (I’m using the HSV-010 with only oil change).

    • Amac500

      True it’s only a dollar but I gotta go to the store and pay $20 whenever I need a new card, so I wanted enough around for a sizable DLC when it comes out. Method to the madness ;)

    • Pit Crew

      The BRZ isnt race modable. Just finish racing with some guys dieing to use them in my 205 max break in lobby. They left after getting lapped by 2 22B WRX STI Coupes a 370Z a Spec C 04 STI and 2 TVR 350Cs. We tried to warn em lol.

      Still a good DLC car (i guess) but in online lobbies, please know your limitations lol.

    • Amac500

      Lol, the HSV is alot of fun online. Was running a bunch at Fuji and where big fast cars like Lambos made money on the front stretch, the HSV is a great car in the corners. The thing handles exactly as I want, responds to me right, visibility is the only draw back. But I was thrilled to see PROPER tore wear again, it was a practical Nirvana

  42. jjames12

    racing my ek rm im doing great bout 8-12 car lengths away 60% of the tunnel, then someone gets in my draft, note im bout 8-12 car lengths then they hit like a 500 shot nos and is next to me. I race outside of gt5 and even with close hp they dont come speeding up behind me with a troll face in plane sight…. thats the only problem i have with this update is drafting capabilities, and i wish the suspension issue was more complex so the whole raising the back of the car to get traction would not be the only option of a better launch.

    • mr_pepps

      Ask Sergio Perez how the effects of slipstreaming contribute to a rapid gain in speed!
      (Monza 2012 on P Massa)

  43. japlkofk69

    Using the brz!! Oh yeah!!

    • Amac500

      Using the 86 and the FR-S!! Oh yeah!! Lol

    • tpark103

      From what I understand the FR-S, 86, and BRZ have the same body but the BRZ has a different suspension. Please correct me if everything that I have read about these has been incorrect to date or it haven’t translated to the game.

    • blksentra2

      Tpark103 is correct. As with the real life cars, the BR-Z handles differently than the FR-S and 86GT.

  44. TheCrazySwede

    I haven’t been able to try it yet, but how’s the clutch work now? Is it more pressure sensitive? Unlike the On/Off Clutch switch I currently have to deal with…

  45. smskeeter23

    Previous comment are correct that the HSV sounds like crap.

    • Andresb

      Yes the sound is totally different to the real Honda HSV-010 sound!!!

    • Amac500

      Honestly it’s totally fine with me, I don’t really care how it sounds as long as I have that nice onboard and an engine sound. Also I’d like to remind to watch the car on replays to hear the engine nose, it sounds different onboard from when you are watching it on YouTube.

  46. Veyron Tony

    Just arrived at CST, Chicago @ 5:00

  47. eisento

    USA Store avaible :) use the search (sorry for bad english :S )

    • Progress823

      Yeah, I downloaded and about to put the HSV-010 through the paces on the Suzuka 1000km endurance on A-Spec.

  48. hobanator24

    Is anyone else getting a delay in the sound? When I use the horn, there is about a 1 sec delay from when I hit it and when I hear it. Same with menu and engine sounds.

    • MattZR1

      Yes I noticed this last night while navigating the cars in the new dealership. A slight lag between your button press and the sound as well as the movement of the cursor. Quite annoying to say the least.

    • Youngun

      Great so with every patch comes a new bug

    • hobanator24

      I also just noticed in the store in the BRZ Description, it says ‘Toyota FR-S.’

    • RB26 2jz

      GT5’s too big to not get bugs when they change stuff

  49. Dynamite_Dave

    Not sure if i’m too bothered to download the G T-R, there’s way too many already , the only GT-R i want is the stealth model along with the NSX Stealth. Can’t they just fold and do a dlc for all stealth models????

    • No,because that wouldn’t be fair on the people that bought the signature editions.

    • Youngun

      Came out with regular edition over here, i went collectors so got chrome but no stealth either :(

    • Dynamite_Dave

      Well i have two stealths but i want the others, if the dlcs are optional per car that may help

    • smskeeter23

      Just like the N24 is fair to EU who bought the academy addition?

    • RB26 2jz

      All you had to do for NSX GT500 stealth was download the first DLC and GTR GT500 had a code on the gt5 website, but yeah I can see why people wouldn’t want them to be in DLC, I’d be pissed if my GT500 Stealth’s weren’t rare anymore

    • tpark103

      I’m in the US and I’ve managed to compile three stealth models the NSX, the GTR, and the McClaren.

    • Dynamite_Dave

      Well i wasnt around at the time to know that, the codes i got with the game were for the 787B and the Mclaren

    • Fire Yoshi

      Agreed. They should make the collector’s edition stuff available for DLC, even if it costs money. I would definitely pay for a Stealth GT500 NSX.
      Turn-10 does it for their Forza games, so why not GT5? =/

    • Amac500

      If they are putting out the 2012 GT-R Academy then the other special release cars should be available for a buck a pop

    • Fire Yoshi

      @ Amac500 Couldn’t agree more. Heck, I’d even buy that Stealth NSX if it were 5 bucks alone. lol *is desperate* X_X

  50. RB26 2jz

    It’s not in the store for Nebraska yet, and I updated the game

    • dinky07

      Look at PlayStation blog for your region it should tell you everything thats coming to store and when it will be available

  51. dinky07

    Iv just looked on PlayStation blog (UK) and the cars will be in the store tomorrow at 79p each

  52. “Disable collisions” What a bull addition.

    • it seems “disable collisions” also turns drafting off

    • starwars22

      What?!?!? U like crashing people, shame on u

  53. Amac500

    I’m not sure if it’s possible for a DLC or not, but couldn’t we already get indycar into the game, as far as licensing and all. I know the current indicate need an indycar license, but who holds the rights to the license for all the fantastic Indy 500 cars from before the CART / Indycar split? At first I would think USAC, and they still exist as a sanctioning body, but they no longer had rights after the split because indycar got the 500. But the Indy 500 has always remained a registered trade mark of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and there is the museum in the infield with all those Indy 500 from through out the history of the race. We have the lMS license and thus the Indy 500. We might already have rights to those old cars, I’m not sure where the rights went when they split. And I know the Indy 500 is a registered trade mark of IMS and now the Izod Indycar Series, so I would imagine back in the day it was in association with USAC, but USAC was kind of left with nothing in the divide.

    Idk, grey area perhaps. Would be great to get historic Indy 500 cars in the game, and for those of you that like F1 some of the cars were the same, for example Mario Andretti’s 1969 Indy 500 winning Brawner-Hawk was a carbon copy of the Brabham F1 car of the day. Jim Clark’s #82 Lotus Offy was a fantastic car, would be great to have. The Indy 500 was also part of the F1 schedule for 11 years, there’s some old F1 cars right there. I personally would enjoy some of the cars of the 1980’s. It would be really cool to have, for example, the 3 cars that diced it up all day for the win in the 1981 Indy 500. Those would be Penske Racing’s #3 driven by Bobby Unser, and the Patrick Racing #20 (Gordon Johncock) and #40 (Mario Andretti / winner of the 1981 Indy 500, Andretti’s 2nd race win).

  54. It’s 5:42am here in Australia. No DLC yet.

  55. TomBrady

    It depends where you live. I’m in eastern USA and my PSN store almost always gets updated around 4pm EDT (8pm UTC)

    If anyone’s interested I’m running spec races with the HSV-010 tonight around 10:00pm UTC (6pm EDT). GTP OLR rules in effect. Check the forum under spot races, I’ll post the lobby number there

    • Amac500

      Would be fun if only we had more then 1 livery and number, lol, that always just bothers me. I want the #17 Keihin HSV-010, hope they add that. Could be fun though.

  56. shadowjw510

    so where is that NSX Concept the was shown way back on route X before we knew it was route X?

  57. ZedMan1996

    The HSV-10 in real life sounds close to an F1 car!

    • Apparently Ive read somewhere it has “generic” sounds and not the real sounds. Dont shoot the messenger, though. I will find out tommorow when I eventually download it.

    • Someone can let me know whether this is correct or not.

    • Go to the showroom and press start to listen to the car in the demo thing. It sounds poor.

  58. tpark103

    Haha funny stuff every time we are anticipating a DLC we have similar comments. Will the PSN is updated around the sometime each week on the same day each week. That being said you all should be getting the DLC within the next 2 or 3 hours would b my best guess.

  59. ZedMan1996

    Not available for UK and its 8pmover here!!

  60. Not availabe yet for Portugal

  61. VocaloidO2

    Patience is a virtue…Thank you GT 5 for new cars and Updates for making the game better.

  62. Rynogtr23

    Waa Waa Waa Waaaa…Boo Hoo Hooo…Sniff Sniff!!! Waa Waa Waa Waaaa…Boo Hoo Hooo… Sniff Sniff!!! Jeez you so called “”Men”” are turning GTPlanet into the Lifetime channel with all this bitchin’.

  63. bobster0070

    Still no dlc an hour ago (UK), the patch seems ok though. Hitting the apex ‘s at high speed seems to be smoother :-)

    Now where’s that DLC!!

  64. djMister-T

    Still problems with number off paint,museum cards etc. I still got warning my savefile is full, why didn’t they fixed this?. Anyone answers?

  65. chzehong

    No DLC even after 12 hours since 2.08 update!

    • another_jakhole

      Store updates on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

    • TomBrady

      It’s always like that man. Wake up, where have you been? The update always comes the night before the PSN store update. The store needs to be updated before you can buy the cars.

  66. Anyone know if USA has the new DLC cars available yet? I been trying since 12:15AM Tues

  67. Just a thought:

    …If the Playstation Store updates on a Wednesday for Europe (not sure about other countries), wouldn’t it have just been better to have this update tomorrow, and then carry on with purchasing DLC if people wanted? I don’t expect everyone to buy the cars, personal choice.
    Obviously the update fixes bugs and whatnot, but wouldn’t make sense to just roll it out on the same day, hopefully the very same day as the Store updates on a worldwide regional basis…?

  68. japlkofk69

    When can we buy the cars??

  69. NaganoRN

    The ENGINE SOUND of HSV-010 is very dull in GT5!!!!!!!!!!!! OOH SH*T ):

    • Dynamite_Dave

      in other words you mean the dlcis ready??????

    • NaganoRN

      No Dynamite_Dave, I was just in the shop for Honda in GT5, I watched the HSV-010 and put it in the demo to hear the snoring.

      bad sound :/

    • huhobanut

      Not here in UK yet ….!!!

    • NaganoRN

      What I’m saying, is that the HSV-010, BRZ and GT-R are already in the game, but still are not accessible (because they are not in the PS Store yet), I just went to see the HSV-010 demo (there when we buy in the store, select start) and noticed the car going. Terrible snoring.

    • He’s right, it sounds seriously dull. I’m not one to moan at Polyphony Digital, but it sounds nothing like the real HSV-010, and they can’t exactly pretend that it’s even based on the HSV-010 sound.

    • Dynamite_Dave

      ah i get ya, well lets hope the download sounds different

    • I’m 99.9% sure that the sound in the demo will be the sound of the driveable car.

    • forzaturismo

      So SONY sound recorder is S… !!!!!!

    • To me that´s not a surprise at all guys…i mean they can´t use a different engine sound for one car in the game…all cars has the same base…uses the same hardware and all. You can´t expect to see a realistic engine sounds above the rest 1000 cars in the game, i mean really.

      Imagine if they put realistic engine sounds just for Premiums and then use the “typical” (GT1/2/3/4) engine sounds for standards…in the mix it can be even worst.

      I believe that PD is going to put realistic sounds in the game with all cars being Premium of course. And dismiss that words then too.
      Standard cars in GT6= will be Premiums. (we hope)

      In my case if GT6 doesn´t come with real engine sounds like the rest of the games in the market i´m going to PASS until they implement it in maybe a future GT game…i mean you can´t fall asleep in a racing game ever…and GT5 is the unique racing game that makes it happen…PD needs to wake up.

      Again GT5 is a s it is people…i live with that but hope for GT6. Just it. Still going to buy the car more than anything to see it.

    • HuskyGT

      I don’t know if to laugh or cry. I laugh because I predicted that would happen. I won’t buy that honda. In my personal point of view, the sound is the most important aspect of the simulation. Even a good driving physiscs is not enough if the sound breaks the fantasy.

      I cry because I’ve been waiting since GT3 for the sound samples to be improved, but this proves that PD will never get it right. We can argue that it might be a technical detail, but honestly, other lesser games have correct sound sample even though the sound might be glitchy and artificial.

      The Subaru at least got a correct sound. I haven’t heard if they fixed the Scion and the Toyota version, but for now I know what car I will be driving the most out of the three boxer coupes.

      the GTR sounds terrible(anyway, I wasn’t going to buy it), just like the old N24. Am I missing something? this car is suppose to have a V6 right? Then why does it sound like a 4 cylinder?

      I’m honestly tired of being patient. I love GT, but the passion has completely died off. I hope GT6 doesn’t come in too late.

      Well, fortunately I have hundreds of other games, so off I go. (Who am I kidding… without a propper car game is not worth gaming)

    • TomBrady

      I’m starting to think they can’t get a lot of race cars on the dyno for whatever reason so they just put some crappy generic race car sound on there. It sucks because they did get some car sounds perfect like the LFA, and the HSV-010s engine sound is just as important.

      Sound is more important than physics? LOL you just went full retard on that one

    • HuskyGT

      @ TomBrady

      Think whatever the f*ck you want. That’s my personal opinion, boy. Keep playing around with your friends online driving around “loud-and-totally-awesome” titanium racing exhausts and let real car enthusiats discuss the issues that PD has.

      You know nothing about trully enjoying a game like this. It’s sad.

  70. Haitauer

    “Adjusted the changes in control characteristic when altering vehicle height from standard height. (Vehicle height can be changed by adjusting ride height, either by installing a suspension kit or adjusting a full customizable suspension kit.)”

    in worst case this will ruin a lot of car setups for a lot of players.. hopefully not though.

  71. DarthRaiden666

    Updated the game on one of my PS3s and my sisters. I’ll do my other one when I get home from work

    • Thanks for letting us know.

    • e30 freek

      Not updated mine yet im fitting a boiler in for an old guy down my road :)

    • Hypergolem

      Going to update my cousins copy. I will update my four PS3 tomorrow…

    • Sele1981

      Will update my PS4 first, later on my PS3

    • I’m on the toilet right now. And I don’t play gt5 anymore. But if I would have been still playing it, I would probably have updated my ps3 sometime later today.

    • HKSBro92

      Just ate a bowl of cereal.

    • Witless76

      Still breathing.

    • teppischfresser

      Riding my bike to skool is fun.

    • nismopower

      I’m on a horse

    • alexlam24

      I’m a lamp

    • Neilson248


    • TokoTurismo

      ^ Agreed. :D

    • evertV12

      Best comments on this thread, made me laf :)

    • Been playing a lot of F1 2012 lately. Really good, even with the annoying bugs. Ai in F1 2012 GT5 can only dream of. I bet I’ll be dead of old age before GT5 has better ai.. I’m 40 years old.. Guess I’ll update GT5 and maybe do some seasonals, although GT5 is just about dead..

    • I was listening to music with the headphones in my head while i was using my 5.1 sound system…weird…

    • Mister Drift

      Smoking a nice ciggy while i read this stuff, maybe i’ll go at my friend’s house later.
      Must find a job… wish i diden’t flip the table at the woodshop…

  72. polizei

    do these fixes mean they are fixing some of the tuning loop holes? like the funky nascar setups with all kinds of crazy aero and ride height adjustments.

    • huhobanut

      I love lamp …!!!

    • moparmanmike

      I had a turtle sandwhich and tacos for breakfast this morning. That’s what we eat in the future. I haven’t played gt5 in nearly 20 years. Getting my 1st update and dlc for gt6 today though!!! And yes between both it still includes a dozen GTRs for all you fans to look forward too.

  73. Crowftw

    Where the DLC then still no sign :(

    • xx666Kris666xx

      do we get the road version of the NSX that was in that pre route x vid?

    • e30 freek

      If your in the uk then i think we have to wait till after 3

    • Nah, I have a feeling that the NSX concept is either saved for GT6 or as a Spec 3.0/Christmas gift.

  74. What a tease to look at and read about the DLC in the showroom knowing you can’t buy it…

  75. neilinoz

    LMAO! Fer realz?!
    Yeah, ’cause a Pacer is SUCH a driver’s car compared to the legendary Swift GTi……
    Hey, why not a Morris Marina too?!

    • Escort mk1 yum

      Morris marina lmao, awww the good old days, my bro had a 1.6 marina and he put a 1.3 gearbox on it, the thing was so fast 0-60( well 20 years ago it was ) lol

    • RandomCarGuy17

      Why would anyone want a pacer anyway?
      The Morris Marina is an alright idea, just don’t take it to the top gear test track or else a virtual piano will fall on it.

    • sangdude82

      Lol yeah. The ‘careless airways’ :D Wat about Reliant Robin?

    • RandomCarGuy17

      The Robin would be fun to drive, I can get past the risk of tipping over at every turn. I would drive it on daytona or SSRX.

  76. Mugennsx

    4.48pm HK time, no DLC offered yet. Comeon!!

  77. Sick Cylinder

    Oh dear PD, what have you done?

    •Response of the clutch pedal when using the steering wheel controllers “G25 Racing Wheel”, “G27 Racing Wheel”, “T500RS” and “TH8RS” has been adjusted.

    Yes, it has been adjusted alright – now you don’t need to use the clutch at all!

    Just tried two races using myTH8RS – first race I thought wow I didn’t miss a single shift even on the changes down to second gear. Second race I thought “I’ll try not using the clutch at all” – sure enough the clutch is now redundant – it now power shifts up and down the box and automatically adjusts the revs on downshifts for you – you can’t upset the car even if you up or downshift mid-corner – totally unrealistic.

    Can we have our old clutch back PD. It was a little tricky, especially the downchange into second and you did need to heel and toe to match revs on downshifts etc.

    I think we either need the old clutch back or an option because this update has made it totally unrealistic. I upgraded to a wheel with a clutch and bought a TH8RS to increase my immersion in the game (i.e. make it more realistic) and now the driving experience has been spoilt. Ta very Polyphony Digital – NOT

    • @Slick Cylinder – I’m really disappointed to hear what PD have done with the clutch. My T500 is ‘away’ atm but I was looking forward to the clutch being fixed. At the start I initially thought that the missed 2nd gear was my fault until I seen this update. If you push and hold in the clutch while driving does the car go into neutral or does it still stay in gear?

    • chzehong

      You didn’t need the clutch even before the update. Also, certain cars are without clutch by default.

    • Sick Cylinder

      After further experimentation I find that if you don’t depress the clutch you can shift without using it at all, however if you depress even just once then you need to use it for the rest of the race – it will then go into neutral when you shift into neutral and will also go into neutral if you attempt a shift without the clutch. So it seems there is now a choice to powershift and the change down into second gear when using the clutch does appear easier.

      So, I take back my earlier criticism and apologise to PD !

    • chzehong

      You can also ‘reset’ it by using the paddle shifters mid race. :)

    • Mr_Hansen

      @ your second post Slick Cylinder.

      The clutch function has always been like that – that you don’t need to use it if you don’t press it at all during the race, and that it activates the need for the clutch the moment you engage it the first time during any given event ;)
      Haven’t gotten the chance to test out the update myself just yet, so can’t comment on what the actual changes are.

    • “Sick Cylinder
      After further experimentation I find that if you don’t depress the clutch you can shift without using it at all, however if you depress even just once then you need to use it for the rest of the race – it will then go into neutral when you shift into neutral and will also go into neutral if you attempt a shift without the clutch. So it seems there is now a choice to powershift and the change down into second gear when using the clutch does appear easier.

      So, I take back my earlier criticism and apologise to PD !”

      I think this has more to do with the calibration of the potentiometer in your wheel/pedal set up. You need to depress your brake/gas/clutch so the PS3 knows the full range of the potentiometers, thereby calibrating it. It does it automatically for the wheel (DFGT anyways) on start up where it turns it through it’s full motion.

      I remember when resuming endurance races, my brakes would always be so touchy. After a lap or so they’d go back to normal. What happened is when Id press the brake for the first time at 50% lets say, the PS3 would register that as full brake because thats the highest value it has read for that potentiometer. Later on I did catch on to depressing the brake/gas fully to get full range.

      Kind of poor explanation, hope it makes sense.

  78. WTFnews

    lol it takes my ps3 longer to install the update then to download it, good internet FTW :P

  79. gordongt

    Europe PS Store don’t update til tomorrow

  80. Supertom14

    Still nothing for the US.

  81. Leo0308

    Nothing to see here…

  82. ironman44321

    Also, does anyone else think that maybe it’s time that PD start to move away from Nissan a bit?

    • Yeah, the Nissan favoritism is a bit annoying.

    • Vinyl Scratch

      Nissan is a huge sponsor of Polyphony Digital, GT5, and the PS3 in general. Of course there’s going to be a little bit of favoritism.

    • another_jakhole

      Yes. It’s bringing the GT series down to a NFS level. It really makes playing GT5 painful.

    • Neilson248

      It’s pretty obvious that Nissan and of have a partnership going on which explains their bias towards them and which is totally normal and acceptable… People dont seem to appreciate their partnership but of you were to speak to people like Lucas Ordonez and Jan Maddenborough or however you spell his name, I’m sure they would be able to tell you how important this partnership is to Gran Turismo… Stop behaving so childishly and appreciate… Besides Nissan is a great manufacturer

  83. ironman44321

    Interesting little changes. May I be so bold as to suggest another minor change though? Can we choose the cars we race against in arcade mode? I’d love that.

    • JaySamurai

      Thats something i wish they could do. I wonder if that has even crossed PDs mind!! I’m not even to sure if there’s enough of a loud cry from what ive seen for them to take notice or do such a change.

    • TrdScionxB2

      I would be happy if they did. Enthusia on the ps2 had that & it was great. You could do races like Evo vs sti Good fun

    • another_jakhole

      I think we all wish we can do that. I THINK it was supposed to be in GT5 as an event creator.

  84. Cool, but when are we going to get the above cool photo location?? With smokey backround and mirror floor.?

  85. riverfiver

    next DLC car
    SUZUKI SWIFT 1.3 GTi ’90 or ’95
    come on

    • Supertom14

      Are you on drugs, I would rather have an AMC Pacer then that fugly thing.

    • HuskyGT

      @ riverfiver

      Toatally with you! You definitely know about cars. I live in a country where that car was available and it even has clubs dedicated for Swit racing and tunning. I pitty the countries who only got the Geo version LOL! They don’t know what they missed! That little car was a beast.

  86. Supertom14

    How much longer do we have to wait?

  87. Heathenpride

    Maintenance is finished :)

  88. Drag changes seem to be minor.. Unfortunately.. :'(

    • grazbro

      Whew, I don’t want to fix what isn’t broken on my tunes.

    • I noticed the changes the first time I drove the FR-S after this update. They’re minor yes, but they’re still noticeable.

  89. freshseth83

    Tire wear is SO much better now. At Madrid in a Bentley Speed 8 @500hp/950kg, I could only go 12 laps in practice mode offline before the tires were gone. I just did 10 laps straight with times that were all within a half of a second of my best of 1:14.3! And there was still over 90% tire life left.

  90. Supertom14

    You can now change the aerodynamics on the Tuned GT Academy Black edition GTR

    • SonicConqueror


    • Rynogtr23

      cool, i always wondered y it didnt have full front/rear downforce much like the 370z tuned car.

  91. I wonder which car’s exhaust they messed with this time.

  92. Whodoyouthink

    The suspension ride height adjustment better not mess up tunes! Especially ones that are dropped all the way down or at least pretty close to it!

    • I’m worried about this too. I’ve spent so much time making my 111R a good track day car and I’m worried it’s gonna be crap again.

  93. xero0083

    Will the BRZ be race modable? ( GT300 BRZ)?

  94. alexlam24

    I’ll wait for YouTube, then buy the Honda

  95. crazyet23

    Finally something !!!!!

  96. Damn i thinkg DLC sucks but i’m gonna get them anyway!! Now I need a premium Vw Golf 1992 (MK2) and why 3 cars, we need to get like 10 cars at the same time and by the way what is happening to the red muscle car and the acura they where talking about to be release for gt5 ?

    • Supertom14

      Red muscle car?

    • SonicConqueror

      It takes up too much development time for more DLC cars in a single pack.

    • If creating the DLC content takes too much time, why don’t they just stop creating it for GT5 and instead include the content in GT6?

    • ^^
      Because people will complain

    • The red muscle car was the car that won a car show competition that PD run yearly.

  97. Buying the HSV an the BRZ asap Hoping to see one more DLC bundle before Thanksgiving of American Cars if they add another gtr i’m going to puke and break my game an stick to Forza until Most Wanted comes out

    • Neilson248

      Lol it says it all if you rate Forza or Need For speed over Gt…

    • I don’t Rate one over the other because there different games completely although Turn Ten seems to give the gamers what they want which is something PD doesn’t do an that says alot imo, GT is fun but why do we need 20 GTR-35’s? an 100+ other Nissan’s look at the r32 an r33 theres about 5 different versions of one car i get the GTR an GTST versions but why do we need three others that are the same other then color choice an say 5 hp. People have been asking for a CTS-v Boss 302ls SVT raptor SVT Cobra an more American an German cars but all we seem to get is More Jap Crap an Another GTR Turn 10 gives every one what they want there Variety an Taste in cars is better the cars sound better imo Forza is the more complete game GT5 has felt like a Beta Test and we were told that PD would upgrade standard cars to premium an that hasn’t been seen yet Forza an the next most wanted will have a longer replay value then GT does i’m sick of the issues with GT. PD has gone EA on everyone saying Screw what the gamers want were just in it for the money

  98. carfreak13

    Can’t wait to buy the DLC.

  99. Maddens Raiders

    Gran Turismo Foreva.

  100. MOTORTRENDmitch

    Hopefully the new clutch system works!

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