Gran Turismo 6 Demo Available Today, GT Academy 2013 Begins

July 2nd, 2013 by Jordan

The big day is here, as the Gran Turismo 6 demo launches in the PlayStation Store as a free download (1.1GB) and GT Academy 2013 begins, which will turn four lucky sim racers into professional racing drivers for Nissan.

As previously announced, one of the most notable new features in Gran Turismo 6 is Polyphony Digital’s all-new driving physics engine, developed in conjunction with KW Automotive and Yokohama, and will be a close area of analysis and discussion in our community.

Stop by our forums at the links below and share your thoughts and chat with other GT Academy competitors. Enjoy the demo, and good luck!

Full competition details and official rules have now been posted, along with online leaderboards and screenshots of the demo below.

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  1. Quakebass

    Interesting that there’s quite a few hundred people playing but no times have been posted yet…

    Or has the competition not opened yet…?

    • gnorman

      Training lap first, then buy a Leaf and race it in the Sunday Cup. Lucas makes you put the work in before timing you.

    • gnorman

      2 Sunday cup races, then you get to buy a 370z and do 2 Clubman Cup races. Have a feeling that the nanny aids are turned on as I drove that 370 like I stole it and ended up 1 sec in the lead at the end of the first lap instead of in the barriers. Other than that it looks fantastic, sounds great on my speaker system and handles well on the ds2. Will get the wheel out in a bit.

    • gnorman

      My mistake, all nanny aids stayed off when swapping to new car except traction control

  2. danish GT freak

    Random packs of birds is flying around!!

  3. StanceDude

    2:47 in Utah and it’s not been released. Shame.

    • VrapPlus

      Rest of the world is playing and here we sit, feeling sad like canada….

  4. Amac500

    I still maintain that the Nissan Leaf translates better to lawn mower racing then car racing. But hey, no matter how emasculating the car is, it’s your competition Nissan and I just wanna play GT6 :P

  5. danish GT freak

    Well this is a forced driving line to begin with -.- and AT gearbox but only to start with

  6. gnorman

    This is great, Lucas is your guide.

  7. AlexFFM1991

    heyy Guys why isn’t it available in Germany jet ? I’m waiting for 3 hours

  8. VrapPlus

    Still not up in hawaii…

  9. danish GT freak

    Now playing it amazing!!!

  10. Kratos_Q8

    just creat a eu account and download ? im at work atm going to make a eu account and download as my account is a US

    • Where demo in usa account?

    • Amac500

      Well if your playing under an EU account your awards won’t go to your correct account and if you make it to the next round you’ll be busted for not being european. Not worth it, just wait a couple more hours

  11. Ginjaninja7797

    DOWNLOADING in the UK! ! :D

  12. GTracer98


  13. Quigz125

    Still NOT up in New York as of 4:25am. Lame City…. I’m going to bed good luck everyone :/

  14. Quakebass

    *******HUGE NEWS*******

    There are now TWO WHOLE PEOPLE playing the demo.

    • Quigz125

      If it said 2.5 people then we’ve got problems. O.o

    • Quakebass

      We sure would…

      PD should’ve done that as a joke… XD

      It’s jumped up to 47 now…

  15. Waengi_76

    Have some fuuuuuuuuuun guys and enjoy your ride………..

  16. danish GT freak

    Download complete!!!

  17. Moondance

    Finally available in Australia. Downloading now :)

  18. kekke2000

    Downloading now! :D:D:D:D::D:D::D:DD:D:D:D:D:D::D:D

  19. CasvanRoermund9

    Good guy me, helpin’ everyone out here.

    Not any more it is installed and ready to go, good luck everybody

  20. S R T 8


  21. Downloanding now in Poland

  22. Quakebass

    AAAaaand now GTPlanet crashes with the GT6 demo notifications…

  23. GTman1996

    Anyone know when the stores update for EST?

  24. Jim_CZE

    It’s up in Czech Republic!

  25. anastasis14

    It’s up in Greece as well!

  26. showmethepuppiz

    Downloading now in Croydon uk!

  27. PumpuliKivi



    Its on in nz :D

  29. gnorman

    In the worlds of Murray Walker “and its go go go” here in the uk. 1072mb on my 70mbs fibre, so long suckers.

    In the New this week section btw

  30. Whitefalcon63

    Still waiting in Australia……

  31. Waengi_76

    yes in austria its here, i just download it now!!!

  32. CasvanRoermund9

    I was almost losing my favourite game. (If u get it you are a true GT fan)

    • Halcyon925

      I was just playing GT2 earlier. Never would’ve thought that somebody would make a GT2 Intro reference. I wonder why the intro isn’t on the Simulation Disk too..

    • Whitefalcon63

      And what a great song it is.

    • CasvanRoermund9

      And I’m losing my mind again. GT6 is going to be great!

    • Halcyon925

      “My Favourite Game”- The Cardigans

  33. CasvanRoermund9


  34. ImmalovemaGTR

    10:21 am in Austria it is hereee!!!

  35. danish GT freak

    Its available in Denmark just look under the section called “New this week” im downloading now :D

  36. CasvanRoermund9

    It looks like the official timer on the website of GT has stopped as well. Looks like they have a huge problem

    • Quakebass

      The timer is working fine on my end… Try refreshing your page?

  37. danish GT freak

    I found it at New this week in the PS store :D

  38. Madertus

    Still unavailable in Poland as well.

    lol it’d be funny if PD delayed even the demo :_D

  39. CasvanRoermund9

    Trying to restart and see if that helps. So far no updates.

    Well after my re-start it took a while to sign in to the PSN.

    But it still isn’t downloadable, or even visible.

  40. Falango

    Good luck to everybody participating in the GT Academy in Canad…….oh wait………

    • Quigz125

      Lol I see what you did there xD

    • Falango

      Can ya tell I’m still bitter about this, lol

    • Quigz125

      Lol yup. But not only can Canada not participate, but it seems the rest of the world might not be participating either. Haha

    • steve30x

      Us in Ireland cant enter either and I’m not bitter about it

  41. PumpuliKivi

    When in FINLAND FUUU???

  42. Renken95

    Where do i need to look in the ps store

    • CasvanRoermund9

      It isn’t uploaded yet. At least not at this time of day. i’d say try again later.

  43. liampage123

    Lost patience. I have to get up at 6am. It is 1 am. Things like these are always a little but late.

  44. ImmalovemaGTR

    Not on in Austria:/

    • ImmalovemaGTR

      Ps its 10.09 a.m. (sorry for double post

  45. Not on PS store in West US. comon….. its late here.. its 1 in the AM

  46. CasvanRoermund9

    PS Store in The Netherlands won’t update >:(

  47. loopyloogrrr

    Not on ps store yet in UK from what I can see ahhhh!

  48. GetMoolah

    Psn update store nao >:(

  49. Quigz125

    Good luck to everyone playing the demo and Gt Academy right now that can. May the best driver win!!

  50. WrxScooby

    It’s crazy today is the first day in quite some time where I decided to check out GT Planets front page and behold! the GT6 demo comes out in less then 8mins away from when my region is suppose to update. Gotta be a sign….

  51. Quakebass

    On the GT website it says that there’s exactly ONE player playing the Academy.

    Lucky devil.

  52. blowfishrulez

    Playstation German Blog says today, 10:00 am…10 minutes from now…


    apparently on in 10 mins for NZ

  54. Tacobell18

    And ofcourse PS store updates wednesday at my area :(

  55. SnakeOfBacon

    Alright, Australia is waiting, half an hour more and it should be here!
    although it may be a few hours depending on when they update the store

  56. Amac500

    Damn you PD with your building me up, lol. If they had us download it like a day or 2 before the clock actually starts and the demo unlocks, then we could avoid this.

    • HPIxProdigy

      Not Pd fault. Its sony cuz they still goto update it.

  57. TomBrady

    Guys, if you want to figure out when it will be up in your area, a good estimate would be the same time that the store updated last week. You can check that by google searching “playstation blog”, then clicking on playstation store.

    Check the most recent store update, scroll down to comments, and check the time stamp of the first comment. That’s right after the store was updated.

    If you’re in the US, expect the update to not come until 7pm, because last week it wasn’t up until 6:55pm eastern

  58. S R T 8


  59. gnorman

    2.13 downloading now. 24mb. No restart required.

    Doh. Forgot I was in the middle of a championship last time I played.

    • HPIxProdigy

      ? whats downloading? GT6, WHAT TIME ZONE YOU IN YOU LUCKY LIL…

    • Amac500

      I had the same thing when I opened the ps store

    • gnorman

      Uk time, working at home today too.

      Before you all get jealous, I’m probably a couple of updates behind. Once I’ve dragged the g37 through the modified championship I’ll be in the same boat as the rest of you.

  60. Amac500

    Well I’m hugely bummed that I’ve stayed up waiting to find out I got at least 12 more hours. Why can’t the dang thing just update at the same time universally??? Guess I got no reason to stay up then…

    • HPIxProdigy

      12 hours. do we seriously have to wait that long???

  61. Amac500

    There was an update when I opened the PlayStation store but I don’t see the demo yet

    • ChicoMaloXD

      It probably won’t be available until the normal PS STORE update.

  62. Amac500

    God damn, it’s 3:00 am New York time and I don’t see it. I thought 8 GMT was 3:00 here

    • TomBrady

      That’s just when the competition officially starts. The demo won’t be available until at least 5pm in your time zone. Sometimes it’s as late as 10pm, sometimes as early as 4pm. Last couple of weeks I think it updated around 6pm so we’ll have to wait and see

  63. I won’t be able to play it until the PSN store updates on thursday presumably, but my GT flame has officially been lit!

  64. HPIxProdigy

    2:04 CST where im at and it should be updating soon, I REALLY WANNA PLAY ;D.

  65. UrieHusky

    What awful music.

  66. Had to be released when I was at school :( :lol:

  67. Quigz125

    Anyone know when the EST store updates? I’m in NY and nothing is up yet. I think 3am is when it does but I could be wrong.

    • GetMoolah

      The exact time for us is 4 am

    • A hour nap.

    • GetMoolah

      Sorry bro I read your question wrong the psn store usually updates in the afternoon est

    • Amac500

      I swear it updated at 3 am and I don’t see the game. I’m in the New York time zone too and when I went to open the PS store it did an update but I don’t see the demo yet.

    • Quigz125

      Bloody hell another reason to hate New York State… The list just forever grows. Lol.

  68. Quigz125

    Anyone know when the EST store updates? I’m in NY and nothing is up yet. I think 3am is when it does but I could be wrong. It’s 2:36 right now.

  69. It is 7.20am here in England and the demo is not yet up on PSN Store. I was hoping to download before I left for work. Fingers crossed it is there when I come back home.

    • MeanElf

      07:20 BST is 06:20 GMT so not yet – also note what Jordan says above: “The exact time the demo becomes available will vary depending on when the PlayStation Store updates in your region of the world” so it might not be here until Thursday.

    • Tvensky

      I still dont see it in my finland accaunt.. also checked UK store, nothing there…

  70. another_jakhole

    “…developed in conjunction with KW Automotive and Yokohama, and will be a close area of analysis and discussion for in our community.”

    Understatement of the year goes to…Jordan! :)

  71. Where’s the Australian version?

    • toospiciecc

      Try coming back tomorrow because its the launch is in European time.

    • MeanElf

      Well, for AU it would have been yesterday but anyway, the launch though isn’t due yet for an hour and a half from now.

  72. HPIxProdigy

    Guess some of us real GT Fans aren’t sleepin tonight.

    • another_jakhole

      WEST SIDE!


    • Amac500

      I have to do stuff in the morning but I’m putting off sleep for as long as I can, lol, should get 2 hours on the demo and hit the hay between 5 and 5:30 am, wake up at 10 tomorrow, lol.

    • HPIxProdigy

      Yea thats just our love for GT lol.^

    • another_jakhole



  73. Bfc_1882

    Has there been any news at all as to if there will be a timing mobile app like last year?

  74. hobanator24

    Well it seems that the Gran Turismo website is under maintenance. Not surprised

  75. Odorousbag

    Howdy from Texas, the magic number is 3am until we get it guys just alittle bit longer to wait!

  76. sangdude82

    I wonder what sort of prizes will be rewarded for registering online. May be those Zytek-Nissan LMP2 or Nissan GT-R GT3 Nismo above?

    • hdizzle

      There’s not a website for registering is there? Cause I’ve looked, i mean i didn’t bust my hump, but i googled it quick lol

    • Amac500

      No website, just on PSN. I hope it’s an LMP2 car, though I just had the revelation that I might have my spirits crushed by the DeltaWing. If its the DeltaWing it won’t be good for learning how to race an actual car and everyone will figure out I mean really fast when they drive into the corner and guide those front tires to the apex only to find the car’s ass is now hanging in the grass and your ass is about to spin out, lol. To drive the apex in that car you have to be a lane off the apex. To drive the apex in any other race car you have to drive on the apex.

    • Quigz125

      Lol I was wondering that too about the Deltawing. Seems like a weird car to drive. I’m wondering if that’s suppose to be the new Red Bull type of car. All I know is, doesn’t look too stable.

  77. hdizzle

    I start 3rd shift tonight…so i was hoping for a reason to stay up until about 9 to get my sleep right lol…fingers crossed

  78. Quakebass

    Dang. I haven’t fixed my PS3, I haven’t gotten an SD card to expand my hard drive space, AND I’m going out of town for 5 days.

    • sangdude82

      Oh, man :'(

    • Amac500

      At ease my friend, the contest runs until July 28th. I’m coining to be out of town for a week before the end of it myself.

  79. Goldengun74

    Well.. good luck to all. Did ok last year, however i am employed to cant spend the seat time as some. Just hope its not the drifters who take it.

  80. matosman1

    I’m leaning towards tonight, hopefully

    • So is it downloadable in the UK yet does anyone know?

  81. hdizzle

    So is it supposed to be in a couple hours, or later tonight? I’ve heard both, and yes, I’ve converted to my time zone lol

  82. matosman1

    I got no idea, but knowing the GT Series, we’ll be “delayed” or something.

  83. Nothing yet in Belgium ?

  84. gt5fanatec

    Does the demo have the updated engine/exhaust sounds?


      Sadly no, but it will be in the final product.

    • matosman1

      Idk, it’s a demo, we can only hope. It should, there’s only 20 cars in the demo, and plus a demo is whats to come. SO if they wanna make money, they better do a good job on the demo.

    • ScotteDawg

      Placeholder sounds in demo!
      Not ALL sounds will make the final product, but they will be uploaded to us in the form of patches!
      (Take into consideration how many cars they’re doing this for!)

    • sangdude82

      Remember, Kaz said “we are doing research right now to generate the sounds in a completely different way. I’m not sure if it is actually going to make it into GT6 in time yet, but we’ll have to see.” So who knows but let’s hope that he and PD can get the updated engine/exhaust sounds in time.

  85. sangdude82

    Holy s**t. Is it out in NZ yet?

    • Baleb26

      by 8pm tonight apparently

    • Rushton1996

      1hour 30 mins from now, it seems everything is delayed to arrive here though. And I don’t think the competition is available here so I’ll be downloading mainly for the demo and just to compare my times to everyone else’s.

  86. matosman1

    … Until it comes out for real.

  87. matosman1

    This is just a Demo, so it might not be everything you guys hoped for.

    • Quakebass

      I’m not expecting it to be any more than it was told it would be…

      Why would anyone else…?

    • Amac500

      Wait, so it’s not the full game??? I’m angry!!! Not really, just posting in the behalf of that one guy out there who thought this was the whole thing ;)

    • sangdude82

      Rofl @ Amac500

      So, it’s just GT Academy with Nissan cars only, right?

  88. mickoafna

    I’m thrilled :)

  89. matosman1

    I checked PS Store, it’s not there yet, but I heard 1 guy say PS Store refreshes itself 3:00 am GMT. Don’t take my word for it.

  90. GTP_Remo

    bah, going to have to wait till tomorrow night… wont be up at 4am local time.

  91. Maddens Raiders

    I wonder how many comments this will get? 400? 600?

    • mickoafna

      A thousand maybe?

    • Maddens Raiders

      I don’t believe that is outside the realm of possibility.

    • ScotteDawg

      What, how many comments the ARTICLE will get or how many comments will be posted under YOUR comment?

      See, if you’re a smartass like me, it would be the latter…

    • sangdude82

      Lol @ ScotteDawg

    • Maddens Raiders

      Poor you. I’ll be out of town on business for the next three weeks. GTAcademy never comes at a convenient time, it’s pure luck. They should just open it up to the world to play 2 to 3 times a year at one’s own convenience. There’s no telling how many good drivers are out there that will nearly always miss it because of scheduling conflicts.

    • Maddens Raiders

      Wow… that was weird. My prior comment was meant to go under Quakebass’ comment. Oh well.

  92. MisterWhiskers

    Laaaawd Jeezeussss!

  93. jccarbon


  94. GranTurismo916


  95. Redline900

    YES IT’S OUT!! :D

  96. ProjectWHaT is under maintenance at 12:17 am EST. I wonder what they’re doing.

  97. Maddens Raiders

    …….and so it begins. Gran Turismo Forever.

  98. I CAN’T WAIT!



  100. Wow, right on time!

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