Gran Turismo 6 Demo Available Today, GT Academy 2013 Begins

The big day is here, as the Gran Turismo 6 demo launches in the PlayStation Store as a free download (1.1GB) and GT Academy 2013 begins, which will turn four lucky sim racers into professional racing drivers for Nissan.

As previously announced, one of the most notable new features in Gran Turismo 6 is Polyphony Digital’s all-new driving physics engine, developed in conjunction with KW Automotive and Yokohama, and will be a close area of analysis and discussion in our community.

Stop by our forums at the links below and share your thoughts and chat with other GT Academy competitors. Enjoy the demo, and good luck!

Full competition details and official rules have now been posted, along with online leaderboards and screenshots of the demo below.

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  1. dimassa19

    See all the cars individually in each track in the Demo. In options, put ten seconds in the demo to start de videos more quickly.

  2. sorg

    Actually, i didn’t find anything significantly new in GT6. A little tweaking here and there. Slightly graphic, slightly sound. Actually, it’s GT5. But from PDI view point – they need more money. GT5 updating doesn’t bring good money for them. But if they call new update as GT6 then people have to buy it instead of just updating for free ;)

    That’s fine for me as long as GT6 will include more tracks and more (or at least remodeled standard-to-premium) cars. It should be fun to go through career again :)

    1. GTP_Remo

      Of course you didn’t find anything new in GT6 , because you haven’t played GT6. You played and extremely short demo that featured GT Academy and some of the new tweeks coming our way.

  3. warpkez

    Where does the track end, and the “off track” start: the track surface before, or the grass after the ripple strip?

    I have tried several times to do the TTs, and have received the “You have left the track” message whilst still on the track. Might have either the left or the right side of the car somewhere where I don’t want it, but I am still have the opposite side on the track.

    1. jimantonic

      I find that PD are being very critical on a few corners with the TT’s, some you can completely run on the curb, others even the slightest hint on three wheels on the curb and it invalidates the lap.

    2. Falango

      There’s some spots where you can’t even get the center line of the car over on to the curb area. I noticed the final corner is a bit touchy with this, as well as the inside of the first hard left hand corner.

  4. xXMann07

    Last one, what would you prefer to have in GT6 – NASCAR racing or DTM racing series. I am sure the people will say DTM. I believe EA sports has a dedicated NASCAR game. Simply state remove all NASCAR from future GT games. Cheers

    1. ScotteDawg

      No! NASCAR can be fun!

      I’m an Australian who wants NASCAR racing AND V8 Supercars! DTM can go fly a kite – they’re not good enough to compete with Australian V8 Supercar racing nor fast enough to compete with American NASCAR racing! IMHO, DTM cars are just what the name suggests – Touring cars, not Supercars… The drivers with balls give up and come to Australia to drive our V8’s or go to America to drive NASCAR or even go to LM or F1, not the other way around! DTM and BTCC are our recruiting grounds!

      And the V8 Supercars are not just Holden and Ford anymore – Nissan and Mercedes joined this year and Volvo is joining next year with rumours of Toyota and Chrysler joining within the next 2 or 3 years!

      Back to NASCAR though, there is a level of skill involved in driving one of those cars that only a few can master. Don’t be down on yourself or the cars just because you can’t master them – KEEP TRYING!!

      SAY NO TO DTM!

    2. sorg

      NASCAR are boring and ugly cars. All the same soap bars. Having couple of them in GT6 is fine, but not 20+ as in GT5. It’s insane to have so many identical cars with just different livery.

    3. ScotteDawg

      Well, Bathurst will be making an appearance either in the “off the shelf” version or as DLC and Nissan have entered the V8 Supercar series. Nissan has strong ties with Polyphony Digital, so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to put V8 Supercars in GT6, especially as Bathurst will be in there…

      As for “boring and ugly cars”, try the F1 Ferrari or the Formula GT! But I’m not going to say to get rid of them, because they ARE used by a LOT of people!! Just because a few people don’t like NASCAR’s, do you really think that fact is enough to leave them out? I know more people who don’t like the F1 style of car than you would who don’t like the NASCAR, but NOT ONE of them would say to lose the F1 or F GT! Polyphony has always tried to appeal to as wide a demographic as possible with the Gran Turismo series, so the more cars the better!!

      I may have said “SAY NO TO DTM!” in my previous comment, but that was only to get a rise out of xXMann07 and because I was annoyed that he wants to ditch the NASCAR’s! IMHO, add EVERY style and era of race car and I will be happy! Obviously though, that can’t be done on the PS3 in GT6, but no car should be taken out!

  5. JDmsz

    This news page was so cheated to 1,000 comments just like the news page for the hacks being banned.

  6. bielus86

    Does anyone know what is the name of metal song playing when you enter the gt academy Silverstone race?

    1. AAR_CobraJet

      I know man, I’m seriously liking that tune also! I slid in my copy of GT5 to see if it was in the “rock” section, and sadly, it is not there. I have no idea what the song is. Haven’t heard it before.

  7. Nuuj

    If the Cheap “1000” Comments were deleted it would actually only be in the 800’s or so lol..

  8. smskeeter23

    FYI… for those who dont believe you actually go faster WITHOUT traction control explain this one…

    I couldn’t figure out why I was getting this horrible throttle lag coming out of corners earlier. Then it hit me, the damn TC must be on, and it was. Next lap shaved 5 seconds off the time.

    If you’re using it, stop. You’re welcome.

    1. Lambob

      this was known to me, and possibly tens of thousands of other driving enthusiasts, since Nov 2010, when I was learning the Nordschleife in the AMG special event.

    2. smskeeter23

      I understand that and it was only an oops moment on my part since it re-defaults to 7 after every time you exit. I just forgot to turn it off before I started that session.

      There are however lots of people who still don’t believe TC costs any time so I put it up there as another redundant reminder. Same with all the other aids. Although I do find it interesting that I have not seen a single person running ABS 0 yet…

    3. z71L28

      Are the guy’s runnimg those ridiculous times, are thay useing driveing aids and wheels? pretty sure.

  9. xXMann07

    KAZ please remove all NASCAR content from GT6 – These cars have no business in GT6, focus on making more cars full premium

    1. imallthumbs

      Now you are telling everyone are thinking like you. Please people stop this, its all about me mentality.

    2. ScotteDawg

      Sure, NASCAR on an oval track can seem a bit dull to people who don’t appreciate the high speeds or the skill involved, but the rest of the world actually quite enjoy it!
      If you don’t like NASCAR racing, there are two things you can try;- 1) Using NASCAR’s on a road circuit OR 2) Don’t drive them!
      Do you have any idea of how many online rooms are dedicated entirely to NASCAR? Admittedly, me neither, but only because I don’t have the patience to sit and count them all!!!
      I’m an Australian and I love my V8 supercars but, on the odd occasion, I like to watch a NASCAR race on TV (BTW, Markus Ambrose is an Australian who went from V8 Supercars to NASCAR)! Same on GT5!! On the odd occasion I like to get into a NASCAR room AND JUST GO FAST!

    3. Umbra344

      Wow I didn’t realize the world was specially made for you, some people enjoy NASCAR…. Not me personally, but some people do. Why should anything be removed to begin with? I read on some threads that cars take up almost no space on a blue-ray disc.

    4. GTHEAD87

      Nascar is a challenge and a half. I find the ovals harder than any other type of racing. Keep them.

    5. MuoNiuLa

      It’s officially been confirmed that every car from GT5 will be in GT6. Besides, you are naive if you think PD is going to throw away any premium cars. NASCAR will be in GT6. Deal with it.

  10. jajr18m

    out of intrest how much would a g25 or g27 be in £’s? i have dfgt but im looking to but one with a clutch pedal and H gears

    1. smskeeter23

      Both come with paddles and H-gate shifters. The G25 had a selector switch to also use the H-gate as a sequential though.

    2. jimantonic

      If you refer back to this, I picked up a G27 from on a special offer for about £180, but be warned, I am now on my SECOND replacement unit.

  11. TWiTCH__187

    Yea, I think gt 6 is going to be easier for stick users to drive.. doing less work to get around the track.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Actually, quickshift and sequential gearing is sort of the same thing! Some manufacturers of sequential gear boxes call them “qickshift sequential gear boxes”!

    2. GTHEAD87

      I too would like to know. Laughing out loud like mario at ornaments rolling on leather floors like helicopter’s?

    3. ScotteDawg

      I remembered seeing ROFLCOPTER somewhere, so I looked it up –
      Roll On Floor Laughing, Can’t Operate Properly Til Eyes Refocus!

  12. smskeeter23

    Funny, with a DS3 I won all the races by a landslide, golded all “practices”, and actually said WOW GT is finally playable with a remote :O

    Then I met the full lap qualifier. Yup, time to get the wheel out because I still cant drive with a DS3.

    1. MeanElf

      Yeah, the races were easy to lull everyone into it. I still managed gold on the sections, full lap and extras with controller – though it was far tougher ;)

    2. smskeeter23

      You know I’m finding the races to be a bit of a fun break now and then. It’s funny you can use nothing but the handbrake and drift the Leaf to victory by 5sec on Autumn Ring lol

      Anyone see the mass amounts of irony in that?

    1. ScotteDawg

      With the new physics, it will be fun!!!

      I’m hoping that the 1966 VW 1200 will have it’s suspension fixed though. No matter what you did to it, every time you took a corner it would roll (or tip when in an online room)! It may also have been the wheels – the same width even when applying mags to it! Seriously, that car needs some fat wheels on it and some racing mods!

    2. jajr18m

      +1 i made a drag beetle with the 1200 and i put a mid turbo on it and it has way more tourqe (sorry bad spelling) than nearly all the other beetles i see, it spins its wheels and stays at like 4500rpm cus thats where all the power is so you have to change up earlier, but its never been beaten by another beetle, only thing is the steering on it irratates me, no matter what you do, it still goes up on two wheels, so annoying

    1. smskeeter23

      Is everybody just going to make senseless posts here now to get the total over 1,000?

      Oh and now it’s only 16 :P

  13. StaticVariable

    I’m really appreciating the improved feedback in the demo. It easier to tell when you are reaching the limits through corners with the revamped physics engine. The weight and force feedback of each car feels much improved over GT5. Nice job PD.

    1. KiroKai

      Yes but if you turn quick at a lot of steering lock (like when you do donuts) in 100% screen size in cockpit view you get terrible frame rate drops. You can reproduce that on any track in any car in the demo. :/

  14. fowlkore

    This is just my opinion but most people in the top 31 have made it to GT Academy national finals. You would think anyone who made it all the way to Silverstone in the last 2 years would not be aloud to compete. They were eliminated by the judges and should not be given another chance. This is just my opinion.

    1. Deko Wolf-GTPT

      You are actually right. Those who made it to the race camp are no longer allowed to enter the competition again.

  15. SillyBillyP

    I see bad jaggies on the track edges in the distance in this demo. There isn’t anything like that in GT5. I hope this gets repaired. Any thoughts?

    1. Proud_God

      Yes, I think we should be more worried about low frame rate than jaggies, as the former impacts gameplay.

  16. GTbyPlaystation

    I only need to shave off another 8 seconds…
    Oh wait, Australia isn’t competing in GT Academy – again.

  17. loopyloogrrr

    I watched the best replays and tried to imitate what they do. I just can’t drive like that I’m 3 seconds off at least.

  18. SZRT Ice

    This is the sequel GT5 was meant to be! You could even go as far as to say this is “The Real GT5”, and that GT5 was more of a GT4.5 or even more of a GT3.5 with added cars, events, and online.

    This is the sequel GT4 players have been waiting for! I just hope the included tracks are phenominal or that the DLC Track prices are more reasonable.

    1. infamousphil

      Yup. This is the GT5 we would have gotten IF they, PD, would have waited until the summer of 2013.

  19. kattjeveln

    Man. You guys are crazy good, I thought I was decent with my 2.23.426 with a pad lol… 2.18? I don’t even…

    1. MPH1995Deniz

      ikr? i mean i managed 2:19.002 which is very respectable but im still over 2 seconds off the leader?? i think i have pretty much reached my limit but im about 7 tenths away from the top 16 and its that that makes me want to keep going but to get to 2:18 just doesn’t seem right that a human can get such a perfect lap in. its so anoying for me because the first bend from when the lap starts im actually faster as i have downloaded the ghost replay of the top guy and can see him go as i try to keep up but after that hes just gone and even though i do get some near perfect corners hes still visibly leaving me for dust as if he had at least 50 more bhp and grippier tyres. but it must be said that the way the top runners are driving is not realistic as real life because sliding slows you down and overheating your tyres considerably reduces your grip so this gt academy competition this year is a little flawed i think.

    2. mef

      Yes, some of those driving styles wouldn’t work in real life, looks quite gamey when they physics are streched to those limits

    1. ScotteDawg

      Actually, not this time…

      Watch a replay again. but take notice of the panning cameras. If a camera is moving to the right, the right side of the screen blurs and vice versa!

      To the best of my knowledge, this does not happen in real life!!

    2. kattjeveln

      I’m down to 2.21.867 now, but in all honesty, I’m never gonna go much lower I think. 2.19 is manageable, but 2.16? No way… Can’t believe how fast the top guys are. I’m using manual for the first time ever in GT though, so that takes some getting used to.

    3. KiroKai

      The replays are terrible, you can’t even pause or fast forward, heck, you can’t even jump back to the beginning without returning to the track menu! I know it’s a demo so I don’t expect photomode but such basic functions taken away make it bad.

      Plus, as mentioned, the automatic vignetting effect is stupid, and in the replays you really see lots of bugged shadows on the track, especially in the distance.

    4. KiroKai

      Well generally GT6’s replays are great, but compared to GT5 they took steps back and that’s the thing that bugs me. I’m feared it won’t be done properly in the final game if it lacks such basic functions now, even if it’s just the demo.

    5. Falango

      @ Kirokai – You must absolutely HATE this demo because they took away over 1000 cars and almost 100 course layouts! HORRIBLE!!

      You should start looking at a demo as an early look, a sneak peak. Demos are never the final product, so if you’d rather wait for a ‘demo’ that has far more stuff in it, what do you think the final product will be like when they spend all their time on the demo?

    6. AERO_HDT

      Scott and KiroKai are spot on – the vignetting is terrible on a panning camera – it actually turns the screen into a 4:3 aspect ratio on fast sections. I’ve never seen it in real life, I wonder why PD have used it… I’m a bit concerned that they’re trying to hide something, perhaps with such a heavy portion of the display (20%? More?) “shrouded” in vignette fog, the risk of frame rate drops is reduced?

      I hope it’ll be something they fix – could it be that GT6 will stretch the PS3 beyond its capabilities?

  20. BlacqueJacques

    I like the physics and Silverstone.

    Some frame rate drop in my preferred cockpit view.

    Do not like the race track portion ‘tests’; hard to get a groove going; just did enough to make gold and onto the time trial.

    Funny (and frustrating) how they say right at beginning when you first load the demo that: “our records show that you are in a contest ineligible country”

    Canada eh :)

  21. Lambob

    I am very impressed with what the GT6 engine has to offer, I can only look forward to re-mastering the Nordschleife track on this remodelled reactive suspension, where I can sense that it may separate the real drivers, from just lucky game exploiters, a little more. I am also hoping that Drifting cars will not be instantly ‘as fast’ on the track, as people simply trying to drive as fast. I also noticed more ‘penalty’ to feel, when hitting a car from behind, sending it scrubbing almost instantly, that should have kids stay in back of the line some more.

    So many positives coming our way, and the sense of speed is just leap years better than it ever was in GT5. I am taking a week off in January, to play this maybe with some friends in the room too, but they’ll have to bring their own PS3’s.

    Thank you PD, and god bless your dev team! Sony, be good to them!

    So very greatful for this game. Unfortunately though, I will not be playing GT5 anymore, as of already a few months ago, I am just too anxious for GT6, good things will come to those who wait.

    1. tpark103

      I agree with you on the sensation of speed. Let me add the obviously we only used two cars on few tracks without many elevation changes but, the over all feeling of momentum even at low speeds was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in a consol simulater.

      I hope the technical details get ironed out before the release.

  22. MPH1995Deniz

    How do we actually register ourselves to the competition? so far I’ve managed a 2:19.108 leaving me 7 tenths away from being in the top 16 but I want to know if its automatic to our PSN account or there will be a form registration on the website like last year?

  23. MARcFuLLa

    Loved the demo!
    Even the Leaf it’s fun to drive now! I can’t wait for this full masterpiece!

  24. ScotteDawg

    Ok, this might not seem like a problem to some people but, I want to see the stands FULL of spectators on EVERY track! This includes the areas between the stands where people could be walking, staring up at monitors or going to a kiosk – anything really…
    I would also like them to NOT be cheering and clapping – that’s SO annoying – especially on the drift trials and course maker tracks!!!

    Now, on to the demo. I’m actually quite disappointed with the replay! The shadow effect on the side of the screen of a “following” camera – might be real, might not but it is very bloody annoying also! I hope that is gone and the fps is upped by the time of release!!

    1. MeanElf

      Who are you and what have you done with Scotte?!

      I’d be pleasantly surprised with such crowds but I don’t expect it will come this side of GT7.

    2. ScotteDawg

      It’s still me, I just had a few ideas… Nothing serious – exactly…

      I love the “demo”, don’t get me wrong, and I’m still eagerly awaiting the release of GT6, I’d just like a few things cleaned up is all!

      If I do have to wait for GT7 to have those types of crowds so be it! Let’s hope, though, they can get rid of that horrendous clapping, cheering and booing in time for GT6!

    3. MeanElf

      Yeah, I hated the rally events crowd, enduring all that halooing while you wait your turn was painful…then they go and add the same crowd sample to other race events.

    4. MeanElf

      I forgot to add that I actually feel very uncomfortable with booing in race events – luckily in GT5 this was only during drift trials. Codemasters used to do it lots in the first two DiRT games and that irked me lots.

    5. Deko Wolf-GTPT

      When you go on free practice, or a short race, the stands are nearly empty. However, if you are doing a long, championship race, the stands are full. This feature has been around since Gran Turismo 3 (maybe 4).

      Why would the stands be full of people watching one car doing a fast lap?

    6. ScotteDawg

      @Deko Wolf-GTPT – Look again at the stands on Autumn Ring and Autumn Ring Mini… Not a spectator in sight! And, if I’m not mistaken, they’re NOT single car time trials!!!

      Ergo, your statement is invalid!

    1. mef

      Agreed. Even if PD doesn’t improve online race modes or the GT career mode, what we’ve seen so far is already better than GT5

  25. abaron18

    WHY does Let_Canada_In appear TWICE in the top 31 of the GT Academy leaderboard?!?! Probably has 2 different accounts, but I’m surprised that there is no restriction on that…

    1. Ittybitty Stigy

      It’s two different accounts, for one of them the “i” in “in” is an lower case “L” And for the other account, the “i” in “in” is an upper case “i”

      Hope that made sence.

    2. KiroKai

      He’s there to set a sign to PD, Sony and Nissan. Don’t worry, if a player is ineligibly (from an unsupported country like in this case, too young, etc) he will be skipped and the ones that were slower follow instead (so instead of the top 31, the top 33 would take part then).

  26. 2012GT325

    Gran Turismo 6 will be the greatest GT game yet! I had never thought of using the words fun and Nissan GT-R in the same sentence before. While the car was fast in GT5, the GT6 demo brings it to life with stunning dynamics. Tire and suspension updates allow the tail to be happy and swing around, and I can only imagine how much more fun the Ferrari’s and other cars will be in GT6.

    In the past 48 hours, I have spent more than 6 hours playing the demo. Add all the amazing new tracks and 200 new cars in the upcoming full game, and I may as well quit my job and drop out of college :)

    I have read comments from people about how much fun it’s now to drive even the Leaf, let alone the 370Z or GT-R. And to all those saying this is nothing but GT5.5, please enlighten us and tell us when did you get to play the full game? There are so many new and added features (better physics, better graphics, more cars, new tracks, better menu, faster loading times, etc, etc, etc) that, from what I have so far seen just from the demo, GT6 will be the greatest yet. Period.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Too Right!

      However, I will correct you on one thing – The only time you used the words fun and Nissan GT-R in the same sentence was when you said you would have never thought of using the words fun and Nissan GT-R in the same sentence! lol

    2. Rionmoon

      Oh I’ll tell you this is GT5.5 without a problem because THIS is the game GT5 should have been when it was released. Kaz and his crew at PD aren’t working with a new system, it’s the same PS3 it was 3 years ago.

      It’s ok to be a fan of GT, I am. I’ve killed two ps3’s playing GT4-5. Being a fanboy is different. GT5 is a great racing sim but has always felt lacking. It never had that jenesequa that made 1-4 special. I pray that with the release of GT “6” the magic will be back

    3. ScotteDawg

      @Rionmoon – Je ne sais quoi. You had the placement right but the spelling WAAAY wrong!!!

      Also, though GT6 will be what GT5 was supposed to be, it will still be GT6, not GT5.5! Different physics engines, diff…

      Hang on, you’ve been told all this! The GT5.5 ship sailed long ago! If PD call it GT6, then it is GT6!! Who are you to tell PD (the manufacturers of the game) that they should call it GT5.5? It’s up to them what they call it, not you!

  27. AERO_HDT

    I’m enjoying the demo – but the frame rate is noticeably laggy when viewing from the cockpit – I’d hazard a guess it’s probably less than 24fps… On the plus side, I’m loving the body-roll and new physics, GT6 is shaping up nicely, I wonder if they’ll give us GT6 Prologue?

    1. Flagmo-T

      But this is just as typical as always with PD – Framerate should be perfect now – graphics are almost the same as GT5, not much to write home about – But the Handling and fun Factor in driving is much better ..

      But overall – It’s just a new track with a special Challenge – will it be better then GT5 – Time will tell, because it’s not just something you blindly believe in, before you have actually seen the difference with your own eyes – I’ll Never trust the the written words from PD, before it’s supported with action!! meaning! I’ll be the judge of that, when i have the game in my Box, and Not before then..

      I don’t give a rats arse what Gamesites/employees/fanboys/other that is involved in the product says, For me that is just a bunch of Happy blind people that don’t difference the idea of what kind of race Game it really is, like: do they deliver what it is supposed to with this Genre ? –

      Let some of the Honest and Tough Race SImulator Communities make a review, and even some race drivers that isn’t involved in GT/PD, then you will be surprised by the Honest and straightforward criticism it will get .. Do i have to remind you, that the worlds rally champion Sebastian Loeb said ok for the Rally mode in GT5, What a Bummer!! That’s why i don’t care about listen to the ones that is on the payroll ..

    2. mef

      Guys, drop the screen size to 90 or 95% to get full 60FPS in cockpit view. I’m sure PD are aware of the issue and will dial a few engine features to get this improved for the final version.

    3. AERO_HDT

      @tpark103 – Flagmo is not preaching – he’s just stating that he does not believe the hype surrounding ANY game until he’s had it in his hands and listened to some serious gaming communities. Kaz said recently that he was proud of GT being one of the only games to run at 60fps @ 1080p – many doubt that for GT5 for certain cockpit views, so Kaz has some explaining to do. Likewise, Rally mode is (and always will be) utter garbage! Sebastian Loeb endorses it? Of course he does! He’s paid to say so!

      Flagmo is right when he says that “hype” is never to be believed. Independent opinion counts for a great deal and you’d be a fool if you were to be suckered into the media opinion on a game.

      This is why sites like GTPlanet are so important.

  28. thorfynn

    How is it possible to drive a 2:18 with a Pad ? Respect. My time is a 2:14,4…….Still room for improvement…. ;-)

    1. Ittybitty Stigy

      I can get to 2:20 with a pad, could mabey get a few tents better but 2:18 with a pad, that’s amazing.

  29. GT Pro


    Just click on the details of the World Record Holder’s time for the first practice event in GT Academy BEFORE it has fully loaded.

  30. Amac500

    That moment where you cut over 4-tenths off your best lap time to put ya in the low 2:23 bracket only to get it disallowed because you slide a tire wide in the 4th to last turn, an error that cost you 3-tenths as it was… God dang it, I was on a flyer! Lol, the trials and tribulations of GT Academy.

    1. Lambob

      it sure is! and why stop at only less than 9,000 comments! There are 6 grueling months left to wait! oh lord. Time to keep occupied with a different hobby until then, and it won’t be GT5. GT6 has biatch slap written all over GT5. Which is only right, afterall.

  31. pasigiri

    I hope that practice and qualifying laps of pros at say La Sarthe or Nurburgring can be captuered and made downloadable as a ghost to time attack against.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      @both of you You can already download the fastest ghost time for a given track. Here’s how.

      1) From the race event screen (where you can start a race), go to “Online Rankings.”
      2) Select “Global Rankings.”
      3) Press Select to be taken immediately to the top ranking.
      4) Click the leader’s name, and then click “Save Replay.”
      5) Exit the online rankings leaderboard.
      6) Select “Load Ghost Replay.”
      7) Select the replay you just downloaded.
      8) Race against it. :)

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      The demo and the Academy trials are the same piece of software, yes. From what I’ve read, once the Academy is over Sony and PD are going to release a patch which will unlock the other features of the demo (more cars etc.)

  32. Projectoutlaw

    Yes finally a gt game with realistic body roll. No more flat as pancake cars around corners. Feels a lot more realistic and challenging.

  33. JackC8

    Played it for a bit tonight and really like what they’ve done with the handling. It seemed like in GT5 you either had 100% traction or you had 0% traction. Now there’s a whole lot of in-between. You can get the car sliding a bit but it’s still very much under control. I’ve really looking forwards to getting the full game now.

    1. MadmuppGT

      Also it still stuffers from the unrealistic understeering off at severely slow speeds, 50mph and less… I drove around tighter, narrower corners at those speeds and quicker than those just yesterday… in the rain and didnt experience anything like that in my 13 year old Toyota Celica, unless GT6 is telling me a 2000 front wheel drive Celica has better grip and handling than a 2013 Nissan 370z?

    2. pasigiri

      It’s funny you say that. I’ve wondered why for while why low speed cornering has this unbelievable understeer. I thought it was just me.

    3. Amac500

      The understeer is realistic. The GT-R is a big heavy car and your on like Sport: Hard tires I think and those don’t have much grip.

    4. Amac500

      @MadmuppGT You can’t bade it off of your Toyota Celica. The cars are different for one and the 370Z was always more of a drift car, but your tire compounds are different and the GT6 track isn’t rubbered up because cars haven’t been driving over it non stop. At the start of the races the tracks have no rubber and they grip up as they go. I first noticed that at Toyko in that last championship in GT5’s A-spec mode, you could visibly see the track getting darker in the corners between the start and end of the race.

    5. MadmuppGT

      But I’m comparing it to 60 and 70mph cornering in the wet on tyres that cost me £75 each… I’ve always had an issue with the tyres in GT5, the comfort tyres always felt they were made from solid ice giving zero grip at any time, But I’ve noticed since GT5 that the understeer that cars have is just awful… even cars that are supposed to be balanced rwd sports cars. If I was drawing a real world comparison I would say the 370z handles more like my dads old 1991 Vauxhall Cavalier.

    6. MadmuppGT

      I’ve also driven cars from the humble Cavalier and Vauxhall Corsa right up to a Porsche Boxster and 350z… and none of those understeered wildly or were overly twitchy at the first whiff of accelerator.

      I’m not bashing Gran Turismo, I love it dearly and have done since the beginning, but I have to admit since GT5 its been rubbing me up the wrong way something fierce

    1. Ittybitty Stigy

      Is it just me or are they flapping their wings but not actually going anywhere. They are cool though.

    2. ScotteDawg

      There is also a jet flying over and leaves falling from the trees!

      The birds ARE gong somewhere, but it’s their business, not ours…!

  34. Ozurdin

    OMG has anyone checked out the new interior views during replays? on the dash cam you can see him shift and it actually goes through the whole H pattern idk if GT5 did that but its pretty sick that little detail there.

    1. MadmuppGT

      They did have the animation in GT5. just most interior cam angles where next to useless… I’m hoping all cars will have the realistic over the shoulder camera

    2. TeamCZRRacing

      @madmuppGT Why would you want an over-the-shoulder camera? I’d prefer the cockpit viewpoint to be from my driver’s eyes. Judging anything from a camera that’s basically in the backseat would be impossible.

    3. GTman1996

      I think hes talking about during replays, so it looks more like when youre watching a race on tv

    4. MadmuppGT

      I am indeed talking about replays

      The Mazda MX5 RM that was DLC has the interior replay camera perfectly set up….

  35. jajr18m

    London elektricity – just one second, better be on gt6, i love racing to that tune, makes you win:D

    1. BLADErunner80

      Just download the track and make your own music folder to race to, i have that track and lots of other classic tunes from past Gran Turismo games Like “Everything must go” “Moon over the castle” “My favourite game” “A million miles away” “Reason is treason”

  36. oneloops

    Making some laps in 2’20” following a ghost of the 2’17” record is kind of magic, hope that we can run against a hard AI in GT6…

    1. Quigz125

      I hope they have like a side feature where u have to race against the best human record online. Not like online racing, but a ghost time trial. Just to see how to improve compared to the pros.

    2. oneloops

      And what about an AI at the same level than pros ? ;) That adds overtakings, fight for the position an for the good trajectory line… Fight in real breaking points…

    3. oneloops

      I don’t care if AI has better or lighter Physics or if they have better brakes or more PP… it’s about pace, i want a decent AI pace, and better braking points for AI (not 20 early like in this demo or GT5)

  37. Sele1981

    Wow I´m pretty impressed with GT6. Physics feel great and I love the moving dynamic cam (dampers). I was not sure if I buy GT6 but after the demo I will take a closer look after release…

    1. Need4Speed685

      The target time for Gold is 2:09.500, with Silver (I think) at 2:11.000 and then (probably) 2:14.000 for Bronze. Also, I’m issuing a challenge for anyone that wants to use my glitch method and play the event early:

      The first person to beat my Online Record and DM me will receive a very rare paint chip on GT5 as well as bonus Friend Requests on both PSN and GTPlanet.

    2. omgsean1

      GT-R NISMO GT3 N24 Schulze Motorsport ’13 Here your information for GTA 2013 bonus event: Final Trial.

    3. Spirithockey61

      He’s being serious lol. I just did what he said to do and it worked. The Racing Hard tires arent as grippy as they were in gt5 i’ve notice, which is good.

  38. Need4Speed685

    For anyone impatient to wait for the 3rd Time Trial in the GT 15th Anniversary Special Event (which is available after completing the GT Academy 2013 Special Event), here’s a little glitch I found:

    At the XMB, go to Settings > Date & Time Settings > Date & Time > Set Manually, then change the date to 29/07. After that, load up GT Academy 2013 and it will tell you that the date and time settings are incorrect. Ignore that and go into the GT 15th Anniversary Special Event and you will find that the 3rd Time Trial has been unlocked. By using this glitch, I have the Online Record on that event. Mwahahahahah!

    1. 2012GT325

      @GTP_Remo: LOL. I wouldn’t even try to do it for that same reason. There’s a good chance PD will ban/disqualify “cheaters.”

  39. Bhowe83

    Wow, the off track penalty system is ridiculous

    Half of my laps have been disallowed because I got 2 wheels off the curbing or I dropped a wheel under braking

    1. HarVee

      I know right? It makes using my driving line difficult, considering I’m one of those “dive bombers”.

    2. MadmuppGT

      I think its hit and miss to be fair, I’ve had a perfectly good lap scratched off for having two wheels running the rumble strips, but I’ve watched some replays on the same trial and theyd sometimes have half a car clean off the track

    1. 2012GT325

      Cool name you got there PNut, and I’m there with you, having to it with a DS3 instead of the fancy racing wheels others have.

  40. 2012GT325

    Not having a racing wheel and playing with a game pad, I guess I have no chance of coming close to winning GT Academy. I’m also quiet busy with school and work :( But I do wish everyone else good luck! Also, remember everyone to have fun! It’s not worth doing if you’re not having fun.

  41. Quigz125

    Ok an update to anyone saying that there’s no leaves flying up when you go off road. I just raced the 370z in Autumn Ring and in certain places it does have LOTS of leaves. But it only has them were they should be(for example: under trees very close to the guardrails) and grass and sand seem to kick up a lot nicer in this game too. So they did add leaves and other things. you just have to think logically. No trees means no leaves and vise versa.

  42. praiano63

    3 hours downloading at the office where is the only place to connect my PS3 and 36% only. Now it’s closed and my PS3 in still inside till tomorrow 9 AM, i’ll wait in front of the office door to check if 100%. I hope i’ll discover this news physics tomorrow morning before job time. I’m going to sleep like a 50 years old kid before christmass day, i can’t wait.

    1. uhruhtowel

      Its well worth the wait my friend. I only got to use a controller for today. But it was smooth. And load times are unreal compared to gt5

  43. Amac500

    I love that a guy named Let_Canada_In is currently to of the US leaderboard. There ya go my brothers up to the north!

    1. Quakebass

      I’m pretty sure there was guy (maybe the same guy XD) last year doing the same thing…

      Gotta get your voice heard SOMEHOW!

    2. Quigz125

      Lol that’s too funny. I’m an American but I still don’t understand why Canada isn’t allowed to enter.

  44. Amac500

    Yup, what I said before about my lap was true. 1st lap I picked it back off and I immediately knocked off 6 tenths.

    1. Nissan Lover

      I notice that if you push very hard after each lap, it gets very difficult to get back onto the racing line (not driving lines in the driver assistance, my OWN lines).
      I had to restart because I pushed way too hard and killed the grip from the front.

      I still had fun with the new physics. Especially looking at the LEAF with heavy body roll.

  45. z71L28

    In My opinoin, the physics engine in gt5 was excellent!. Like the old saying if it an’it broke don’t fix it. But I guess over at PD Thay felt there was room for improvement or perfection. Changes I felt in the demo, more pronounced susspension travel, and body roll while conering. Noticed For and aft waight transfer on and off throtlle while exiting corners, also called pitch. was diminished. I guess Thay sacrifice pitch for more lateral roll. I hope Thay balance out the equation in the finalized game.

  46. young car joc

    I just read the gt academy note on the gt5 homepage when u start up the game. It says for anyone that has set a qualifying lap time so basically if you finish a lap. You will get bonus content! What that is is a mystery. I hope it’s for the delta wing in gt6 or maybe both gt5 and gt6

  47. Both Barrels

    I’m up to 448th, and still around 5 seconds off??? I don’t remember leaving 5 seconds out there.

    1. Famine

      Some say to switch him off you have to run your finger down his face.

      All we know is, he’s called Lucas Ordonez.

  48. young car joc

    i was freaking out waiting for it to download….. i was expecting to be able to use the KTM X-BOW but then when i started the game. that was shattered. all we got to use are the same cars that are in gt5 and only the 2 that are the least used. the only good part i got out of this is a top 100 rank in the standings and a feel for the new physics.

    1. gt5racer97

      i completely agree with you young, i wanted so badly to give it a ride around silverstone as jordan does at the very first video of gran turismo 6.It didnt turned to be inside the gt6 demo unfortunately. Looks like we have to wait until the game will release worldwide in order to give it a first taste :) . Bring it on gt6!!

    2. Rionmoon

      ONE of the two least used cars. Speak for yourself but there is nothing wrong with a proper 370Z if you really enjoy and know driving.

      That being said I don’t know if there is a BIG difference in the suspension. The suspension on the Leaf and the Zed are stock and stock is usually rolly polly

  49. MPH1995Deniz

    I wonder what the secret special event is going to be on the 28/29th when gt academy online competition is completed? I think that this will most probably be the actual gt6 demo we were waiting for, like a couple cars and 2 or 3 tracks to have fun on ?

    1. ScotteDawg

      Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping for too!
      Fair enough, they run the GT Academy til the end of the month, but what happens after that?
      They can’t just make us run freakin time trials on one track for a month!
      They CAN do updates, so I’m hoping for AT LEAST the two tracks they’ve already showcased (Matterhorn and Willow springs) along with the three incarnations of Siverstone, and maybe the X-BOW, SLS AMG GT3, Bilstein Audi R8 and the BMW Z4 GT3. (Fingers crossed – holding breath could be fatal)

    2. Need4Speed685

      After changing the date and time to 29/07, it is another Time Trial with a full lap of Silverstone Circuit using the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 N24 Schulze Motorsport ’13. After completing it, that’s all the events in the demo done.

    3. ScotteDawg

      I tried that!
      Event 3 disappeared altogether, then, when I switched the date back, it was still gone…

  50. Amac500

    I would just like to note that for the event coming soon, the game has Lucas say “Bonus events will become available when ranking registration ends”. Just wanted to point out that it is plural “events”, as in more then one, even though there is only one box shown.

  51. turismoslayer

    Granted this is still just a demo but I’m really hoping the load times transfer to the full game version. I also really enjoy learning this new physics model. Very different and a challenge that feels rewarding in the end. Anybody else like the menu and pre-race screens? They remind me of the old Teken games. Very arcade like and I kind of like it. 3-2-1 Race-Go-Fight!

    1. SubaruWRC555

      I was digging that as well. The race settings screen music kinda gets me pumped as well lol

    2. ps3finest

      It reminds me a little of GT3, in arcade mode. What ever the case may be, it instills the feelings that the the older GT’s did.

  52. Leo0308

    Found it rather boring. Physics are a little different, breaks are a little weaker and the handbrake no longer exists.

    There doesn’t seem to be a significant step forward in any area.

    Won’t bother with the PS3 version at any rate. Perhaps i’ll get the PS4 one should it ever occur.

  53. GTP_Remo

    Why so much complaining? Damn whiners. This demo was made to give us a quick look at the new physics model and to start GT Academy 2013 ……… nothing more.. ITS A DEMO!!!!!! GET OVER IT!

  54. marktyper

    I like the new suspension physics. Unfortunately it seems that steering wheel owners can’t adjust the force feedback for the wheel. But it’s all good its just a demo anyways. People that whine about engine sound, im sure in GT6 370z will have a dffrnt sound (hoping)

    1. MeanElf

      Well, you aren’t really playing online in a lobby, so they’re the same, logged in or not.

  55. Toyota2jz

    Lol some people saying the sounds have changed in the GT6 demo, but it hasn’t. There’s comparison videos on Youtube. People need to stop pretending that they noticing changes in the sounds. A reminder for myself too -_-“

    1. GTHEAD87

      Actually its the backfire that sounds cleaner. It would help if you knew what difference to look for.

  56. Amac500

    Got gold on my 7th lap. Not gonna lie, that thing ain’t to easy on a controller, it’s so touchy and most of my trouble was setting a tire too wide here or there trying to give the car extra space not too spin. However, the lap I broke into gold (by about half a tenth) I tried driving by attacking the corners much more with how I worked the throttle, so there’s deffinently more time out there, I’ll get back to it later. Really wish I had a wheel though.

  57. oskierox

    Dang… i’m stuck at a 2:20.6. I’m losing time at Luffield, the exit of Becketts/Chapel onto the Hangar Straight, and Stowe corner. Help! haha

    1. oskierox

      You guys… it really is about patience and LOTS of laps!! Finally managed down to a 2:20.0 after about 5 laps after I posted this comment haha. Keep practicing!! I hope i break into the 19’s in the next few laps!! I don’t understand all the complaining, this is so much dang fun and I haven’t had this much fun on GT for a while! (Except shuffle racing… always fun :D )

    2. GTHEAD87

      Im on 2:21 I think. Plenty more time to be made. I can see the bits im failing on but every lap is different

    3. oskierox


      Haha its a bit frustrating at times, cause some laps are consistently just a few tenths apart and some like 1-2 seconds off lol plus I’m a bit distracted so I’m not in a serious groove at the moment :P since the 2:20 I’ve just been like woooo haha

    4. GTHEAD87

      Lol, thats a good time. Ive noticed the tyre characteristics change after about ten laps. Only day 2 tho ;)

    1. BRADZZZ11

      The way to get a quick time is to not be smooth and precise, it’s to chuck your car into the corner at weird angles for some reason.

    2. Ginjaninja7797

      I thought smooth and consistent was best, not juat chucking the car in to corners and getting lucky? :L

    1. ScotteDawg

      Not a publicity stunt – GT Academy 2013! It is still powered by GT6’s physics engine so, in a way, it IS a demo but it is mostly GT Academy for now!

  58. chevyisawesome

    and also I found the ai a bit more challenging because when I was doing the sunday cup or whatever I tried to get around the cars but they just kept cutting me off so I had to go on the grass

  59. JustDrivin

    Its not “GT6 6 Demo” at all its GT Academy 2013 i played it for 5mins got board deleted it waste of a download . Dont get me wrong its very nice jets birds new game engine driving style est but its not what i was wanting cant wait for GT6 ” the game “

    1. chevyisawesome

      ya i agree totally!!!!!I expected to have more Nissans and drive freely on a bunch of different new tracks not just try out for something I cant do because im to young!

  60. stiggylab17

    Just got done racing the new GT6 demo, and frankly, I’m not impressed. Now before I get into this, GT6 is a tuners game, a game that replicates its real world counterparts very well, especially in behavior, or movement of the car. I know that GT6 is a tuners game, I know this. Now I also play NFS, which is made by EA. I absolutely despise EA just like everyone else here, they’re expensive, they get you coming and going, and they control all the car companies I really want to see in Gran Turismo. Yet I still buy and play there games. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a love hate relationship with EA. They make some really awesome games with really incredible graphics, especially considering its for the PS3. Now I heard Kaz talk about how he put the PS3 to the limit, but I cant understand how? Now granted you can only put so much on the PS3 as in storage wise. But when I see Battlefront or some of these other very large and detailed environments, combined with everything else, I cant see how he put the PS3 to the limit. The environments, (in the demo at least) are years behind in terms of looks. Now many people right now are saying, “I play this game for the tuning and the cars, NOT THE STUPID TREES!” To be honest, my personal opinion is that the car graphics aren’t much better. As far as I can tell they’ve sharpened the shadow outline, and toned down the lighting. EA’s cars, though you cannot tune them, far exceed Gran Turismo, they’re so much crisper and they have a higher polyphony count which in turn gives them a much smoother look. As for body damage I don’t think a car should look like its had sulfuric acid pored on it. EA doesn’t completely shred they’re cars like Shift 2 Unleashed, but the damage looks real. Why cant Kaz do simple damage aesthetics? In short the way the car behaves mimics perfectly its real life counterpart, but the simple fact is the graphics are lacking. None the less I will still play GT6, because I love to tune my cars, and then stupefy my friends when I leave them behind. Hopefully if all goes well, the PS4 will help Kaz make the game we can all agree on to be the real driving simulator, with great car replication, graphics to rival those of EA and the new game Watchdogs, better sound, and hopefully by then EA’s grip on all those good car companies will be loosened. Come on Kaz, kick EA’s ass!!

    1. Amac500

      What the hell? The graphics are top self, it should be pretty clear how it being pushed to the limits. Comparing Gran Turismo to NFS Shift always loses you points too. The answers to all of the questions in here have deffinently been answered in past GTplanet articles.

  61. rperez915

    Physics and tire model are far superior to gt5. New suspension model is great too. Love watching the 370z transfer weight in the twisties. Being that this is simply a Demo, ill reserve final judement for the final product, but im impressed with what i’ve played so far.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Qualifying, flags (ALL colours), drive through penalties (instead of turning “invisible”), safety car on rolling starts and those air pressured strut jack thingies on the cars when pitting (“floating” in the air just doesn’t feel right!).

    2. Amac500

      I mean I understand not having flags or quali in short races that are like 3-5 laps it whatever, but for our longer races and online stuff. With the GT race cars added I want to be doing longer races online and atleast local yellows would be an improvement. There should be local yellows available for all races, regardless of length.

    3. BLADErunner80

      All much wanted additions but how do we still not have split times for the car in front and behind us??????????

      Even if it was just on the driver list next to each drivers name a little + or – with the time difference to your car updated at each sector. On long races it would really help with pit strategy.

  62. bigspleen

    Physics and handling nice, but everything else about the game still feels dead, lifeless. No sense of speed, AI dumb as rocks. Still start last chase the rabbit AI. Don’t have much faith in PD to make a good game. Great physics bad game is my prediction.

  63. panjandrum

    Well, after GT5 I went into this expecting to be disappointed, and they didn’t disappoint! (I was disappointed in the demo, but not disappointed by a lack of disappointment). The graphics actually look worse to me than GT5, smoother and cleaner and not a gritty or real. Basically more like most of the racing games out there. Maybe it’s just the included tracks, so I’m willing to wait and see what the final version brings of course. I did see some nice lighting effects, but that’s not as important as realistic details (you really should not, while racing, be looking at the sunset and going “ooooh, how nice”, but a little bump in the track? That you wanna know…) Feedback with my Thrustmaster feel extremely “dead” compared to GT5, regardless of the feedback settings, and GT5 already felt “dead” compared to GT4. I very much miss the days of wonderful, tactile, lively feedback (take your G25 and go drive El Capitan, then go drive ANY track in GT5). Part of this might be the cars in this demo, which I hate and which always felt “numb” to me anyway. So again I’ll have to wait for the full GT6 to be sure, but this demo didn’t impress at all in the feedback department. There is still no lightening of the wheel due to understeer as there should be in the physics/feedback model. Without this cue it is very difficult for those of us who do real-world motorsports to judge the limits of front-end grip. I KNOW the steering wheel should start to lighten up as the front tires lose grip (at least, it should in any decent sports car, and most cars, even econo-boxes do this to some degree), and since that doesn’t happen in any of the Gran Turismo games it is never possible for me to properly judge front-end grip. Would be very nice to see this feedback added to Gran Turismo in the future. I don’t drive the cars included in this demo, ever, so I guess I can’t really comment on the physics much other than to say that I did some maneuvers in the cars which should definitely have caused me to crash, burn, and die, and was able to recover from them easily and with little or no fuss. It seems a bit more challenging than GT5, but, at least with the included cars and tracks, it wasn’t what I was hoping for. I was also disappointed by the lack of stereoscopic support, but didn’t really expect to see that in the demo (would have been nice though).

    1. MPH1995Deniz

      In real life there are cars that have life-less feel steering. Nissans are one or few of those cars. Ever watched clips from fith gear, auto car etc? when they compare say for example a porsche cayman to a 370z they say the same thing… the porsche has really good direct good feedback steering and the nissan is good but lacks in feel. Understand what im saying? so instead of complaining about PD for making these nissans in the demo feeling dead, go to nissan directly and say it. Same with the r35 gtr… a lot of journalists note that the steering feel in an r35 gtr is not great especially if tested against something like a porsche 911 with hydraulic power steering and how much feel that has…

  64. GTHEAD87

    Loving this demo, although not much content it is still fun to put on and fly about. A time trial feature to use the cars on any of the tracks provided would have been awesome.

    Anyway, the new physics are incredible. They feel just right. The sound samples even sound really good. Not played Silverstone for a long time

  65. infamousphil

    ‘As previously announced, one of the most notable new features in Gran Turismo 6 is Polyphony Digital’s all-new driving physics engine, developed in conjunction with KW Automotive and Yokohama, and will be a close area of analysis and discussion in our community.’

    My guess is that all questions regarding handling (customized) and tire performance (other than stock) shouldould be directed towards KW and Yokohama.

    1. murch

      Not really.

      All that KW & Yokohama did was provide PD the means to collect data on suspension and tire characteristics / behaviours. PD was ultimately responsible for simulating that data in the game, not KW or Yokohama.

    1. SubaruWRC555

      You can change the view from wide, narrow, and narrower!! Choose one for the best FoV(field of view)!!

  66. Jashmid

    Physics is significantly better. In fact, it’s so bloody good that comparison with GT5 would be ridiculous and pointless. It was actually a lot of fun to drive the wild 370Z, unlike before.

    BUT… that’s where it all ends…

    Unless you’re a geek and know specifically what to look for in graphics improvements, it’s hard to notice any difference. The asphalt still seems like a smooth shiny surface as it did in GT5/GT4. No sign of any of the promised eye candies such as blowing leaves, etc. (hopefully because it’s a demo; hopefully). Shadows have improved. But camera control is still as awful (still no external side view, rigid left/right only eyepoint control).

    The GUI and menu interface reminded of the early days of GT5 where we had to go back and forth between multiple race menus just so that we could start the next goddamn race. Y’know why? Because it’s exactly what we have to do now. Again. It’s not a grayed out feature that’s not in the demo. It just doesn’t exist. Finished your race, exit, wait for the main race menu to load, select the next race, wait for it to load, start. Instead of simply next, load, start. DUH!

    I know it’s an early demo. I know it’s full of bugs and/or unavailable features (headlight icon in HUD, etc.). And I know they’ll probably release an update in 6 months, giving us a super duper “next race” button because they ‘value’ our feedback. But unfortunately, it seems to mee like the same old PD’s idea of game design all over again:

    – Superb context and core experience that is light years ahead of competitors.
    – Mediocre delivery and navigation experience that is light year behind lousy arcade games, let alone GT’s main competitors.

  67. sind3ntosca

    The time trial full lap 370z in Silverstone is soo hard… for me :p …I only need 0.5 second mooore to Gold… aaargh… so hard :( …but i got the GTR, and the time trial is hard too hohoho… really just need 0.8 sec to gooold!!!

    I’m using automatic gear btw… ABS 1, TC 5. Anybody have good settings? or should i go Manual Gear? ..but i’m not Pro. I cannot beat my own best lap time… damn :p

    1. infamousphil

      Lock yourself in the room, avoid any distractions, turn off TC and stay focused. Racing YOUR ghost may help. It took me 2 2hr stints, with a 2hr break in the middle to gold. Good luck.

    2. Janduin68

      Learn to use manual asap. It will take maybe half an hour before you’re used to it and you don’t want to go back to AT believe me. And you’ll be faster!

    3. sind3ntosca

      Thx for all your suggestions guys… I’ve tried TC 1 or Off… but it makes me scaaare hahahha… so hard, lots of drifts… I’m using wheel btw, G25.

      Well i guess i have to learn it more… and want to try manual too, …H Shifter or Paddle Shifter? …hmmm… i think i would try them all hahahhaha… thx guys :)

  68. linupix

    Amazing demo, I am looking forward for the full game. I only have one request, give me a premium formula GT ;) I am so lost on the track, the last time I was on Silverstone track was in Forza 1. I have to work on my lines and breaking points. Physics are far more realistic, there is some mistake I just can’t get away with anymore.

    1. infamousphil

      F1 2010 and FM3 for me. I’m not familiar with this “new” Silverstone layout. Did they move the pits the the current Silverstone area. I was lost during the whole 4hrs of 370Z TT. Hope the driver assist adjustments return to GT6. I’m not a race car driver, but it feels different and looks better.

    2. Force-Feedback

      This new track is the only one i’ve played where it resembles the current real life track, i’ve been there at least once a year and having been there recently for an endurance race i’m happy to see i can finally go around it for once instead of watch it from the stands.

      It is indeed more of a challenge though if anyone is struggling just download the ghost replay of a few REALLY quick times from others and you’ll see where to improve, most cases its smoothness and how to shift the weight to your advantage going into corners. Thats the difference between my pathetic 2’ against the top drivers haha!

  69. mistamontiel

    What a frickin WASTE


    It begged me for a name, took me to Nissan 370Z test on wimpomatic. Quit it, Options, NOTHING

    1. KFM

      Congratulations on not even playing long enough to get to where you can change the options. *slow clap*

    2. Ittybitty Stigy

      Really, why don’t you actually play the demo for more than 5 minutes before you start screaming false information…

    3. WonkyFonk

      Haha, this is the most impatient response I have seen to anything.

      “Way to go PD, all I see is the on button light go green”

    4. mistamontiel

      It’s called reading. Top to bottom left to right..?

      I hit the Options menu. Still forced wimpomatic.

    5. Zeeto

      The only true answer to your problem is you must just be retarded because everyone else is playing manual and enjoying it

    6. WonkyFonk

      Ok, baby steps.

      There is an introduction section to the demo. This involves a ‘straight to the pits at Silverstone’ part’, where you drive round 1 lap of the F1 track. During this time you have to manage with the controls you are provided. When you cross the finish line at the end of the lap you are then provided with an opportunity to customise your gaming environment. This includes but is not limited to changing controls and reducing music volume.

    7. Amac500

      I’ve never seen somebody make up their mind faster on a video game. I’m actually impressed, that was shorter tempered then family gatherings in the old Amac500 household.

    8. andres747

      That’s because you’re driving a Leaf, and if you hadn’t noticed, its electric, and its transmission is only auto, if you bother to go further into the game, you’ll find the 370Z, with manual transmission.

    9. andres747

      Oh, sorry I made a mistake, that’s the tutorial, it’s meant for you to learn the physics of the game, go further into it and you’ll find manual transmission.

  70. gt5racer97

    I will agree and with the other guys below. The demo was pretty good but the only negative that I can take from the demo was the frame rate( it was kinda worster compare to gt5) but still its not the final product and can be fixed until the release of the game. I have a question relative to Jordan: can we have a small on board gameplay with the ford gt500? I don’t know why but I felt in love with this car :D

  71. JackC8

    Cool. I’ll definitely be checking this out this afternoon. Great to hear the comments about how the handling has been noticeably improved.

  72. roamer2629

    Much much better!!! Couldn’t countersteer when the car went into a tailspin in GT5, it would only spin the other way. Much more controllable now, at least as I felt it. Graphics look sharper too. Is it me or it looks as if we were going faster? Doing 100 mph at the straight in Silverstone felt like going pretty fast…

  73. kekke2000

    I just did a 2:03.201. It was so good it appeared in red! :D (I’m looking forward to Dirty Shuffles on this track!)

    1. thorfynn

      2:03.201…….Really ? The worldwide ranking begins at a 2:17.something……
      It seems logic to me that your time appears in red…. ;-)

  74. Janduin68

    Physics are definitely improved, my G25 will come out of hibernation for this one! Weight transfer and the feel of the car under braking/on the curbs is very good. Well done PD, can’t wait for the full game!
    Menu’s slick as well, very easy to navigate, its simplicity reminded me of the original GT . Loading times almost non-existent, great!

  75. Magic Ayrton

    This is shaping up to be pretty good.. now, if they could just sort the sounds out, it’s a sure winner! Love the physics, love drifting the GTR lol

  76. AngelPlayStar

    Top Drivers are not human !! … Great demo anyway! great physic (much better than GT5) … in 1 Gb I don’t pretend that everything is perfect … can’t wait for the full game! Have fun with this GT Academy 2013!!

  77. kekke2000

    Improved my last time by about a second, still room for a lot of improvements, in some corners I’m far away from the curbs and in the exits I’m way too late on the accelerator. Rank 2451 with a controller. My DFGT is in the closet LOL.

  78. fowlkore

    Thank you PD for making the quailifying period for GT Academy four weeks long. Gives us people who have full time jobs and responsibility a chance

  79. DistortedImage

    Loving the suspention roll and al round feel of the cars. I had to laugh at how much fun i was having in the leaf and how it looked when you were right on the edge of too much understeer, plus the change of direction you could really feel it plus i also think a lot of the floaty feel you got with comfort tyres is really reduced. the 370z was awesome was giving it the old scandanavion flick and watching on replay i love the new suspention movment, for a 1gb demo i think its really good. Then to the academy, Love it you can really feel the bumps in the turns the car feels grounded the fast right after the chicanes near the end is my fav the car just bounces through the bend when you get it right. Can’t wait for GT6, going to be epic. only real question why can’t us ozzy’s be elidgable for the academy? we got some good drivers here Mr gt man…(cough, Webber)… ;) who tor it up on the weekend at silverstone

  80. Jeredin

    As GT Academy is free to download and play, it was great. The Leaf was predictably slow but also surprisingly fun at times. The 370Z on the other hand, was frustrating half the time; understeer at slow speeds and oversteer out of most corners. The GT-R however was really fun, despite how heavy it felt around some corners. Silverstone is a great track but had REALLY boring surroundings views–it kind of reminded me of Spa, but blander. The two shorter tracks were really fun with the GT-R and I look forward to racing the track with the full roster of cars in GT6!

    1. aircoreboy

      I’ve always prefered Brands, Silverstone’s great for F1 with all the high speed right handers, but Brands seems more suitable for more types of class’, IMHO!

    1. MeanElf

      And you can put your own music in there instead – leave the GT music alone for those of us who appreciate it.

  81. Amac500

    Nissan GT Academy… You’re right, the sponsorship probably means nothing. I mean be a little fair though buddy, just because you have an apparent affinity for cars like the Civic, Fit, and Today, doesn’t make them the be all end all manufacturer in the GT Academy event. I mean sure, as far as crappy cars go they suck a bit less then others, but I just don’t see how they would keep it from being weak. Sorry friend.

    1. Tvensky

      I think they Dropped AI for the demo just to save space…. just like all other features.. all we see in demo is excellent physics and better track graphics..

    2. Tvensky

      good point.. but it was an example… they could do it for alot of reasons.. just to save development time.. or to keep it a secret.. but you have to admit that there wasnt no AI at all.. it was scripted driving.. and it was 10 times worse than GT5… so yes.. I still think that the real AI is not there..

    3. MeanElf

      Probably tweaked to make the casuals feel good about winning. There was better collision detection, I thought.

  82. MeanElf

    ;) I had an image of Derek Zoolander saying the OP’s words – he must be a male model too judging by what he said.

  83. Mycoxx1000

    This is a demo so understand its no a complete game so dnt be so negative on ur reviews I was just saying if we would had a chance to race in a honda or anything else but Nissan its getting really annoying ..

    1. Neilson248

      Errr Nissan Gt academy? NISSAN! If you win the competition you will be sponsored by NiSSAN! You will drive a NISSAN! NISSAN made the whole thing possible gosh

  84. Proud_God

    Likin’ the new physics, but the frame rate is even worse than GT5’s… let’s see if PD can get this fixed… (other wise no buy for me)

  85. 2012GT325

    There were a few issues with the graphics of the game (blurry shadows appearing/disappearing during replays), but the tire and suspension improvements have made the game a lot more fun. Cannot wait to try the new physics on the Nurburgring with all the new cars. Also, I really hope this cool, fast-loading menu makes its way into the final version of GT6.

  86. MonsterR32

    Seems awesome. Hopefully the graphics side of things will improve a little. Handling physics is very much improved. Excellent there. Lets hope they sharpen things up for the ultimate experience in the final release. Shame though other countries like Australia aren’t part of the GT academy. Awesome game though. Can’t wait for the full version to be released.

    1. Tvensky

      more than half of the world is not in GT academy.. even part of the Europe (e.g. Baltic states).. so dont get to sad about Australia… they just say that they support… did you notice. you couldnt even choose a flag.. only a name.. since I cant register my Europe country Latvia even in PSN.. PD support is even worse…

  87. marxlien

    I really liked the demo.
    The body roll and the behaviour of understeer makes it fell more realistic. If you go “offtrack” you can actually feel it, it’s really nice.

    The loading times are faster, you can choose your name, now you have the percent of tire wear.

    I miss a bonet cam, not roof cam. and the ghost looks really ugly.

  88. Pit Crew

    Whats wack is after all the News and comments about the GT6 demo only including Nissans ( Its Nissan Sponsored for last 4 yrs ) you thought you would see Hondas…o_O

    1. Amac500

      Nobody knows if awards will be available in GT5 or GT6 or what the deal is, at least last I heard.

    2. drag lab 101

      It’s to my understanding there will be a special prize for those who participated & that its only available through GT6.
      Special car or some jazz…
      Pretty darn sure I read that on IGN earlier today about the demo going live.

    3. drag lab 101

      Completing the challenges will earn you free bonus content for GT6 when the game is released later this year.

    4. DistortedImage

      Ive got gold in all the the time trails, if you get bronze or above you get 2 bonus silverstone layouts to do in a rwd r35 , plus there is a hidden bonus to be unlocked at the end of the acadamy trails..

  89. TomBrady

    Honestly, I’m not too happy with the graphics. I’m gonna go play some GT5 now to compare, but so far it seems like GT5, except blurrier, more jaggies, and more HDR.

    I’m sure this stuff will be tweaked by release time, but I really hope it is because so far I think the graphics are worse than GT5 or GT5p.

    Some graphical improvements can be seen like the shadows on the car aren’t nearly as bad. The interiors look better maybe.

    Another good graphical improvement is the tire smoke doesn’t make the car look like crap like what would happen in GT5 if your car was in smoke, rain trails, or whatever. Now the car stays the same resolution even if it’s in smoke.

    Physics wise, it’s a really big improvement which is what matters the most. Also, because the weight transfer and suspension has improved so much, so has the head movement of the cockpit cam. Now it’s much more exciting to drive and immersive because of the amount of movement. Even the leaf was a ton of fun to drive because of it.

    Autumn Ring looks a HELL of a lot better than the one in GT5.

    AI is still crappy though, and the sound is the same but it really didn’t even bother me at all. If you crank it up, make sure you got enough bass, and set the race FX in game to 120, it really isn’t bad at all. I’ve heard worse for sure. I’d like it to have more reverb from the surrounding area, and have sound more raw but hopefully that makes it into the infal GT6.

    The UI is very much improved too. The way the options are sorted and how the start menu is linked to the start button. I really liked that. Also, the way the cars are sorted in your garage is a big improvement too, much easier to sort. So far the menu responds a lot faster, loading times for tracks are great as well.

    Also, just the presentation of the demo is a lot better than GT5. I hope it’s like this in GT6 because I felt some parts of GT5 had good presentation, but not nearly this good.

    So far it’s looking amazing, I just really hope they fix the issues I’ve mentioned.

    Also, my one physics complaint is still that the cars don’t seem to be very responsive to my wheel. GT5 had the same issue. I really hope they finally let us either adjust steering sensitivity or steering lock. Especially with the F1 cars, we should be able to use 360 degree steering with F1s, rally cars, and go karts. F1s are not meant to be driven with 900 degree steering

    1. Amac500

      I agree with what you’re saying, only I’m not seeing it blurrier like you are. My only graphical concern was the glare from the sun on Silverstone. It seemed like it would be with a wet road, only it was dry. I could be wrong about that though, I’ve never driven Silverstone at that time if day too know. I know that in real life at Sebring it gets incredibly orange, so I suppose it is possible that it could be like that in real life.

    2. SillyBillyP

      In reply to a previous post you made in this thread on difficulties with ABS off, I’d suggest trying ABS off and brake balance at 3 front, 1 rear. I find it quite good like that.

  90. chevyisawesome

    WAIT A MINUTE!!!!I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING!!!!!!!WERES THE FEEDBACK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!ITS GONE?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!!???!?!!!??!???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Longa23

      +1000 have a Fanatec Clubsport Wheel
      One of the best Wheels…
      But now the Forcefeedback is gone…
      Good Bye Mr. Forcefeedback :)

    2. Amac500

      It’s in here dude, just gotta look for it. Some people have complained if FPS, which I haven’t encountered though I am sure their problems will be addresses by the final release. The graphics are even better. The shadows are quite smooth. However, I so have a concern that the sunset is too colorful with the glare on the track at Silverstone. It just kind if seemed to shine like a wet road, not a dry one, but I could be wrong. Most noticeable to me is how much better the physics are when you are off course. The bumps are so real in the grass and such that it makes GT5 feel primitive. I feel like the curbs are more detailed too. Overall, a total thumbs up.

    3. sind3ntosca

      @Amac500: LOL :p
      @chevyisawesome: The default setting of the FFB is 5, too weak.. you should raise it in the option to 10. I’m using G25 and it’s fine… but the FFB at 10 is weaker than GT5 FFB at 10. But it’s goooood… i can drift easily now :p

  91. chevyisawesome

    wow so many comments…….AND IM NUMBER 600!!!!!!! 600th contestant I should be winning a pre order for gt6 lol

  92. Whitefalcon63

    Here in Australia we are not eligible for the GT academy. So this is out first taste of it and I’m wondering if those competing are allowed to use driver aids? I don’t even like using ABS. I’m sure all of us down here can’t wait for Bathurst to become available.

    1. Amac500

      Yeah, without aids is faster. That’s why I for one have never complained about the option because those who want to go fast run with them off. The only thing I use us ABS set on 1 and that’s only because I have a controller and its super sensitive in that regard. The quickest laps are all set with the aids off it seems.

    2. HuskyGT

      I did a few laps without noticing that I had TSC on. It’s far less intrusive now, I must say. But yeah, if you turn it off, your lap times improve drastically.

      I also leave ABS on at 1 in most cars, except old cars and some cars such as TVR’s and race cars. With the demo however, it has to be on since we can’t adjust the brake bias. That’s the trick of having ABS off if you are a Dual Shock player like me, so you don’t get wheel lock all the time ;)

    3. TomBrady

      Yea actually TCS didn’t seem to cause as much understeer now that you mention it. Even still i didn’t like the feel of it at all. I like to play without aids.

      I’ve been trying to play without abs but it’s still a bit difficult. Wish they would fix that. It shouldn’t be so hard to find the correct amount of input to brake without locking up. It’s not this hard in PC sims.

    4. Amac500

      The TCS seemed interesting to me because I experimented with it on and off just to see. There was still a lot of wheel spin on that 370 at Silverstone and it definently didn’t feel as intrusive there. However, I felt the difference when turning into corners with it on. It was very stiff and I really couldn’t make the back come around (this was in the 1st sector time trial in the second hairpin) anywhere near as close to how I could get it to turn in with it off. That was the only spot I really noticed a difference.

  93. Amac500

    The changes they’ve made are awesome and I’m really pumped for the full release! It’s incredible when you run off track now, how the car feels like its off track with all the bumps in the grass and all. It makes GT5’s off track physics seem so primitive, how it is obviously ruff but the terrain is flat. The only thing that I wish was improved physics wise are the barriers. I hate how when you hit the tire barriers its is the same as hitting a concrete wall. If the armco indented a bit it would be nice too, but the tire barriers are the main thing for me. But I love the lighting changes and the off track physics, it really is incredible!

    1. Amac500

      Oh, and that’s not to say I badly missed a corner in the Silverstone TT to discover that barrier issue ;)

    2. Both Barrels

      Hahaha I leadfooted through a gravel trap, just to see what it would feel like and yeah, the barrier felt about the same…

  94. Amac500

    Ya know what I wish the demo was? I think they should’ve set it up so that every week there is a different car and track pairing available to try for 1 week only. For example, 1 week the KTM at the Matterhorn. The next week it could be the C7 Vette at Silverstone. Just from their E3 content alone they could’ve had enough pairings of car and track to hold weekly open TTs from now until release. Even if they kept it all at the Silverstone layouts, they could’ve done it like. The Nissan’s in the demo just don’t really get me going. There isn’t even a GT-R surprisingly enough.

    1. chevyisawesome

      ya and plus u cant do a different track on free roam or something and not enough cars to drive

    2. Both Barrels

      I’m personally glad that the demo is as small as it is. It gives away very little, not betraying the true nature of GT6. The new physics feel superior, but are likely not yet to where they will be in the finished game. Recall how very different the GT5 Prologue was compared to GT5, sounds, physics and all. I’m just happy to get Silverstone firmly under my belt.

    3. Amac500

      Yeah I agree they should be careful about go on away to much and it might actually better for that idea to stick to the 3 Silverstone maps, but yeah, there are so many cars in GT, I just want a taste off the ones they’ve been showing off.

    4. ScotteDawg

      Since the only tracks they have shown off are Matterhorn, Willow Springs and Silverstone, why couldn’t they do a patch/update after the GT Academy times out to include those other two tracks and a few of the cars they’ve showcased? We’ll have the demo for another month so there’s really no reason not to!

    5. Both Barrels

      That’s a good point. It would be nice to have a couple more new tracks to master in the upcoming months, and at least one new car.

  95. kargy

    Is there any way to turn off the ghost car in the academy trials? I have always found the ghost distracting. Love the demo so far! With a wheel there is real feel of understeer. Much greater feeling of feedback from the car.

    1. drag lab 101

      Just restart… It should make the ghost go away off the track and leave it only on the map.

    2. MichoRexo

      If you have left the setting as default, the “up” button should turn the ghost off. I find it easier to run with the ghost off also but sometimes on the straights I like to turn it back on to see how far ahead or behind I am.

    3. TomBrady

      You can set the ghost to a button on your controller/wheel. On the wheels it’s Up on the D Pad by default. I think it’s the same on the controller

  96. ucwepn

    I had a good play last, night love the bonus rounds with the GTR the graphics are crisper and cleaner than GT5, nice reflections and very few jaggies on the cars, this can be at the expense of some track detail and track jaggies at times but as a ps3 title it looks damn impressive on my 50″ plasma

    1. TomBrady

      No they’re not. The graphics are actually a lot blurrier even when set to sharpen. That’s what I’m not liking about it so far. It looks very blurry and I really hate blurry games. That’s the one thing in graphics I can’t deal with. I hope they get rid of the blur by release

    2. McLOVIN5489

      @TomBrady It’s smooth on my end….I agree with ucwepn…I CLEARLY see a graphical improvement.

  97. DEEZNUTZ388

    So, is the “GT academy 2013” thing on ps store the demo? Cause I’m sure we were promised a whole seperate demo for GT6 only.

  98. racingchamp30

    Faster loading times than GT5 and this is just a demo. Already enjoying the demo and having fun. Can’t wait for the full game of GT6 to come out.

  99. SRT4Real

    Remember… you’re running a demo on PS3. The PS4 console will be much more capable, frame rate will go way up, and other details will improve. There’s only so much they can do, running it on the older console.

    IMO, GT 6 on a a PS4 will rock.

    1. NA

      If they ever make GT6 for PS4, then yes. Otherwise we wait for GT7, and who knows how long that would be.

    2. sumbrownkid

      Hopefully GT7 on the PS4 comes out much earlier than GT5 did for this gen. PD must love the idea of the PS4 being easier to program for.

    3. SZRT Ice

      Do you guys follow the news and updates around here?

      Kaz has mentioned that he “has plans” for GT6 on PS4 once GT6 PS3 hype dies down.

    4. HuskyGT

      He never said that. He said that if enough people play GT6 they might consider working on a new title for the PS4.

      So stop wishing for things that won’t happen. GT6 on PS3. Better enjoy it, because GT7 for the PS4, even though it’s a sure thing, is FAR from being a reality.

    5. TomBrady

      What do you might consider making something on PS4?

      You’re not suggesting that they’re just going to support GT6 and then that’s it? No chance. GT is still playstations best selling exclusive. They’re not going anywhere. I’m sure they’ll start working on a PS4 game as soon as GT6 is released.

    6. ScotteDawg

      IMO, they have ALREADY started. I vaguely remember, at some point, Kaz saying that working on the PS4 is easier than the PS3.
      Whether that means PD has already worked on something or not is speculative, but I think they may have either started on GT7 or, at least, TRIED something to see how it works!
      Either way, a title in the GT series (be it GT6 or GT7) on the PS4 platform should not be too far away!!

    7. NA

      @SZRT Ice

      This is what Kaz most recently has said about GT on PS4:

      ““Once everyone has played out GT6 on the PS3, we are thinking about a PS4 game. When that comes out, we’ll be testing the limits of the PS4, just like in this version we’re releasing now. We’ve really pushed the limits of the PS3 as far as it can go.”

      There was a simular statement made previously that sounded more like he would like to port over GT6 to PS4, but in neither statement does Kaz in any way confirm that it will ever happen. With the second statement, it appears much more likely that he’s just been talking about the future of the series in general on the PS4, and more specifically, the next sequel. A GT6 port over to PS4 is looking far from being a safe bet.

  100. Boosted_01_R

    demo physics is pretty decent, not a huge step from GT5 though….. yet to get weight transfer stability right, still too much on the arcade side…. hopefully they fix it in GT6. not bad so far

    1. TomBrady

      I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

      The biggest improvements they made to the physics is the weight transfer.

  101. E21_323i

    So far I like what I see as far as a free demo is concerned. I liked the fact that I saw birds flying at the autumn ring, cool detail I wouldn’t have thought of.

  102. lldantell

    The brand new features in this game is amazing and the graphics is noticeably improved.even the demo version of gt6 make gt5 look like a arcade game

  103. Kratos_Q8

    WoW !! FRAME RATE IS SUPER SUPER SUPER BAAAAAAAAAAAD ~!.. im mean if the frame rate drops like this with only 6 cars on track what will happen in a12 and 16 cars race ??! plzzzzzz fix this , thats my only problem in the demo + still stupid AI

    but: good graphics , good physics and i loved the new track :)

    1. sumbrownkid

      Huh? Maybe it’s your system cause I’ve yet to experience noticeable frame rate drops.

    2. RTPwr

      Unfortunately, I am experiencing frame drop as well…
      My PS3 is last version of the fat PS3…
      Didn’t experience any frame drop in GT5 so that was a big surprise, considering there are only 6 cars in GT Academy 2013 compared to 12 cars in GT5.
      I know it is still a demo, but frame drop like this?? In my opinion, frame drop is a big issue with racing games and this shouldn’t happen at all no matter what PS3 you use… Whether it is a demo or not.

    3. HuskyGT

      I didn’t noticed any frame rate drops. It’s strange taht some people notice them, some other don’t. I see no difference between GT5. If it drops is barely unnoticeable. I did donuts and all, and even the smoke seemed smoother and less jagged while the frame rate kept steady.

      32 inch screen. 720p.

    4. TomBrady

      I’ve noticed frame drops but no screen tearing. Honestly, I’d rather deal with the occasional drop to 40 fps than screen tearing.

      It is a bad sign that GT6 is dropping to 35-40 fps when there’s only 6 cars on the track, but I’m sure that will be worked out by release or at least improved.

      So far, I’ve seen absolutely zero screen tearing, and I’m definitely happy about that. I hate screen tearing.

    5. perrolocomcquee

      I’ve the same problem :/, but a lot of friends haven’t problems at all. I deleted the demo and now i’m installing it again and see what happens ;)

  104. BLADErunner80

    Some people only see what they don’t have, and they have a life of constant disappointment ahead of them.

    It’s just a demo! 6 months from release!

    Nothing is perfect!

    Nobody is forcing you to buy the game, if you find a game doing everything better then buy that one.

    And if you genuinely don’t see any improvement over GT5 here then your looking for the wrong things in a driving game.

  105. SubaruWRC555

    Wow is what I have to say. It feels the same but different. And in a very awesome way. I feel more connected with the car having to adjust my head to compensate for the body roll. The tires and suspension feel way more predictable to me and over all everything seems alot sharper!!
    I think we will all have our socks blown off when when get the full game. Clutch for G27 still for the loss btw lol.

  106. infamousphil

    First impressions… the leaning Lear is almost comical, but the 370Z doesn’t lean as much. Nice touch.
    The cup races were too easy, but the time trials are difficult to get gold whilst using the remote.
    Silverstone is different from what I remember. The challenge to learn something new is appreciated. And I hope that by skipping the point to.point challenges and doing the full circuit TT first will help. Resetting every 30secs is annoying. Wish they’d blocked out the automatic option for the 370. My friends won’t like me for.saying that.
    Glad PD has continued with the controller programming. Wish more developers adopted the idea.
    The garage area has finally been upgraded to include a garage background. That was long.overdue qnd I hope that GT Shop gets the same kind of background change.
    Lastly, the Z’s clock was wrong, I thought at first. Then figured it was th time at the track. Nice touch.

  107. a5kylar990

    Graphics are stunning, and the body roll is very realistic, I’m surprised with PD I rate the demo 4out of 5, the only thing I thought was left out was more realistic tire squeal, to me it just sounds like your driving with some flat tires

  108. Richhard1

    Really not sure about the demo, to me it’s more of the same but with tweaked graphics and faster loading times. Not to say I won’t be buying it in its release, purely just to beat the career mode.

    Not happy playing on just one screen either! Thought triple screens would be available as gt5 is concurrently. Don’t like the aliasing during the race, the scenery is very restricted too which is a disappointment. Replays with that out of focus zoom effects really doesn’t do it any favors either.

    Apart from that, the handling is slightly arcadier, car lean is much more realistic, and car detail is nice too! Shame you can’t change car settings or tyres etc.

    My score 6/10

    1. Sasuki

      “handling is slightly arcadier” hahaha! try harder… I will give 1/10 for your comment…

    2. rumbalumba

      You mean kinda like GT2, GT4, and now GT6 i.e. the 2nd iteration of GT games each generation? Colour me surprised.

    3. TomBrady

      You say it’s “slightly arcadier” and then say car lean is much more realistic? Way to contradict yourself.

      I’m sorry but it’s not opinion when the difference is this big. GT6 is without a doubt more realistic than GT5. There’s no argument there.

      So take your “slightly arcadier” comments, and bring them to the forza forum please, I’m sure they’re the only people who would back up your GT bashing.

  109. JaySamurai

    I really like the design of the F1 Ferrari 2013 car, i hope it will make it into GT6 so i can bomb around silverstone and watch the replays. Hopefully no tyre punctures :D

    Overall decent “demo” Kaz has already addressed the sound issue so not much to complain about for me accept the drop in frame rate in cockpit view which i’m sure they will fix.

    Lap time: Mid 1.22 After 4 laps .. Will spend more time tomorrow .. Happy driving peeps.

  110. mr_pepps

    Wow! Love the improved lighting. Visually the cars and scenery look much richer. Love the ‘computer graphics’ feel to the leaves falling at Autumn Ring, really characterful and nice not to be perfectly realistic imo.
    The improvements to suspension movement and handling feel are great! I’m looking forward to re-discovering some of my favourite cars on some revamped circuits.
    Oh, and having camped at Silverstone this weekend just passed it’s excellent to drive the circuit straight after! I was on the circuit on foot after the race at Luffield – the capture PD has made of that section is excellent.

    Looking forward to GT6 – should be a blast!

  111. rex1825

    …uh guys, did anyone of you noticed the choppy sound and sometimes graphics is a bit choppy to as if there were fps drops?

    All in all, this is “demo” and what I’ve seen for now, game engine is really improved. Car feels really good…

    Ah… 1:21.124 :)


    1. kekke2000

      Usually in chase cam and when there is smoke on the screen. Bumper cam time trials works perfect

    2. adrianhettich

      Hi, remember guys what they’ve said!! Gt6 will push ps3 to the LIMIT!!!! Now just concentration please, wheels in hands and tons of hours without sleep:))) that’s what we’ve love, good luck and lots of grip

    3. NA

      To be fair, Kaz says every GT release pushes the respective console to it’s limits. Supposedly GT5 squeezed every single bit of performance out of the PS3, yet we se improvements in the sequel.

      I’m inclined to chalk it up to this being a demo, and probably not totaly optimized has a result. I wouldn’t be surprised to see improvements in the full game, regardless of any of the usual “console limit pushing” hype talk.

  112. Jonasrulez

    Overall very pleased by what I’ve seen in terms of graphics, short loading times, etc… BUT I must say that the game is sometimes a little too unforgiving at some points… I hope it won’t be so unforgiving in gt6 itself. Also, this isn’t really worth the name gt6 ‘demo’ because honestly, this is gt academy that tells us how gt6 will look like in some points.
    Anyway, enought whinning!
    Good luck to all of you! May the best win!

    1. TomBrady

      Too unforgiving? If anything, the steering input is forgiven to easily. It’s not responsive enough. It should be less forgiving and more precise.

      GT5 had the same problem though. Overall GT6s physics are very improved, but I would like the steering response to be improved.

  113. 77

    Wow impressive stuff, the graphics look way better, body roll is much more progressive and it feels more realistic all round even on my ancient DFP. Still can’t see any tyre smoke or tracks or dust in the rear view mirror though which id hoped to see. Makes me very very sad to see the inclusion of “chemtrails”/stratospheric aerosol geoengineering in the game though. GT used to be a place I could go to get away from them. Guess it’s perfectly realistic for them to be included though!

    1. kekke2000

      You again… The hungarian with the flashy degree who knows that airplanes is the doom of this world… Hi! I DONT CARE!

    2. Stephanos82

      Lots of people do care though! What’s the point in including them in? Have the illuminati got their way with PD too? I’ve lost all respect for Kaz :(

    3. NA

      Lol, I haven’t heard a paranoid delusional chemtrail theory in at least ten years…..

      That reminds me. The world is going to end in 2012. Spread the word.

    4. kekke2000

      Maybe the lack of tyre smoke in the rear view mirror is a sign from Kaz that this is how its supposed to be, without the pollution. But the illuminati forces him to add these polutions to the game to make it more normal and ok.

      Hey I’m pretty good at this! :D

  114. MasterSquidP4

    Can you drive all the cars in the GT6 videos somehow? So far it’s just been Leafs & 370s…

    1. HuskyGT

      With the new physics, that GTR felt so amazing. And that come from someone who doesn’t really like the car. In GT5 the GTR feels so… dead. It’s fast, yes, but so boring to drive.

      In the demo it was the complete opposite thing. The GTR was oversteering like crazy, burning the rear tires and bouncing it’s fat arse all over the turns… Beautiful.

  115. hazellnut134

    Just had a quick go of the practice run and the first race of the sunday cup. Loved the sunset at Autumn Ring, hope they add 24hr time progression to it! Also loved the roll in the Leaf. Surprised no one has mentioned the menus yet, they’re a great improvement over GT5. Hated the pre race music though, eww.

    1. MeanElf

      The menus have been mentioned, I can’t remember if it was on this news item, but definitely on the threads though. Certainly a fine looking menu choice.

  116. kekke2000

    Why do fences blink? Maybe it’s my TV or something, but all fences in the game blink.It’s like it has a lower framerate than the rest of the track. Maybe because it’s see-through? Like 3d goggles.

  117. k12power

    WOW!!!!! I can’t wait for the final game!!!!

    BTW, in this demo, the lack of ” track life” and atmosphere it’s the biggest negative point.. I hope in the final game will be fixed!!

    Well done PD!!!!!


    1. kekke2000

      I thought of that when watching Great Britain GP this weekend… I guess it would take like 20 PS3’s to fix that!

  118. Toyota2jz

    I hope the actual game is nothing like the demo. So far it’s just the physics & graphics that’s been tweaked a little, no major change in the camera view, still stiff as before. Game really needs to adopt more features, should’nt feel limited, otherwise you’re just driving a can, with unrealistic sounds when you make a collision. No engine stutter when you’re driving in different surfaces & conditions the sounds fade out. Has to be raw and aggressive when it comes to sounds.

    1. HarVee

      I agree. If this is truly is an insight of what GT6 has to offer, than perhaps one might as well call it GT5.5.

    2. Toyota2jz

      Haha true. I would be disappointed though, if they don’t get the sounds right. I mean other developers can use different sounds to overlap each other with ease, why can’t PD crack that? Who knows maybe they’ll pull it off this time & keep up. We’ll just have to wait & see.

    3. MeanElf

      Back to the old GT5.5 name calling again I see…

      HarVee, you can’t simply update GT5 with what GT6 will bring, that wouldn’t work: ergo – it becomes GT6. First understand the software-version naming conventions before calling GT6 anything else.

  119. YoanP

    Better physics. Better graphics. Better presentation. Wow! Now it seems a more rounded experience and product. Can’t wait for the final game.

  120. Tvensky

    pity .. my GT academy 2013 is turning off my ps3… my ps3 is fine with other games… but the it started with black ops2.. it turned off every 15 min.. all other games work fine, including gt5, never had a problem.. and now.. gt6 demo and its shutting off every time while I am at the menu screen…. :(((((

    1. NA

      Yeah, only time I’ve had a PS3 do anything like that was when my fatty release model was overheating from all the dust inside. Died not long after it started doing it to.

  121. Rapid46

    Joking aside I’m loving the new physics, more feedback from the wheel as to what the car is about to do. Think for me to get faster I need to be more aggressive and use the slide of the car to scrub off some of the speed.

  122. Zero7159

    Anyone tried doing the demo with triple screens? I have three PS3s and three displays that I have hooked up to them for GT5 triple screen action.

  123. Rapid46

    This is totaly unrealistic, I’ve been driving round Silverstone for many laps now and I haven’t had a single puncture!!!

  124. OntzettendeJan

    Love the physics, much more control than gt5. It’s even playable with the dualshock now! Graphics are a lot better as well, even though there is slowdown but not annoyingly so. Menus are great and a lot faster. Overall I’m very happy with this GT6 preview!!

    1. algibraic

      I think the GT5 was plenty playable with a controller… I cleared all of A spec, had pretty good win/lose ratio online, and could drift basically any car in the game easily using the controller.

  125. Wiki

    The Physics have been vastly improved, the car is much more responsive and the handling’s sharper now and (I don’t know if it’s just me) i feel the car has more grip around the corners i think it’s mainly because of the new tire and suspension model. Graphics wise not a big difference from GT5 (As i expected) but still PD improved on the things it could, such as shadows, cleaner/more defined interiors and finally the lightning, being superior to the one in GT5 thanks to it the track looks more realistic and in general it gives a better feeling. Regarding the sounds. I tested them with my 5.1 channels sound system, set the sound settings of GT6 to Large Theater, selected the 5.1 option, increased the Race Sound Effects up to 100, disabled race music, and sounded as good as in GT5 just little improvement i can tell, but to be a demo it’s not surprise.

  126. LordVonPS3

    GT5.3 would seem more appropriate perhaps. Don’t forget the updates GT5 had post launch. ;-)

    1. NA

      Your not the first person that has said that today. Heard it from a few people at the Gamestop also.

      Personally I wasn’t expecting any great leaps from GT5 anyway, so it doesn’t really bother me. Frankly, I would have been very surprised if there hadn’t been a point when “spec” updates stopped being free GT5 updates, and became a seperate marketable product. There’s only so much that can be done for free before the bean counters start pushing for something to sell again.

  127. perrolocomcquee

    I am the only one who sees the game very laggy(like if you were in a room with 16 guys on it)??

    1. kekke2000

      I got a few seconds of that when completing the Competition Time Trial for the first time, got a silver and it showed up on screen along with some lag. Then after the first corner it went back to normal.

    2. JAHHAJ

      It is only a demo so it will have some bugs. I don’t see the full game being as buggy as GT5 was.

    1. matosman1

      Well, I’ve seen A few vids on YouTube, they were at E3 and they could pick between 20 different cars and 3 different tracks.

    2. matosman1

      But I still don’t know, everyone’s been saying “GT6 demo is out today”. But I’m pretty sure it’s just GT Academy 2013, with brand new graphics, physics and stuff like that.

    3. matosman1

      And plus the name of this thread is “GT6 Demo Available Today, GT Academy Begins” so maybe there might be a GT6 Demo.

    4. NA

      Don’t know about 20 cars and 30 tracks, but GT Academy 2013 is the demo. Unless they surprise us and release a second demo, this was all we were suposed to be getting in the way of demos.

  128. matosman1

    It’s great, the environment has change quite abit, and the physics have changed abit themselves. The graphics are pretty good, and all of that was on a 21″ 8 year old TV.

  129. Freemanroad1986

    Is Gran turismo academy 2013 the demo??
    I’m in the U.K I only have gt academy weres the demo??

  130. Lambob

    Can’t wait to drive the Nordschleife in GT6 online, to see everyone crash in Turn1, just like they do on GT5 online.

    1. matosman1

      lol yea that’s me. if you touch a little bit of that grass, that’s it. It’s pinball for the next few turns.

  131. CupKonan04

    I don’t know what some people are on about. GT5 was a great game, GT6 will bring PS3 to it’s technical boundaries. Personally, I think the physics are pretty good, it’s more realistic, you actually have weight shift and you can’t go around corners like a maniac anymore. I enjoyed it a lot.

    1. kekke2000


      Haters will be hating… I guess it is the same people that complained about no horns or reverse lights before GT5. I wish I could hack into Kazunoris mind and just say “Your game is perfect! Just add more races, cars and tracks.”

  132. SKOT_FREE

    I’m loving the demo. The control is even tighter than GT5. The cars now pitch and roll and graphics are better even though that’s not my focus. Really for me it comes down to the feel of the car and response.

  133. ExplodeTheApex

    Nothing better than nailing the Copse to Chapel section for a passionate British motor racing fan ;) I went there on Saturday for the first time and it was just stunning! To be honest, people who play GT5 amongst other games, yes this may not be a huge improvement, but to the people who still play GT5 everyday and love it to death, it’s just epic!

  134. Amac500

    I don’t know what everybody saying it is GT5.5 expects. Your saying its GT5.5 based on a screen filmed by a camera. More so then that, all you’re experiencing here is graphics, and GT5’s were so realistic that lets be honest, there really isn’t too much room for improvement in that area. I do love how smooth the shadows are now. I do hope that tire barriers act like tire barriers when you hit them now, unless the tires have been filled with concrete and nobody has told me :P

  135. ApexVGear

    …and the CLUTCH IS STILL A JOKE!!!!

    TOTALLY unrealistic. I make lightning-fast shifts in real cars all day long. PD… FIX THE CLUTCH!

    …for any type of wheel that works with a clutch pedal… G27, Fanatecs, etc.

    I’m making a video with a counter for every missed shift. Sometimes I’m coasting, not working anything but the clutch and stick (totally off the throttle), and it can still take four to six attempts to successfully shift.

    1. playnthru

      Or “T” for Turismo, that worked best for me.

      I think the Demo looks great! Plays well too!

    1. Lambob

      not disappointed in that. All I wanted was a major DLC to GT5 with more cars, and as far as I’m concerned, GT’6′ is it. the next great GT game will come to the PS4, and I already preordered it, because I have a very strong feeling, the PS4 version of GT’6′ is here sooner than everyone thinks.

  136. Amac500

    Come on east coast, lets go! Not gonna make a Euro account, I’m patient enough to wait an hour, lol

    1. lldantell

      i tried to search gt academy 2013 and it only shows me the game gt at illinois so i guess i have to wait

  137. sgtsaitta

    Guys, if you are in the United States or some other country, make an alternate PSN account and have the country located in Europe. I’m in Japan and the GT Academy wasn’t up yet, so I did as I said, and got it. The download will also appear on all of your accounts.

  138. chevyisawesome

    hey now tht I think about it…im only 13,can I still join gt academy? online:) lol


    1. NeuroticVows

      You can do the time trials in the game, but you won’t be able to progress to the actual tournament

    2. chevyisawesome

      I can still fake my I.D! wink wink! nudge nudge, wink, nudge, doulble wink! triple nudge!

  139. WrxScooby

    Downloading the GT Academy 2013 I’m assuming this is also the GT6 Demo? I’m at 23% woot

  140. matosman1

    It might take along time to download because everyone is trying to do the same thing, so better hurry.

  141. chevyisawesome


  142. matosman1

    Just search the letters “GT” in the search box and you’ll find towards the bottom GT Academy 2013

  143. Boosted_01_R

    Hoping they fixed that stupid problem, when you off throttle and your turning it automatically accelerates…. usually you can get away with it, but the F1 Spa/Rain seasonal it was very noticeable….. Use double joy sticks, maybe its specific to that setting :S

    1. Boosted_01_R

      No wheel, using the sony controller (dual joy sticks, throttle and brake on one joy and steering on the other)….. I drive with no aids other than ABS set at 1 ( I can drive, was ranked in the 300’s for that event would be in the 200’s if i can get rid of this problem lol)….

  144. hristo1026

    New physics engine!?!?!?!?Same understeer as GT5.GRAN TURISMO THE UNDERSTEER DRIVING SIMULATOR!!!

    1. chevyisawesome

      to much negativity for this demo!!!
      its like everyone’s against GT cause its a game with minor problems

    2. HuskyGT

      You’re doing it wrong indeed. That, or you’re expecting to feel a difference in a Nissan Leaf, which is a car that’s impossible to take to its limits.

    3. Amac500

      The “understeer” is realism, my friend. You can’t go power drifting through the corners like an arcade game because this is the most accurate sim on a counsel.

  145. Niyologist

    PSN just received an update (v1.06). Get your PS3s dusted off NA players. In T-Minus 5:37:00.

  146. HuskyGT

    Still not available in the store. I guess it’ll be ready at evening.

    Cant wait to try it out. I don’t think I’ll be hitting the GT Academy trials, but we’ll see. I juts want to get the feel of the new physics. CAN’T WAIT!

    1. CRCError1970

      I was able to start downloading it even though it’s not on the PS3 version of the store.

      Go to and login with your PSN account…

      Search for “GT Academy” and it will show in the store.

      Add to cart and purchase for $0.00

      Login to PSN Store on PS3 and check your downloads. It will be listed at the top and you can begin downloading. Just over 1GB.

  147. teth75

    Omfg guys ive just tried it in cockpit view…… dire frame rate like 24fps or somethin?! Hope its not anything like the final product or i’ll be sticking with 5. Can’t live without cockpit view…..

    1. oneloops

      Too much understeer in the GTR and not enough (real) sensation of power and speed in all cars, specially in 370Z and GTR…

      When everybody drives a GTR they say : “wow the acceleration is stunning !!! ” “it’s Godzilla !!!”

      We can’t say that in GT5 or GT6…

  148. hdizzle

    Got a few laps in with my uk acct (hahaha), not shooting for any specific time, just getting a feel for it for the us release…not bad though, can’t wait to really put forth an effort tonight/ tomorrow

  149. lancashirelad

    Two things I have learnt from this demo.
    1. I will never buy a Nissan leaf.
    2. I won’t be buying gt6

    1. HuskyGT

      HAHA! Your loss, dude. And the Leaf rocks! Best Electric (after the Tesla, of course), even if it looks a bit gay in the exterior.

    2. omgitsbees

      One of my real life friends owns a Nissan Leaf, and she loves it. Says its a great car if you live in the city.

    3. ScotteDawg

      He probably won’t be buying GT6 because of the sounds! HIS LOSS!!
      What he possibly doesn’t know is the “placeholder” sounds will be different in the full game…

    4. HuskyGT

      HAHA! The Leaf doesn’t sound too loud for him so he tried to change the exhaust and found none XD

    5. HuskyGT


      Yes, that’s a great example of how you should really see this car. I love comparing cars with hot laps and I find the Leaf to be much better than the numbers might suggest. In really tight tracks it does outperform petrol powered cars with equivalent power and specs.

      Its weakness is in its puny top speed of only 142 KM/h (around 80 mp/h? I don’t know), worsened by the lack of a real transmission. But out of turns and in short bursts of acceleration, that little Nissan gains speed as fast as big 4 cylinder engined cars or even small V6’s thanks to the awesome torque that only an electric vehicle can deliver.

  150. matosman1

    When you guys say create a UK account, can’t you just turn the time forward? lol probably not, but its a good idea.

    1. ScotteDawg

      I’ve got a friend just outside London. He said I could use his address to create a UK account. You need to find a UK friend on GT5 who knows they can trust you with their details, then you can create your UK account!

    2. scubaboy3c

      I used the address of the McDonald’s in London!!!! Wonder if they get advertising mail from PSN???

  151. Promptus

    ..truly ábsúrd how long this download takes. The first 70% went soso..but now it seems to have come to a(n) (almost) full stop.. :-(

  152. Ingenting87

    I think this GT6 demo looks great. The new physics feels good too. With that being said, i really think it sucks that there arent any drift trials or at least tire changing ability when driving/racing.

    I was looking forward to trying out the new physics when drifting with my G25. Guess im going back to GT5 until the actual game is released. Really too bad, cause i love how GT6 feels so far.

    I dont get the lack of drifting features/events in a japanese car game, in my mind that doesnt make any sense at all..
    There should be a GT Drift Academy? ;)

    I hope there is gonna be added more drift cars in GT6, if not i want the possibility to make a proper drift car, not like a stock looking and completely under powered S13 or S14, like how it is in GT5.
    Pro drift cars are around 600 hp and way too many cars that are used in real drifting is way under powered in GT.
    That is exactly why i wanted engine swap sooo bad.

    Please upgrade the drifting part of the GT series.
    Everything else is great in my opinion, its the only thing thats missing in this awesome game series.

  153. Howeller

    Cockpit view is bad at it was in GT5! dirve a PC game and look how good the cockpit view there is!!!!!
    Bumper view is destroyed now too, instate that the car vibrate over the ground waves the track vibrate over it, lol, after 1,2 hour driving u lose ur eyes, playing this over months and u will destroy ur eyes!

    Game is not really different to GT5, physiks are somewhere between an acarde and simrace but not a pure simulation!
    It doesnt matter for me, i have not much time to play :-)

    1. MeanElf

      You can’t compare PC to console and expect to be taken seriously – just look at the disparity in functionality, graphics and processing power as well as RAM…

    2. blksentra2

      No time to play, but plenty of time to download, try it out, and go to GT Planet and post a short review of the demo???

  154. alexGTRvalliin

    hey guys, where did you found it? I’ce been searchin for 30 minutes but I can’t find the GT6 demo and the GT academy
    HELP!! :/
    I live in Mexico

  155. TakeshiSkunk

    Is it possible to run the 370 on Autumn Ring mini in practice or time trial mode? I’m curious about drifting on the new physics engine.

  156. unrealnoise

    GRRR!! I’m very dissapointed. Now, that I drive few rounds on Silverstone in the cockpit view… I’m very, very nervous. The frame rate in the cockpit view is very, very low.
    Why? Why? And Why?! Seriously, buy a Forza Motorsport 4 with the fix 60 FPS??!

    I can’t belive this… I love the GT series, but this is… Pls Fixing the FPS… 60 FPS!!
    Sry, my english…

    I try again in 720p, I change my PS3 settings (1080p off, 720 on), now the FPS is better, but not perfect…

    Seriously, this is going to run (60 FPS) in the rain or sunset? I can’t belive this… Again…

    1. HKSBro92

      I miss the days when when gamers cared more about the gameplay and less about the graphics or FPS. You sound so annoying right now.

    2. Amac500

      You know the human eye only processes 12 frames per second, right? Even though it sees 300 per second, it’s go much information for the brain to process. In film classes they teach you that you only need about 24 fps for fluid motion.

    3. Toyota2jz

      He’s right. Kaz even said the PS3 was limited. They did things with GT4 that they couldn’t do on GT5, because the PS2 had a hardware that was somewhat better in comparison with PS3, as I remember reading.

    4. FOG-Smokebeer

      well i must have majic eyes because i can tell the dif from 24 fps to 60fps.when hosting you can see the ps3 struggle if you had more than ten cars i never raced with a full field it wasnt an enjoyable experience.

    5. Zevious Z

      Amac500 needs to do a little more research on the subject becuase he knows not what he’s talking about.

      Havwn’t tried the demo yet but If there are serious framerate issues I’d expect them to be rectified in the full game ftmp. Anything less than 30fps is unacceptable, and it really should stay up at 60fps the vast majority of the time…

    6. GTHEAD87

      Its not the fps thats the problem, its the ps3. They cant create things like heat waves. Thats why Kaz said “thinking about a game on ps4” becase its easier to make games on. If anything its the ps3 designer’s fault for gt production struggles.

    7. smskeeter23

      Amac500 is sort of right. I don’t think he was purposely posting misinformation. Read this before you tear him apart guys…

      Now that being said (and what is presented in that link), yes you WILL notice a difference in repect to frame rate fluctuations.

    8. Amac500

      @Zevious Z I know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a scientific fact and something thought was tought to me in both film and psychology class. Do a little digging yourself.

    9. Zevious Z

      Amac500 – you go ahead and present to me any evidence you have stating the human eye “only processes 12 fps.”

      You are correct that MOST (not all though) films are filmed at 24fps, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish from computer/video games, and by no means has anything to do with the maximum fps human eyes can perceive. I’ve had this same debate many times over the years. You are incorrect. Its as simple as that.

    1. kekke2000

      Complete Sunday Cup, Clubman Cup, all the Silverstone Time Trials. Then you get the special bonus event featuring the GT-R

  157. kekke2000

    I was pretty happy with 2:22.801 … but the I watched the leaderboard… 2:17.771 OMG!!! Gonna watch and learn now :$ BTW im a pad racer.

  158. TomBrady

    Beginner cup?

    Cool. That means we’ll be able to do full races right? Not just short license test like GTA competitions and the occasional time trial?

    1. Hentis

      Sunday Cup is done on Autumn Ring Mini and Suzuka East Course With Nissan Leaf

      Clubman Cup is done on Grand Valley East Circuit reverse and Autumn Ring Circuit reverse with the 2008 370Z (GT Academy) version.

      The GT academy timetriels are done on Silverstone with the 2008 370Z (GT Academy) car.

      The GT 15th Anniversary events are done on the Silverstone National Circuit with the 2012 GT-R Black Edition (GT Academy)
      and the Silverstone international timetrial with the same car.
      There is one more event that wont unlock until July 29th. No idea what that entails. Poosibly the GT-R on the GP Circuit… or the Deltawing (perhaps).

    1. Quigz125

      I live in New York and I just made a UK account and right now I’m downloading as we speak. So I’d say its worth it for the time being then when the US version arrives just download that. You can still use the demo on your main US account and all.

  159. smskeeter23

    I see a gallery button in that menu with a camera icon. Are we able to do photomode this year?

    1. Hentis

      No, i’ve unlocked the international and national circuits for time trialusing the 2012 Nissan GT-R Black edition but tI dont think theres any thing else apart from one more event to open on July 29th.

      Thats about it.

    2. MeanElf

      No photomode but you can save your replays so in the full game, photomode will be available from there.

    1. Quigz125

      At its core it is the GT6 demo. But for this month it hosts GT Academy until July 28 then the demo will continue for the rest of August then expires.

  160. GTHEAD87

    Im 380 just now, by the time I post this I will be 12, 000.

    Got to say it is amazing, the backfires on downshift sound clearer even if it is just a sample. These shading looks stunning. Cant wait for the real thing.

  161. Hentis

    Its a demo / competion….. Why do you need to tune the cars?

    Theres also A GT-R Black Edition ion the demo as well.

  162. Madertus

    Visibly better graphics, very different physics. Practically no loading times, the game jumps to the main menu nearly instantly. Water actually moves in Grand Valley. Replays seem more fluent. NOT A SINGLE SCREEN TEAR. Interiors are far batter than in GT5. Round objects are far less edgy. Colors seem more vivid and life-like. Very nice menus’ layouts and smooth transitions.

    Well, there are some downers too… Wheels look funny during replays, some shadows are equally funny (but it’s still light years ahead of GT5). Sky is not that convincing. Trees made from cardboard. AI is still retarded and they seem to be very slow for purpose. Sound is not improved yet too, but I know they are working on these.

    Finally, completely dead surroundings. Absolutely nothing to be heard or seen when you’re driving down the final stretch.

    Also, does anyone find cars too body roll-y? Maybe it’s just me being too used to GT5 though…

    I think what they present us with in this demo is a complete joke. Honestly, I was hoping for something less ridiculous than 2 Nissans and 4 short as hell tracks. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love how the game feels. But come on, give us a little bit more content!

    4+/5 despite all flaws I picked. If this is what GT6 is gonna be like, I’m definitely spending my money on it.

    1. oneloops

      Better graphics and very different physics ??? O_o

      NOT THAT MUCH, it’s an improvement, it’s a little better. There is no windshield reflect, no dirt on windshield or over the car, minimal vibrations, no blur …

      The “racing car” is still too smooth, in gear changes in brakes and throttle reactions (for a racing car…) No comments about sounds because is in developement at this moment that issue.

    2. Madertus

      I know it’s a demo.

      The flaws I listed are minor and they don’t affect gameplay itself that much, read the final sentence in my post again. Again, I absolutely love it.

    3. HarVee

      I’m more annoyed that we didn’t get to see that cool content from the E3 Demo. Ah well, I should’ve known that a ‘demo’ from PD would’ve just been a way to promote the academy.

    4. Rafael F

      I agree with you. People may have different opinions but, the graphics looks a lot more natural with better shadows than GT5. Also the force feedback on G25 is quite different, on GT5 i could feel the oversteer and understeer, on the Gt6 demo i can also feel the weight distribuction of the car when i go hard on the corners, and the feeling when i lose control of the car is very good. I think the physics are a lot different. I think the tyre noise is different too.
      The A.I. is bad :/ but i’m sure they will improve A.I. on the final game.
      Resuming, i love what i see and what i feel on the demo, now i want GT6 even more.

  163. WildSpaghetti

    Does anyone else notice big fps dips when going into the dirt and kicking up dust or when the tires make smoke?

  164. ocd1920

    From Sony…”The competition begins today at 5:00pm Pacific Time when an exclusive demo of Gran Turismo 6 for PS3 hits PSN. Do you have what it takes to go from couch to cockpit? Read More”

    1. hobanator24

      When I created mine, I had to create another email address. But for my home address, I just used my address over here, but at the start, changed the country to UK

  165. SillyBillyP

    Demo review: Slightly better physics and graphics – nice.

    More obstacle-course racing – oh crap!

  166. kekke2000

    I like that the bronze, silver and gold times for the time trials are really accurate. It is pretty hard to achieve gold. Especially if you don’t know the course.

    1. Spirithockey61

      Yeah they are much easier to achieve over 2012 academy. After 10 tries with a ds3, my best is a 35.507 for the first day on the game

    2. Youngun

      Some of the run offs are annoying too, watching f1 sunday, was gonna use some wider exits but cant even get 2 wheels off in some places but golds all round so far

  167. Spirithockey61

    If youre in the usa, just go onto and make an account from the uk. After that, download the demo through your uk account and after its done installing, go back to the original account you play on

  168. SavageEvil

    US wont get it until later today, my time 4AM Wednesday morning, seriously Sony needs to release time sensitive things like this simultaneously around the world, as it’s stupid that one side has to wait nearly 20 hours later to get the same thing putting us behind the rest of the world. Oh well, looks like a great opportunity to try out swanky new physics and ready my PS3 for incoming monster GT6.

  169. chevyisawesome

    hey this is still chevyisthebest but it signed out for some reason and I couldn’t sign back in so I had to make a new account…….tsk tsk…………………ANYWAYS! I cant seem to find the demo on my ps store and I was wondering if anyone could help me out

  170. kollosson

    Grand Valley looks awesome, all in all the tracks look fab, shadows are huge improvement and the handling and physics are deffo different, more realistic, the body role on the leaf is awesome and looks fantastic in the replay.

  171. kollosson

    Just got a 35.160 on first section of GT Academy, then again I am driving auto using the pad as always, so far I think the physics are great, just feels more realistic.

  172. smskeeter23

    FYI: For those who don’t have access to the demo yet (like me, at work, in the US) there are videos surfacing on YouTube ;)

    1. smskeeter23

      Silverstone is definitely a different time of day thatn we have seen in any of the videos so far :)

    2. LeftyWright69

      For what it’s worth all I can find is old regurg from May and there’s nothing yet on the West coast USA for the demo

  173. sind3ntosca

    I already have Malaysian account, Japanese account, UK account and US account. But I play GT5 in US acc. But i remember have to download from Japanese acc, but i forgot what. And now my UK acc save my time to download GT6 Demo.

    I’m from Indonesia, i think my country doesn’t included… i forgot LOL :p

    Well if u want to get demo, just create UK account now i suppose. Good Luck :)

    1. GT5 Level 41

      With my luck, I’d put down a wicked lap only to be disqualified later. I’ll just be patient and wait on my CST update.

  174. drag lab 101

    Reading all this and so tired from waiting all night.. I was forced into opening a UK acct so as to par take in the action. After my 1st lap in the Leaf and a quick glance in the rearview mirror, I couldn’t help but think as tired as I am, & as inviting as the interior shot of the back seat is… I’d rather be napping back there then doing this. I guess that’s the mood a Nissan Leaf puts me in, or an all night up fest.. Strung out off a gt5 online session. Next in line was 370z which was something more my flavor and before getting serious I wanted to test drifting it around and tryin to melt wheels into the asphalt. I’m too worn out to get into the old GTR right now but I did give it a good look over.
    I do believe all this demo has done is make me have more questions and less answers. It’s very compact and being as how I can’t tune or adjust the car it feels harder to truely gauge physics all around. I do think the cars themselves looked more polished & cleaner the GT5. I wanted to say that something is standing out or blowing my doors off….. But I can’t.
    I remain hopeful and I guess I’ll give it another go after a short coma.

  175. WildSpaghetti

    Guys, if the ps store isn’t updating for you, make another psn online account in a different country. I made one and selected poland and i’m downloading it now. Just remember to switch back to your usual account before playing. See you guys on the track!

  176. LeftyWright69

    Why does a multinational corp like Sony say that something is going to happen at a particular time given that there is some countdown clock that allows something to expire and then pretend that everyone who will be playing it will have the same event cycle. Do they always have to start out upside down from the gate?

  177. andres747

    Anyone else notice that countdown clock? Qualifiers end in 12 hours! And if the store doesn’t update half of us are pretty much out of GT Academy. I think that’s how they plan to exclude the other half of the world from entering.

    1. Famine

      Yeah, that’s a still, demo shot. It’ll say 12 hours remaining this time next year, by which time the competition will have been over for 11.5 months and we’ll have already reported on seven different races for the winners.

      Go to your local site to see the actual time remaining.

  178. Kelvari

    So, when does the store update? It’s 7:45 here in US Central, but still no sign of it that I can see. Either that or I’m blind as a bat….

    1. TriumphTT900

      So far so good. That body roll on the leaf is nuts. To be honest though it felt so similar to GT5 that I could not notice anything HUGE. We will truly see how different the suspension and tires are once it is released and can play with tire types, and customized suspensions. Load times are awesome. Maybe that is because its just a 1 gig demo? I would be very surprised if load times are this quick in the full version, considering it will have to dig through heaps of data like GT5. Visuals look good. Shadows are definitely improved. More interested to see how standard cars are going to look. I have a feeling its going to be a drag and drop from GT5.

      Just a note for us in the USA.. Make a new PSN account under a dummy UK address and you can download the demo.

  179. Ben Rogue

    Tyre physics are a bit nicer, suspension feels very soft now, which is a bit weird, cars seem to respond well though. Helmet cam is still very rough, like having your chin dragged along a gravel road, but decent viewing angle.

    1. sind3ntosca

      No i thought helmet cam is when the camera movement attached to your helmet… so it will roll to the left and a bit point to the left when you’re turning left, and vice versa. And constant movement, shaky etc. Like in Shift 2.

      I thought now GT6 has that! …but it’s only static interior cam… LOL :p thx

    1. HarVee

      It’ll probably be like last years where other cars were introduced when the weeks progressed.

    2. kekke2000

      after you complete the sunday cup and clubman cup you get the time trials with the 370 Z Tuned. After completing that you get Time trials with the GT-R Black edition.

  180. rumbalumba

    People from GAF are the epitome of whiners. It’s a demo, not the full game. You’d think they’d realize this is not the final product, and could even be months old.

    Per usual, the comments are about graphics and sound, not the driving physics. Pathetic. Massive difference between GTPlanet and that GAF thread.

  181. pmartins18

    Im from portugal and i completed the demo lol all gold :p. Good demo i cant wait for GT6 :)

  182. GBWH1991

    Downloading the demo now (UK) – it is featured on the home page of the PlayStation Store. Just wish my Internet was faster now ~ 15 mins estimated download time!!!

    1. mcalva98

      U think urs is bad mine is 45 mins, oh also I’m downloading mine from the uk but I’m from America

    1. kekke2000

      The body roll and grippy tires is totally different. It looks a bit weird when doing about 5 mph and turn the wheel back and forth, the whole car twitches. But it feels great while racing!

    2. jajr18m

      after trying it n getting gold on all, i feel the physics are at least twice as good, i always hated how stiff the cars were in gt5 and looking at the replay of the nissan leaf, i was suprised at how much they actually roll about, cant wait to drive the samba bus on gt6:D itll be like a sponge

  183. warpkez

    1) How does one adjust the brake balance
    2) When will the first patch be released? So sick of being disqualified because one wheel goes off the course.

    1. MeanElf

      Just take it smooth and easy…the new physics make feeling the car’s response to the corners far easier than previously in GT.

    2. warpkez

      The game does “feel” less arcade so that is a huge improvement over GT5, but how does using the ripple strip count as cheating?

  184. Gregormeister

    Since I have to work for about six hours first, I would like to hear more gameplay impressions! C’mon, guys! Does it feal “real”?

  185. MLRSparco

    Smh well I’m going to sleep,I wanted to be one of the first to post GT6 footage but I can see now that ship has sailed.

  186. sind3ntosca

    I just remember i have UK account LOL :p …switching… and downloading hohooo… 1GB, be patient..slow internet :p

  187. sind3ntosca

    Still no demo here… Indonesia at 5pm. But i’m using US Disc, with US account. Juat wanna play the demo, can’t compete in GT Academy :p

    1. MLRSparco

      Ikr 3:19 over here n Cali and still no sign of the demo,guess i’ll be going to sleep angry smh

    2. GTP_Remo

      Then stay off gtplanet until you have the demo and have played, no body’s fault but your own!

  188. Odorousbag

    Still waiting we are past 2 hours from when it is suppose to be released in my state,how is everyone else enjoying the demo :)

  189. BaconDrift

    Will have to download next week as my PS3 is KIA. Ordering a new one come pay day on Friday.

  190. scubaboy3c

    Out here on the west US coast in California, I don’t think we usually see PSN store updates until around 5-8 PM local time Tuesdays, so I don’t expect to see the demo show up until later tonight.

  191. OntzettendeJan

    Downloading remotely via the PSN store. Cool feature! Can’t wait to try it out when I come home from work. :)

    1. parostroj

      I was just able to add it to my download queue but will start download once I switch on my PS3 back home. Are you any different?

  192. silicon1138

    This is amazing. 2 cars, 4 tracks…brilliant. The movement on the tyres feels fantastic, as does the roll. It’s so much more of a demo than i was expecting. Autumn Ring, Suzuka, Grand Valley, Silverstone… Bravo PD, Bravo Sony.

    1. kekke2000

      Nissan Leaf
      Nissan 370 Z

      Only Special Events
      Nissan 370 Z (Tuned)
      Nissan GT-R Black edition

  193. Dry7123

    2:51 am here in British Columbia, Western Canada’s pacific time zone (GMT-08:00) and nothing in the ps store as of yet.

    1. BLADErunner80

      Gotta remember the sunday and clubman cups are aimed at people new to GT so pretty easy for us regular GT players.

      Dont know if its just a placeholder sound but that 370z sounds fantastic.

    1. LeftyWright69

      I just wish that when someone goes to the trouble to write down a breadcrumb trail it actually shows the path and not some delusional fractured memory of what they though was some vague reference to how it should go. FYI bro that path doesn’t exist ………. Gerrrr

  194. Youngun

    Got it, but is the Academy the Demo then? 1G, damn.
    Gonna be odd this time if they have changed the pyshics with new tyre and suspension models!!

  195. Shells N Cheese

    5:30 AM on the east coast and there is no demo on the PS Store, what’s up with that?

  196. BLADErunner80

    Must be standard suspension with so much body roll and huge dips forward under braking.

    But please remove the dodgy effect on panning shots for full release, what you had before was fine

  197. huhobanut

    Well … ? What’s it like everyone ?? I’m at work all day so will be a few hours before I get to try it !!

    1. VrapPlus

      Also anyone with a wheel care to give some feedback about the handling with the new physics and all.

  198. BERNSY001

    I’m from the UK and have done the first lap of Silverstone and now can’t access GT Academy, why is that?

    PS – I used to live in Melbourne, Australia.

    1. SnakeOfBacon

      5 mins!? lucky you, in a household of people using iPads and just generally hogging internet, I’m 10% done with 96 minutes left!

      That’s alright, I’ll just play Tourist Trophy while I wait

  199. ownageboyz

    Not available here in Washington state yet, guess I stayed up for nothing… I’ll check Asa I wake up!!!’ Pumped

  200. blackjack

    Nice to finally start downloading this in Australia. I think it’s going to be a late one tonight!

  201. GTman1996

    I live in the eastern US, but i just made a new psn account for london england. Will this work?

  202. Quakebass

    Interesting that there’s quite a few hundred people playing but no times have been posted yet…

    Or has the competition not opened yet…?

    1. gnorman

      Training lap first, then buy a Leaf and race it in the Sunday Cup. Lucas makes you put the work in before timing you.

    2. gnorman

      2 Sunday cup races, then you get to buy a 370z and do 2 Clubman Cup races. Have a feeling that the nanny aids are turned on as I drove that 370 like I stole it and ended up 1 sec in the lead at the end of the first lap instead of in the barriers. Other than that it looks fantastic, sounds great on my speaker system and handles well on the ds2. Will get the wheel out in a bit.

  203. Amac500

    I still maintain that the Nissan Leaf translates better to lawn mower racing then car racing. But hey, no matter how emasculating the car is, it’s your competition Nissan and I just wanna play GT6 :P

  204. danish GT freak

    Well this is a forced driving line to begin with -.- and AT gearbox but only to start with

  205. Kratos_Q8

    just creat a eu account and download ? im at work atm going to make a eu account and download as my account is a US

    1. Amac500

      Well if your playing under an EU account your awards won’t go to your correct account and if you make it to the next round you’ll be busted for not being european. Not worth it, just wait a couple more hours

  206. Quigz125

    Still NOT up in New York as of 4:25am. Lame City…. I’m going to bed good luck everyone :/

  207. CasvanRoermund9

    Good guy me, helpin’ everyone out here.

    Not any more it is installed and ready to go, good luck everybody

  208. gnorman

    In the worlds of Murray Walker “and its go go go” here in the uk. 1072mb on my 70mbs fibre, so long suckers.

    In the New this week section btw

    1. Halcyon925

      I was just playing GT2 earlier. Never would’ve thought that somebody would make a GT2 Intro reference. I wonder why the intro isn’t on the Simulation Disk too..

  209. CasvanRoermund9


  210. danish GT freak

    Its available in Denmark just look under the section called “New this week” im downloading now :D

  211. CasvanRoermund9

    It looks like the official timer on the website of GT has stopped as well. Looks like they have a huge problem

  212. CasvanRoermund9

    Trying to restart and see if that helps. So far no updates.

    Well after my re-start it took a while to sign in to the PSN.

    But it still isn’t downloadable, or even visible.

    1. Quigz125

      Lol yup. But not only can Canada not participate, but it seems the rest of the world might not be participating either. Haha

    1. CasvanRoermund9

      It isn’t uploaded yet. At least not at this time of day. i’d say try again later.

  213. liampage123

    Lost patience. I have to get up at 6am. It is 1 am. Things like these are always a little but late.

  214. Quigz125

    Good luck to everyone playing the demo and Gt Academy right now that can. May the best driver win!!

  215. WrxScooby

    It’s crazy today is the first day in quite some time where I decided to check out GT Planets front page and behold! the GT6 demo comes out in less then 8mins away from when my region is suppose to update. Gotta be a sign….

  216. Quakebass

    On the GT website it says that there’s exactly ONE player playing the Academy.

    Lucky devil.

  217. SnakeOfBacon

    Alright, Australia is waiting, half an hour more and it should be here!
    although it may be a few hours depending on when they update the store

  218. Amac500

    Damn you PD with your building me up, lol. If they had us download it like a day or 2 before the clock actually starts and the demo unlocks, then we could avoid this.

  219. TomBrady

    Guys, if you want to figure out when it will be up in your area, a good estimate would be the same time that the store updated last week. You can check that by google searching “playstation blog”, then clicking on playstation store.

    Check the most recent store update, scroll down to comments, and check the time stamp of the first comment. That’s right after the store was updated.

    If you’re in the US, expect the update to not come until 7pm, because last week it wasn’t up until 6:55pm eastern

  220. gnorman

    2.13 downloading now. 24mb. No restart required.

    Doh. Forgot I was in the middle of a championship last time I played.

    1. gnorman

      Uk time, working at home today too.

      Before you all get jealous, I’m probably a couple of updates behind. Once I’ve dragged the g37 through the modified championship I’ll be in the same boat as the rest of you.

  221. Amac500

    Well I’m hugely bummed that I’ve stayed up waiting to find out I got at least 12 more hours. Why can’t the dang thing just update at the same time universally??? Guess I got no reason to stay up then…

    1. TomBrady

      That’s just when the competition officially starts. The demo won’t be available until at least 5pm in your time zone. Sometimes it’s as late as 10pm, sometimes as early as 4pm. Last couple of weeks I think it updated around 6pm so we’ll have to wait and see

  222. SCER

    I won’t be able to play it until the PSN store updates on thursday presumably, but my GT flame has officially been lit!

  223. Quigz125

    Anyone know when the EST store updates? I’m in NY and nothing is up yet. I think 3am is when it does but I could be wrong.

    1. Amac500

      I swear it updated at 3 am and I don’t see the game. I’m in the New York time zone too and when I went to open the PS store it did an update but I don’t see the demo yet.

  224. Quigz125

    Anyone know when the EST store updates? I’m in NY and nothing is up yet. I think 3am is when it does but I could be wrong. It’s 2:36 right now.

  225. Higgy

    It is 7.20am here in England and the demo is not yet up on PSN Store. I was hoping to download before I left for work. Fingers crossed it is there when I come back home.

    1. MeanElf

      07:20 BST is 06:20 GMT so not yet – also note what Jordan says above: “The exact time the demo becomes available will vary depending on when the PlayStation Store updates in your region of the world” so it might not be here until Thursday.

  226. another_jakhole

    “…developed in conjunction with KW Automotive and Yokohama, and will be a close area of analysis and discussion for in our community.”

    Understatement of the year goes to…Jordan! :)

    1. MeanElf

      Well, for AU it would have been yesterday but anyway, the launch though isn’t due yet for an hour and a half from now.

    1. Amac500

      I have to do stuff in the morning but I’m putting off sleep for as long as I can, lol, should get 2 hours on the demo and hit the hay between 5 and 5:30 am, wake up at 10 tomorrow, lol.

  227. Odorousbag

    Howdy from Texas, the magic number is 3am until we get it guys just alittle bit longer to wait!

  228. sangdude82

    I wonder what sort of prizes will be rewarded for registering online. May be those Zytek-Nissan LMP2 or Nissan GT-R GT3 Nismo above?

    1. hdizzle

      There’s not a website for registering is there? Cause I’ve looked, i mean i didn’t bust my hump, but i googled it quick lol

    2. Amac500

      No website, just on PSN. I hope it’s an LMP2 car, though I just had the revelation that I might have my spirits crushed by the DeltaWing. If its the DeltaWing it won’t be good for learning how to race an actual car and everyone will figure out I mean really fast when they drive into the corner and guide those front tires to the apex only to find the car’s ass is now hanging in the grass and your ass is about to spin out, lol. To drive the apex in that car you have to be a lane off the apex. To drive the apex in any other race car you have to drive on the apex.

    3. Quigz125

      Lol I was wondering that too about the Deltawing. Seems like a weird car to drive. I’m wondering if that’s suppose to be the new Red Bull type of car. All I know is, doesn’t look too stable.

  229. hdizzle

    I start 3rd shift tonight…so i was hoping for a reason to stay up until about 9 to get my sleep right lol…fingers crossed

  230. Quakebass

    Dang. I haven’t fixed my PS3, I haven’t gotten an SD card to expand my hard drive space, AND I’m going out of town for 5 days.

    1. Amac500

      At ease my friend, the contest runs until July 28th. I’m coining to be out of town for a week before the end of it myself.

  231. Goldengun74

    Well.. good luck to all. Did ok last year, however i am employed to cant spend the seat time as some. Just hope its not the drifters who take it.

  232. hdizzle

    So is it supposed to be in a couple hours, or later tonight? I’ve heard both, and yes, I’ve converted to my time zone lol

    1. matosman1

      Idk, it’s a demo, we can only hope. It should, there’s only 20 cars in the demo, and plus a demo is whats to come. SO if they wanna make money, they better do a good job on the demo.

    2. ScotteDawg

      Placeholder sounds in demo!
      Not ALL sounds will make the final product, but they will be uploaded to us in the form of patches!
      (Take into consideration how many cars they’re doing this for!)

    3. sangdude82

      Remember, Kaz said “we are doing research right now to generate the sounds in a completely different way. I’m not sure if it is actually going to make it into GT6 in time yet, but we’ll have to see.” So who knows but let’s hope that he and PD can get the updated engine/exhaust sounds in time.

    1. Rushton1996

      1hour 30 mins from now, it seems everything is delayed to arrive here though. And I don’t think the competition is available here so I’ll be downloading mainly for the demo and just to compare my times to everyone else’s.

    1. Quakebass

      I’m not expecting it to be any more than it was told it would be…

      Why would anyone else…?

    2. Amac500

      Wait, so it’s not the full game??? I’m angry!!! Not really, just posting in the behalf of that one guy out there who thought this was the whole thing ;)

  233. matosman1

    I checked PS Store, it’s not there yet, but I heard 1 guy say PS Store refreshes itself 3:00 am GMT. Don’t take my word for it.

    1. ScotteDawg

      What, how many comments the ARTICLE will get or how many comments will be posted under YOUR comment?

      See, if you’re a smartass like me, it would be the latter…

    2. Maddens Raiders

      Poor you. I’ll be out of town on business for the next three weeks. GTAcademy never comes at a convenient time, it’s pure luck. They should just open it up to the world to play 2 to 3 times a year at one’s own convenience. There’s no telling how many good drivers are out there that will nearly always miss it because of scheduling conflicts.

    3. Maddens Raiders

      Wow… that was weird. My prior comment was meant to go under Quakebass’ comment. Oh well.

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