GT Academy 2013 Dates, Regions, & Details Announced

Details on GT Academy 2013 have finally been released.

The competition officially begins at 08:00 GMT/UTC on Tuesday, July 2, 2013, with the release of the Gran Turismo 6 demo as a free download from the PlayStation Store.

GT Academy 2013’s public qualification round will continue until 10:59 GMT/UTC on Sunday, July 28, 2013. The GT6 demo will remain available to play until August 31, 2013.

Eligible contestants from the following regions will be able to enter the competition. As in previous years, each region will crown its own 2013 champion:

GT Academy 2013 North America

  • United States
GT Academy 2013 Germany
  • Germany

GT Academy 2013 Russia

  • Russia

GT Academy 2013 Europe

  • France
  • Italy
  • UK
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Belgium
  • The Netherlands
  • Luxembourg
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Slovakia

The GT6 demo will guide players through beginner rounds of a GT Academy-themed race camp using the Nissan Leaf, 370Z, and GT-R, before unlocking the final qualifying event featuring the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit. Anyone who registers and submits a qualifying time will receive free “bonus content” (it’s not specified if this bonus content will be available in GT5 or GT6).

The official announcement also confirms more “GT Academy Live Events” will be held around the world to offer more contestants a chance to participate.

The prize for the 2013 competition is bigger and better than ever, with the winners set to receive a complete racing season behind the wheel of a Nissan GT-R GT3 NISMO.

Stay tuned for more details as they’re released. Until then, start practicing and chat with other hopeful competitors here in our GT Academy 2013 forum!

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Comments (210)

  1. GUMP07

    00 4 pm * 5 pm * 6 pm * 7 pm *
    01 5 pm * 6 pm * 7 pm * 8 pm *
    02 6 pm * 7 pm * 8 pm * 9 pm *
    03 7 pm * 8 pm * 9 pm * 10 pm *
    04 8 pm * 9 pm * 10 pm * 11 pm *
    05 9 pm * 10 pm * 11 pm * 12 mid
    06 10 pm * 11 pm * 12 mid 1 am
    07 11 pm * 12 mid 1 am 2 am
    08 12 mid 1 am 2 am 3 am
    09 1 am 2 am 3 am 4 am
    10 2 am 3 am 4 am 5 am
    11 3 am 4 am 5 am 6 am

  2. NT110

    I totally misread this title. I thought it was going to be about GT6 release dates. I was a big confused whrn i actually read the article.
    I guess it happens when you are anxious for the next chapter (<-?) of GT though.

  3. Amac500

    Still no Brazil? Them Brazilians love their racing. It’s that and soccer (football) down there. Still surprised they don’t get it. I’m just surprised we all can’t have it yet.

    1. GTMaster1997

      I’m Brazilian, and I really became sad when the game said my region wasn’t valid to compete for the gt academy test. I did about 2:25 and I was 3960th placed. I can improve a lot, but Brazil still out of the valid countries.

  4. chafit4

    Hope to download a big filesize…. and with my internet speed 5 or 6 hrs min… and worries me the most is IF THE DEMO WILL BE REGION PROTECTED…. like the Metal Gear Rising….. all that time and energy lost… and had to wait like a month or so to download that crappy demo again…. dont fail me Mr. Kaz… btw in NORTH AMERICA too just below the Bravo River….

  5. Amac500

    I will never understand why Canada isn’t in the North American section. I mean indycar, grand-am, alms, even NASCAR are all based in the US but have at least 1 event in Canada. Canada really should be included. Mexico is one thing but we know there is a solid demographic for the contest in Canada.

    1. Amac500

      Nothing at all, I think they should be welcome to. I just think of Canada first because American series all run at least 1 race there and they don’t in Mexico, even though I think they should. Canada effects more people as well, so it’s the first I would add, but mexico deserves it to, every country should have it. The next Mario Andretti could be living in Boznia, we’ll never know!!!

  6. Youngun

    Its more than just entering a country. You have to take in to account, costs, bootcamp location, finals location, transport, flights, car import/export, tracks, pro drivers, time and weather etc etc etc. having a final in india, what track to use and who but f1 drivers would no it same with mexico, aussie and newzea have different series to europe/america etc which might not be nissan centric………..just saying

    1. Youngun

      Europe and america are easy due to the Alms and Elms GT1/GT3 series. Asia have the Gt300/500 series. Costs play a big part, would you fork out the costs of flights if you only get knocked out round 1 of boot camp, i say you wouldn’t.

    2. Louie_Schumii

      They forked out the costs of flights to the U.K. for the New Zealand and Australian finalists back in 2010.

    3. Lococurling

      Louie_Schumii, looks like you are the most reasonable here. We know if we want something it’s not complaining here we gonna get it, but it could be a start. So, good luck for all the competitors.

  7. 05XR8

    Did anyone catch the news that Nissan Motorsport may have its International drivers drive a V8 supercar in next years enduros?

    1. Amac500

      I thought that the point of the V8 Supercar race at Surfer’s Paradise was to bring international drivers from multiple disciplines to compete for the Dan Wheldon Trophy. Won’t they be doing that later this year?

  8. LondonDTM

    As of June 1, 2013, the United States had a total resident population of 316,097,000,

    to help the people complaining about Brazil and some other countries understand, this is over 100million more people than Brazil. I’m not trying to start a pissing match here. Just showcasing the magnitude I think they might be looking for. U.S. is the 3rd most populated country in the world.

  9. Doober

    I am very confused about this demo. Is gt6 and gt academy going to to be in seperate parts of this demo or is this gt academy with gt6 physics?

  10. BlacqueJacques

    Oh Canada; again with the bad geography; we are part of North America eh!

    Stupid Quebec contest laws!

  11. roamer2629

    Well it seems down here in South America we still don’t exist. Nothing unusual to be treated as a second rate consumer in this part of the world…

    1. Louie_Schumii

      Complaining about it on GTPlanet will do very little if anything at all. I’ve said it numerous times on this article that if you want the competition bad enough then you’ll do everything in your power to try and get the competition in your country/region – legally of course ;)

  12. Sasek

    So this demo will contain only 3 cars? Or there will be more of them and the cars shown above is only to GT Academy.

  13. mcalva98

    “The competition officially begins at 08:00 GMT/UTC on Tuesday, July 2, 2013, with the release of the Gran Turismo 6 demo as a free download from the PlayStation Store”

    They make it sound like the competition is separate from the GT6 demo for example there would be a demo with not just nissan cars. But I know that wont happen

  14. perrolocomcquee

    Not only Australia/NZ guys!! They Leave behind SouthAmerica, Mexico,and even other europe countries.
    What a dissapointing

    1. Lococurling

      Not even Japan what is embarrassing thinking the game, the main sponsor and the game owner are japanese. What is the point for including or not another countries?

    2. perrolocomcquee

      That’s a good question mate. Some people said population, but Brazil and Mexico are one of the most popular countries in the world!! We doesn’t have good drivers? Thats falacy, we have some seriously fast drivers, pretty sure faster than Middleeast one’s.

    3. gtrx251

      I REPEAT A THIRD TIME HERE: Japan and all of Asia have Asian GTA called: “GT Academy of Asia”

    4. perrolocomcquee

      Anyways, Latinoamerica is still out, same as NZ/Australia, and forgotten Europe countries don’t know why(please tell me if i forgot any country or major continent).

    1. infamousphil

      Do they post that sort of information? I would like to see video of the qualifying times or at least know their times.

    2. Youngun

      Everyone gets through past gold. Then final 32 in final round qualify for boot camp.
      Just like every year.

    1. Louie_Schumii

      New Zealand is not in Europe ;). And in any case we have a habit of punching above our weight in the sporting world which makes it more painful to not have the contest for a 3rd time in a row.

    2. Louie_Schumii

      Yes. Hence the need for other strategies to try make Sony and Nissan bring it back here. We’ve already had it before in 2010. All we have to do is convince them to bring it back

    3. Lococurling

      Not here, there are more than 200000000 in Brazil, also, how about Japan or India? And we are talking about a japanese game as how its main sponsor. I’d really want to see a real explanation. Why the election is so complicated? There are a general leaderboard so take only the fastest guys, no matter where they from.

    4. Louie_Schumii

      Most of us know the real explanation already anyway. You seem to know the general explanation yourself. Your best hope of getting a Brazilian/South American GT Academy is by contacting Nissan and PlayStation Brazil directly along with the whole Brazilian Gran Turismo community and trying to coax them into giving you the contest as well.

    5. GTHEAD87

      How about china? Lol most populated country in the world. I dont think population matters. Scotland is a small country, we only get it as we are part of the uk. After the independence vote in 2014 we might not get to as we wont be apart of the eu.

    6. gtrx251

      @Lococurling I REPEAT a 4 TIME HERE: Japan and all of Asia have Asian GTA called: “GT Academy of Asia”

    1. pilmat

      I was thinking the same thing, especially as the Academy is called “North America” and not “USA”. Come on, let us compete too :)

  15. MAidioPT

    where is Switzerland !!!!! ????? nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :(((((((((((((((((((((

  16. Emman1984

    I’m just gonna play for fun I already know the winner have to have a steering wheel and be above average. But I’m a casual driver.

  17. grasso89

    For all us Australian and NZ gamers, what a waste of countless hours spent on this game. Give us a chance to show ourselves to the world of motorsport.

    1. Louie_Schumii

      Hi grasso89 – 100% with you on this one.

      This goes to show that there’s a large number of people out there who will only buy racing games if they actually give us a tangible chance to turn gaming into something more.

      @Naurausham – That’s not a consolation because everyone will get the demo. Check the Gran Turismo website. Besides a lot of people are sick of consolations in this part of the world.

      In any case no matter how good the demo is I will NOT pre-order or buy GT6 if the GT Academy contest isn’t available in New Zealand. $120 can be better spent on giving my car a full tank and hooning that in real life instead of spending it on another video game that will only get you as far as your Dual Shock 3’s range from the console.

  18. Louie_Schumii

    Interesting to see the identities of the gamers and aspiring/potential race-car-drivers surface in the posts below.

  19. tyler5

    sorry, wanted to write that ESTONIA is part of EUROPE and EUROPEAN UNION also!!! why cant we even have our own country in the PSN network??????

    1. Amac500

      We all feel sorry for you, we do. Everyone should be include. I mean its one thing to not have some 3rd world country without power, but all of Europe should be included. Idk why they feel like leaving people out.

  20. tyler5


    1. MPH1995Deniz

      Haven’t you noticed that 16 european countries have been chosen?… because only 16 go to silverstone…

    2. rex1825

      …that I don’t care, I want all countries to participate… I don’t understand why NZ, Australia and Canada are also not included…

      Once again, sad thing is that PSN is not supported in Serbia at all… I must have a UK or GER account to buy DLCs’ for game… I mean WTF?!?!?

  21. smskeeter23

    “GT Academy 2013′s public qualification round will continue until 10:59 GMT/UTC on Sunday, July 28, 2013. The GT6 demo will remain available to play until August 31, 2013.”

    Doesn’t it seem a bit odd that we can use this almost a month after the public GTA qualifier is over? Seems that this might in fact actually have just a tax more than GTA in it. However, don’t get your hopes up, I’m not. Just pointing out what I see.

  22. Müle

    Quebec should go and actually separate, so the rest of us Canadians (and probably them as well) can actually do this.

  23. Maddens Raiders

    ….damn, such a small window. I am very busy in the summer with my business. Wow looks I will miss yet another Academy. I guess it’s not meant to be for me. :(

    Good luck to all those who are aiming for the prize.

  24. carmodder

    Well Done PD, you got some pretty Peed off Aussies and Kiwi’s with NO GTA for 3 YEARS!!!!!! I mean COME ON!!!!! some of best sport is in Australia and New Zealand like Aussie Rules Football, V8 Supercars, Cricket and Rugby

  25. infamousphil

    A “… complete racing season in a Nissan R34 GT-R Nismo.” sounds totally awesome. God speed to all who enter.

  26. JJLopez427

    Again Mexico is left out, it’s not enough having two drivers racing in F1 to show how talented we are?

    1. rex1825

      …well, don’t put PS3 online until GT6 is out, and everyday get date back for one day ;)


  27. sangdude82

    I’ve been wondering… what if GT Academy came to Australia & NZ and the winner gets to drive a Nissan Altima V8 Racecar in the Australian V8 Supercars Championship?

    1. 05XR8

      yes please. i’ll take a 12h Bathurst in the GT-R GT3 and Bathurst 1000 in the Altima. But, I like your idea better. GT Academy V8 Supercar all the way!

    2. ScotteDawg

      Age and weight says I’ll never do it, but I’d really like to see that happen for someone else! +100

  28. Falango

    Last I checked, Canada was part of North America. If you are ONLY going to include the US, call it GTA US……….
    You’re missing out on tons of talent up here. I’m very disappointed.

  29. HuskyGT

    I could care less about GT Academy. There is no way I will get beyond the first 10000 places, so it’s not a big deal. I just want to feel the new physics.

    1. tpark103

      I feel you Husky but, its still fun to get in there and mix it up just to add a few more cars to the garage when the things all over.

    2. HuskyGT

      @ Yeah, maybe I don’t care less. I went through the last one and it was really fun. But, right now I’m really interested in the new driving physics.

    3. GTHEAD87

      Im the same, it will be fun to play but im not fussed about academy at all. Its a cool chance to be a pro driver and I bid everyone good luck to reach their goal. I just love driving on the game.

  30. biftizmo

    GT5? or CT6 cars… I’m thinking both at this point…because maybe the only way to get some of the cars we have now you’ll have to go back and play GT5…they may be only standers or premium cars but never to be made again…only in gt5……at some point their may be an issue with getting cars in cert-en original colors..with low mileage.why else release a GT5 extra content disc now..and still appear to be supporting GT5…here comes level 80-80 A-spec..b-spec…the worst thing about GT 1 2 3 and 4 were you gained some cars but lost some others and wished for them back..maybe this don’t need to happen any more…


    Man I wish they would give countries from the caribbean an invitation. I’ve been playing Gran Turismo since 2000, I know I can run with these other guys. Easy.

  32. Spazzalman

    I’m nowhere near good enough, but It’s sad to see countries like Canada and Australia miss out again…

  33. diptob79

    Years back for South East Asia, they throw a GTA competition but the prize was ticket to SuperGT round in Sepang, and theres another round with prize of ticket to Japan for final round and a dinner with Mr Kazunori.
    Hope to get that again, and hope it could be arranged for other countries without the ‘real’ GTA competition like Aussie, NZ, Canada, South America, etc.

  34. SkylineObsession

    No Australia and New Zealand yet again…

    Not that i’d be good enough to win, but still.

    1. Louie_Schumii

      @SkylineObsession – At least you’ve got the right attitude towards the relationship between Nissan, Sony and Gran Turismo.

      You’ve probably read or heard my reason for getting a PS3 and GT5 is GT Academy. Without GT Academy I wouldn’t have bought a PS3 which would’ve led to me not buying the Signature Edition of GT5; all the DLC tracks and cars AND the Gran Turismo 5 Academy Edition.

      In the end of the day we have a say in this as consumers of Nissan, Sony and the Gran Turismo products. If the Oceania arm of those companies don’t believe we’re a big enough market to justify a GT Academy campaign then their products hold just as much value as the alternatives available on the market.

  35. smskeeter23

    Remember last year when they released a bunch of GTAs worldwide to countries that weren’t in the first round?

    Id think some of the ones not listed here will get a chance. This is a pretty small list.

  36. marktyper

    WHY NO CANADA? NO CANADIANS??? WHY?! :( We are humans toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    1. Lewis_Hamilton_

      I believe there’s something in the Canadian law that prevents it’s citizens from taking part in thiese sort of competitions.

  37. khkenni

    Finaly Denmark can enter! And my wheel break 2 weeks before the event!!… Great luck.. I was ranked 16 last year whithout pushing myself too hard, guess i’ts not meant to be.

  38. Blood*Specter

    Top Gear re-run featuring Willow Springs with LFA, Aston Martin and new Viper SRT. Starting to really like that track.

    As for the release, I’d love to see everyone who wanted it get it. But that’s not going to happen is it?

    Oh yeah, will that number 23 Nissan and it’s paint scheme be winnable via the Academy tests? It’s sweet!

    1. Louie_Schumii

      Unless Sony and Nissan manage to give it to the countries that have badly wanted it for the past three years before year’s end I’m afraid they may have tarnished their brand reputation with a large number of people or “struck out” so to speak.

      Could be time for Gran Turismo to partner up with other manufacturers if Nissan can’t handle the GT Academy demands of the masses.

  39. mistersafeway

    Why do so many people ask about Canada? It’s already been explained many times that it’s not decided by Nissan OR Polyphony that Canadians can’t compete, it’s the Canadian government. It WAS however Nissan and/or Polyphony that Australia and New Zealand can’t compete, no argument here on that.

    Still, it’d be great to see every country on Earth represented in some way in a World GT Academy, hopefully it can eventually happen…

    1. JeremiahTB

      Yup, they are just going to have to do it the old fashion way…start with grassroot sports car racing in parking lots and hopefully get enough skill to compete at the professional level. That’s what I’m doing.

    2. ScotteDawg

      Strange though, considering Nissan has only just entered the Australian V8 Supercar series! You’d think they’d want more support for their brand in the racing side of things here and in NZ. smh…

  40. sailworksman

    Not that I am a contender, but Canada screwed over again. What is up with that garbage!?”?


      Japan doesn’t need GT Academy, they live and breathe racing over there. Very easy to get into racing, get on the circuit and go pro. They get into cars and racing from a very early age so they are good to go.

    1. JeremiahTB

      I live near Detroit and Windsor is considered a southern suburb. Yes, Canada is to the south of Detroit.

  41. Heathenpride

    We will see GTA: Mars before Australians get to compete……… What a fustercluck yet again.

    1. Louie_Schumii

      Australians (and New Zealanders) already got to compete back in 2010. Too bad they haven’t brought it back after 3 years.

      We must be the only region that Nissan and PlayStation actually did that to (teased us with the contest then decided to be a total b*** and lead us on the rest of the way). We could always of course give them a taste of their own medicine and not buy their products if there is this much discontent with how they’re currently doing things. I sure have better things to spend $NZ120 on instead of buying a video game.

    2. Heathenpride

      Oops, meant again lol.

      Yeah it’s terrible, we have so many fantastic drivers here and in NZ so we have so much to offer GTA, it would be a much richer and diverse competition with us in it.

    3. mef

      I agree. But the reality is thsi is a business decision and obviously Nissan and PD decided collectively NZ and Oz wasn’t worth their efforts. This isn’t a charity affair folks. It’s business, Marketing, Making Money. If there are a few drivers who can kickstart their racing career that’s a nice bonus but make no mistake that this is one big marketing exercise

    4. mef

      Like Louie mentioned, it is extra painful to watch given the high calibre NZ contestants have shown in 2010. It is not about drivers, it is about size of the territories and marketing gains that Nissan perceives (obviously not enough to make it happen in Oz and NZ in their mind)

  42. steebz

    Population of Germany: 80,399,300

    Population of Europe: 736,309,800

    Hmm, so how is it fair to let Germany have it’s own event? Strange PD, very strange

    1. mistersafeway

      There are some very unusual decisions made in this competition, not least of which is Asia being all but ignored.

    1. Stephanos82

      I’m from Cyprus.. Why can’t they have Greece and Cyprus as one so we could look a bit bigger? ;(

    2. HuskyGT

      You could play it if you have a PSN account of any of these countries, but make sure not to win, because you wouldn’t be eligible to get the prize anyway.

  43. maxpontiac

    Not that I am good enough, but I would sure love to have the time to compete in the GTA ’13.

  44. Nato_777

    I suppose this means that the demo won’t be available to download in NZ or Australia again, if that’s the case I’ll be madder than mad.

    1. GTHEAD87

      Ive seen a lot of comments about countrys not getting to compete in gta. Pretty unfair tbh as the best drivers/sportsmen are from random little country villiages. I hope everyone gets to compete. Im lucky to have it in scotland but would have liked a better demo than gt academy, even at that I am excited to test it out.

  45. ZoidFile

    Well I am disabled, so I never could join the GT Academy but I can’t wait for the demo and the new physics anyway. :)

  46. TomBrady

    Why can’t they make it playable until GT6 is released? Don’t they understand how demos work?

    If they’re going to put out a demo, it should be a demo. Demo’s are a great way to get people to buy your game. They shouldn’t shut it down just because the stupid contest is over

    1. GTHEAD87

      Can you actually read? It doesnt state this in this article. If you research then you will know that the contest is only available until the end of july, the demo is available until this time next year. You also dont need any gt game to play it.

    2. mistersafeway

      Maybe you can’t read, GTHEAD87, as the official GT website clearly states the same as this article, which is that the demo no longer works after August. I’m hoping that means that they now intend to release GT6 in early September, but won’t be holding my breath.

    3. GTHEAD87

      Ah my appoligies tombrady, I didnt read I properly. Now I am the fanny lol. An early release would be good but I think they should keep the release as it is as kaz said in a previous article “we will try and get all the improved sounds in before release” I hope they do, not that im bothered by the sounds.

    1. Sixflags48

      No Canada either, I kinda understand us not being in the mix, but some great drivers came, and come from Brazil.

    2. R1600Turbo

      @ Sixflags – they tried. Might try talking to your government though since you guys have some weird law about contests.

  47. Rob-F1-Fan

    GTAcademy is alright for the select few who can compete at the top and have the best equipment, but for the other several million of us, it’s boring.

  48. ZedMan1996

    Was tooo close to making it last year! I hope I can make it this year :’) I never really knew I was one of the worlds best till GT Academy came to us.

  49. z06fun

    This end date of July 28th should have been announced months ago if they really wanted people to be available to compete. Its summer, people have lots of plans already…

  50. kidsu47

    Meanwhile South America still waiting.. A lot of good drivers here and they still not including us. This not dissapoint the game, just they should think about us, we are a lot of people that bought the game and drive very well.

  51. LVracerGT

    Lack of info. Do we have to pre-register like past years? If so when, where? Also are they going to disallow times for people who use SRF and the super-unrealistic “I’ll just tack off the limiter and pitch the car sideways and let the SRF pull me out of the corner” BS driving style that accounted for the majority of the top 32 last year?

    1. mistersafeway

      I feel bad because that comment may read like I’m taking the piss, so I just wanted to say I actually agree. I tried Active Steering on a TT once and was a few tenths ahead of my time easily on my first attempt, before I gave up and switched it off. It made it WAY too easy.

    1. Louie_Schumii

      Yeah dude you just wait. It’s only 6:30 am here in NZ and around 4:30 am in Australia. Not happy at all with what Sony and Nissan have come up with ao far.

    2. RACECAR

      I’m willing to bet yet again, Canada’s bizarre contest rules are what is keeping them out. Australia I once again don’t know, seems like they get left out of damn near everything (though I’d still be willing to put blame on the Sony Australia for once again not having this happen). I just hope by now, people realize its Sony’s different country specific regions that either do or don’t allow their regions to do this and not PD.

    3. ScotteDawg

      @ sangdude82 – too bloody right! But it’s not just us Australians being left out – New Zealand, New Guinea, Easter Island, Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, India, Botswana – the list goes on… and on… and on… an

      @Louie_Schumii – I’ll be ringing Sony in Sydney later this morning to find out WTF is going on – I suggest you ring the NZ head office and do the same! I don’t know what gaming companies you have in NZ, but on this side of the ditch we have EB Games whose parent company is Gamestop, so I’m going to ring their head office in Melbourne as well..!

      +1 RACECAR (cool palindrome – very fitting)

    4. Louie_Schumii

      @ScotteDawg – keep us posted with what you find out man. Most marketing and PR execs I’ve talked to in the past about it have been pretty vague about what’s actually going to happen re: GT Academy.

      As far as contact with the parent companies go a phone call or message from one individual won’t have that much of an impact but if everyone gives them a phone call, messages them or even worse not buy their products then that’s a different story.

    5. ScotteDawg

      @Louie_Schumii – I rang Sony’s head orifice and they (typically) passed the buck and told me to ring the HotLine. They took my name and e-mail and told me they’d get back to me within 48 hours! I guess we’ll just have to wait!!

      I also rang EB Games to find out about pre-order bonuses – nothing as yet…

      However, what I WILL be doing is starting a USA account so I can download the demo UNless it is available through my English account! The main problem with that though is keeping the PSN account in credit due to the currency difference. I would need USA codes in order to redeem anything, but I’ve got friends in the US that I trust, so it might work out in the end.

    6. ScotteDawg

      @Louie_Schumii – OK, I got a call from Sony and was told that the GT6 demo would be available in Australia (I’m guessing NZ too!) on Thursday, July 4th, though it will probably be Wednesday the 3rd in line with the rest of the world (taking the time difference into consideration).
      They SAY Thursday because that’s the day they usually update the PlayStation store, but because of GT’s worldwide popularity it will most likely update sooner – they did that with the Corvette Final Prototype, so there’s no reason to not do it with the GT6 demo.

      The.. The… The… That’s All Folks!

  52. Louie_Schumii

    Very disappointed in New Zealand not being included. Unless NZ gets another crack at this I will not be buying Gran Turismo 6, Nissan or Sony products in the future.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Don’t take it that harshly man, it is, after all, only a game!
      I’m 43, a smoker and overweight – I’ll never drive for Nissan through the GTA – but you’d never guess it from my driving abilities…
      But I don’t care! Fine, the ‘demo’ won’t last long (unless they realise the GT Academy style demo is a complete faaark up and put out another one at the end of July), but it’s not about what is done ‘right’ in our eyes, it’s about the fun of the final game when it comes out! You know, being on the net and talking with people from ALL over the world or just doing up and driving our favourite cars!
      Another good reason to NOT boycott GT6 is that it is not PD’s fault that GT Academy is not in the southern hemisphere, it is Nissan and Sony who make the final decisions on the marketing strategy (a bad strategy but a strategy all the same)!

    2. rex1825

      …you see, I’m in EU – Serbia… nowhere to see it, nor is there any support from PSN, no freakin’ DLC… no nothing… so what can I do?!? :(

      Happily I have brother in Germany and good friend in Switz so I can use their address to bump into GT Academy :)

      Waiting for game, GT Academy will come and go… cheers…

    3. ScotteDawg

      Thinking I might start up a US account – it’s really the only logical step Sony are leaving me with…

  53. roflcoptor

    So the GT6 demo isn’t really a demo of the new game, it’s just GT Academy using GT6 game-engine?

  54. perrolocomcquee

    Why they said that is going to be so much greater if they don’t do it World Wide.

  55. LittleZippyUK

    So if you’re under Europe you got less of a chance than if you are Russian or German which are part of Europe? Dat logic.

  56. infamousphil

    I don’t do abbreviated GT. Maybe if they’d release a whole version… I could compete for a place in the Academy.

    1. infamousphil

      I’d be more interested in the contestants’ lap times and video of their qualifying efforts.

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