GT Academy 2013 Qualifying Tutorial & Video Walkthrough

July 9th, 2013 by Jordan

Since the start of the competition last week, our GT Academy 2013 forum has been buzzing with discussion amongst participants from around the world, sharing tips and tricks on how to get faster and move up the leaderboards.

GTPlanet member Tidgney has gone even further, creating a 42-minute tutorial video which offers an in-depth discussion on the optimal driving line, speed, and gears needed to achieve a competitive time around the Silverstone circuit in the 370Z. He even includes split-screen video of his steering wheel and pedal inputs, to show you how he’s actually manipulating the car through some of the corners.

Thanks to Tidgney for putting together this very helpful resource for the community!

Visit his thread in our forums here for more driving tips and discussion.

European GT Academy 2013 champion Wolfgang Reip has also posted an on-board video lap of himself behind the wheel of the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 at Silverstone, which offers a look at the circuit and racing line used in the real-world.

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  1. JFavingsdikunzi

    Thanks Tidgney.I am not that fast but picked up two seconds after your tutorial and still picking a tenth or two every time I try. It’s great fun and I am hoping for another one or two seconds before the last run.The break will come.Good job.

    • JFavingsdikunzi

      Too old to compete(57) but not too old to have fun!!

  2. Great post and video. Hopefully I can get fast enough to compete!

  3. *** PLEASE HELPME*****
    Hi guys, I really need help. It probably sounds ridiculous but I’m not able to reach the first screen we see In Tidgney’s video, the Wheel Settings page Setup. Where do we have that option, PS3? GT6? My wheel is very heavy and I do not know how to change that configuration, in result, I can’t improve my time of 1:20:021. PLEASE, HELPME!

  4. Lococurling

    The best tip in my opinion is in the last corner: “keep away of the red sausage” :)
    Thank you so much Tidgney, that’s an amazing work.

  5. Badger-X-

    Many, many thanks Tidgney. Your videos are always very helpful and informative. Not only do they shave precious time off my laps, I believe they’ve made me a better driver all around, specifically with the little details like entry speed, optimal gear changes, & apex theory, etc. Cheers!

  6. adrianhettich

    If we will drive like relp in gt academy qualifications, we will disqualifyd 15 times as car were there out of track around 15 times, also it’s impossible to drive so quickly like him co you will slide on every corner. Now little experiment about sliding!!!!!! As I was dissapointed with it, TRY TO GO ON GT ACADEMY NISSAN 370 Z QUITE SLOW ON LONG TURN AND YOU WILL FIND TYRES SQUICKING !!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!!

  7. MockngBrd

    If only GT cars sounded like that 2nd video… gosh…

  8. hennessey86

    This is what really annoys me with GTs physics, in the video you here him talking about sliding the car and being happy with it because of the GTs unique physics its actually quicker to slide the car than to drive it properly. This isn’t realistic, you wouldn’t see any racing driver getting the back end out that much in a real car.

    • thorfynn

      That´s absolutely right. If someone tell´s you that sliding is fast – wrong. Sliding only looks good, but it´s never faster than a clean line. Simple physics…..
      Or does anyone knows a racing class – except Rally on dirt ground – where you see the people sliding to be fast ?!

      Greets from the wonderful black forest,
      thorfynn aka Heavy aka Michael

    • To be fair I’m adapting to the situation, if I have to slide to be quick, I have to slide that’s just the environment we are in. Likewise if a team suddenly said slide the car here, here and here I would then be expected to adapt, so it’s all really relative. I get that in reality in most circuit racing sliding is a no, due to risk/cost/speed (Not the fastest). But also I’d also like to add that in motorsports not to this extreme 4 wheel drifting still occurs, even in F1 there is still a form of slide on the limit of grip.

      I do get where you’re coming from though don’t get me wrong the extremes as to which I talk about sliding would be a no in reality, but this is GT6 of course, and we must adapt to the physics we are given.

    • thorfynn

      I´m sorry if the words i chosen sound too hard ;-) Not my intention. I know that when we talk about GT that we are in a game. So we have to live with that kind of physics. To be honest: the “biggest” car i ever had was a Nissan (don´t beat me… ;-) ) Primera, powered by a mighty 2 Litres-4Cylinder Motor with incredible 115 HP…..So I really don´t know, how it feels in reality when you drive around with 500 HP……What a nice dream…. ;-))

    • hennessey86

      Don’t get me wrong mate, this isn’t a personal. My problem is with the game and the fact that to be fast you have to resort to unrealistic driving methods. You are obviously very talented at gt6, no question about that.

    • O don’t worry I never took it personally :)! I just thought I’d put my thoughts across with it :)! I do understand the frustration though of seeing such driving though!

    • Neilson248

      @hennessey… at the end of the day GT6 is not real-life and we dont have to worry about tyre wear and danger so thats why sliding becomes necessary. I’m sure nobody really likes it but when GT6 gets here, you can always do races with tyre wear and crash damage and the driving style will have to be adapted to that environment. But you are right, sliding in real-life happens very minimally and sometimes not even at all.

  9. jccarbon

    I think oink83 made some instructional videos too

  10. Still dissapointed we didn’t get the demo they used for e3 i wanted to drive some of the new cars i couldn’t give a rats ass about Nissan Academy. If you want to race get a job or a better job an buy an build your own car there are backyard racing leagues that you can race for under 10k a year.

    • If you want to race get a job or a better job and spend 10k of your money attempting to break into the racing leagues that are lower than those you will be racing in if you manage to win this free competition. It makes perfect sense now, why on earth should I bother with this thing! I mean, they paid for a whole event at Silverstone last year when I went to the finals, put us up in a hotel, drove us around the track, some of us actually drove the car, ate their food, got to race some super fast guys on the game, saw the sights and lounged about the BRDC.

      Clearly doing all that was stupid, I just need to pay my way. I now watch the video of Wolfgang racing and think what on earth was he thinking! Thank you for your advice KYD302.

    • Pit Crew

      Good 1 ShaneUK :tup:

    • @ShaneUK The difference between your POV an mine is you take handouts i don’t. I would rather do everything on my own rather than have it handed to me bonded with bs contract. You sound like you just want to drive i would rather drive an be in charge of my team without the overhead of being under a nissan contract. I’m not saying theres anything wrong with people who like handouts, thats just not how i was raised.

    • ShaneUK

      They are ‘handing out’ a great opportunity to enter racing at a high level, I simply can’t accept any argument that is based upon turning that down. Where would Lewis Hamilton be if he didn’t accept Ron Dennis’ and McLaren’s help? Don’t make this out like I’m taking the easy option, I’m just taking the logical one. I also want to point out that you have to beat hundreds of thousands of people to get this shot, and that’s far from easy. If everyone followed your advice, it would make the competition a lot easier for me that’s for sure. I think we will agree to disagree, it’s just easier.

  11. Sele1981

    Video 2 Minute 2:27 you get penalized in GT6 :|

  12. Islaygaz

    Wish everyone would stop bitching about GT6! If you don’t like the look of it don’t buy it! It’s that simple. Like GT5 there may be some aspects of the game I’m not happy with either but I’m most definitely gonna buy this when it comes out I may even splash the cash and get a special edition!

  13. Phew… I’m making almost everytime but it’s very hard for me to get 2:18.5xx, hope that vid help me a bit. Other player ghosts help me much to make better times.

  14. QuikSlvr223

    He’s almost ten seconds ahead of gold and I can only get a (very high) silver. I need a wheel :lol:

    • Darkcraft

      Just keep running laps, in my case turning off the timer and ghost helped :D
      I managed a 2.21.XXX with a DS3 so I’m sure you can too.
      Just switched to a wheel and I’m happy if I can run a high 2.23 :lol:

  15. CarCzar

    You can just count all of the new subs for Mr. Tidgney! He definitely deserves it.

  16. Neilson248

    I have to say tidgney’s videos have given me a whole new understanding of car control. thanks a lot. Currently 26th in uk and looking for improvement

  17. Tidgney

    Cheers guys, remember any questions fire away, as I’ll be happy to help otherwise enjoy the academy, give it your best shot and hopefully If I make it, see some of you at the national finals :)!

  18. Johnnypenso

    Exceptional workTidgney, really appreciate the hard work for the community. Picked up a wealth of tips. Good luck with the Academy!!!

  19. Ferrari458Italia

    LOOL compare the tire screeching from the other “1 lap around silverstone in GT6″ video and the buttom video and prepare to laugh..

  20. Firecracker

    Great video, Thanks loads!!

  21. Synwraith

    Excellent resource, Martin. Thank you for providing everyone with this video and tutorial, and for taking time out of your own competing. You’re a credit to the community :)

  22. Radracing

    Wish they included a data logger to compare my fast lap against the the top ten so as I can see where I’m loosing time against them.

  23. Radracing

    Very technical track. The long sweepers are hard to get just right and it will screw up your lap time if you don’t get it right. Going in to hot or too slow really is not good enough.

  24. sailworksman

    If you use a DS3, you should be DQ’d. Wheels only!

    • kekke2000

      Among the top 200 times, there are 3 people not using a wheel. Ask yourself, do we need a DQ?

    • sailworksman

      More for if a potential winner makes it to the top and moves on to the academy. Racing=wheel. And no, 3 out of 200, not necessary.

    • kekke2000

      But the national finals will still be played with a wheel right? So nobody will get to the Academy with DS3 only.

    • OK Ritchie Rich…

    • Swagger897

      Common sense…. Has there ever been a ds3 winner? Umm no…. Will there?…. Um…. No

      Stupid idea to piss people off because most of us don’t want to get a wheel unless we get the whole 9 yards

    • TomBrady

      If they make the cut, they should be smart enough to DQ themselves. the finals are on wheels so obviously they’re wasting a spot in the competition if they go.

      @Poupon Did you really just call him richie rich for having a wheel? Seriously? DFGT is $100 or less. If you can’t afford that you can’t afford a PS3, simple as that.

    • SZRT Ice

      I believe DS3 should get their own divisioncategory. Because if you compete so closely with such a disadvantage, you likely have more skill than half the people placed ahead of you. If not MORE.

    • SZRT Ice

      With as much content as there is in GT games, internal clocks for every single car in the game is an accomplishment.

  25. CrazyBrazilian

    Nice! An Three years developing game and clocks just change. WOW!

    Keep Up PD, soon or later you guys will finish de game.

  26. sangdude82

    It’s good to see that people are trying to help out others :)

  27. Woooo

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