GT Academy 2014: Round 2 Now Available Worldwide

May 5th, 2014 by Gravitron

Gran Turismo 6

With GT Academy now two weeks old, the second round gets underway today.

Round 2 is again a full lap test, this time using the fan favourite fictional track at Apricot Hill. Players get to use something with a little more power, in the shape of a Nissan 370Z shod with Comfort Soft tires.

While some driving aids are available, Active Steering and Skid Recovery Force are again disabled for the event.

The required times for each grade are:

  • Gold: 1’38.000
  • Silver: 1’41.000
  • Bronze: 1’50.000

Participants also get credits towards their GT6 career – up to 700,000cr with a full 200% login bonus.

As always, stop by our GT Academy forum for more analysis and discussion with other competitors!

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  1. AlexFFM1991

    Somehow I think that the final will be in the GP3 car. :D don’t know why but I have some feelings :D they told us that the academy 2014 winner will drive in the GP3 series so if we already ( 2ns training session) have a 370z there aren’t many opyions left for the final. It’s my opinion. What do you think ?

  2. mikronimo

    Again ridiculous hard tires and a completely wrong setup… these “out of the real race world” rules is getting always more annoying. In any case, mission accomplished… without any fun!

  3. JASON_ROCKS1998

    Getting bored of these time trials. Pleasd bring back replayable circuit races like GT5’s seasonal races.

  4. Conor Swan

    Are there any tips? I need to shave off another second?

    • x_Lone_Wolf_x

      Go easy on the throttle and try to keep it on the edge of traction and oversteer. Brake “late” in every corner except the first double left, you’ll need to brake gradually there. As for the right-left combo at the end, don’t slow down too much, you can take these at quite the speed and you can make up for a lot of time. Try shifting the weight quickly here by braking just a lil’ bit when transitioning form right to left, it’ll make the car turn a lot faster here.

    • x_Lone_Wolf_x

      Also, disable TCS, it’ll slow you down hard. The third, downhill right corner can be taken with nearly no braking if you tackle it hard, just make sure to exit it correctly, otherwise you will have to slow down too hard in the first uphill turn.

  5. Bigsword1955

    The point some of are mad with PD is we were promised in Jan or Feb content for the game, 5months later it’s still not here like the Track Maker…the Track in Spain larger than Nurburgring among other things, l do hope everything goes through with the Arton Senna DLC’s later this “MONTH”.

    If PD would post a reply to explain to us why we haven’t gotten what was promised to us and some sort of progress report, not keep us in the dark. Let us know where are you at with DLC content, give us a timeline for this so we don’t bitch about it. Do fill us on your progress with GT6. I do appropriate all work and time PD puts into the game…8)

    I have played Gran Turismo 1 to 6 with great fun and l do enjoy racing. l also have played all of the Need For Speed games but they all have Endings to the game, Gran Turismo doesn’t have an ending, it “GROWS…IT’S ALIVE”…lol

    l visit GT Planet and Praiano63’s GT6 Tunes site every day and l enjoy reading the News of the Day and Comments people write and believe me some of them make me laugh at how you lash out with anger about the game the game yet you’re still playing the game…lol Patience is Virtue….We will get there, fill us in the DLC’s Progress, speak out PD so we can stop BITCHING and get a life…8) I now bow out and say thanks to PD for making these great racing games, keep up the great work you do…later…8)

    • Amac500

      Everything you just said is true.

    • Magic Ayrton

      In part you are right! But people like me (and there are many) are not mad at PD, just voicing our opinions in a moderately strong manner! And we are not still playing the game, if just once a month or twice a month is called playing, because of seasonals and GT academy.

      We all know GT6 has the potential, but it’s a mildly updated 5 at the moment, and we are all running out of patience, especially concerning things that were promised. Trust is sliding down a slippery slope.

      Having said all that, GT7 (and the PS4) will be a sure purchase for me but only 2 years after release.

  6. JASON_ROCKS1998

    OK, I think I should finally comment on everyones comments. I am a big GT fan & have played them all except 4P & GTHD PS3. I think the sounds on GT6 should be improved as my Z06 LM racer sounds like a car from GT3 & my Viper ACR sounds like an Aston V12 at low revs, and this GT Acadamy Round 2 event is too unrealistic for my liiking. So what, I still play GT6 to this day and occasionally play GT5 if I’m bored. But it’s a damn sight better than Forza. Tracks are way better, a lot more cars (i’m talking premiums here), FREE DLC IN UPDATES (YEAH, FREE HOW MUCH DLC IS FREE IN FM5, ONE TRACK? ALRAEDY GT6 HAS HAD 9 NEW CARS, NEW EVENTS, TELEMETRY, GPS LAP TIME THING AND ITS ONLY MAY), almost photo realistic car models, new stuff added in when it’s ready and the upcoming VGT cars, you Forza and Project Cars fans can say what you like (AND BEFORE YOU ASK, YES I HAVE PLAYED FORZA, 1, 2, 3, 4 & THE DEMO OF HORIZON) i don’t like forza & ive played a good few hours of it. I will stick with GT til the end!

    • I 100% agree with everything you just said.

    • kolio123

      Honestly, I agree with you also.
      I think it is quite hilarious when people get angry and post comments that negatively affect PD’s reputation. However, I see the same people commenting the same words as before, 5 months later. They think what they say really means something, and act they they are gonna get a cult together and boycott the servers(less lag for me if they did ;)). Yet they are still playing the game and commenting the same thing every article about something new in GT6.

    • Johnnypenso

      You realize Doodle that you just agreed, 100% mind you, with this statement:

      “GT Acadamy Round 2 event is too unrealistic for my liking.”

      [Insert laughing emoticon here]

    • JASON_ROCKS1998

      When I said too unrealistic for my liking it’s the fact that they give us drift tires on a high powered RWD sportscar for a hotlap which I dont think makes much sense. Gave up after about 20 tries being very careful snd still cant beat 1:28.5 in it so i’ve decided to do the X challenge and then give the online s go.

    • Johnnypenso

      They aren’t drift tires, they are close to what real street tires would be for that car. Racing tires would be overkill and IMO, even sports hards provide too much grip for a car with that power/weight/grip combination to be “realistic” if the car is supposed to represent a street car brought to the track.

    • JASON_ROCKS1998

      I know they are meant to be similar to 370Z road tires but it just seems to slide all over the place, I got gold very easily on Round 1 but this is just so much harder. I may try 5 more laps tomorrow and try it.

  7. Streeto

    But where’s my course maker?

    • infamousphil

      It’s on everyone’s wish list… except for you know who’s ;)

  8. Nascarboy119

    GT Academy isn’t even showing up on my PS3…

    • That’s because it’s in the game under special events.

  9. Charlie A

    I haven’t seen it on gt’s site…

  10. Bigsword1955

    What’s with the Comfort Soft Tires again “DAMN”, When the GT Academy Contestants get in the cars for real do you think they’re driving with Comfort Soft Tires on their cars “NO”. You want it realistic in the game fine…but this is ridiculous beyond “WTF” in getting Gold…It’s like you have to drift the car to do the race, but that would give you a lousy lap time…8)

    • Comfort soft is equal to the stock 370Z’s road tires. Get over it.

    • I suppose you want to use racing soft? Lol

    • smskeeter23

      Um ya… even with a DS3 that I NEVER USE (except tonight because I’m lazy and needed a login) I can see that the car is well balanced and reasonably realistic.

      Practice with something other than race tires and you’ll get better.

    • smskeeter23

      Oh, and if you’re on a proper racing line, no, there is almost NO loss of grip ;-)

  11. super_gt

    understeering crap

    • osustu99

      That’s all this car does is go from super push to back end way loose on acceleration

    • I don’t feel any understeer.

    • Magic Ayrton

      This car handles similar to the real one, I know as I have tracked mine. Don’t push too hard and try to be precise in the braking zones, not too heavy on the throttle and carry speed through the corners by taking the right lines.. imagine the car from above or check out your replays to see where you are going wrong.. I did a 1:37.8 on lap 3 after scrabbling about on first laps.

  12. It would be nice if they did something a bit different for those only doing these for fun. Been using these same cars for a while now, not particularly interesting .

  13. ChipChaserJ

    can you use manual transmission for this race?

    • mickoafna

      Of course you can.

    • ITCC_Andrew

      The only reason why you weren’t able to with the previous test was because that vehicle was not fitted with a gearbox, because it is full-electric

  14. mickoafna

    Golded in 3 laps. Proud :)

    • abcdef654

      i also got it on my 3rd lap, 1’37.713, after my 2nd lap where i missed by .127, which made me so mad haha first lap was 2 sec slow, i thought i had no chance

  15. gtfanforlife

    I was hoping for the Juke…

    • DMacs13

      That would be cool if they gave used the juke

  16. Magic Ayrton

    Just did this, pretty good fun as I own a Nissan Z myself, wasn’t too hard to get gold, got 2 tenths up on lap 3. Track loaded ok. I actually enjoyed it and the credit payout is very good.

  17. Maybe i missed the post but is there any GT academy prize cars this time around? I’m probably one of the few who only does the academy for the prizes and not to try and get into the academy itself.

    • FranciRus

      Supposedly, cars will be awarded after Academy ends so get gold just in case. Credit payout is good so why not :)

    • You have to get gold in order to get the cars? If there is any.

  18. warpkez

    Cannot load Apricot Hill – it locks up solid.

    • warpkez

      Confirmed! Bug report submitted, await nothing to be done.

    • SavageEvil

      That’s a fault of your unique system and possibly a small collection of others. You may have to delete your game data and re-install it.

    • warpkez

      Been there done that. Makes no difference. Even replaced the hard-drive just in case, no effect.

      The only work around that I have found that works some of the time (< 50%), is to load the car (or close to it) in the regular game, go into the various settings tabs changing nothing and then backing out. Then proceed to the GTACAD and cross your fingers.

      Only Apricot Hill seems to be affect based on other reports.

    • amemyarz

      I have the same problem and I’ve done the same stuff. It usually works after 2 system crashes, though.

  19. ScotteDawg

    This will be fun…

    All you photographers out there, go to to post your GTAcademy 2014 photos!

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