GT Academy USA’s Top 16 Finalists Progress to Silverstone

March 24th, 2011 by Jordan

The top 16 drivers among the 50,000 participants in GT Academy USA 2011 have now earned their place in the Silverstone boot camp! The last few rounds of heated competition went down in Orlando on Wednesday, and GTPlanet correspondent grafpt was on hand for all the action. Here’s the finalists, grouped by region:

  • Dr_3Wide_Skills (Christopher Roberts) – Northeast
  • FixByWire (Andre Gomes) – Northeast
  • Z06Fun (Christopher Morton) – Northeast
  • Appalachian_Kris (Kris Norris) – Northeast
  • Gar529 (Gregory Russell) – Northeast
  • BlindSideFive0 (Nick Fontana) – Northeast
  • GTZf_CudaMan (Bryan Heitkotter) – West
  • R1600Turbo (Jason Miller) – West
  • Doctor_ILL (Phillip Arscott) – West
  • GTP_TheCheef (Sean Johnston) – West
  • SpecMiata-JSW (John Wilding) – Southeast
  • ZeroLM (Rich Pratt) – Southeast
  • Glenn_McGee (Glenn McGee Howle) – Southeast
  • SebaF1 (Jose Cedeno) – Southeast
  • ConMan_Skills (Connor Clifford) – Midwest
  • Choate51 (Steve Driscoll) – Midwest

As you can see, each region is represented in the top 16 – though the Northeast ultimately came out on top with six of the eight finalists from the area moving forward. The West and Southeast regions both have four drivers moving forward, along with two from the Midwest.

A huge congratulations goes out to everyone involved! This is an outstanding accomplishment, and I’m very proud to say nearly all of the competitors call the GTPlanet community home. Join the festivities in our GT Academy USA forum, and stay tuned for more coverage on the next round of the competition…

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  1. Robotron2084

    damn,i should be there >.< … My moneys on Glenn Mcgee :)

  2. Congrats, Choate51! Make us GTO owners proud!

  3. Supra_Skills

    Congrats to Team_Skills members, Dr_3wide_Skills,Conman_Skills!!!! And congrats to all the finalist!!!!

  4. dasboost

    Congratulations to all. A job well done and a spot well deserved.

  5. GregTheStig

    Congrats to the finalists. I’ll bet they’re having the time of their life.

  6. jjaisli

    Congratulations to everybody who made into the final. Well done! I know the GT Academy was a big mess this time around with the cancellations, track changes, blatant cheating, etc. But the fact is, cream rises to the top. And NONE of the finalist got there without merit.

    At this point, win or lose, all of should be proud of this accomplishment and enjoy the remainder of the experience.

  7. Heitkotter! I’ll be damned, cool. :)

  8. COOLfiat

    Great news, Jordy… could you tag them in the picture? I do not know who is who :\

  9. McClarenDesign

    Great job! Can’t wait to see the winner on the Speed Channel.

  10. theArmourKing

    good luck…
    Thak you Jordan, for giving us the hot news always;)!

    • theArmourKing

      (thank you)

    • You are all correct. Be original have your own nickname. Don’t be a slave. You can still be ‘cool’ without a stupid prefix.

  11. machate-man

    I remember when GTP_ players were on top of the world in GT5P;)

    • no one gives a crap anymore about gtp

    • oh lord


    • Then why are you here neng??

    • @ Eggman: FAIL ! He meant that noone gives a crap anymore about GT5 Prologue ….

    • Fair do’s, I’ll admit when I’m wrong. But…gtp does refer to this website, GT5P refers to prologue. Maybe a typo on Nengs part?

    • Or maybe he meant that no one gives a crap about the GTP_ PSN tag anymore..

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