Gran Turismo 6 Release Date

August 20th, 2013 by Jordan


Gran Turismo 6 will be released worldwide on December 6, 2013, as announced by Sony during their Gamescom 2013 press conference.

Pre-ordering the game now at one of these special retailers will provide you with immediate access to a collection of some of the game’s most interesting new cars, and if you use one of our affiliate links below, you’ll help support us here at GTPlanet (thanks!).

Keep an eye on our home page for more announcements from Gamescom, and stop by our GT6 message boards for more analysis and discussion of all the day’s news!

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Gran Turismo 6
GT6 Hotfix Addresses Logitech Wheel Force Feedback Issues
Gran Turismo 6 Sep 17th, 2014 by Jordan

A quick hotfix has been released for Gran Turismo 6 to address force feedback issues with Logitech wheels.


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  1. daschund

    So if I order through Amazon do I get the new extras that they are talking about on the GameStop post:

    Or is that only through GameStop? Will it be like GT5 where depending on where in the world you got it you would get different cars?

  2. AzNTypeR

    What’s the Precision Pack and Amazon-exclusive Torque Pack from Amazon UK?

    • bigfoot217

      Torque Pack includes five performance-enhanced cars with custom 15th Anniversary livery:

      - Ford GT40 Mark I 15th Anniversary Edition
      - Pagani Huayra 15th Anniversary Edition
      - Renault Megane Trophy V6 15th Anniversary Edition
      - Alpine A110 1600S 15th Anniversary Edition
      - Lancia STRATOS 15th Anniversary Edition

      Precision Pack

      - Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 N24 ’13
      - Audi R8 LMS
      - Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C7) ’14
      - Tesla Motors Model S Signature Performance
      - SRT Viper GTS

  3. asdfg11

    Thanks for all the GT6 content.

    Ordered using your affiliate link (hope it worked!)


  4. Rage9one

    I bet all people who said GT6 will take as much or even more than GT5, feel like total idiots now. Never underestimate PD and Kazunori!

  5. Emman1984

    Yes that’s good new it will be here before you know it :-) I guess I’ll try to get the platinum before GT6 I’m at 88% on the trophy hunting

  6. CarGuru

    Lol, it releases on my birthday :)

  7. FireEmblem10

    Still don’t how this whole “pre-ordering” bonus is gonna work out… I did pre-order from GameStop, so I’m assured of the bonuses, right? Didn’t want a PS4 from the start, but now have another good reason to not get one. Giggity.

    Ehh, doesn’t matter. Now… to get to Level 40 A-Spec… in 107 days. Oboy.

    • Yes, you’re guaranteed the bonus content. Essentially, anyone who preorders from GS will receive the 15th Anniversary edition upgrade for free.

  8. TheGTman

    I’m not getting a PS4 because of this game.

  9. Sele1981

    Cant believe how many mistakes Sony/PD makes with the GT series. Really? Release on December 6th? When everybody at home is playing with his PS4? C´mon they cant do that… A September release would perfect to sell the game… Whatever…

    • Bluntified

      I’m pretty sure the PS4 comes out months after GT6′s release. BTW, if the game is on PS3 or PS4, you’ll still play it right? What’s stopping people from buying a PS4 alongside the game?

    • Sele1981

      Ps4 release is on November 15th. I don’t want 2 consoles in my small living room and a lot people say they will sell their ps3 when ps4 comes. They re too late, like on every gt title before.

    • They’re only late by a month? A consoles life doesn’t end as soon as the next iteration is released.

    • mr_pepps

      The Old Skool like me won’t buy a PS4, we’ll just enjoy GT6 on our old consoles.
      Lovin it.

  10. Swagger897

    I have a question…. If I preordered already AT a GameStop STORE, Will I receive the same benefits as I will by doing it online?

  11. Swagger897

    I have a question…. If I preordered already AT a GameStop STORE… Will I receive the same benefits as I will by doing it online?

    • Anyone who pre-orders from GS regardless of online or in-store will receive the 15th Anniversary edition upgrade.

  12. matosman1

    Thank you, I’ve been trying so much to find out what the release date was going to be, and now it’s on the 6th. Earlier than I thought.

  13. TokoTurismo

    YAHOOOO!!! December 6 2013 it is. :D

    *Laughs at the people who said GT6 will delay* (^v^)

    • Wanderlust2000

      Well, to be fair, they can’t delay a release date until they set a release date! Vee vill see, eh? ;)

    • e30 freek

      It still can delay you know but who cares cause im well hyped!!

    • Wookie963

      Don’t jinx it.

  14. r00tzownage

    DAAW 6 dec. is one day after a big holiday in holland :( (sinterklaas) Now i have to wait till xmas…

  15. GTP IWIN

    The car under the cover is a toyota gt86 ;)

    • r00tzownage

      *Facepalm* Dude.. It is the new corvette stingray..

  16. Pendulum

    Stupid question alert, is it coming out for the PS4?

    • AlteredNicolas

      Next year probably.

    • ScotteDawg

      Ummm, NO!

      The next GT game after GT6 will be GT7 and that will be on the PS4! GT6 is not a dual release!

    • MLRSparco

      Actually Kaz said himself that GT6 will be coming out for the PS4 later on.Now whether thats 6 months after the ps3 version is released or a year I don’t know.

    • Bluntified

      @MLRSparco, when did Kaz say this?? He said “GT” will be coming, not “GT6″, huge difference there.

  17. Dec 6th would be very impressive if they can make that. Hopefully they can improve the frame rate issues by then.

  18. Pre-ordered my copy a few weeks ago. Cannot wait!!

  19. CasvanRoermund9

    haha yeah right

  20. 108 days until the next greatest PS3 game title in the world! Thank you so much for bringing this out ahead of the dismal Dec31st placeholder date! Can’t wait to drive all those new cars on the new immersive Nurburgring. Guess it’s going to be a sweet AMG unlock weekend!

  21. Jamaicangmah


  22. Long time reader. First time post. Im HYPED! Decmber 6th, finally a release date. Hope there are no delays in the release.

  23. Kristus

    yeah nice… finnish independence day and the shops are closed

    • AlteredNicolas

      Ainahan voi ostaa pelin PS Storesta. Tosin en halua edes ajatella paljonko tuo peli vaati kovalevy tilaa.

    • Kristus

      aivan.. good thinking

  24. Dekropttiv

    Pre ordering doesn’t really seem worth it if the cars all already in the game and not exclusive.

  25. thekillzonegame

    i think i saw a pagani pagani huayra im hyped !!!!!!

    • DynamikGT

      Yep the Huayra is there :) I’m stoked thy have the Audi R18 in there as well :D

  26. AlteredNicolas

    Sweet, im a huge GT fan but im scared that this year with the release of GTAV and PS4 im not going to buy GT6 untill next year.

  27. Pit Crew

    Shelby Daytona Coupe is back, Air Jordan Concept??? 63 Vettes a Premium. The GTPlanet GT6 forum is about to “blow up”.

    December 6, 2013, 18 days before my Birthday…

  28. Antonioserna12

    saw an audi r18

  29. L8erBaby

    The 6th game releases the 6th?

  30. GRAFX21

    Yessss! Finally a release date.

    However that is a while from now… :/

    • GRAFX21

      That is a Friday…So I am assuming game stores will have a midnight release for GT6?

    • ScotteDawg

      Which means I can get it on the Thursday! (Video store privileges)

  31. k12power

    YYeeeessss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  32. Mister Slow


  33. Milouse

    6th day of december is very very very late (hence bad) from a marketing point of view, PD clearly needs as much time as Sony can allows them.

    • Pit Crew

      Must be a gift to be able to find the Negatives versus the positives, when it comes to anything GT6 related…

    • Milouse

      This is an analyse of a piece of information, not the preview of the game… and the way you consider othesr people as binaries is depressing. But if you want “negative” i can give you the missing one from my original message: should i remember you that not any GT game has ever reach its initial launch date ? Considering the cockpit view big framerates problems in GTA 2013, seeing PD struggle to finish the game in time can raise legitimate concerns. Anyway, half of gamers are pre-ordering games nowadays, ignoring any forthcoming founded critics in exchange of a candy (in-game car in this case).

    • Pit Crew

      A true and beautiful gift. All your doing is rehashing old issues to feed the pessimism…

    • Milouse

      Today’s announced release date can’t be part of an “old issue”, and your “to feed pessimism” as more to do with your negative propensity to read a single phrase and imagine a secret agenda behind it. Considering that i have anything but benefits from Gran Turismo sells (i’m running a GT website), all this is quite funny, actually.

    • Pit Crew

      You said this: should i remember you that not any GT game has ever reach its initial launch date ? Considering the cockpit view big framerates problems in GTA 2013, seeing PD struggle to finish the game in time can raise legitimate concerns.

      That’s rehashing old issues that you cleary brought up.

      Finally getting a release date is a good thing but in your OP it sure looks like you are the one throwing the negative spin on PDs choice to release it on the 6th of December. It’s risky, sure but I guess they have confidence in their product, consumer base, and the time they have left to smooth out the rough edges, which I choose to judge when it’s finished, and stay cautiously optimistic before that time. My negative propensity? lol, Yeah it’s pretty funny…

    • Milouse

      PD choice to what? PD is not making much choice here i’m afraid. On PS3 launch, I asked to an official at Sony why PD was still unable to stick on a release date, he answered that when someone (KY) generates half of revenues of a division, HE decides of the release date. Obviously things has changed. I’m not sure many have noticed but there are “geopolitical” matters at play inside Sony, and with PS4, decisions about design have shifted from east to west. Since PS2 announcement (which i’ve covered from inside Sony Japan and PD offices back in 1999), this is the second time (Vita being first) that PD is not bound to the new console momentum.
      I’m sorry to disappoint you but i’m very not passionate at all about GT6 release date, and all this is strictly cold analysis (not to say professional). There are no old argument, only good and bad – especially for someone who didn’t participate to such debate. And that is not an argument, just a statement. I don’t want to prove something with it, just propose a different perspective than the communication plans that now goes straight from Publishers to Consumers.
      If you hunted for haters or always negative guys, to react to (which i do too sometimes as i’m 40yo and started to play on archaic racing games in 70′s, hence aware of the value of what we have today), you’ve obviously chosen the wrong target.

  34. Maddens Raiders

    December 6, 2013 I wonder what I’ll be doing? hmmm lol

    Anyway that video showed at Gamescon was totally awesome! i loved seeing the new LMP models and Sarthe at night looked fantastic!!

  35. OK…September 19th and December 6th…my life is over

  36. TriumphTT900


  37. ninja0804

    This is good

  38. thekillzonegame

    OMG those new cars ^^

  39. mcalva98

    I am hyped GT6 looks awsome

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