GT6 Trailer Reveals Brands Hatch Circuit, New Cars, & More

August 20th, 2013 by Jordan

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  1. Hmmm I know why they have that corny music in the background during intros. It’s because they dont want people to complain about the sounds before the game launches. It makes no sense to me, yea the music is nice, gets you pumped an all but, hear me out, I am a car guy and love car movies, imagine this, if your a car guy too theres a good chance you seen the movie bullet, steve mcqueen and the ford mustang fastback, now what would that car chase would have been if they would have played dumb music during that chase. Now if kaz would only have did that to, a intro with just new features, cars, and no music to show off the sounds of the cars. Just a thought.

  2. Eager Snake

    Midfield Raceway :(

    • sibbystiggy

      i really miss that track too… but maybe PD will release old GT tracks as future DLC

    • forzaturismo


    • KoldStrejke

      i think they should have all past tracks available. even if only to drive the standard cars on the old. st least it would be with GT6 updated stuffs.

  3. SharkSugarr

    Can’t wait to do the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the r18 :D

  4. mykeleasie

    I NEED MORE CLASSICS, give me the unexpected GT6! So far so good though :)

  5. gtone339

    Audi R18 TDI confirmed!! What about Toyota TS030 Hybrid?

  6. Fire Yoshi

    Was that the Nike Triathlon Car from GT4? :D

    • SharkSugarr

      I don’t think so, because in the old Nike car the driver laid down, but in the picture in the video that driver is sitting down. I would still love to see the old Nike car in the game though :)

  7. infamousphil

    Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe. OK, I’m getting giddy again ;)

  8. GT5Redsucker23

    This excited me more! Can’t wait for December.

  9. M3ShadowPower

    I’m glad they added Brands Hatch to the mix of tracks in the new game. Can’t wait

  10. Ozurdin

    also from the vid also confirms that we should see topless convertibles again for us miata lovers!!! GT6 for life!

    • ImmalovemaGTR

      I’d rather see topless girls :lol:

    • ScotteDawg

      Hopefully this means that we can choose for ourselves if we want the roof up or down OR on or off!

  11. TheGTman

    OMG NIKI, IS IT THAT CRAZY CAR FROM GT4, IF SO….. one more reason too buy this game. :D

  12. E21_323i

    I see lots of good cars. BMW 507 and Shelby Daytona coupe Effin A!

  13. FastOldHippy

    When are we going to see Bathurst ? Can’t wait for 6 December.

    • I’m hoping this and some V8s will be revealed. Hopefully the F6 & GT make it back in the game

    • Amac500

      Bathurst is run before the game is released, perhaps an anouncement will coincide with the race.

    • sangdude82

      The GT website only shows 6 tracks so far. May be the Bathurst is the 7th.

    • ScotteDawg

      My guess is that Bathurst will be released as DLC after the 12 hour race is run in February (or the week before or something)! I have rung Holden and have HSV and HRT on facebook and there has been NO CONTACT between any of them and PD!

      However, Lucas Ordonez and Michael Krumm came out to Australia to drive the Nissan V8 Altima’s at Winton raceway! They enjoyed our cars so I guess they might also be DLC before the season starts next year!

  14. ferrari f1

    Audi r18!!!!!

  15. PNuTButR

    2:07… what is this beautiful place?!

  16. PNuTButR

    Was that the Ford GT40 or GT that I saw? o.o

  17. legacyMACHINE

    Is that Fade I hear? Epic music!

  18. phil_75

    Concept cars whoopee!

    Each one of them could have been a real car!

    GranTurismo – The not so real driving simulator!

    No more GT3 cars then, another half baked series.

    • Quakebass

      …Is this sarcasm…?

      This means that PD will be on the cutting edge of ALL SORTS of new cars – GT players could potentially be the first to know about them – somewhat like the Corvette C7.

      There were GT3 cars shown throughout the trailer, and I saw an R18. Plus, all sorts of classic cars I couldn’t even begin to name. I don’t see how you’re coming up with your assumptions…

    • Ittybitty Stigy

      How the hell do you know there won’t be any more GT3 cars?

    • phil_75

      Trust me!

  19. QuikSlvr223

    And in a few hours, the complaining will start again.

  20. Still no info on car modifications. I’m feeling somewhat unfulfilled by this all so far.

  21. TheeFrogmanlego

    mind = blown…

  22. Youngun

    please tell me all those concepts are in the game.
    Peugeot Onyx and Nike two……. on top of the Bmw i8. If the Alfa 6c is in then the 4c should be.
    I Thought the Alpine Racer was confirmed?


  23. HAHA I feel sorry for those who choose not to buy GT6 because of the sounds. LET’S GO BABBY!!! CAN’T WAIT!

  24. NeuroticVows

    Jordan, you should use the video from the Gran Turismo Official youtube channel. They just uploaded it :D

  25. 2012GT325

    DREAMS DO COME TRUE: Some of the best, most-wanted cars are all there in their FULL-HD glory and I’m simply speechless. Thank You, Polyphony Digital/Kaz San/Team/Sony, for giving us, the fans everything we wanted and so much more.

    The graphics have always been mind blowing in Gran Turismo and the new physics are equally amazing. Add to that the extensive list of all-new, exclusive cars and tracks and Gran Turismo 6 will continue the tradition of being the greatest racing game ever.

    With GT6 and GTA V out this holiday season, this may be the greatest gaming year ever!

  26. is back.

  27. still no details on this feature yet: “Mobile Device Compatibility: Extend your Gran Turismo experience anywhere through Smart Phone, Tablet or PC”

    • MadmuppGT

      It was very very light on details… I’m not sure simply waving a trailer at people is convincing enough anymore

  28. tom22manu

    was so happy when i saw brands hatch i live 10 mins away from the track have been going there since childhood and now doing track days etc i have been waiting for this but never thought id see the day. so happy!!!

    • gnorman

      Yep, same here, first game i’ll own since Revs on the BBC B to have Brands it. Hoping for a demo now.

    • King-Aragorn-72

      I agree with you Tom completely, as Brands Hatch is my favourite circuit. It is also my local circuit as like you I live about 10-15 minutes away. I am more excited about racing on the Brands Hatch circuit than Silverstone, and I prefer the full GP circuit to the Indy circuit.

  29. LGforce

    To be honest, i’m not that impressed -meh

    • MeanElf

      Then you don’t have to buy…it’s a very simple choice.

    • Same. Another track and some cars. Whoop.

      Give us some proper info on the off-track features!

  30. The BMW Z8 totally has to roof down… Perhaps there will be an option for choosing up or down on convertibles?

    I hate the fact you have to have to roof up or down on some of the convertibles…

  31. MadmuppGT

    not too sure about those tribal chrome stripes :S

    • MadmuppGT

      Also while I enjoy a good concept car, I feel having a tonne of them has already eaten into the new car numbers and makes the game unrelatable for people looking to drive production models they see on the road or racecars they see on TV

  32. tpark103

    BMW Z8

  33. SavageEvil

    The director for the conference should be fired, all that zooming out when game videos were showing made absolutely no sense. That was the worst abuse of zoom function I have ever seen, it’s like they just added the zoom function to the camera.
    I cannot wait for GT6 to land, but PS4 lands on the 15th of Nov…I’m going to be watching this launch and see what else comes up.

    • Pit Crew

      Horrible Video presentation from the camera crew I will agree.

    • MadmuppGT

      I thought the exact same thing, I kept saying Why are you showing the crowd when the game is on?

      feel we missed a lot of stuff because of the constant cutting away

    • Monatsende

      Director = no gamer and obviously got no briefing. Never seen so many bad cuts during a live presentation. I agree, director should be fired and start a new career doing documentaries about dying bees.

  34. G_MONEY_54

    I can’t wait to drive the Shelby Daytona coupe!!!

  35. someone can tell me what is the last track at the last picture in the trailer?

  36. StiggyGT

    I really think that there’s a Jaguar F-type in there somewhere.. Anyone else see it?

  37. Tvensky

    games looks great, but these new fake concept cars are just a crap… I rather see some old school real cars.. and releasing GT6 on ps3 week later after PS4 release… is just weird… also nothing sayd about PS4..

    • Did you not see the premium road going GT40? the Shelby that won le mans? There is room for both

    • mykeleasie

      Me toooo! They need ALOT OF 90s premium cars.

    • SavageEvil

      Please all useless comments at the door, lol. Nothing wrong with having concept cars as they are some of the sweetest to ugliest ideas given form. GT already has a boat load of old school real cars…unless you think all of the cars in GT5 are “not real cars”. TGS is also up next for Sony so they still haven’t shown anything about new projects any of their studios are working on for PS4 just what we have already seen since E3.

      I am not certain but that Cietza looks like it’s not as premium as the one next to it, the red one in the trailer which was passed by the blue one sporting the vinyl and actuated headlamps. Also there was the Lotus Europa and I wasn’t sure of that car either, but if this is what the standards have been enhanced to look like then I say…how the hell did they even do that?

    • Pit Crew

      NJ72 neither of the 2 cars you mentioned are Concepts, which is what Tvensky is talking about. Im not pleased myself. Unless GT6 ASpec mode has some kind of concepts challenge, in my garage these will be garage Divas that’ll only come out to play online.

  38. tpark103

    I swear I saw GM Design which could only mean its a guessing game what car concepts we may see.

  39. Chikane

    but wait wont the Audi R18 be pointless cause ALMS will be discontinuing the P1 class next year??

    • I don’t think GT gives a **** about ALMS (American Le Mans series). ALMS is more of a Forza thing . GT is more the Euro and Japanese racing circuit- FIA GT/WEC/Le Mans and Super GT. And P1 is still a class in both WEC and Le Mans 24H.

    • And just because it is being disconituned, should it not be in the game?

      Tell that to the Audi Quatto B Spec Rally Car

    • Ittybitty Stigy

      What Mykem said. The R18 still races in the WEC.

    • BoneSawTX

      Audi didn’t race in the ALMS this year but did participate in the 12 hours of Sebring. If your looking for the game with a lot of the current WEC/ALMS entries you’re in the wrong place. Forza has many more of the sports cars from the last 10 years.

  40. oneloops

    It seems there wont be any other GT3 car… :(

    I think we already now all the 7 new tracks (BH, Willow, Silverstone, Apricot, Goodwood, Andalucia and Matterhorn Circuit) for me it’s not enough for a 3 years new game…

    Graphics and cars looks awesome as always ! Now I only worry about sounds and a hard customizable-level AI… come on PD you can do it !!!

    • what about mount panorama?

    • Are you serious? Just because it isn’t in the trailer doesn’t mean it wont be in GT6… There were not 1300 cars in that trailer were there?

    • oneloops

      When they don’t add any other GT3 car in the 2nd more important event of the year…

      You can show some info and cars at E3, but if at GAMESCOM you don’t show any other car (GT3 in this case) is very suspicious.
      There are some new classics cars, new concept-cars, new recent cars, why not some new GT3 cars if they are in the game ?

    • Pit Crew

      Give PD credit for showing newer cars and tracks we didnt see in the E3 (Apricot Hill/Daytona Shelby Coupe) videos, or stuff we knew was coming to GT6 ( 4 GT3 cars) at places we weren’t sure was in GT6. (SLS AMG GT3 @ Brands Hatch).

      What the game launches with could be what we have seen so far so the possibility that a GT3 Race Car (DLC) pack is not out of the realm of reason when you add the DLC factor in. Plus RM could be used to expand a GT3 race field though some restrictions might be needed.

    • ScotteDawg

      They were showing the trailer, not the full content of the game! There is no suspicion…

      Just because a car or track weren’t shown in the trailer, it doesn’t mean that they’re not in the game!

      Did you see a Renault Clio V6? No!? It will still be in the game!
      Did you see Mazda Laguna Seca? NO!? It will still be in the game!

      If something is not in GT6 right off the shelf, it will be DLC AND affordable for any wallet!

    • oneloops

      ScotteDawg -> it’s not only a trailer, there are screenshots of new things. If PD say GT3 cars are a new race-level in GT6 i can expect more info about that in GAMESCOM, only 3 months before GT6 release.

      I don’t care about the trailer, some new cars in a list (GT3 cars) is enough for me.

      For me, the most important thing at this moment is to see an huge AI improvement, because GT5 and GT6-Academy Demo NEED IT !

  41. snaketus

    Music in Gran Turismo gets worse and worse all the time. Miss the first two games’ music, especially sound tracks in japanese versions.

    • TomBrady

      There’s something wrong with you

    • SavageEvil

      Your ears are broke. As is your appreciation for music.

    • CodeName

      Haha true, ho can’t you like that combinasion music/ video = AMAZING! Btw, every trailers of PD can stay so much time before another because they are so awesome!

  42. Valencia!!

  43. OrangeSquid

    Cant wait to play with all those concept that were shown in the trailer ^^

  44. This is going to be a long four months, lol, one thing I’ve noticed was the lack of japanese cars. Hmmm, pd do be listening. Heres to a good winter for gaming.

    • thats great ‘ no more 10,000 modles of facking japanis hachbacks (+standart cars that make them even worst) .

  45. CallmeDan

    Jesus. Enough zooming out!

    Despite the crappy camera work, I am really excited for the GT40, Fiesta ST, and my new drift car: THE SHELBY GT500!!!!

  46. p3bucky

    Cizeta with a vinyl? Hm….. It’s not a pre-order paint job since that car isn’t part of the pre-order…. Interesting.

    • They did say there was customisation, hopefully it is as good as anticipated. there’s a few cars in there with Vinyls on. I am excite

    • SavageEvil

      Hmm, I wonder if they are still waiting to divulge some sort information on the vinyl livery editor for TGS. Isn’t that Peugeot that HillClimb 800+hp monster?

    • Rafael F

      On fiesta and corvette too

    • It was a Focus, but yes

    • MadmuppGT

      It will more than likely be some preorder special… at least I hope so, only one thing worse than no livery editor and thats a livery editor with pre arranged designs and placements.

      I would sooner PD not put a livery editor in the game at all than them put a half arsed one in and get slated for it

  47. another_jakhole


  48. Chikane

    wait guys did i say the R18 yess and Viper man. dec can come fast enough

  49. p3bucky

    That was definitely a Ford GT40. The back of it looks like the GT40 race car.
    Unless Ford GTs just look like that now.

    • Pit Crew

      Think its a 67 mk3 Ford GT40 Road Car, or Non livery 66 mk1 GT40 Race car.

  50. GT5 Level 41

    1:49 HUD on windshield. More like that please.

    • oneloops

      It should be only for cars with UD on windshield in real life.

  51. Nothing on the web about that 6C Biposto…

  52. Whodoyouthink

    CANNOT WAIT TO DRIVE the Pagani Huayra and Audi LMP1 car!

  53. CyKosis1973

    That was a Fiesta ST, wasn’t it? Think I might need to change my shorts…

    • ExplodeTheApex

      Believe it was a Focus ST actually, bet here’s to hoping that I’m wrong and you’re right ;) Especially since the Focus ST is already confirmed I believe…

    • ScotteDawg

      Whether it’s a Fiesta OR Focus, if your shorts need to be changed you’d best be getting your mommy to do it because I don’t think you are old enough to handle the load!!

      Just sayin… lol

    • ExplodeTheApex

      ^ And what exactly are you suggesting? ;)

  54. Fisha695

    What’s up with the Jordan logo? I don’t recall him owning any rare cars or fancy custom cars, and his racing team is Superbikes not cars….

    • tpark103

      Not sure about that myself however, Nike did have a car in one of the earlier GT titles. Maybe this will be a new and improved version of that model.

    • GT5 Level 41

      Looks like a Star Wars pod racer minus the jet thingys.

  55. tpark103

    I can see the Peugeot Onyx

    • another_jakhole


      I think you’re right. I remember seeing it on Top Gear and I caught a quick glimpse of a Peugeot concept during the trailer. I don’t care to look back at it right now for personal reasons :^D.

  56. Pit Crew

    Hopefully another interview or question session with Kaz is forthcoming this week.

    • tpark103

      I hope so because I can clearly see a two wheeled vehicle at :55 into the video and that has me baffled.

  57. tpark103

    The very first thing I can make out is Bertone after the pixilated image of what looks like a 911 next to a Mercedes badge.

  58. there are more than 16 cars at 1:47

    • tpark103

      I’m just glad to see the Zagoto badge has FINALLY made it to GT. Where there’s Zagato there is a touch of automotive class. Now the only question is which one will it be the Z4, an Aston Martin, or the Spyker maybe?

  59. SVT Cobra GT

    Mother of god! PS4 vs GT6 is gonna be such a harder decision now! Sony you bas***ds

    Take my money!!!!!!

  60. TokoTurismo

    Oh god. I’m blown away. @_@

    • tpark103

      Me too I wonder if the Lambroginis SUV concept will be in seeing as giugiaro makes it and they are mentioned at the beginning of the video.


    Y’all finally brought back apricot hill. I’m also going to have some nostalgia when I race that track, WITH WEATHER CHANGE AND TIME CHANGE :D

  62. SimsonS51

    Brands Hatch

    BMW i8
    BMW 507
    BMW Z8
    Ford Fiesta ST
    Pagani Huarya
    Renault Megane Trophy Race Car
    Shelby GT500
    VW Scirocco 24H Race Car
    Ford GT40 Road Car
    Audi R18 e-tron quattro

    Bentley Speed 8 in PREMIUM !

  63. Ladies and Gentlemen the hype is restored. (at least for me because after the GT Academy…)

    Gran Turismo site is under maintenance so hope to see some more suff coming in.

  64. that onlly me or the sound is much beeter?

  65. hazellnut134

    if they add time change in trial mountain I may just poo myself

  66. sporkafife

    Why on EARTH did the director of whatever live feed this was showing on keep cutting to the ****ing wide shot showing the crowd halfway through the trailer!?!? Fire that idiot, and get someone who keeps the trailer on screen while it’s being showed.

  67. Madertus

    Whoever in PD is in charge of preparing their trailers…

    Hats off to you, good sir.

    They should put it under government surveillance.

  68. Filip JDM

    Yellow car on bridge maybe Lancia Stratos?

    • Madertus

      Lancia Stratos indeed :)

    • Yay Stratos here too so I have my Alpine and my Stratos I finally got my two favorite standard converted!!!!

    • GTHEAD87

      I dont think the fiesta is either. Maybe a hink of vinyl editor or the usual gt modifications

  69. tpark103

    Fisker and what’s up with the cars with the blue paint and grafics ie the Vipor and the other car lter in the video.

    • The Stig Farmer

      Preorder cars most likely.

    • tpark103

      Not sure but, I don’t think the Vipor is on the list. I’m not one for rumor starting but, might it be a new paint sceem or that livery editor everyone has been after? Just saying.

    • Filip JDM

      tpark103 Viper was on preorder list

    • p3bucky

      But the cizeta had one too and that’s not pre-order

  70. Ninners

    I hope the he section where the engineers check and manage the car and tyres warmers and etc before a formation lap starts(if its included)is in,it could make it very realistic,but I doubt it.

  71. jccarbon

    I’m so excited I couldn’t even spell Huayra right!

  72. Cmoran322

    Ok so the Huayra is a nice addition, hopefully they surprise us with Updated Zonda F, Zonda Cinque or Tricolore

    • sangdude82

      Same here. I’m dying to have the Zonda Cinque on GT6.

  73. jccarbon

    Huyara! Now if you excuse me…I have to pick up my jaw from off the ground :)

  74. fishard517

    it looks like they enhanced the people models, anyone else think so?

  75. But i am hoping for the Ford Puma or the Renault Sendic F1 from GT2 coming back…

  76. Brands Hatch, Apricot Hill (looked like it was at night, too!), Pagani Huraya, Audi R18, and the release date is in this decade! Yes, yes, YES!!!!!

  77. Overdrive003

    I saw an Audi R18, a Fisker Karma, and I believe one of the Alfa BAT cars. :DDDD I’m So excited for this game!

  78. Freezer445

    The R18 and the Huayra?
    ME WANT!!!!

  79. Tacobell18

    The trailer was interesting, but theyre giving more info about the game right? This cant be just all theyre showing…

  80. lancerevo15262

    Too much concept cars …….

  81. I spy a Fisker Karma!

  82. Chikane

    yess the audi r18

  83. CarBastard

    This are all the ones I could identify from the trailer, it would be cool if someones verifies it. Posted it in GC and Master car list threads for discussion.

    Alfa 6C Biposto
    Zagato unnamed concept.
    Peugeot unnamed concept.
    Alpine concept.
    Nike unnamed concept.
    BMW concept I think I’ve seen before
    Guigiaro concept
    Mercedes Benz concept
    Bertone SRT concept
    Aston Martin concept
    Audi concept
    Alpine A110-50 concept.

    Classic cars grid:

    Shelby Daytona Coupe
    Corvette C2
    Ferrari 250 Spyder (?)
    The Bertone Pebble Beach winner
    Alpine A110

    Shelby GT500 Mustang

    Fisker Karma
    BMW Z8
    Megane Cup
    Jaguar F-Type (?)
    Pagani Huayra
    Ford GT40 MkIII
    Premium Cizeta Moroder
    Scirocco N24

    AUDI R18

    • LeZarathustra

      am i the only one who saw a Porsche chassis at the beginning!?

    • LeZarathustra

      the weird thing is that it looks like a 911 profile but says Mercedes-Benz at the bottom right… :/

    • I saw too, maybe a RUF?

    • LeZarathustra

      that’s what i thought! but makes no sense the MB logo at the bottom corner.. :(

  84. I really hope they finally get to add the E30 M3 to the game in it’s various forms. It’s one of the greatest ever touring cars and has never been included to the GT series.

    Can’t wait to get my dirty mits on a copy of the game on Dec 6th though, should be crazy with everyone all racing with the new game engine online for the first time (with the final build).

    • Agree! Hope to see a Classic M3 E30 or E36!

      But Surprice, to see the Z8? I like the car alot.. But it is the Worst handling Bmw ever made thoug..

      But but Still a must car to drive !

  85. mcalva98

    Apricot hill at night!!! That is so cool!!!!!!!!

  86. LeZarathustra

    I don’t wanna be mean but… that first car on the video? transition from theater to screen? that’s a Stuttgart chassis!

  87. L8erBaby

    And Audi R18 CONFIRMED! :D

  88. FordMKIVJ5

    Cobra Daytona & GT MkI…holy cow.

  89. L8erBaby

    Did I see drag racing?

    • No you didn’t.. It was Goodwood Festival of speed :)

  90. Spongeinside

    :D Renault Megane trophy car! Finally!

  91. Ferrari458Italia


  92. racingchamp30

    All i can say is WOW and can’t wait for the game to come out December 6th.

  93. KRaZyAmmo

    I swear I saw a Ford Fiesta with a vinyl. so maybe a vinyl editor.

    • Tacobell18

      U saw that same vinyl on other cars like the espirit. I think its just the new GT academy livery.

    • KRaZyAmmo

      for second I thought it was a custom one

    • Antonioserna12

      No thats the 15th anniversary livery

  94. BRADZZZ11

    I’m pretty sure I saw a Hyuara, I’m pleasantly surprised.

  95. OrangeSquid

    btw, what was that NIKE logo doing here? maybe a nike ONE car in premium? *wink**wink*

  96. OrangeSquid

    omg, HUAYRA!!!!!

  97. daYELLOWk1d

    Lol unfortunately, it’s delayed.

    • TomBrady

      How is it delayed? All they said was Holiday 2013, December 6th is during holiday 2013


    Dont Forget Apricot Hill!

  99. Droogie

    I can’t wait for more gameplay!

  100. jus1029

    Ford Focus ST, BMW Z8, SRT Viper, Pagani Huayra!

    I’m pumped for GT6!

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