ISR’s Video Coverage of the 2010 GT Awards at SEMA

November 10th, 2010 by Jordan

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  1. Magic Ayrton

    Gran Nipples five what a HoOT!

  2. I can be her playseat and she’ll be firmly strapped in when we play.

  3. dearlybeloved

    damn, jessica looks awesome in that dress. i just can’t believe the size of her nipples. as someone said ‘she definitely won best in class for her hooters!!’ very funny comment.

  4. idlestation

    I was hoping the subaru would win, I really wanted to test out that car in GT…

  5. I would much rather have that STI or Colorado but the Camaro will work too i guess.

  6. She must be cold at 17:40

  7. I have to say, she does make a lovely couple!

  8. Hypergolem

    Whatever… just give us the game!!!


    the Volkswagen is faster than a Murcielago???? ahah yeah, shure

  10. RADracing

    Jessica wins in best in class “Hooters” division

  11. Me want release date arrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!

  12. GeminiOne

    What The Hell!!! What was his reason for not choosing that effin Awesome VW Scirocco?

  13. Kaz is a superstar! And I can beat his lap times, hehe. I can’t wait to lose sleep playing his game..although I like to call it a sim.

    • superb16

      Many thanks the the organizers who turned the air conditioning way down. It does wonders for Jessica’s dress.

    • The HPA is so awesome!!!

  14. Shakalac

    wish that was how it worked

  15. gunma36

    Jessica would be a perfect playseat…*ehrm*…congratulations to the winner…

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