Lamborghini Aventador, “Route X” Circuit, & More in Reported GT5 2.03 Details

January 10th, 2012 by Jordan

Apparent information about Gran Turismo 5’s third round of DLC has appeared here in GTPlanet’s forums. According to “Space Empire”, GT5’s 2.03 update will be launched on January 18th, and will include a few of the following new changes and features:

  • New themes for My Home in GT Mode.
  • An option for tire wearing in Pit Strategy (B-spec).
  • Simulates regenerative braking on electric cars.
  • Chaparral 2J Race Car ’70: Fan down force option.
  • Fixed unintended pit stop error in the final lap of a B-spec race.
  • 12 new colors and 12 new wall papers for My Home theme.
  • Electric cars run slowly without applying acceleration.
  • Regenerative braking affects the cruising distance.

New downloadable content packs will, reportedly, also become available. The “Speed Test Pack” will include the new “Special Stage Route X Oval” revealed in the recent Honda NSX Concept video, and Car Pack 3 will include the following new vehicles:

  • Nissan Leaf G 2011
  • Aston Martin V12 Vantage 2010
  • Volkswagen [Beetle] 1200 1966
  • Jaguar XJR-9 LM Racecar 1988
  • Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 2011
  • Mini Mini Cooper S Countryman (R60) 2011

As always, until this information is officially announced and verified, things could change, so you’d be wise to temper your expectations. Regardless, this appears to be legitimate information, so stay tuned for further details as they develop.

Edit: This information has now been confirmed by the Asia/Hong Kong official PlayStation site, with the car pack (Car Pack 3) priced at approximately $5 (47HK$) and the “Speed Test Pack” containing Route X priced at approximately $4 (31HK$).

Special thanks goes to Space Empire for discovering and sharing this material, and thanks to Carlos Fandango and diegorborges for making me aware of it on such short notice!

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  1. Chad D.

    Wait……….what’s that figure 8 symbol next to the drive symbol on the left of the first screen? 0_0 demolition derby? Top gear Test Track-esc? What could it be?

  2. Chad D.

    “……………….no………..words………..should of sent……………..a poet…………” -Peter Griffin

    lol, The Aventador, a new track, plus 4 new premiums (AND A BEETLE! I know most people could care less about the beetle, but I love that thing [Thanks alot Disney, you and your Herbie films -_-, lol]) I hope this becomes available within the month. :D

  3. Omg omg the new lambo. My dreams have finally come true

  4. Sputnik

    WOOOOW, Lambo, Aston, European cars!!!!! YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

  5. Master_gamer438

    Whats with DLC? I dont think we should pay for something that should have been released with the game…SMH.

    • ADDiCT3D_2_BASs

      stfu moaning, some people are never happy

    • TokoTurismo

      Tell that to the November Speed Pack for forza 4. Think before you moan, like always… You should be thanking Space Empire mainly.

    • you’re complaining that they released DLC? do you buy any games by EA or codemasters?

  6. I don’t even…I can’t…Aventador…what is today? Please say the 17th. No? Hmph :'(

  7. SolidS2k

    Can’t wait to get my hands on that XJR-9!!!!

  8. GT6mebe

    AND a nissan but its not a GTR

    Tap yourself on the backs PD you are fricking the best racing developer ever
    Route X looks amazing.

  9. I think they should add new rims, like rs watanabes.

    • ADDiCT3D_2_BASs

      Yeah more rims too!!

    • Lambofanghini

      Gotta remember, there were a lot of undisclosed changes with the 2.02 update that were discovered by us fans and listed here on GTPlanet, so there is sure to be more to this update. We’ll just have to wait and see. Now bring on the new new.

    • i’d like them to bring back the ‘used rims’ from GT4… i liked cutting around in a ford with audi rims on or what-have-you, there are some awesome rims that have already been modelled on premium cars that we could surely put on others?

  10. ADDiCT3D_2_BASs

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh the V12 and the bug, gotta make a herbie lol

    Can we have some more hot hatches soon as well

    Focus RS
    Mazda 3 MPS( A must have)
    Megane RS
    Seat Cupra R etc…

    M1 Beemer
    M3 e36

  11. #Orgasm

  12. marktyper

    AHAHAHA GOOD WORK PD and KAZ as always!!! I know my comment could be read but in the same time, my comment could just be ignored but since we’re now playing our “dream game” in it’s 3rd DLC pack, I would like to consider some of the cars that I know will be a potential for GT Fans…

    Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Black Edition Coupe
    Spoon Civic Ek9 (K20 swap)
    J’s Racing cars ?….
    Ferrari 599 GTO
    Mugen Civic RR

    What else? Yknow something worth it for European, American, or Japanese fans :) THANKS!!!

    VIVA GranTurismo!

  13. wallpaper42

    Amazing update and DLC. Only thing it’s missing is a premium Volvo.

    • wavetool

      The C30 isn’t premium enough for ya? ;)

    • i think, like me, wallpaper42 craves the true awesome-ness that would be a premium 240 GLT!

    • wavetool

      I’m on board with that, wp42! I LOVE the look of the boxier Volvos. My all-time favorite is the 850T5R

  14. DawgCCCP


  15. Was hoping it wouldnt be dlc though :-( should have been in gt5 from the beginning

    • Flaco13

      Ugh, I see so many posts in here u guys keep sayin the same thing. The way I see it PD is doin what they can to fix every single problem! Should be thankful 4 that!
      Now should have been this should have been that…
      They didnt invent a time machine yet, tho. So why dont you just get over it???

  16. doodlemonoply

    I knew they would put the Nissan Leaf in the game at some point

    • TokoTurismo

      How about the Nissan Juke-R Concept ’11? :D

  17. Domo arigato Mr. Gran Turismo !!!

  18. GOLD GOLD GOLD finally a test track and the aventador as well

  19. Quakebass

    Well, so much for “won’t be making any standard cars premium”!

    And also, whats happening with the NSX Concept? I mean, they have it modeled in a promotional video, but it isn’t listed on the 2.03 update or DLC car list…

    • ADDiCT3D_2_BASs

      This isnt confirmed so if you give it chance to be confirmed you might find the NSX is in the update :)

  20. Diatribe777

    SWEET! It’s official, PD listens and acts accordingly! Its xmas all over again:D

  21. blah blah blah

    No GT R :O but will definatly be checking this.out. Looks like a machine test style thing from GT3 if I’m not mistaken.

  22. JRayWRX

    So, based of the 2 screenshots of “Route X”, can we assume its both dynamic time and weather? Second pic looks like it’s night with some weather rolling in.

  23. seanwdavis44

    Now this is a solid update

  24. About time. :)

    However, it would be even better if it were like GT5P where online records for each individual car/track combo is made available.

  25. The car I want to drive the most with the interior view is the Volkswagen 1200 1966.

    And Route X will be where I’ll spend all my time now. Goodbye online ! ;-)

  26. GTP Sifer

    Niiice! “My precious~” Wait, what about the new NSX?

    • Ben Rogue

      That will probably end up like the FT-86, being added in the update. Its probably because PD gets paid to make the car for promo purposes so its added in game updates as the marketing alone would pay for itself.

  27. YayoiGT2


  28. GT HP Nut

    Looking forward to the Aston, the Lambo, the Bug and the LEAF!

    • GT HP Nut

      btw, this is the best update and DLC EVER(for now)!

  29. Guimengo

    I love the bit with the Jaguar XJR-9 Prototype! I of course would prefer to see Polyphony convert those Prototype cars in the game from Standard to Premium but that’s a start.

  30. OMG if this is true im so gettin it!!!!!!!

  31. Perhaps a TVR Sagaris and a Ford GT90 be great! XJR15 anyone?

    • Carlos Fandango

      No to that Sagaris and the GT90, yes to the XJR-15. There are so many great cars in existence that it seems a shame to regurgitate old concept cars.

    • Ben Rogue

      I would soo love some more TVR’s and great Fords like the GT90!

    • I’ve been waiting to see a XJR-15 in GT, it’s one of the most beautiful and well built machines Jaguar ever created, and extremely underrated–which is why I still think it will show eventually, PD likes to include vehicles that share those qualities..

    • Super_Colossal

      The XJR-15 was in GT2, I’d love for it to return!

  32. Pinkintron

    Finally, a test track AND the ’66 Beetle! They should throw a “Herbie” decal available!

  33. Sweet!!

  34. iridegravity

    Can I just get the Aventador for a buck please? Feels like I am paying to have my standards upgraded. Besides the leaf, which no one cares about, the Lambo’s the only thing not in the game already more or less? What’s up with that? Scirocco was the only car I cared about in the last offering so I skipped that one like I will this one. Will miss the Lambo though :(

    • TheeFrogmanlego

      -.- yea man lets cut out half the Ferrari’s too… and all the Subaru’s and evo’s any car that has anything remotely similar … oh and we dont want the track we already have an oval kaz..

    • Lambofanghini

      Um…….Okay…….Alrighty then.

    • Are you being a muppet? the jag is the ONLY car that is already in the game from this update…

      V12 vantage is new (there is only the old scabby one which is standard)
      Mini Countryman is new (im not overly fussed by it, but it is still new)
      Leaf is new (obviously)
      Beetle is new (We had an older version with a smaller engine in it, so this still counts as a fresh car)

      so in actual fact you’re full of rubbish… just because you dont like them doesnt mean they aren’t new

  35. Gturbo5


  36. Space Empire


    • Austin864

      I’m sure Yamauchi will forgive you in time.

      Yamauchi, we all appreciate the hard work you put in to GT5. Thank you so much.

    • Indeed, thank you Kazunori. And you may forgive Space Empire.

    • TokoTurismo

      Thank you Space Empire. :) Kaz and PD.

    • Takes a big man to apologise so i think Kaz san will forgive you

  37. Kazunori and co. should premium the RUF in the next DLC. That thought makes my giddy.

  38. BanditRa101801

    I am happy that this is going to be the next DLC and hope the official announcement is soon. But, if the Jaguar XJR-9 is going to become premium, should/will the standard version be left alone or should/will it be replaced with the premium once the pack is downloaded?

    • Ben Rogue

      I hope they do replace the standard cars, would be good to get a few of the duplicate models replaced

  39. Hey Kaz / PD, thanks for cars and tracks, now can you make an extended A-Spec DLC that I WILL BUY, so we can make use of all these DLC cars and tracks? How hard could it be to extend the XP level to 80, the cr level to 40 million, and make a big fat list of off-line A-Spec races and championships to ust the new DLC with? It would be easier than making a car or track, and I’ll pay you just as much for it!

    • iridegravity

      People would be throwing their money at PD/Sony if they ever get this figured out. How about a tire model to go with them that matches the endurance event length’s. I would pay for those implementations. We have plenty of cars and tracks. Its the events to compete in them that are lacking.

    • xx666Kris666xx

      an A-Spec Event Creator / Generator would be nice…

    • greggypoos

      Absolutely! This would keep me playing for at least another year!

    • Flaco13

      +1 I think Tocca TCC had something like that! I enjoyed setting up a startin grid that I find interesting, making sure the cars match and all that. Then u would only have to be able to set each AI drivers lvl ( O – 40 maby?) and create whole championships. That would keep me busy till GT6 Release!

  40. TokoTurismo

    At this moment I still say my thank you to Space Empire. :) Thank you thank you thank you Space Empire. :D

  41. LR-MR-Cole

    Yes, this is good. I like the Lambo LP700 and I know we could use more but I would rather have the v12 Vantage if not both. But I would love to have both

    • I’m just happy Aston Martin is getting a little attention, 1 premium was kind of annoying and sad, the Aventador shocked me–I wonder if we’ll see a Reventón before long though..

  42. Wait a sec, judging by that screen grab there is no night time driving. ugh :(

  43. Witblitz_ZN


    make the BMW 1M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • fourliter

      An E30, E36 or premium E46 M3 would be oh-so-sweet, too.

    • xx666Kris666xx

      E30 325is + E30 M3 Premium’s would be pretty sweet ;) I’d not complain with a 1M either

    • HeXoSKEL3t0n

      Dont forget the bmw m5 f10

  44. Viper224

    I got to sit in an Aventador back in June. I love that car!

  45. A lot of prayers have been answered.

    Can’t wait.

  46. terminator363

    I’m slightly disappointed in the fact it’s another oval. I’m wishing for more real tracks, not ovals and SSR7s to add quantity to the game.

    Quality > Quantity.

    • how many other ovals are there in GT5? none, so theres nothing to complain about…….you want curves make your own tracks like i did

    • TokoTurismo

      ttfn does have a point. Theres something called “Course Maker” if you for gotten. This track is perfect for drag racing, and with the new cars even better.

    • GT6mebe

      have you seen the track its not an oval its a massive track with loads of roads form what I see with an open space too….like a mini city and test grounds.

    • @ttfn there are 2 already ingame ovals besides this one.

    • uMadson?

      And besides GT5 badly needs speed testing, which was featured in the previous installments of the series.

  47. YES NEW AVENTADOR just the car I’ve been waiting for since Lamborghini revealed it. Just need a premium supra, ridiculous supra, and ebisu and this game is perfect for me.

  48. PorkyTheRacer

    I’m excited for the 66 volkswagon and the v12 vantage the lamb is cool but Italian sports cars aren’t my forte

  49. TokoTurismo

    My first time behind the wheel of the Aventador in the brand new track. :’) Sniff, I’m so happy, Thank you so much Kaz and PD. :D They were listening to us all, so very happy. I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but TAKE THAT FORZA. DX I’m better now. :)

  50. Ben Rogue

    OMG! OMG! OMG! Lambo!

    Speed test circuit looks fun, I hope they bring back a few more classic tracks with a bit of a refresh!
    Next DLC cars should be the Focus RS and new Mustang models, as well as a few other facelift models. It would be easy work, only a few days of modelling and just a slight update to physics. Maybe a few more new cars from Detroit Auto Show, like the new Mondeo/Fusion. GT5 needs more beautiful Fords and maybe some more British sports cars; TVR’s, Jags and Aston Martins!

    • Ben Rogue

      Ah, didn’t see the AM and the Jag in the DLC list, so hope its true!
      Can’t get enough, more please PD! XD

    • Flaco13

      2012 Vauxhall Astra GTC VXR alongside with the Focus RS would be nice… I see a Race of the latest Hatches chasing or beeing chased by Golf R’s and Scirrocos !

  51. Funny enough I’m most looking forward to the volkswagen….

    • MadmuppGT

      *giggles like a school girl* eeeee me too…

      *manly cough, cough*

      I mean… me too

    • doesn’t sound as a suprise to me ;)

  52. richiem2282

    Elbow of the top ropes to Forza, 14 months on and STILL THE DADDY!!!! Ask me again why I own a PS3 and not a crapbox??? GT5, THE ALWAYS EVOLVING SIMULATOR ….

    • Lambofanghini

      Now now, I have a crapbox, for Halo, Gears etc. Dont knock it so hard cause it’s good for something, but PS3 is the king. Way to go PD.

    • MaStAxKiiLLa

      I have a crapbox too. I also play forza but the only thing it has good is car sound everything else SUCK! GT5 made forza…… King GT5 :)

    • MyFavoriteGame

      its good for a lil more than that now isn’t it?….I mean where else can I put Huey and Riley Freeman on my 370z with Grandad on the hood? lol….I wont know much about the sound tho, since i hardly ever drive in Forza 4, just design

    • jah24car

      Well mate i own the Xbox and it isn’t that bad with some features both have its ups and downs, but I’M SO HAPPY GT5 GETS A ADVENTADOR SO NOW I CAN DO SOME DAYTONA TESTING WITH IT AND PHOTOMODE WITH STIG!!!

  53. themartlab

    Holy cow! The Nissan Leaf! omg i’m so stoked. Not but since there’s more, it’s okay but I think I will keep my Leaf 0/0/0 so it will keep a good resale value.

    I’m glad i still have a 50$ psn card. Plus the voucher i will have with gt5 xl.

  54. Speed freaks got what they wanted.

  55. Man, am I dreaming? PD sure knows how to get people hyped up. NSX’s trailer yesterday and now this info today. :)
    One thing is puzzling me, though, is the Jaguar XJR-9. This car is already in the game so why pay for it? Yes it’s being converted from Standard to Premium but we need to pay for that? Not complaining, but I don’t see why we paying for a Standard to Premium upgrade.

  56. paracefan2002

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. FelipeMartins

    Shut Up and take my money!

  58. Andy Voong

    Look out world, Herbie is making a comeback! Eat your heart out Nascar. I’m going to my local 7-Elven, to purchase a brand new PSN card and wait till the day comes :D.

    • themartlab

      I guess we can RM the ’66 Beetle with the blue and red stripe, #53.

    • MadmuppGT

      If the game had a livery editor how many Herbies would be knocking about? haha

      I’d have one thats for sure

    • One more beetle and they need to get engine swaps in the game :D We can’t get a Porsche engine, but I’m sure RUF can provide some powerrrrr.

    • jah24car

      If it was like Forza with livery editor I’D DO SUCH A THING, but me sad it don’t I mean seriously I’d recreate Kyle Busch’s M&Ms Pretzel car for the Camry body if GT5 had the livery thing forza does BUT I CAN DREAM RIGHT



    • xx666Kris666xx

      I see a new time attack in the making haha

  60. So is the Beetle the first Standard to be updated? I could’ve sworn there was a Beetle in the UCD.

    • themartlab

      The current standard Beetle is the ’49 if i’m not mistaken. So the ’66 is a brand new old one.

    • but there is the jag XJR9 standard

  61. xx666Kris666xx

    There can never be enough GT-R’s in GT

    Can’t wait for new DLC even if there aren’t any new GT-R’s been watching this story all day…..

    Very interested to see if it’s an oval or a triangle kinda shaped track… Just give it too us now FFS it’s clearly done, get your asses onto the next lot and we will all pay for that too more tracks more tracks more tracks…


    • Quakebass

      Their probably trying to bug test, they don’t want people exiting the track to cheat lap times.

  62. TheeFrogmanlego

    i hope the other cars are real… there’s no picks .. but i hope hes right =D

  63. Mister Slow


  64. terminator363

    Ugh, I’ll have to get a PSN card now.

  65. semillero

    Aston Martin V12 Vantage!!

  66. Amphibious82

    Best game I ever bought for 60 bucks!!!! Keeps getting better and better

    • Quakebass

      I got mine as a present… I save 60 bucks HA HA HA!!!

    • i got mine at midnight at launch and my father got me a logitech wheel too!!!! and yeah it keeps getting better and better….it just ROCKS!!!!

  67. Quakebass

    Special Stage Route X looks like a Norschliefe for NASCAR!

  68. Aventador?


    • i did the same thing when i saw a white Aventador at the 2011 Bologna Motor Show! i also photo’d it!

  69. maxpontiac

    It’s going to be deja vu for me. My first car is now premium.. Thank you PDI for including the 1966 VW Bug.

    • MadmuppGT

      Shes a beaut, Youre lucky to have owned one, Ive always had a soft spot for them, and would get one myself if the decent ones didnt cost more than a Porsche and the rest are rusted death traps :(

    • Oh, I thought you meant the Aventador :P

    • jah24car

      ok a old bettle whats next pd a Morris Marina ACTUALLY I HOPE SO!!!

  70. Route X, with the Aventador will be the first thing to do after downloading the DLC the best DLCso far from PD

  71. Yes!! The Aventador!! Route X is going to be insane, now that we can legitimately max out the cars top speed in virtually a straight line, and of course, 0-60 tests, and 1/4 mile drag race.

    Keep these DLC packs coming! :D

    • ParkourVeyron

      We probably won’t be able to do top-speed tests on certain cars like Ferrari’s.

  72. HELL YES!

    And the first comment still managed to be someone complaining about something.

    • GT HP Nut

      people are never content with what they have now.

    • Blackex99

      You never lied there’s always somebody complaining and crying.I say go play Forza and stay the hell off GT Planet.

    • MadmuppGT

      I know thats probably why myself and the other guy just dismissed it and replied with excited stuff

  73. I’m excited about the leaf…seriously
    so many people drive the leaf in where I live, I wanna know why

    • i htink the best way to find that out is to actually test drive it…gt probably won’t give you the most accurate reason

    • Big Ron

      You will not find out in GT5, why everybody drives a Leaf. If you tested other electric cars in the game, you should know, that they are slow, boring and ugly and don´t submit any feeling of exitement.

    • TokoTurismo

      @BIG RON Stop trying to ruin everyones liking to the Leaf. Like, why would you want to waste your energy on hating one car like back off dude NOT COOL!

    • jah24car

      Leaf and the CR-Z are proper hybrids Toytoa Prius sadly isn’t

  74. eminembeastfan2

    F**K yes i can’t wait for more dlc already got the 2 dlcs and now a 3rd 1 is coming out and i am getting the 3rd one so 3 pack dlc that i bought from gran turismo :D can’t wait for this 7 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • eminembeastfan2

      Omg but why the nissan leaf i don’t want that car!!!!

    • eminembeastfan2

      FASTER DAY GO BY FASTER SO I CAN BUY ME MY DLC!!!! I WANT IT NEW TRACK :D AND NEW CARS I DON’t want the leaf though but also no race car :P except the jaguar

    • MadmuppGT

      While the leaf isnt the stand out car of the pack its no doubt an important car… Its a proper useable electric car, possibly the first one that people wouldnt mind being seen in either!

      Plus I think its nice to let the wee chap share the lime light with some truely big guns and famous names.

      Let it have its moment in the sun….

      …. Oh god, I’m already bonding with the damned Nissan Leaf, HELP ME!

    • as long as i can make it go EXTREMELY fast then i dont mind the leaf… although im wondering if it has a tweaked battery life because the production leaf only has the power to do about 75 miles under cruising conditions…

    • Flaco13

      In the US people aren’t allowed to go faster than those 75mph, as far as I know? So at least as 4 the average citizens no one complains about it. Except 4 the minority of crazy a## car enthusiasts and racing fanatics like us, 75mph isn’ that bad! jk

      But what always makes me laugh is when I host an online lobby ( with low pp) n they come in instantly complaining about the low pp, now after a race or 2 some keep complainin so I higher it to say 600, THOSE whining loudest about how slow it is are the 1s who wander off track in the very 1st curve! I love when that happens, it makes me wanna open xmb menu and msg them (but I dont do, I’m nice!) And I must think about an old adv. slogan by a Tyre Brand saying: “Power is nothing without control”!

  75. NASCAR + Route X = Goodness

  76. PS3LUV3R

    I didn’t even read it. I saw the Aventador.

    Thank you a million PD. You guys really listen to what we want. So many updates and content!


  77. hayashi86

    WOOHOOO~ aventador and top speed challenge course!!

  78. to quote Clarkson……”Eat my exhaust fumes Forza!!!!”

    This is awesome news…..cant wait till next week now!!!!

  79. HKSBro92

    Hmmmmmm seems legit.

  80. HoSway01


  81. PD might just be my new favorite game Developer.

    • Austin864

      They certainly are mine, followed by Naughty Dog, followed by Konami (specifically Kojima and co)

    • GT6mebe

      Yep they are definitely one of my favourite

  82. I think that’s a great and varied list of cars.

    Lets remember that this is GT and GT is as much a textbook as it is a game… so this is the kind of list we should expect. Good job PD, I’m a happy customer for sure!

  83. X-TeNDeR

    So, basically this “Route X” in an Online flavor is a Drag Strip?
    Oh I sure hope so! (Let the tweaking BEGIN).

    • MadmuppGT

      set the finish to 400m and I’ll see you at the start!

  84. Quakebass

    I DID NOT expect DLC so soon… I REALLY hope the “January 18th” release date isn’t a typo. I wonder what the price of the DLC will be – I’ve got $4-$5 on my PSN account, and if its more than that, I WILL get more into it, no matter the cost!

    …Oh yeah, and AVENTADOOOOOOORRRRRR!!!!!!!

    • Big Ron

      I think, the car package will be 5$/€ and the track could be around 3$/€. How much was Spa-DLC standalone? Expect the same price.

  85. omgitsbees

    THIS is how how you do DLC Polyphony! Very good pack, I can’t wait to throw money at them.

  86. Wow! Finally Lamborghini Aventador. Too bad Pagani Hyuara is not out yet.

    • yeah… too bad. i would surely do a race between the Lambo and the Pagani in the SSR5 lol

  87. I’ll be drifting that old VW Bug all day long.

  88. blue night

    Aventador and XJR-9 makes up for the fact that PD is stupid enough to but a f#cking Leaf in this game. Anyway, those tracks and cars are the first ones that make me want to get DLC.

    • Quakebass

      Well, I don’t mind the leaf, (although it is the most dull car added to the game so far) but I don’t think that it makes the DLC worse. And anyways, PD is heavily sponsored by Nissan. (Hence the massive amount of GTR’s and GT academy, ETC.)

    • GT HP Nut

      electric cars are fun to drive in the game.

    • Big Ron

      The Mini Cooper S Countryman isn´t any better than the Leaf. We got the S Coupé-version last time, which is cool. So what the hell adds the Countryman to the game we already haven´t?

    • TokoTurismo

      I know Big Ron, we “haven’t” gotten the Countryman yet. >:) Which I’m really happy to have see come in GT5.

  89. Widowmaker00

    drag racing is going to explode online with the test track returning.

  90. fourliter

    PD, take my money!

    I’d buy the car pack for the Aventador, V12 Vantage or Beetle alone.

    • fourliter

      (Yes, a premium Beetle is as important to me as an Aventador.)

    • omgitsbees

      Hell, i’m more excited about the beetle then the Aventador too.

    • MadmuppGT

      I got excited by the Aventador, and gave a ooooh yes… then I saw the beetle and had a wee heart flutter and was actually more speechless with excitement.

      This DLC is going to be hard to beat by future DLC surely… its almost too good to be true

    • McClarenDesign

      I support this statement.

  91. A_Higher_Place


  92. AVENTADOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Aventador!!! only slightly photogenic.

  94. Quakebass


    • MuriloMotta1992


    • HoSway01

      Me too! I’m so giddy right now!!

    • Quakebass

      …And I now have to start picking up the pieces.

    • BroncosXR8

      Same, and then I read further and the rest of my body exploded! haha

      Seriously though, these are the 2 updates I wanted the most, Aventador and a Test Track… and look at all those tests!!!

    • Evertrill


  95. nitrorocks

    Jaguar XJR-9 Premium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST DLC EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MadmuppGT

      Tell me about it, 6 cars and that awesome track, which with the looks of it will allow drag racing and such! Brilliant, truely brilliant, plus hasnt it only been 1 month since the last DLC, what happened to every 2…. Not a complaint, just an observation

    • The stealth Mazda 787B and Audi R10 are great too and can be bought on ebay as i have.the mazda makes more power and the R10 has 50kg less.$50 for all 6 stealth cars

    • tomren30

      Agree, can´t wait!

    • ironbru86

      How is being charged for a premium version of a standard car that is already in the game (in this case the Jaguar XJR – 9 LM Racecar 1988) a good thing when the car (like all the cars) should have been premuim in the first place?

    • @madmuupGT well actually they said roughly every two months. so perhaps this could have been an exception to general 2 month dlc. This is still good news

    • TokoTurismo

      I think they’re coming close to releasing 10 cars in their DLCs but 6 is fine too. :)

  96. jayrockslife


    • Lambofanghini

      What’s my signon say? Yes I can has be a Lambo fan. Had a hunch this car would be added soon and a test track is comming too???!!! PD is officially the greatest developer ever. Way to keep us in the drivers seat PD. :)

    • GTracerRens

      YEAH!! The Aventador ROCKS!!! :D

    • YEAH! My favorite car will be in game! Great news! Can’t wait for this DLC.

    • TokoTurismo

      Totally agree with you guys, I can’t wait to try out the Aventador for the first time. :D

  97. TokoTurismo

    I fully believed Space Empire and he was completely right. :D Thank you so much my friend. :) You’re the best ever. ;)

  98. Hmmm gotta be a typo or something, you honestly expect us to believe there’s no GT-R involved? Lol

    • EliteDreamer

      There’s a Nissan, they found their way in. So does that count? :P

    • Honestly I’m really excited for the Lambo and new test track. Good on you PD!

    • GT HP Nut

      Maybe it’s because the game has covered every GT-Rs!

    • i would mind as much if it was the leaf nismo rc!!! but out of those i would only use the lambo, the aston and the jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag! the others….well really?!

      cant we just have a ‘pix and mix’ selection with multibuy discounts?!

    • They put the Nissan Leaf because it is the car of the year in Japan. “Japan’s 2011-2012 “Car of the Year””

    • TokoTurismo

      @Foxiol Now that is understandable. :) Thank you buddy. ;) The whiners towards the car should get that through their thick heads. lol

  99. Killa Aaron

    GASP…… excited

  100. LogiForce

    I wish they would come up with a proper implementation of tire grip. Since the last update it sucks even more then before. I would like to see something along the lines of GTR Evolution for example.

    Ah well… as long as they keep working on it.

    • caasimun_18

      you know that moment in anime when the character smiles soo hard and a love heart is drawn on the tongue…..yeah thats me right now

    • MadmuppGT

      ME TOO! My eyes are now just huge black anime discs on my head!

    • DaihatsuDriver

      Sweet Heyzeus, I can’t wait to go searching for all the little changes that PD doesn’t tell anyone about and all the new bugs from things they break XD

      The new cars are awesome by the way.

    • Big Ron

      How, sweet. This three little chaps over me are not answering to the post of LogiForce. They just positioned to be on top of this page….oh man.

    • PD now you just need the Zenvo ST1, and then my life will be complete!

    • pasigiri

      THE NEW DLC INCLUDES A VENT AND A DOOR?????? PD, quit pulling my leg.

      Seriously, I am COMPLETELY stoked about the Lambo Aventador. The Aston Martin V12 Vantage is awesome too. The new is icing on the cake. As for the NSX Concept, will we be getting that too or is that something later?

    • pasigiri

      …the new track…

    • I’m thrilled to see the Aventador, Vantage, and Jaguar XJR-9 LM Racecar but I really wish that PD would just release a separate Supercar pack and Race car pack instead of a mixed bag.

    • JDMDemon

      So excited for the beetle! I really wish they would add a 1955 Lancia Aurelia B20…it would complete me

    • the nsx is probably free


    • Gt5 is rewarding like minecraft is rewarding =) you are pleased with the original game but the creators just keep pumping out new stuff and updates. You might think “why isnt this included allready in the game? seems like a unfinished game to me”. I dont care if its unfinished as long as its playable and when you get new stuff every month its so much more fun. whats next month? Ariel atom v6 500 hk premium? =D

      What PD should do is download.. i mean buy the hole top gear uk series and make all the cars they have on their leaderboard into premium and the reasonably priced car for top gear test track x)

      Love updates! Thanks for sweet site Jordan =)

    • SPA 24h time change track. please!!!

    • JBanton

      Definitely buying this when it releases in the UK, this game has entertained me for countless hours and I will happily support PD. I shall thoroughly enjoys driftint the V12 Vantage.

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