New A-Spec Seasonal Event Races Now Available in GT6

July 9th, 2014 by Terronium-12


A new batch of A-Spec races are now available, ranging from a beginner’s challenge to that of an expert while overtaking as many opponents as possible within the allotted time.

Beginner’s Class Non-Racecar Challenge

  • Silverstone National Circuit, 5 Minutes
  • Period of Availability: 07/09/2014 23:00 – 07/23/2014 23:00
  • 500PP Max, Sports/Hard compounds or less
  • Gold: 55,000cr, Silver: 33,000cr, Bronze: 27,500cr
  • Gift: GT Grey 009-N

Intermediate Non-Racecar Challenge

  • Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, 5 Laps
  • Period of Availability: 07/09/2014 23:00 – 07/23/2014 23:00
  • 550PP Max, Sports/Medium compounds or less
  • Gold: 88,000cr, Silver: 52,800cr, Bronze: 44,000cr
  • Gift: Matte Gray

Expert Level Non-Racecar Challenge

  • Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit
  • Period of Availability: 07/09/2014 23:00 – 07/23/2014 23:00
  • 600PP Max, Sports/Soft compounds or less
  • Gold: 145,000cr, Silver: 87,000cr, Bronze: 72,500cr
  • Gift: Pearl Orange

Be sure to stop by the new GT6 Seasonal Events forum for in-depth analysis and discussion, and tips and tricks.

GT6 Photomode image by ac1.

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  1. OpticZero

    I really hope they start getting a little more creative with the themes of the Seasonal races. They are a welcome addition to the Wednesday night Seasonal updates, but I a little worried that they might fall into the trap of adding little to no variety each bi-weekly set of races.

  2. I like the idea of penalties but they’re so poorly implemented right now. AI seems immune to penalties/benefitting from overly quick gravel trap recoveries while players are penalized for barrier collisions which adds insult to injury.

    Similarly, rubber banding is a massive problem with the field being easily overtaken then 2nd suddenly gaining pace/making quick recoveries/not being penalized for ramming. For example, I (Ford GT) overtook 2nd (Zonda) and then the AI hit the barrier at Forrest’s elbow head-on. The AI, however, was back on me and ramming all the way through Murrays corner. I was given a ramming penalty whole only trying to stay on the racing surface.

    • scobra1cz

      Yeah, or something like this – I made a mistake and crash to the barrier (no penalty), then I was recovering from the hit and shifting to reverse, when opponent hit me -> barrier hit penalty + ramming penalty 10 seconds. Or sometimes I barely hit the barrier or opponent and got the penalty, while sometimes I hit them hard with no penalty. Great and fair system… Racing without penalties was way more funny than that.

  3. Benny44

    Nice to see people commenting on the article and not other issues. It’s refreshing. Anyway, AI are a bit irritating…furstrating even, especially the expert races. But at least it’s a challenge. And challenging to me usually means memorable (GT4 missions anyone?). Good work PD and keep trying to improve!

  4. Blood*Specter

    Hopefully we start to see some FIA rules influence starting with A-SPEC and perhaps super qualifying laps that feed into A-SPEC races. That way you get to qualify against a reasonable time set by a random AI driver. Or even a real time set by an actual race care driver at the particular track you’re competing on. That should determine if you are on the pole on not.
    I feel that would spice up the seasonal races.

    The AI behavior and contact rules could be the beginning of PD actually programing real racing rules into the game. And those rules will have to apply to the AI as well as us drivers. Hopefully they will start to refine the AI and how the penalties are enforced. Frankly the grounds rules in the GT series have been pretty bad and inconsistently enforced.

    Remember this is a big part of safety. And the FIA will insist that PD get this right if they want to properly represent. I’m interested to see how this evolves.

  5. I’m just glad there’s is some races to do that pay decent that I could try different cars on these three real world tracks, especially Bathhurst because I can’t do this track online because it freezes every time I try.

  6. gtfanforlife

    Yet again on the expert race, the AI drive like people online(Forget Brakes)! Nice job PD, we don’t even need Driveatars…

    • watchclockgit

      The most awful part about online is that 99% of drivers cannot follow another car into corners at all, which pissed me off seeing as that is virtually the ONLY skill required in competitive driving. Ironically the abysmal GT6 AI (in all it’s iterations) supplies ample practice.

    • MeanElf

      Those types online are going to act like that regardlessly.

      I honestly didn’t notice the AI driving badly though.

    • scobra1cz

      watchclockgit: I have problems with following other cars to cornes too… Shame on me :( But I am practicing in seasonal events now :)

    • Magic Ayrton

      I agree, I was finding myself changing lines in the braking zone to stop getting smashed off.

  7. BobbyBRAKEaNek

    The Boss 302 worked great for all races. It never went over 550pp.

    • BobbyBRAKEaNek

      F430 on Ascari.

    • MeanElf

      Spirra/Rocket and Tommy K ZZII for the 550 and 600pp races, I forget which I used for the first. I think it was the Vantage for the variety.

    • pondmatter

      Great car.

  8. Brunskill777

    That’s twice I’ve lost the 550 race in my XKRS because of unrealistic AI. 1st race I closed a 26 second gap and overtook 1st but then couldn’t lose him, even trips into the gravel didn’t slow the Gallardo and even going off at the last corner on the last lap INTO THE GRAVEL and still gets a better run and wins. 2nd race was much the same, but this time the LFA SMASHED me into the gravel on the last corner last lap, he went in further but still got a better run. Do penalties (or gravel) not affect AI???

    • GRAFX21

      It happen to me too. I closed on a 26 gap on the first try, Yet the LOTUS Espirit I could barely stay ahead by 1.4 seconds… A.I (Lotus) was on my tail, I braked a bit late hit the curb and slowed up a bit and the A.I. Lotus pulls a 2.5 sec gap on me.

      Basically I close from first 2 laps/26 seconds and yet 1 simple mistake cost me 3 laps where I can’t catch up with the A.I. Like you were saying the A.I. hit the sand and still manages not to lose speed but gain gap. lol, Confused.

      2nd try I GOLD it because I knew what to expect. Won by 5 or so seconds. Could add more improvement but GOLD is GOLD :)

      Like everyone else mentioned, what is up with the dumb A.I. ramming my cars ass then I receive a 5 second penalty? I dont like that crap. Plus they cant break for buffalo chips. SMH, Cant PD at least figure that out during beta testing before allowing it to be released to customers? Fun race none the less except for that.

    • Brunskill777

      Glad I’m not the only one confused and annoyed and as you say, gold is gold. I also find the penalty giving system stupid too, it really doesn’t punish the AI, just you.

    • MLRSparco

      A.i didn’t seem any different from before,still very slow and emotionless,was able to pass the leader by the 2nd lap as usual,unless you’re running a car under 450pp don’t see why you would have any problems.

    • scobra1cz

      My experiences are the same for expert race. Pass them all without problems in 2nd or 3rd lap, but then battling wheel-to-wheel with leader till the end of the race.

  9. karelpipa

    Why not create 1 championship consisting of those 3 circuits with selectable difficulty? Is that so hard?! damn.

    • scobra1cz

      Apparently yes – selectable difficulty never was in GT series. Maybe PD is not considering it like something important.

  10. scobra1cz

    I am voting for bigger rewards (at least x2).

  11. Matte gray? again? i already have like 10 of those…

    • MLRSparco

      I was pretty pissed when I won Matte Gray using a Matte Gray LFA smh.

  12. IngRobNy

    Nice with new A-Spec races since i have finished GT6, thank you PD ;)

  13. warpkez

    Can someone please explain the penalty system used?

    From what I have seen of this one, penalties are only applied if the player is in the top 5, anything that happens regardless of who causes it is immediately the fault of the player, and any barrier collisions that occur less than 1sec from the nearest opponent are counted as penalties.

    I was coming down Conrad after the dog leg, had the line, and the AI turned into me causing a “Ramming Penalty” to be applied. I would be okay with that if I had not had the line or was not in advance of the other car but even the wife (Lowndse fan) called Bravo Sierra on it.

    • scobra1cz

      I don’t understand it neither… But I am afraid, it is not only in top 5.

    • HighPlainsDrftr

      I strongly dislike the penalty system where they ram you and you get the penalty! this has always been an annoyance in GT.

  14. Rafael F

    A-Spec races in GT needs to be rebuilt from the scratches.
    First, we need:
    # qualifying;
    # faster and smarter AI;
    # racing objectives (like finish under 8th or 6th and so on);
    # focus on competition and not on victories;
    # Pit stops.
    Racing will be a lot fun when / if they do this.

    • First, they must begin by removing that old recycled GT5 server from the closet, and delete its scheduled tasks. But yes, I agree. Still love what comes, it’s a glorious way to wake up biweekly on Thursdays to chime into the A-Spec news.

    • MeanElf

      I doubt you’ll see that before GT7 – as welcome as they’d be.

      In the meantime, have you not noticed how the AI are different each fornight? This batch are tougher, they fight harder and it’s an overall better experience for all three classes.

      I think that PD are making the best of the situation.

    • Hypergolem


    • BrunoI_SRE

      GT7 you say, well in the days of GT5 we hoped for it in GT6…

    • karelpipa

      # focus on competition and not on victories;

      THIS is the single most important thing. Like “if you finish 4th you get the prize” – because of the difficulty used. Or so.


    I am actually really gonna miss that last expert A-Spec event, with the Le Mans cars at Spa. I must of completed that event at least 20 times using the TS030, C60 Hybride, Sauber C9, V12 LMR, GT-One, R92CP, R89C, 787B, Speed 8, R8, even the Corvette C5.R just for the fun of it.

  16. I want a-special event vs other players not with this wrong ia!!!!!

    • Brunskill777

      That would require at least 8 people online on the same event simultaneously, all ready to start at the same time, none to rage quit and all to have an internet connection that will hold up over the course of the race. And that isn’t the easiest thing to do if you have experience of other ‘racers’ in the online lobby.

    • MeanElf


    • scobra1cz

      Then do it yourselve in multiplayer mode…

  17. BHalpen

    Yea, and guess what, for those who really pay attention, those prize paints aren’t even really free! They just unlock the chip so you can go and now in turn use your in game credits to spend on obtaining the actual paint colour, lol…

    • Brunskill777

      True that, I mean it costs loads to paint a car, less than it takes to put oil in a new car. Colours are great but cars are better!

    • karelpipa

      well, changing engine oil is really much cheaper than repainting a whole car.

  18. Brunskill777

    More A spec races are good, an they’re actually using Laguna. That’s a rare moment I’ll be enjoying. And Bathurst too!

  19. warpkez

    Anyone remember when the player got decent prizes for participating? Paint for thirds, racing outfits for seconds, and a new (or maybe not no new) car for first?

    • Cloud Strife7

      yea i remember was on a full game right? not in a update sold like new game , i think the name was Gran Turismo 5 not sure to be honest lol

    • Lol, that is true, I was thinking this when I got these paints a few minutes ago, I was like you know some actual prizes would be nice, I was thinking you know what would be a good prize, some new rims!

    • scobra1cz

      It was in GT5 after very very long time from release. For GT6 is apparently too early.

    • ZoidFile

      I remember winning horns and that still pisses me up to this day.

    • scobra1cz

      ZoidFile: Exactly…

  20. Cloud Strife7

    i think is kinda shame the pics r edited & not 100& originals from gt6 i have a lot if u guys need 1

    • kollosson

      What pics are you referring to?

    • Cloud Strife7

      in my ps3 its the first i comment here, psn id cioud_strife_F_7 if u want see some of my work

    • Croatian_STIG

      That grass is really there, bro, not edited.

    • Cloud Strife7

      lol ok if u dont get my point . sorry but my english dont allow me to explain u , its not my original language

    • Brunskill777

      I think he means the picture at the top of the sory here on GTP (the Alfa 8C). And I agree, it should be how it was taken in game.

    • Streeto

      I think he’s jealous that he can’t take a picture like that so he said it’s edited.

    • Sorry…. XD

    • Cloud Strife7

      LMAO yea Streeto LMAO

    • MLRSparco

      He does have a point,most pics selected to be on a article are usually edited which I think is a bit cheap,it comes down to being better at photoshop than taking an actual picture.I think every picture featured should be 100% authentic and not messed with in any way aside from the photomode settings.

    • Cloud Strife7

      smart men MLRSparco

    • Well, not only exaggerate the photo has better contrast and more warmth … XD

      PS: Google translator….

  21. Fat Tyre

    New moving chicanes events yay!

  22. Durodes

    I can’t believe I’m saying this- but I miss B-Spec.

    • From GT4 or GT5? tbh I prefer how b-spec was handled in GT4 better. In GT5 it felt like a chore sometimes.

  23. It seems as if its back to the old AI drivers

    • MeanElf

      Not really – at least for me they were definitely behaving differently from even two weeks ago. There is still the possibility that one will get over-excited and end up in the sand-trap and not one of them rammed me…

  24. Oreca 1998

    That’s awesome.It’s time to put my skills to test with these new seasonal events

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