New “Stars & Stripes” GT5 Seasonal Event Now Available

December 20th, 2011 by Jordan

Corresponding with the release of Gran Turismo 5 2.02, a new Seasonal Event has also been made available. Here’s a closer look at the events, featuring American cars with no more than 600PP:

  • Daytona Super Speedway / 8 Laps
    1st: Cr.179,000  2nd: Cr.109,000  3rd: Cr.95,700
  • Cape Ring Outside / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.230,000  2nd: Cr.140,000  3rd: Cr.123,00
  • Laguna Seca Raceway / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.199,400  2nd: Cr.121,400  3rd: Cr.106,700
  • Tokyo Route 246 / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.201,700  2nd: Cr.122,800  3rd: Cr.107,900
  • Eifel (Circuit) 110A / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.218,000  2nd: Cr.132,700  3rd: Cr.116,600

It should also be noted that all previous Seasonal Events in the game prior to the “Super GT” races (released in July) have also been removed from the game’s line-up. The Online Car Dealership has not been updated.

GT5 Photomode images by bys.

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  2. lldantell

    I drove my Cadillac cien in this seasonal event and won easily

  3. chaosdd

    Regarding seasonal events:

    People never appreciate something they are getting for free…

  4. Brunskill777

    Watch my video ‘Gran Turismo 5 glitch by me (Brunskill777). It involves the tank car

  5. Brunskill777

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For any seasonal events you have already completed before the update you recieve a car when you go into it (so i guess this means for every seasonal event to come). This does not include time and drift trials, just the A and B spec races. Finally rewards apart from money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. gast1976

    I use a corvette ZO6, a stingray and a charger on these events!! so funny
    is it me or since the 2.02 update standard cars are more beautiful?
    and the feeling when i drive is better ?

  7. iridegravity

    600pp and Sport’s hard was a welcome challenge and the AI was aggressive. Tough event. Thanks. Looking forward to the replacements for the old events.

  8. impreza_22b

    Take The Viper SRT10 (premium) To The Cape Ring !, Drive At The Round About As Fast As U Can, U Will See The Driver’s Head Coming Out OF The Window From The G Force !

  9. Dynamite_Dave

    Did all theses races last night, used the the Dodge viper SRT 10

  10. keifer1122

    Got DMV and it’s cool the family upgrade works great too

  11. pucksaver95

    I really wanted them to keep the Ferrari F1 seasonal though. It was the only time I could unleash it on a full grid

    • iridegravity

      agreed. I was saving some of those. That one could come back or be re launched.

  12. Test Track coming in the next DLC. I can´t say more people sorry. (and racing car pack)

    • keifer1122

      When’s the new car pack with the nissan gtr in it, come out

  13. HoSway01

    I know this might sound dumb, but what is the “Racing sound effect adjustment” about? Did it change something big, or is it nothing?

    • Some fixes more than changes like the exterior wind sound effect at high speeds like in GT4 and like in reality. Some better quality in overall sounds (rev sounds). The mix of the engines in general when you are close to other cars and stuff like that. Very cool in my opinion and all for a better overall experience.
      Of course GT5 is not going to see real engine car sounds by now. But i keep my hopes for GT6. GT5 is like a huge beta for the upcoming title (all previous games are).And they are fixing it now and at the same time working on GT6 with all this new users feedback to not commit the same ‘errors’ or ‘mistakes’ that they made with GT5.
      Still i love GT5 and i will buy every DLC to support them.

  14. Keshian

    Does anybody else hope they will create some multiplayer seasonals? They would be awesome. :)

  15. Samzilla47

    Hopefully they dropped all these events to get lots of new and more rewarding ones in a (close) future !!! lets wait and see…

  16. RoarOfZonda

    yeah I don’t mind the seasonals being cut. I’ve done them enough already. But I do hope PD has a good excuse for taking them down. the new seasonals pay off very well :D

  17. GrahamTurismo


    In addition to seasonals prior to SuperGT they also got rid of a good few of the ones after that as well. I’m really bent out of shape about it because I still hadn’t done the Supercar Nostalgia seasonal. I was planning to do the entire series in the TZ2 but now it’s gone, I was really looking forward to that one too!

  18. I loved this event in GT4, glad to see it returning in GT5! It’s just a shame some of the older seasonals were cut.. Maybe PD has some more coming down the pipeline with bigger rewards so that would explain why they cut a lot..

    • TokoTurismo

      Maybe the old GT tracks as DLC is coming up mext, I hope the feeling I have is true. :D

  19. So I don’t have that Ferrari race at Sarthe to finance my buying and toying around with new cars… that makes it boring.. it already took long enough to get money with that race. I guess I’ll never get any of those ridiculously overpriced 20 million dollar cars..

    • richiem2282

      Use Billy B-Spec in the Daytona Race, you get 600k for about 15 mins of him racing…

    • Brunskill777

      I liked getting 500,000 for Sarthe in the Enzo. 2 races = 1 million credits. Gr8. now you can only manage about 336000 for it. shame as it was easy money for 3 and a half minutes (which is the time it takes my enzo to do a lap (with chicane cuttings obviously!))

  20. mkel1966

    On Seasonal Events, you can get Car Level Tickets once you finished all the events. I got Level 2,3,18,19and 20.
    Thanks PD, Merry Christmas to you, too.

  21. FlyingW44

    anyone actually downloaded the new dlc yet?

  22. I think many are missing the point of “seasonal” races. They are introduced for a certain period of time then removed. This isn’t a surprise they’ve been doing it since they introduced them. I think the earlier ones only lasted a week or two before being closed.

  23. uMadson?

    Only Daytona, Cape Ring and Eifel are possible with a stock car, lol. I used the Corvette ZR1 all the way but for Cape Ring I used the Ford GT.

  24. dmz_bean

    So All the old seasonals are not removed for me and when I go back to them I get a free gift car ticket for getting all the golds?

    Totally awesome!

    • grzajabarkus

      Really? Maybe its a glitch for some of us then.

  25. richiem2282

    is there something complicated about giving us a Seasonal Race in Spa???? C’mon Kaz…..

  26. Schnipp

    My comment should be an answer to danjee’s question

  27. Schnipp

    No, touring and racing cars are not allowed
    you can only use normal cars

  28. MasterLeaf

    I knew it would be American after looking at last week’s OCD.
    Maybe we could predict what the Seasonals are because of the OCD!

  29. willy723

    you now get Coupons for completing all golds in each seasonal!!!!

  30. symustafa1996

    My Caddy is fit for this job. Don’t really mind about the older seasonals, because did them all when they first came out anyway.

    • Yeah, I’m not going to complain about the seasonals. But, I will miss the old classic car seasonal and the compact car seasonal as they were favorites of mine.

  31. FORD GT ´02 easy and fast 1st try

  32. FahrerGott

    Why did they remove all the seasonals!!?!??! I was really looking forward to quite a few of them but kept putting them off until I had my 200% bonus ! Bring them back!!!! Please!!!!

    Damn bait and switch

    • JohnScoonsBeard

      Nice update but I am thoroughly peed off that any seasonals have been removed. If we had had warning of this i would have run them all. Most i hadn’t done. Why can’t they communicate properly?

    • Witless76

      Seriously, they’ve been up for months! Your lack of attention is PD’s fault? Get over yourselves!

    • Themiboi

      I agree with witless76, if everyone would do the events when they came out we wouldnt have this problem

    • Definitions of seasonal (adj)
      sea·son·al [ szən’l ]
      dependent on season: dependent on or determined by the time of year
      limited to specific times of year: available or employed only during one season or at specific times of the year

      I’d say the season is over. NEW seasonals to follow…..

  33. theodoreVas

    Polyphony Digital, I would like to say that we want European beasts…

  34. caseycar5

    Gt5 needs more American muscle cars not more gtr’s There’s already enough glad there’s more vws though where’s the baja bug though!!!

    • Baja bug would be spectacular but I’d love to see a full blown premium version of Beetle Cup car and the option to do a full Beetle Cup race (not with identical cars but still one design)

  35. bazylfox

    And you will win car ticket lvl 13 for winning all races in this seasonals

  36. that’s a really awesome pic, good job bys

  37. fooddrink

    But PD cut a lot seasonal events, left 4 A-Spec (from Super GT), 1 B-Spec and the new A-spec Stars & Stripes

    It is suggested to re-enter those left seasonal events, then you will receive a car coupon when you finish all the races in that event (not sure if you need to receive gold trophy or not)


    Racing sound effect adjustment :-)

  39. Does the SRT8 work for this event?

    • I meant to write SRT8 TC…

    • SAVoxleitner

      I tried using it, but it says only regular cars (i.e. no race cars/touring cars). I recommend using the Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR if you can get it under 600 PP. So far, I’ve won all of them by 5-10 seconds.

    • Kenny8375

      You could also try the ZR1…got it right to 600PP, and easily won every race by 20 seconds or more.

  40. Crushed

    I need to go to bed :(

  41. Haha, HUGE power American cars at 600PP…should be a good chance to pull out the ol’ ’69 Camaro…one car that I think looks better than almost all later model Camaro’s. I don’t much like American muscle…but that car is seriously cool. :D

  42. shadowtsunami

    They probably want us to test out the new sounds woot XD.

    • lancashire lad

      Done the download…… can anyone tell me what the new sounds are as all my cars still sound like hoovers. Why cant we have engine sounds like nfs shift 2?

    • I was hoping a few engine notes had been changed. Only thing i noticed was more wind noise. EA had about 50 cars to record sounds for. That doesn’t take long or take that much room on disc. I’m pretty sure GT5’s 1000 cars would. Plus some cars don’t have an engine anyway and some are quite rare to find to record. Anyway SHIFT 2’s rubbish. Bugged for a start and the drivings awful. GRID is way better in every way.

  43. Why did they take away all of the older seasonals!?! We were finally getting a wide variety of races to pick from so that the game stayed fresh! Merry Christmas? More like Bah humbug!!! Hey Kaz the Grinch, give us back our races!!!

    • please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

    • please

    • vaioleto


    • FahrerGott

      Please for the love of god!!!

    • FahrerGott


    • TokoTurismo

      I think they have a new idea maybe.

    • madracer

      Toko Turismo – Yes, new idea – Put the seasonals events on DLC hehe They have lost the passion and now all they think is MONEY MONEY MORE MONEY!!!!

    • noisiaturismo

      You will get them twice a week, don’t cry.

    • Brunskill777

      Ye the update is great. But where have all the seasonal events gone?????? What I hope is that the ‘win a car for winning all races in an event’ thing on the stars and stripes will lead the way for some of those events reappeaering but offering a car this time. I’ve always said they would be better if you won a car.
      Also I thought that having the previous batch of DLC cars on the dealerships meant that I wouldn’t have to spend real money on them, just in game credits. But oh no, they still expect you to pay £6.29 for them so that you can then buy them in game.
      In summary, good update, but need the seasonals back

    • TokoTurismo

      Maybe the old GT tracks as DLC is probably coming up next I hope.

    • Dios te oiga, mano!

    • Pinkintron

      Starting fresh with a new year, maybe.

    • Tenacious D

      I’m hoping like Toko Turismo says, that the classic tracks are coming as DLC, and both A-Spec Events and Seasonal Events are going to be greatly expanded. Like you guys, I enjoyed doing a number of them over and over, and was counting on them being around. There are dozens I haven’t been able to do now.

      A-Spec single player is WAY too short. We need offline races badly. Please, Santa Kaz, give them to us next year. ;-)

    • TokoTurismo

      ^^^ Yay. :D

  44. 37kazzmark

    Polyphony Digital I would just like to say, thank for the Christmas Card! haha

    • Sir Tuddle

      Yeah me too, dunno why but that seasons greetings card just got me all excited xD

    • madracer

      Why the hell they removed the most Seasonal Events?? It was the only thing that kept me playing GT5….

    • geoffmallan

      To make room for lots of fresh new ones? Stay positive people!!!!

    • grzajabarkus

      Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhy are the seasonals gone? I was in the middle of a few of them! This is lame.

    • Afatwhiteguy666

      Yeah I dug the card lol

    • Old seasonal’s may of been removed to make room for new ones. Plus have u noticed you can go back to the old ones and if you got gold before you get a gift ticket? And in a way i’m glad they’re gone. I’d do them when they’re first released and tbh i don’t really go back to them. When i 1st got the game (over a year now). It was a struggle to make cash and lvl up. No bonuses at all. But it gave me something to work towards. Although i am glad the Xp levels got raised. It took me months to get to lvl 40. Cash is abit easy. I look forward to see what’ll be next.

    • LewdRevenant

      Wtb ferrari events back

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