New Teaser for Nissan’s “Next Chapter” Concept Car Revealed

June 10th, 2014 by Jordan


Last week, the official Gran Turismo Facebook page first hinted that the “next chapter” for Nissan was in the works, and provided a rough outline of a new sports car under cover.

Today, we get our first clear look at the car with another new image posted on Facebook.

According to a comment by Nissan, “all will be revealed” on Monday, June 16th. Although it’s not clear if that means the car will be coming to GT6 on that date, it is the closing date for GT Academy 2014’s Round 4 qualifier. Stay tuned for more…

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  1. Still nothing.

  2. IngRobNy

    Nothing june 10 and probably nothing today june 16.
    I think it’s probably best to just rely on from now on.
    There is no information on about this car and there is no notification about any maintenance so far.
    The same happend with the Ayrton Senna Tribute dlc, said Ayrton Senna Tribute would be out 27 mai, but it was not released before 30 mai. It’s looks like we can’t relay on Nissan facebook, gran-turismo facebook or

  3. loggers05

    Its June 16!

    • I bet they have… licensing issues on a car that doesn’t even exist in the real world? :P

  4. NixxxoN

    I see resemblances with the Honda/Acura HSC!! Clearly!

  5. SZRT Ice

    Hmm, new revelation. The front, mainly the “hood” area of the car doesn’t much resemble the one under the sheet… Recheck for yourselves…


    Getting new cars is great. I want more GT3 Cars. For example.. Ferrari 458 Italia Lambo Gallardo Aston Martin Vantage 12 and More GT3 Cars!!!


    Good or bad looking, I myself can’t decide yet, however there is no mistaking the very thin line there will be between loving it or hating it for everyone.
    This is only the first image so how could you really know?

    I think it definitely has that “Don’t ‘F’ with me” look about it.
    Also, it has the appearance of something with aerodynamics like that of the X2010’s, with more breathing holes than Darth Vader’s mask.
    Perhaps even a resemblance to him?

    Mind you let’s remember that rarely do we get a concept car that settings adjustments are permitted on, and that has good handling charcteristics.
    So looking like you have more vacuum than deep space to hold you to the ground and actually having it…
    …two completely different things!

    None the less being a fan of quite a few of Nissans past machines, I’ll remain fingers crossed for now and hope that they bring home the goods on this one.

  8. biftizmo

    Exact phase google search results “Vision Gran Turismo” About 2,820,000 results

  9. OpticZero

    Keep up the good work, Nissan and PD. Any new car should be a welcome addition to GT6. I like it. It looks like something from a movie or a video game…err, wait a minute.

    • Lister_Storm

      PD has so many relationships with car companies, it’s great! :D

    • TokoTurismo

      But their sacrificing fans for it though…

    • OpticZero

      You really think people will stop playing GT because PD gets with the auto manufactures to create new and/or exciting cars and/or digitally creates some concepts that those said manufactures have already created?

  10. Guys you see this as the car thats going to be in GT6 but i think this car is just one of those designs because it looks edgy and it doesnt look like it came from the game. So can we please stop the ” it looks ugly. ” we dont know how the car will look it may look like this or it may not so please stop being angry about something you dont know

    -Gorsem (JIM_CLARKF1 on PSN)

    • I think it looks ugly :)

    • SZRT Ice

      It’s a reveal. Why would they make a concept of a concept? Doesn’t make sense.

      If it doesn’t end up looking like this, it’ll be due to the feedback given from it’s reveal.

      Still waiting to see a clear view of the sides and rear.

  11. OMG, the more I look at this… erh… thing, the more horrible I find it.

  12. Don’t know why but the more I look at it the more I like it. I belive it will be a nice car once they fully reveal it. Hope it will be full revealed on Monday.

  13. Oyashiro-sama

    If the previous VGT were ugly, this takes the cake.
    I’ll keep saying, the only decent VGT was the BMW, and I can assure you I’m not a BMW fan boy.

    • Well I wouldn’t call the Mercedes ugly, but otherwise I tend to agree, though I don’t think the VW was too bad. Despite its resemblance to shoe, I think it will grow on me.

    • The Merc is indeed very extreme, but for some reason, other than the unnecessarily big wheels, the car doesn’t look too bad. Looks like it came out a Tim Burton film.

      The VW is also not that bad, but it would’ve been better as a hard top.

      Despite the obvious laziness from BMW when creating their VGT, the car is the best so far. The BMW proves once again that simplicity works better than over-the-top designs (not counting Chris Bangle’s designs).

      We don’t even know if this will be a VGT, but IT IS a terribly looking car as most concepts are.

    • @Amac.. I thought the Nike car is supposed to be shoe..maybe its a new design trend :)

    • SZRT Ice

      The Nike car from GT4? Or the one to come in GT6?

      The Nike car from GT4 was designed to look like a track runner/sprinter in ready position.

  14. Flying Scots

    I must say that this GT-R does not make me crazy, like all the VGT.
    I wonder when we’ll start to see some nice pack of real cars, racing and not, maybe to integrate some categories in the game

    • You mean like the three real racing cars we got in the Senna content two weeks ago?

    • Johnnypenso

      Yes, he means the two cars and one kart that came with no leaderboards, TT’s, or events to race them in, and no proper kart tracks to run the kart on, just a single lap qualifier to win the car….yeah those two cars…and 1 kart.

    • Flying Scots

      I think the cars of Ayrton Senna is a good start, I’m glad of their presence in the game, but I expect more

  15. Amac500

    Wait a second, was this another one of those wait for more information kind of deals? Didn’t they originally say June 10th? Have we been duped like we were with the VW?

    • biftizmo

      Ha ha …what was revealed is their is more hype..coming soon more hype…

    • Funny thing is I’m not that hyped. My hype is fading. Let’s see, we only got one real world car, the bmw m4. The FT-1, Hudson, Corvette and VGT cars are not what I thought they ment when they said they was going to be “Big” on dlc. PD needs to get they selves together because when I decide to get ps4 it’s going to be pretty hard to plug in and turn on the ps3.

    • SZRT Ice

      My hype was stolen by The Crew, Drive Club, Project CarS, the new Criterion game #beyondcars, and yes, dare I say it, Forza Horizon 2…

      My expectations for GT have become “what’s the next disappointment to look forward to?”, or the next “too little too late” feature to finally be released?

      I’m just waiting for this to feel like a complete game.

  16. xirage faith

    I may be rude and I apologize if I offend anyone, but I feel this car looks quite disappointing. I don’t see the passion of gtr in the body lines, I don’t see a nissan or gtr identity in the front end, the car just looks unrefined right now.

  17. What an Eyesore.. It somewhat resembles the R35, mixed up with a Formula 1 car in a blender, and the result is this “thing”.

    • Eh… well at least it answers the famous question of “Will it blend?”

  18. xxkeeden5GXX

    this car looks like crap im sorry to say but i dnt like it just looks horrible i hope this car is fast though looks like it will be fast as a GTR black edition

  19. SZRT Ice

    The front & back look like 2 separate cars. I home the defining lines of the front carry over in the design of the back. From first impressions, the side and rear look too soft and curvy opposed to the defining lines and angles in the front. Still keeping my fingers crossed…

  20. Blood*Specter

    It really did look better under the car cover…………………………….

  21. Makkan786

    This must be the new super gtr make sure u add the interior i will have it!!!!

    • SZRT Ice

      Paintable with changeable rims at least, please?

  22. AAR_CobraJet

    Reminds me of the Audi R15 in the front. It was the first thing that I noticed.

  23. Amac500

    Let me start off by saying that anyone who’s knocking or calling for PD to stop the Vision Gran Turismo project is fully ridiculous. Though it does make me think of a valid point, which is that I hope PD doesn’t become so overly focused on adding VGT cars that they don’t give us any real world models, and especially not forgetting about classic cars that aren’t in the title, because I know the cars added tend to be new ones.

    • Johnnypenso

      So is it ridiculous or do critics have a valid point? There hasn’t exactly been a Quantum Leap in DLC of real cars has there? How much time will be taken up modelling VGT cars that could be used to model real cars? I’d say it’s a valid concern for some people.

    • Amac500

      Well the critics are a bit ridiculous and they are for sure unrealistic for whinning that they should cancel it, that’s not happening, but there is a bit of a growing concern in there

    • SZRT Ice

      Cancel it? No. Moderate it with a balanced and regularly scheduled interval of real car releases? Yes. PD needs a DLC Playbook to moderate how they release content to keep things balanced. I suggest, classic> modern street (anywhere from Honda’s & Cadillacs to Beemer’s & Koenigsegg’s*)> race (Rally, GT3, LMP, NASCAR, Formula, etc.), VGT> Track Pack> Special Car Combo Pack> Classic>Modern Street> rinse and repeat.

    • If they can’t add actual real cars, tracks and content of real value due to time constrictions or lack of resources or personnel, then yes; they should cancel the VGT project. These cars wouldn’t be missed, I’m sure of that.

      VGT Project is useless and it would only be good as a little bonus aside real car and track DLC packs. I’m sorry, but I really don’t feel VGT’s have any value whatsoever in the car enthusiast community. These are cars with no historic value and they are not even cars that exist or will exist.

    • It won’t be canceled and it shouldn’t be canceled because it goes hand in hand with the automotive industry and the manufacturers are all underway making their cars. I agree with SZRT, although I really don’t care as much about the order of real world cars added. There are certain areas like European GT racing that needs to be covered more (and GT3 needs to be FIXED) and I really wanna see more classic sports cars, old Le Mans cars, premium Group B race and street versions, but that’s just my taste. They do need to keep a bit of a Playbook, and hopefully we find out something more about Zahara, I know Sony starts their presentation in about 20 minutes…

    • lacslyer

      @SZRT Ice That’s just not plausible about how they could better manage the situation given the fact that they’re practically 100% reliant on manufacturers to produce these vehicles. Could it be improved? Sure. But to think they have so much control as to dictate when these concept cars are ready and manage that with other releases is unrealistic.

    • SZRT Ice

      Do you truly believe that PD has no say so whatsoever in when they include these manufacturers VGT’s?

      So when they say jump, PD just says “well, how high?” Right?

      It’s a partnership. If PD had a modelling/release schedule set in stone, any VGT’s completed by these companies would have to schedule in their real world/virtual simultaneous reveal in conjunction with PD’s plans.

      And if “it’s when the developers are ready”, why wouldn’t the VW VGT get released simultaneously with the real-world release? Surely if they had the real car ready which would take time to produce, the digital version would of be done well before hand. And what better time to do a in-game reveal than in conjunction with the real life one? Hmm, must be PD’s baby after all.

  24. Johnnypenso

    Not my favourite looking car, but then I’m not into taking pictures or watching replays so all I really care about is what it looks like over the hood or from the cockpit (if it has one) and how it performs on the track. It’ll have to be quick because it’ll be trying real hard to race away from it’s own ugliness…lol.

    • SZRT Ice

      Good one!

    • AAR_CobraJet

      2015 Mustang, Lamborghini Huracan, Jaguar F-Type….just to name a few. Not starting any noise here, just saying…

    • TokoTurismo

      @AAR_CobraJet I can see Forza Horizon 2 getting those cars already. :sly:

  25. wow!another batmobile :-/ why is so hard to use this time to scan and develop some real cars like ferrari f12 barlinetta or something not these imaginary crap looking concepts…
    while some people putting head to head mclaren p1 and ferrari la ferrari on new laser scanned nurburgring we gt fans getting these ugly concepts…life is b***h really :-(

    • TeamCZRRacing

      Yes, it’s PD’s fault that Nissan wants to have their new concept car in the game. Logic! Use it!

      If only people could stop pulling reasons to hate on and blame PD out of their asses, it would be a much nicer place here. But that’s not going to happen, so…

    • Sonygamer455

      I agree TeamCZRRacing

    • SZRT Ice

      It’s a friggin’ partnership! Nissan doesn’t own PD! PD made a conscious decision to give Nissan leverage in GT. They’re not some little company @ Nissan’s mercy that has to bend to their will @ every wake and whim! That’s a BS excuse. It’s Kaz & PD’s illogical decision making!

    • TeamCZRRacing

      SZRT, are you going to turn down a sh*t-ton of money from an automaker who wants their car in the game? No. Especially when it can help you develop features. *cough*coursemaker*cough* On the other hand, if Ferrari or another maker doesn’t want a car in the game, they can tell PD not to add it in. In that case, if PD disobeys them and adds it anyway, they can get sued for copyright infringement. Would you be willing to go to that length just to see a LaFerrari in the game?

    • Johnnypenso

      I’d think about turning down a ton of money from any manufacturer if I thought it was going to turn away my fanbase, yes. A $Million from Nissan is peanuts compared to the millions of games not sold since GT6 was released. Not only that, but you have zero proof any money exchanged hands at all to get this car or Nissan into the game.

    • TeamCZRRacing

      Johnny, there’s always money involved. If it’s not the developer or publisher paying for rights, it’s the manufacturer paying the developer to add a car to the lineup – say, to advertise it. And this scents massively of Nissan wanting to use GT as part of an advertising campaign. Licensing is never done for free; I know this from being in the Project CARS alpha crowd. A while ago (September last year? I’m not sure) a car was removed from the game until Slightly Mad could secure the rights for it, and then a couple of months later a few manufacturers showed up and paid their way into the game because they wanted to use it to advertise. When a car’s suddenly added into the game like this, you can tell it’s part of the campaign.

      Why does no-one like the game at all? Why does no-one have any confidence in PD? I feel really unwelcome here.

    • research

      TeamCZR, you are very welcome here- but SZRT and J-peezy are digging at the main point roots while you are flailing at some sort of tangent branches.

      The lack of confidence in PD has been well-earned over the last 8 years, and it has accelerated tremendously in the last 7 months. They are listening to the wrong sources of influence, not to mention the outright broken statements of intent and soul-crushing delays.

      I feel they are so lost, finding their way back home is now impossible. It’s over for them. There is NO EVIDENCE to proclaim otherwise.

    • biftizmo

      Good debate here dudes….sure big money is always been involved..and in the past small games have to pay to get cars in them big money sometimes too much…(Porsche example) but it can work the othere way to, like for movies (James Bond example)..but don’t under estimate what great influence PD have gained over the years.(official partners at good wood).car company’s are realising what great exposers they can get from GT… Hence the lengthy reveals that are going on…they never had it so good. So it’s no wonder when Kaz asked them if they would like to design future cars for GT they all siad yes please….interllectual property has big profits but exsporsure is everything..there’s no money if no one knows about it…the GT6 launch party was no small celebration…I was there and no exspence was spared buttering up these manufactures…now all Kaz haz to do is keep up the momentum and knock Berni of the top spot and there will be no stopping him…we could have our own f1 to rival him…after all F1 is just one big advert…

  26. JASON_ROCKS1998

    Please let me have one on GT6 in Red, Red, the same red as the red in the red GT-R ’07 that I love in red.


  27. JASON_ROCKS1998

    Looks a bit like the old R390 GT1 Road Car that is already in GT. Hopefully it gets a lot of power. These VGT’s are coming in fast!

    • Amac500

      No it doesn’t…. I don’t see any R390 in that….

  28. Eyes Fried Open

    R35 GT-R Whack Edition

    • TeamCZRRacing

      The only way it would look any worse is if someone hellaflushed it, painted it neon green with pink 40″ rims and put Hello Kitty stickers on the sides. Other than that, this is about as terrible as car design can get.

  29. Sonygamer455

    Is it bad I actually like this car?

  30. DYLAN777-is-not

    I dont think people really understand what concept cars are meant to be and look like. They are meant to look beyond crazy and maybe ugly. This isnt going into production so they can push the boundary on what cars look like. That is the point. Its not a concept if it appeals to the masses on day one

    • young car joc

      incorrect. 6 years ago, they showed the windstar concept. guess what its real its called the flex. everything is the exact same as the concept shown on that shiny black block in the auto show

    • SZRT Ice

      GTR started off as a concept. Lights were kinda ugly but the car was decent. GT90 was an amazing and beautiful concept car. The NSX concept was sexy as heck! There are tons of amazing BMW and Ferrari concepts that are beautiful and could easily make production eventually. I could go on &on with this….

  31. JulesJackson

    Has hoping it be a successor to the R390 which is really Nissan’s only super-car.

    • DigitalBaka

      To me it’s pretty clear this is an evolution of the GT-R. There are quite a number of R35 elements if you look for them.

  32. DSUjoeDirte9

    If the Sides of the car were like at least 3/4 the height they are now. It would look 10x better. Anyone else think so?

    • young car joc

      it got a not needed face lift, literally

    • DSUjoeDirte9

      i think it was very needed. Origional face was too high and idk how else to really describe it other than bad. Looks more like a “supercar” now. My opinion of course

  33. NART512

    If they lowered the whole front of the car it’d look way better.

  34. worst at gt

    It looks like an ft 1, a gt r, and a juke had a 3 way, and that is their baby.

  35. TokoTurismo

    What a ugly car, in fact it’s beyond ugly… Now it’s coming next week? Man I wish I had a XB1 and Forza 5 right now to try out the newly laser canned Nurburgring.

    • HuskyGT

      Forza 5 finally got the Nurburgring? I was so waiting for that! All they need now is add all the cars missing from Forza 4 and release a complete edition at regular price.

    • Johnnypenso

      Yeah because all that matters is the sheer number of cars, not the quality or the variety…*facepalm*

  36. biftizmo

    Here we go another month tease….I”d rather they just give a date when it’s coming to GT…but I sopose they just got to milk it to the max….

    • JASON_ROCKS1998

      This is out 16th June read the post

    • biftizmo

      I read the post again buddy…it still doesn’t say it will be in gt6 for definite on the.’s just another date to tease..same as the VW lots of dates but we still don’t know when it will be coming to GT….

    • SZRT Ice

      E3 was nothing but dates. Many of them 2015. Early hyping seems to be the name of the game.

  37. linoleum

    Aren’t “vision” cars just design experiments directly from the manufacturers? I’m not sure why everyone is so critical here…. its a concept, not a real life car (in most cases). The opportunity to drive these ideations is really cool. Expectations that these experiments fit PP values or racing series is a little misguided. IMHO. I say keep’em coming.

    • Exactly, the cars put out through VGT are just concept. Really just to show what the manufacturers would like to make some day. I quite like it too, it’s pretty fun to try something different from the norm.

  38. SZRT Ice

    I am uncertain if a full reveal can save this car. Fingers crossed that the silhouette shot is highly misleading.

  39. caseycar5

    Meh…it’s ok.

  40. shawtyoner


  41. SZRT Ice


  42. i don’t know what to say about this car

  43. SavageEvil

    Wow, what a hole!?! Lol, incredibly strange looking car. Seeing this thing makes me yearn to have the old Dodge Interceptor concept car from The Wraith…who the hell doesn’t want to see that thing in a game like GT, I mean they would have the engine sound down pat all dust buster sounding and what not.

    I wonder if this car will be lightweight and decent Hp sub 500 please. All the big Hp cars are coming a dime a dozen and for what barely any performance difference between the lot of them. Rumors are abound that this thing will have hybrid type power like the P1 and that LaFerraria. I’m not sure this car is aerodynamically sound though.

  44. Croatian_STIG

    I don’t like the look of this thing.

  45. TeamCZRRacing

    God, what an ugly car. Looks like someone stepped on it but didn’t crush it all the way. I wouldn’t be caught dead in that atrocious piece of crap. Maybe it’ll grow on me like the R35 GT-R did, but I doubt it.

  46. kayto101

    Looks fast I bet it will have the r35 engine

  47. GTracer98

    Great looking piece of art!

    • NART512

      I think that’s the only thing it can pass as. The world “car” doesn’t seem to fit it.

  48. GBalao888

    If or if it’s not a Vision GT Car, I hope it’s fast, has a lot of horsepower and can be customized.

  49. AustinPowers

    Ewwwwww looks like s**t!

  50. Deepblu

    Gt6=Ridge racer?

  51. fordskydog

    Looks like a drawing by a really good 3rd grader…

  52. TRLWNC7396

    Hmmm…. Special prize car for the Academy…. ? :)

  53. Magic Ayrton

    What a pile.

  54. This, to me, just looks like someone took the GTR R35 concept and took some LSD…

  55. Blood*Specter

    I appreciate the surge in new cars, but this thing is butt ugly. Just my opinion and not a dig at PD or GTP or anyone who likes the looks of it. Maybe its the color……………………………….

    Bottom line……………new content and perhaps free. As such, I love it………….almost.

  56. nascarfan1400

    :/ I think it’s a bit ugly.

  57. WhiteShadw

    Is it me or does it look ALOT LIKE THE FERRARI ENZO? :/

  58. On 16th we see some more Pictures and maybe a video with the info: Release in July
    It is always the same. :)

  59. Nissan has FT-1 envy?
    Seriously, it took me a second to realize that this wasn’t the FT-1 Racing concept… because that’s Toyota…

  60. Rafael F

    Spaceships everywhere

  61. XSRacing111

    Yup…GTR R36

  62. digitalwolf

    forget you guys, I like this car lot!

  63. It has slight facial issues.

  64. hardvibes

    Skip the chapter.

  65. Confi-User-3

    Wow, that front looks amazing. Want to have it. NOW. *__*

  66. Wow, that is super ugly indeed. Possibly another AWD turbo 6 cylinder or hybrid or electric supercar with no personality that feels as identical as your other modern sports car… the car industry is certainly going downhill.

    Let’s see someone make a V12 RWD or MR fully manual supercar with no electronics. I know these are difficult times, but can’t manufacturers come up with something that represents the passion for cars better than these iPods on wheels? I mean, they are concepts, so everything goes. I want my car smelling like gasoline and axle grease; not like baby powder and plastic. Make a real car for crying out loud! Remind us of why we became car enthusiasts in the first place!

    Never gonna happen. Maybe I’m getting old.

    I don’t know if this thing will make it into the game, but it’s such a shame if it did and not lifetime classic real cars.

    • TheJess656


    • +1.

      Well said, Husky! Couldn`t agree more.

    • acedition333


    • GTHEAD87

      well said Husky

    • Humungus

      You misspelled V16 Quad Turbo Diesel.

    • Designing a raw fuel machine just in time to watch it sit in your garage due to too little fuel left in the world to run such beasts…I doubt they’ll go for that. Eco is the way forward for most car companies.

      I reckon within ten years, you’ll probably only be able to drive petrol or diesel cars in games…

    • fordskydog

      Oh my. You are looking in the wrong place. Consumer cars, sports cars included, are moving toward DRIVERLESS capability.

      I think you are looking for track cars… Maybe a race kart…

    • Steph290

      My thoughts exactly.

    • AustinPowers

      That’s what I’m talking about! Well Said Husky!

    • TeamCZRRacing

      +1. Give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which I desire! And what I desire is NOT a rolling smartphone that makes no noise at all. Where’s the passion in that?

    • super_gt


    • TokoTurismo

      Well said Husky. You earn my +1

    • Someone mentioned these are tough times. Not with more millionaires and bilkionaires on the planet than ever before. However, I do agree, more track use cars should be made. Public roads just dont cut it for the sports cars of today. Gone are the days of “pleasure driving” with so many cameras and other drivers and “non-drivers” behind the wheel.

      I’m looking forward to all the cars being released on this console and the next.

    • JulesJackson

      It’s just a concept drawing most of the time they look nothing like the real iteration, so hold your horses.

    • HuskyGT

      @ JulesJackson

      True, but more than the appearance, it’s the mechanics of the car what matter. Look at TVR’s; they are absolutely horrendous looking, but they are as pure sports cars as you get. And little things like that is what earns a car its beauty in the eyes of a car enthusiast.

    • Eyes Fried Open

      Hulme F1 (NZ built supercar) is a real “Drivers car” MR, manual, No Aids and not bad looking in my own opinion. Would prefer a hard top though.

      Google it brah.

    • Gran_Turismo

      I cannot agree with Husky. He thinks as a conservative, as if the old ways are better, when the fact of the matter has proven that the newer technologies are doing exactly what vehicles were made to do (make transportation easier). This is what has been happening and even newer tech will eventually replace the ones we are just getting started on. Progressive way of living.

    • SZRT Ice

      Whoa… Gran Turismo itself disagrees with Husky. The game has a mind of its own!

    • Giorgio_57


    • Steph290

      @Gran_Turismo – Yes, technology is meant to make transportation easier, however, we are not just dealing with commuter vehicles. We are drivers & if there is no passion then we should rethink our pursuit.

    • @ Gran_Turismo

      Explain me how this would matter in a virtual world. Why the heck would someone care about transportation efficiency in a game? A video game might be the only way we car enthusiast will be able to enjoy our passion in the future.

      And sorry. I’m proud to be a liberal.

  67. liv4hardstyle

    i wonder how much weed i have to smoke to make that car look good… more than i can afford at the moment. it is atrocious

  68. Looks like those Hotwheels I had back in the day… Beyond ugly.

  69. SDsnakebutt

    For everyone that said it wouldn’t look like the car under the cover… THERE ya go! WHY wouldn’t it? i never understood that…

  70. Yuck. Looks like it escaped from the Bat Cave.

  71. wow… what an ugly piece of car. I preferred its look when it was still under the cover… :P

  72. smskeeter23

    Every GTR ever made smashed into another new GTR?

  73. ProfBlocks007

    “On June 10th we open the next chapter.” – Did NOT state that it would have been released into GT6 on the 10th.

    “”LOS ANGELES – On Monday, June 16, we will reveal the next chapter in the Nissan story to an audience that has always shared our passion for performance.” – Suggests that the audience COULD be GT6 players. It is NOT definite.

    Don’t start complaining until you have understood the article properly. To assume makes an ‘a**’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’. (And the gtplanet community!)

  74. DSUjoeDirte9

    Its my opinion. But that is one of the ugliest cars ive seen in my entire life….

  75. shaunm80

    This is what the offspring of a R35 and an Ferrari Enzo would probably look like.

  76. Ferrari458Italia

    wow that’s ugly

  77. SomePlayaDude

    One can only think of so much different cars to merge together to that beaut.

    INB4 looks like a car from *insert racing game here*

  78. TheFlyingScot

    Looking at the headlights, to me it kinda looks like a really abstract R35…

  79. thunderjolt

    Now that looks amazing

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