Toyota 86 Appears in New Gran Turismo 5 Video Trailer

November 30th, 2011 by Jordan

The new “Toyota 86″/”Toyota GT-86″/”Scion FR-S” (or whatever the car is being called today) was officially revealed today at the Tokyo Motor Show.

To celebrate – and possibly foreshadow what’s coming to GT5 – Polyphony Digital has just launched a brand new trailer showing off the car in the game. You will notice an unusual-looking city circuit in the background: it actually appears to be a barrier-free configuration of the Rome City circuit.

Kazunori Yamauchi posted messages to Twitter announcing the new video, but offers no further information as to when we’ll actually be able to drive the virtual car for ourselves. With a pending GT5 update and a suggested DLC due-date of late December, expectations will certainly be running high come Christmas.

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  1. Cocomoto

    Ow ! i always get amazed by the quality of the trailers of Gran Turismo.

  2. v13esim

    YES! Ive been following the debut of the 86 on speedhunters, im so toked on getting this car in GT5, i was just getting excitied for the release and now thisa news is brought to me!

  3. I wonder if getting rid of a track load of barriers on certain tracks would allow better shadow rendering ?.
    and the photomode areas with 2 cars looks pretty cool. as for the car i dont like it, back end is too much like the Z4M for me.

  4. 37kazzmark

    I don’t if anyone ever mentioned this (yes we do have a runway/airfield track, top gear test track), I would love to be able to drive around that redbull Hanger, on the runway, down that driveway bit and maybe even inside? A NIGHT TIME RUNWAY DRAG STRIP MAYBE? sick.

  5. Ciborio71

    check the video starting at 1.53…

  6. Ciborio71

    Did anyone notice Spa at dark ???

  7. Did I see that right, and did I see A glimpse of the Citta di Aria in this clip at the 1.12 to 1.14 our is it something elsewhere.

    • Big Ron

      It´s the little plaza photomode location in front of a church. Nothing new.

  8. Big Ron

    Heeyyyy….another ugly japanese car….we already don´t have enough of them.

    • TokoTurismo

      @Big Ron
      We know you’re strong and mighty buddy, lol. But don’t call the poor thing ugly. :) You’ll like it youself someday I hope. ^^

  9. f1webberfan

    I doubt we will have barrier-free Rome track. For example if you look closely the driver doesn’t wear safety harness or helmet. So … yes maybe we will have the car but track … meh.

  10. numanair

    The rear fender bulge of the gt86 is terrible. I prefere the BRZ.

  11. dragonitti

    The FR-S will be DLC. It was confirmed today.


    My guess is the 86 will be a christmas present and be awesome if the super gt 300 version was in the dlc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plllleeeeeaaasssssseeeee. lol anyhow well done to pd for constantly evolving this game and if this is a test bed for gt6 then i cant wait .

  13. Mexed_Alex

    My favorite part of this video is that they removed the super severe aliasing around the cars that you get with tire smoke, snow, and dirt. At least they didn’t label it as “in-game” content.

    • Big Ron

      They rendered it in higher settings. So you don´t see any pixelation and antialiasing.

  14. shadowtsunami

    It’s not just the Toyota GT-86 it’s also the Subaru BRZ lol

  15. Quakebass

    The background @ 0:58 doesn’t remind me of any area in GT5… And I haven’t played the older games, so I don’t know if its an area from GT1 – 4, or if its something hinting at the new content, OR it IS something from GT5 that I don’t recognize…

  16. how disappointing that the gt86 and all it variants look just like a hyundai genesis coupe. what a shame…

  17. sk84food29

    I care more about the barrier free configuration of the Roma Circuit drifting would be so fun!

  18. RedSuinit

    I hope this is a sign of Toyota focused DLC. Toyota got the shaft when if comes to premium models. I would love to see premium models of all the generations of the MR2. Oh, if only… :(

    • RedSuinit

      I would also like to see the return of the Momo Corse MR2 GT300 car. Yet another dream that will probably never come true…

  19. Dschmitt1010

    Awesome video! Love the part where they show a kind of X-ray of the car from front to back. Well done Polyphony!!

  20. Screw that car-

    • TokoTurismo

      The DLC will handle that one, hahaha… I hope… :(

  21. doodlemonoply

    If PD has a trailer video with this car then obviously it will be in one of the next DLC packs

  22. Projectoutlaw

    They created the tracks, im sure they can recreate them with no barriers really easy to make a video like that. Its just for the purpose of making a video. A gt game will never have free roam.

    • You see more sure of that then kaz is. Do you know something the head of PD doesn’t know about the future of their game?

  23. algibraic

    umm for everyone asking about porsches, EA bought the rights, so give it up. and as for the styling i prefer understated sleepers, leave the flamboyant bodies to the hyper cars

    • Quakebass

      The licensing rights will expire eventually – I’m not sure when, but when they do, I hope EA doesn’t buy them back. Even if Turn 10 purchases the exclusive rights, I (probably) wouldn’t mind very much – from their head’s statements it seems like they’d allow Porsches in other games, for EA has allowed Porsche to be in Forza 3, just not 4. I really don’t like EA, because they’re taking away content from other games with the exclusive rights – Its like Infinity Ward purchasing exclusive rights to the AK-47 for their games ONLY, so the other games (like Battlefield) wouldn’t get some cool content. This can even start Licensing battles, which ruins everything for the 3rd party developers gamers; one company buys rights to half of the car market, the other developer buys the other half, so no cars are left for the 3rd parties to use, and splits the gamers up – Hmm, would I rather have Porsches, Ferraris, Fords, Lexuses Dodges, Toyotas, Paganis, and Mitsubishis? Or do I want Lambos, Chevys, Maserattis, Jaguars, Nissans, Hondas, Acuras, Infinities, and Suzukis?

    • TokoTurismo

      To be honest, I’ll be more comfortable if Turn 10 gets the exclusive rights after EA’s own expires, and damn do I hope so too. Stupid EA wasting the Porsche brand for stupid reasons. At least Turn 10 shares the Ferrari brand with others developers but EA haha.

    • I agree it sucks, I suggest we start a boycott of EA hehe. I’m tempted to try, they are ruining the gaming industry.

    • TokoTurismo

      ^^^ Hahaha, I so agree. XD

  24. Strata-R

    I love how the prototype of this car looks in the game, but I am very disappointed how much the styling has dulled down. The front is less aggressive, the back is downright ugly, and there are few sporty lines on the sides. Sports cars are supposed to look risque to stand out. This one doesn’t.

    • I thought the back on the new one looks better, more elegant.

  25. LOL I get it PD. Its “Free-Rome” (knee slapper)

  26. theotherspongey

    Is that a girl driving? :D?

  27. The circuit is definitely Rome but this time without fences. The car looks good, I think it should be added for free or in the next DLC just hope for more variety of cars, let see if the add now more German models, next season DTM perhaps…

    • Agreed, nothing would excite me more then driving m3 dtm on the ring. Or how about my personal favorite, the M3 GT2!

  28. Fragolas79

    Hope to get my hands on one in a near future, eheheh

  29. shurnster

    I wonder did PD model all parts of the entire car like the engine for example. From the old Toyota video, it clearly shows the entire engine built inside of the car. This could be why it takes 6 months to create.

  30. PS3LUV3R

    Speculation -> getting hopes up -> getting hopes crushed by PD ;)

    • terminator363

      also true.

    • Getting hopes crushed by PD -> more complaining by the community, and the cycle begins again.

  31. Gazumagi

    The guy in the car doesn’t have a helmet on, if you notice ;o

    sunglasses instead->new items? :P

  32. symustafa1996

    Reminds me of Ridge Racer….

  33. Knievel47

    Nice car but a 197bhp japanese doesn’t excite me that much! I want Porsche I know we aren’t getting any but does anyone know the exactly why we aren’t getting any? I know that EA has Porsche license rights but I read somewhere that in the same way Microsoft has Ferrari rights but we have them, even though all of them as in Forza there are far more Ferraris.

    • GT_TTIME

      For my there is only one think that guys at Polyphony Digital “with all respect” don’t do!!! is to create new and usable content to all the fans of gran turismo series! for me more than have nice and, all the time good videos and images, all what I want is to have new cars and track, take the time (days weeks…. and so one) to create, but the key is create expections on all the player with real and usable thinks ” again cars, tracks add-ons” in the game!!!

      That’s it is all that create more and more guys… like me to follow from GT1 Polyphony Digital, Kaz, and all all tracks and cars that gran turismo give to me!! :), and until today I only have 10 gamo from PS1 to PS3, and GT series are one off them ;)

      Please see this as my personal opinion!!!

    • Yes, as well as Porsche in forza even though EA is supposed to have rights. It’s almost as if. Hyping rights to a car is paying for PD not to use it.

  34. SamWalshy

    Woow… another Japanese car -.-

    I can probably only dream of the day when there is a decent selection of Lambos, Paganis, (more) Ferraris, Astons and Porsches.

    Avantador, Zonda Cinque, Zonda C12, Zonda F, FXX, 599 GTO, 599XX, Vantage, One-77, DBR9, DBS, Cayman S, GT3 RS, 918… Drool.

  35. Jar31Lar

    The solitary lady was driving?

  36. eightlives

    I wish Ford and Kaz would sit down, I’d love to have a few new Mustangs in the game :)

    • Ben Rogue

      Totally agree, maybe an updated Mustang or two, a Mk Focus and an RS or even RS500 version! Wouldn’t be very hard, same car just new bumpers and lights really.

  37. GT5_X2010

    thats commitment. That woman came all the way from Bern to Rome just to drive a new Toyota. It must be good then.

  38. McZachenF138

    PD must have been the first ones to actually know what the new Toyobaru GT86RS was going to look like. Because they would have had to invest quite a bit of time into making this video and Toyota just released official pictures just last week to the public.

  39. masaki7026

    This is epic. Awesome new car by Toyota/Scion, and the music in the video is pretty cool too.

    But why does no one really appreciate what Kaz and PD put into this game? It’s like everyone complains because they add something they don’t want. I’m no game developer, but it takes a LOT of time, effort, and measurement to make something like a car, track, etc. It’s almost Christmas-be thankful!

  40. Amac500

    Well at least it isn’t another Nissian, right? The car is nice and all but I’m getting SOOOOOOO tired of getting just Japenesse cars here. Can we please get some European and American cars. I mean if we are doing Japenesse and especially Nissians then why don’t we get something cool like the Nissian LMP2 car that the GT academy winner races? Or any of Honda’s current LMP1 and LMP2 cars. I jay wan some diversity here, more America and European cars, and preferable race cars. If I could have any car added I would pick the Audi R18 TDI, the technology is just brilliant and I is super efficient, double stunted on tires at Le Mans this year in route to the smallest margen if victory in Le Mans history :) PLEASE

    • Amac500

      Sorry about the typos on “just want” and “it is super effient” and saying “double stunted” when I wanted to say “double stinted”

    • because pd aren’t as closely partnered to the european brands as they are with the japanese…they built the gtr center display, we have just seen how closely they work with toyota with their data logger hence all those ft 86 videos…they were also really close with benz and ferrari so one can only hope but yea that would be teh main reason why we get all these japanese cars

      Give us teh BRZ STI GT300 race car, i want that in teh game

    • that reminds me, when the ferrari Cali first came out, guess who were the first to have that car featured in their game, i think it was even before the car went on sale..that’s right GT5P, same with Citroen, understandably so because that was a GT car but be hopeful it’s happened before it’s bound to happen again..may not occur as often as getting new japanese cars but that’s self explanatory right..japanese company, hq in japan, japenese cars…yea..

      trust me, I prefer Euro over anything else but maybe that would shed some light into most people’s frustration on this issue..

  41. doesn’t look that amazing imo, the thing i like most about this car is their center of gravity. It’s said to be as low as a porsche gt3 or gt3 rs, can’t remember which but one of the lowest for production cars and that alone puts a smile on my face. Will definitely be test driving this baby, but not the gt, i like the BRZ more

  42. Is this implying that a barrier-free Rome City Circuit might possibly be available with the next DLC? I hope so!

  43. HKS racer

    Hey did you see that? They made Bspec Barbie and Bspec Ken characters now xD

    • maybe b-spec bob found a lady friend and got busy… just a thought…

  44. That actually looks pretty cool.

  45. TakumiFuji01


  46. conceptman

    Not to be a negativeatron but we also got a ft-86 II trailer but no car….

  47. hokiefan8686

    Just imagine… a free-roam Rome

  48. danger23


  49. danger23

    music sounds like anime porn

  50. I could be mistaken, but isn’t that ‘Citta de Aria’ from GT4 at 1:11?

  51. RB26dettGTR

    They should put in more Skylines… lol

  52. Raggi Boy

    i like the front, remeniscent of supra, not keen on the rear though

  53. RoarOfZonda

    sigh.. another Japanese car…

    • polizei

      I think for each GT game PD should move it’s offices to another region: North America, Europe, Australia, South America, Africa, etc. So that they can incorporate a more international feel the game. There are sooooo many cars that are just taking up space, imo. get rid of half of the kei cars and put more vintage race cars in there from the brands that are already licensed: Ford, Alfa, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Honda, Toyota, Mini, etc. It’s nice that the game has race cars from a bunch of Japanese formats but even if you race within JGT500, for example, there are only a few cars to select from, and fewer that compete well. Fill out the grids with liveries from race teams. The car models are nearly identical anyways. It’s essentially a paint job and a few tweaks, if any.

  54. Lovin it

  55. eight6er

    This isn’t GT5, where are the flickering shadows?

    • polizei

      HAHA! I noticed that too, i was wondering if the update might fix that? They probably were running it on a development unit or rendered the video in another way. I’m not keeping my hopes up. Besides, i’d rather have better frame rates and more car variety than better shadows.

    • GTPM118

      Or maybe because it only rendering those two cars without any AI, all the procesing power and RAM goes to the graphics?
      Wish the PS3 could have more RAM…

  56. Turkey :D

    I like the shadows in that video…

  57. TokoTurismo

    That was the most coolest trailer I’ve seen ever to be accomplished. I really love the car alot myself, so it’s totally perfect. And that unknown track, it feels and looks like a freerom track which I’ll love to drive around. :) But the intresting part, I want to drive as that female in the game. :D *Jokes*

  58. lalaurentide

    See, that is what Turn10 isn’t doing, wasting their time with uneventful purposeless videos for the internet.

    Anyway I could care less about the 86, it’s just the evolution of the Celica and an awful body design while the Supra went Lexus in the form of the LFA.

    • TokoTurismo

      I agree with the Turn10 part. lol

    • TakeshiSkunk

      Wow you really don’t know a damn thing about Toyota do you

    • GRAFX21

      86 isnt trash…its just and okay car. I agree with the LFA comment. The LFA cost to much and isnt even worth it. Never liked the car personally. It looks like an old concept from the mid 90’s..with modern tecg and gauges. But the lines look to concrete of the mid 90’s…As if Toyota took forever to develop the car and to finish it so they said make it Lexus so we can build a new Supra because the Skyline r-35 beat them out for 5 years now. Time to start from scratch…will the Supra ever come alive again? LFA is just a big NO.

  59. GRAFX21

    Why in the world in there NO SCION TC in GT5??? The TC is any amazing CAR to drive in person and tune up. It can pop open with turbos easily over 300hp + yet GT5 puts the XB and XA in the game. I dont understand why they didnt put in GT5 he Scion Tc Coupe. Awesome car! Also a great drift car. SMH! Update the darn game PD with a Scion TC..They already have the new model also…The 2006 model being best.

    • GRAFX21

      New model as in 2nd generation…2011 2012 Scions However they could of put the 2006 Scion in the game at least.

    • Nooomoto

      I had a 2007 Scion tC for a bit and I didn’t find it all that “amazing”…it was a cheap, small car with good pep because the engine was from a bigger car.

    • dragonitti

      I agree. They need the tC in the game too. tC owner/driver/racer myself.

  60. CromaTurboIE

    nice cars when DLC comes in?

  61. Crimson

    Do I see a lady driver in the screenshot there?

    • 88FoxBodyFan

      I think it’s the lady you have to take a picture of to get the “Portraitist” trophy.

  62. jah24car


  63. Ix-M0NTANA-xI

    LAME! How about some MODERN race carsÉ Pathetic PD. SO…. behind the times. I havent played forza 4 but WOW do they have awesome race cars in that game. ITS DISAPPOINTING to say the least. Step your game up KAZ

    • erik1127

      no one is ever happy. Quit crying

    • jah24car

      hey buddy the game can’t be all that great, there are strong and weak points in games including CoD and Battlefield, seriously y u get mad bro? its just a game, I played Forza, detail is good but some of the cars handle kind of odd compared to GT’s but the V8 supercars are a good drive in the new forza i only played it once, FULL GAME at GameStop xD


      Lame? It’s a trailer for the latest production Japanese sports car. Quit your whining.

    • TokoTurismo

      Complaining “as always.” I see the trailer’s heat was to much for you? Well to bad…

    • Agreed, JCARROLL. We’re sorry that you can’t handle not racing with the X2010 at all times. Speed isn’t always the dominating factor, cry-baby. Why don’t you go bitch to Yamauchi yourself?

    • YellowFerret

      “behind the times”?
      By making a trailer including a car which hasn’t been released yet and was only officially previewed in the last few weeks.
      How far ahead of the times do you want them to be?

    • Successful trolling has been successful apparently lol

  64. Sixspeed6

    It has a sporty look to it.

  65. eurotunerVW

    Nice!!!, hopefully they bring more new cars.

    • jah24car

      me too lookin to see if PD get the other Chevy’s, and whatever even if its Mitsubishi IDC

  66. Ferrari_458

    I see there is maintenance tomorrow… *gets hopes up just for them to be slashed*

  67. seanchump

    I hope they update by rolling out new cars from TMS in real time
    -like they did in prologue.

  68. So we’ll see the new 86 in GT5.?

    • Snaeper

      No, they painstakingly created this car for the single purpose of using it in this video.

    • dragonitti

      It was announced today that the FR-S WILL be DLC for GT5. This was announced by Scion’s President.

  69. shawtyoner

    One thing PD does well is create trailers =)

    • MyFavoriteGame

      one thing?…ever heard of Gran Turismo 1,2,3 & 4?

    • shawtyoner

      Yes I have, sorry you took that comment the wrong way, as I was trying to say that PD make very good trailers that entice you to want to play the game…

    • shawtyoner

      Let me rephrase… One of MANY things PD does well is create trailers =)

  70. Hmm. Its not being driven by an Avatar with racing gear on. Most likely means nothing major, but I just noticed that when I accidentally paused the vid.

    • Also, PLease PD. Please make that loading off the aircraft DLC for photomode.

    • jah24car

      Top Gear Studio for photomode be a great add, but it is something major dude without the racing gear on means one thing its Free Roam, promised by PD SEEEEEEEEEVERAL months back

  71. NICE!

    Finally, Toyota has brought back a sports coupe that is sexy and probably fast! Last sexy coupe was the Supra.

    What was that odd design at the end of the video?

    • that is the toyota ’86’ logo. if you watch the vid it appears on the front 3/4 of the car while it’s doing the x-ray type effect

  72. SolidSnake7735

    personally, aside from the looks, the fact that its FR and that it would be affordable IRL.. I’m in love with the name 86. aka Hachi Roku

    • Nissan Lover

      I don’t like Toyota.But now,i’m starting to get a bit soft and starting to like it a bit.
      Espcially this 86,God it looks awesome

  73. cally-dave

    Thats a brilliant video that the team has pulled off.

    Did anybody else notice in parts of the video the driver with no helmet?

    I see hints of the BMW 1 series for the body, Lexus LFA for the headlights, and a mix of Lexus/Subaru for the rear lights. Overall, a very beautiful looking car. When this hits the market, I honestly think people are going to go mad for it!!

    Fingers crossed we get it at Christmas :)

    • kekke2000

      I noticed that too when I checked the video on my mobile. That’s another thing that indicates Free Roam. Also… it is the girl from Photo Mode (Marktgasse) :)

  74. That would be nice… really nice. But i think that is something reserved for GT6, imagine that MASSIVE update!
    Maybe Gran Turismo Test Drive… sort of…

  75. Ericiscoollike

    cant wait to drift with this when it comes on GT5. maybe in a future update?

  76. finnracer

    You could have AI drivers based on actual drivers in Rome for the free roaming mode, that would make it very entertaining!! :sly:

  77. That could be the future of free roam that Kaz has talked about.

    • I agree. I hope they will make the free roam.

    • MyFavoriteGame

      Very Agreed

    • shawtyoner

      Not even really free roam, the track layout can remain the same, just without the barriers where you actually feel like you are driving in the city as opposed to a closed circuit.


    I want the Subaru version most.

    • GT_Die_Hard

      Me too, but only if they will implement a good Boxer-engine sound too… Every Subaru now sounds just like a normal 4-in-line engine to me…

    • blksentra2

      Hopefully Subaru will release an STi version with a turbo and AWD. So far they both only plan to release naturally aspirated RWD versions of the car to keep costs down.

  79. Stew2000

    Don’t forget the Scion vid.

    • With the exception of the Scion badges on the cars, there is no difference between the two videos.

    • Maybe they will be releasing the Subaru vid as well?… The same car x3… just like GT-R

    • Another Difference with the two videos; the Scion’s tail lights are slightly different. on the outer end of the tail light, there is a red side reflector / indicator as opposed to the white / clear ones on the Toyota. This is most notable from profile view. I think this will differentiate the North American / European model with the JDM model.

    • SevenIM

      I’m assuming the toyota will be right hand drive while the scion will have its steering column on the left. Subaru has stated that its version will actually have more HP, but it doesn’t sound like that version will be in the game.

    • Ramosis

      Well, I can see that Scion is LHD, while GT-86 is RHD.

  80. tininsteelian

    Personally, I really like the design of the GT86. Its styling is very nice.

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