New Gran Turismo 5 DLC Approximately “Every Two Months”

November 10th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

IGN has published their most recent interview with Kazunori Yamauchi, where he provides fairly detailed responses to some familiar questions. Notably, he offers a rough timeline of how often we can expect new content to be introduced in Gran Turismo 5:

I think that will include cars and trucks that we’ll be releasing maybe once every two months or so from here on out. What we do from here on is also really dependent on the reaction of the users to this first DLC that we just released because this is the first one.

It’s not clear whether the use of “trucks” (instead of “tracks”) in this sentence is the result of an inaccurate translation or transcription, but it is worth noting. Confirming recent comments from an SCEE representative, Kazunori re-iterated that GT5‘s future additions are ready to go:

We have a pool of materials that are possible to release and it was just something that I decided with the team. We decided the vehicles and tracks and content in this first DLC was going to be our starting point.

Exactly what’s in that “pool of materials” is up to speculation, but the 25 track logos GTPlanet’s community discovered earlier this year may offer some hints about what’s to surface from those murky depths.

Notably, Kazunori also re-confirmed that Gran Turismo 6‘s development is underway, and commented about how the game’s new features will ultimately be chosen:

Of course we’re working on GT6 already and I think what really will be the separating factor is something that we can’t update through a DLC is something that obviously has to be saved for GT6. Things that we can provide through DLC we will, so that’s really the market difference.

Thanks to all of you who sent this in so quickly!

GT5 Photomode image by Moglet.

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  1. Nov. 11, 11:21am

    iI dream of of 3to4 cars to compete whit the GT-R N24 Schulze Motor sport (oke it is no race Race care ) but its a fantastic Sports Race care end it will ad a new class to the GT-500 or the GT-300 , and som standert Touring cars made to Premium

    I had an idea fot som time now ;(for GT6) the engine , do something like te tyres icon whit the engine .
    example Blue means a fresh engine and red means you have crasht to often or to hard , and the next crash will blow up your full engine and game (or race) over . its like you have to renew your engin nevertheless so take it a step further PLZ. and let it say BOOOM

    I forgot something ;some LM, LMS standard to premium . it brings 2 additional Class es , and it ar cars that ar already in the game but doe not have full Interior

    • Nov. 11, 11:59am


  2. Nov. 11, 10:12am

    I say bring on the tracks. I was a little disappointed with the last DLC due to only have 2 tracks with one being a go kart track. I was expecting about 4-5 tracks and then could have accepted the go kart track as a novelty. Spa is a great track but so are many others that hopefully will be released. I am not a programmer but I would think that a lot of the PD tracks could easily be released in a DLC w/o much effort. They have already been built for older versions of the game so all they need is an update. Either way, they can drop the paint and suits and give me more tracks. The car DLC was pretty cool but I wouldn’t complain if the next DLC was tracks only as long as there was more than 2.

    • Nov. 11, 11:10am

      I’ll be extremely surprised if we get even 1 track per DLC while also making other tracks for GT6 at the same time. Hopefully I’m wrong, cause I’d definitly welcome it, they didi a great job on Spa and Kart Space. It takes alot of time and testing to put together a track, especially with PD’s precision modeling standard.

  3. Nov. 11, 10:01am

    Looking forward to ripping the Nür apart in new DLC 900HP+ cars.

  4. Nov. 11, 9:32am

    “Truck” and “track” are pronounced the same way in Japanese: トラック
    They have the same problem with “rap” and “la”p or “clap” and “cr…”
    Bad jokes asides, he most likely talks about new races then!

  5. Nov. 11, 9:31am


    • Nov. 12, 4:09am

      You cannot compare Forza 4 with GT5, theyre each based on a other style of racing, besides, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 are both very different consoles

    • Nov. 13, 11:01am

      very true, loving GT doesnt mean you have to hate Forza….try to keep your fanboism to yourself

  6. Nov. 11, 8:55am

    This Lexus is the most photogenic car in GT5 I think. :-) (Lexus LFA)
    I would like to see the Lexus CT200h as donwloadable content.

  7. Nov. 11, 7:59am

    I think he meant tracks not trucks (hope that’s what he meant). This is really good news that PD is focusing on new cars. If I remember correctly, in the interview at SEMA Kaz stated that they are focusing on new cars. Also, a long time ago he had mentioned that the premium cars in GT5 are actually GT6 compatible/upgradeable. So it would kind of make since that they would focus on modeling new cars starting now. Also it’s a big thing that is desperately needed in GT5 to compete better. Forza 4 has a car list that is basically a wet dream. I can truely say that I would try to get every single car in that game. As for GT5, there are cars I can say I would never use and then there are cars I wish were in the game (Lamborghini Aventador, Koenigsegg, Pagani Huayra, Scirocco R, Audi TT-RS, Lotus Exige, etc.). There are also tracks that are not only wanted, but in need of being updated. For example, Trail Mountain is a fun track, but it DEFINITELY looks dated. El Capitan … man I miss that track.

    So in a sense, I can see PD stepping up big time and bringing some GOOD CONTENT in the near future.

    • Nov. 11, 9:31am
      Eric W

      He definitely meant tracks.

  8. Nov. 11, 7:49am

    A-Spec as usual, D-Spec for drifters. Career mode

    • Nov. 13, 10:58am

      hey, thats my idea!! haha, but lets keep posting!! it might happen

  9. Nov. 11, 7:47am

    DRIFT events PLEASE and TANDEM runs in GT6 would be EPIC!

    • Nov. 12, 4:07am

      Real Drag Tracks would also be EPIC

  10. Nov. 11, 6:23am

    Tracks tracks tracks please PD. There are far too many cars already.

    • Nov. 11, 7:38am

      Far to many cars?

      How can you say that?

      Yes there are far to many Japanese cars, but there are MANY American/European/Australasian cars that we need in this game.

    • Nov. 11, 10:23am

      Far to many cars Whit no cokpits

  11. Nov. 11, 6:09am
    HKS racer

    quote from the news “I think that will include cars and trucks” ehm you mean TRACKS right? You know, trucks are good and evertyhing but I rather have Mount Panorama Bathurst than an Iveco or Scania. ;-)

  12. Nov. 11, 6:02am

    sweet another 120 skylines and 10 euro and american cars lol

  13. Nov. 11, 5:29am

    i think that working on dlc and on gt6 (if gt6 will be released for ps3) go somewhat hand in hand because is material you can use.
    for example premium cars and tracks developed from scratch for gt5 could be used in gt6.

  14. Nov. 11, 5:15am

    I would like to see more trucks in the game tho

  15. Nov. 11, 5:15am

    Gt 6 will befor the ps4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats a fact , and its the best for the game more power will mean more physics .

  16. Nov. 11, 5:12am

    Well well well, seems like my 40Gb PS3 will need a HDD upgrade..

    • Nov. 11, 10:32am

      I wish your Playstation a Happy 5th Birthday!

    • Nov. 11, 5:12pm

      yeah, she’s getting old :) already got the BR player replaced last year…one week before GT5 came out!!

  17. Nov. 11, 4:55am


    • Nov. 11, 7:36am

      I agree we need more cars yes, more trucks, but I’ve been saying for a while I’d like to have bikes.

    • Nov. 12, 4:05am

      Buy Tourist Trophy

    • Nov. 12, 9:09am

      I read a blog once that quoted Kaz before the game came out, that PD was thinking about adding bikes to the game. They just needed to release the game first.

      Now that the game is out…who knows?

  18. Nov. 11, 4:23am

    So DLC is coming SOON??? Lol

  19. Nov. 11, 4:06am

    finally…..sounds good…
    but then please at least one track!
    and cars like the mx5-TC and R32-TC….those are very cute…

  20. Nov. 11, 2:55am

    I’ll be sat with debit card in hand, can’t wait !! ….. and racing trucks (proper trucks, not pick-ups) !!! Can’t see that happening unfortunately, but i’d be at the front of the queue to purchase that pack if it really did ever happen, you’d have to peel my hands of the controller after weeks of playing to get me away from that.

  21. Nov. 11, 2:46am

    Personally, I hope they include more Astons, like the One-77, V12 Vantage, DBS, Rapide, etc. That and the Pagani Huyara, Lamborghini Aventador, those sort of cars. Maybe the Hyundai Genesis Coupe? New M5? An Alpina B7 or S65 AMG would be sick. Just some ideas off the top of my head. Oh: Grindelwald, Tahiti Road, Seattle Circuit, Midfield Raceway…PLEASE!!

    • Nov. 11, 1:50pm
      SZRT Ice


    • Nov. 12, 8:54am

      one-77 is a must- id like bmw 1 series m,e30’s(big bmw fan)jag x-c75,renault de zir,some rwb porsches(they could list them as rwb 930 etc.)aventador and a lambo countach lp500 with the legendary wing

      btw pagani sold the rights to the huyara to ea :(

  22. Nov. 11, 2:46am

    “I think that will include cars and trucks that we’ll be releasing maybe once every two months or so from here on out.”

    You think maybe or so? Whaw Kaz, what a sound project plan.

    “We decided the vehicles and tracks and content in this first DLC was going to be our starting point.”

    How clever to have the first DLC as your starting point.

    Just like in Jordan’s interview, Kaz speaks but doesn’t say anything. And every time he speaks, I’m more convinced GT deserves better management.

    • Nov. 11, 8:33am

      “I’m more convinced GT deserves better management.”

      I’ll have to agree.
      Kaz is a good icon as a front man, but the outfit itself does need better management. The production staff needs to be increased which would fall under the whole new management thing. They can’t put out the material they want to in a timely fashion with only 150 people, they need like 4-500 at least.

    • Nov. 11, 12:54pm

      Well they did purchase new office space a few months back, so I’d imagine they hired at least 50 NEW staff, which would be a lot of help. The 5 year wait for GT5 wasn’t neccessarily due to shortage of staff but more to do with the leap to HD. I hope they are more comfortable with the programing now, so things should really speed up with new content development. I don’t think Kaz wants PD to get too big, cause the business mangement won’t get any easier like that. 200 people working full time can do alot of work in the next couple of years.

  23. Nov. 11, 2:26am
    lancashire lad

    If they fix the hoover car sounds i’ll pay for that.

  24. Nov. 11, 2:23am

    My 2 cents;
    Yes it’s cool, for sure, however if I decide I don’t want said dlc I hope I won’t be forced to download it anyway under guise of an ‘update’ – find that annoying.

    • Nov. 11, 1:53pm
      SZRT Ice


    • Nov. 12, 12:20pm

      But impossible… explaination is the reply in 2 of my comments above.

  25. Nov. 11, 2:02am

    Cant wait for the new DLC, KAz did say he had something special for us around xmas time… so guess we’ll have to wait and see…

    Plus sorry to go off topic, but I just went online racing for the first time (I’m not an online type of guy) and thought special stage route 7 would be fun, high speed, exciting at the hairpin bends then a blast back… firstly it was kind of ruined by everyone being in X2010/X2011s, then someone suggested street cars… Perfect I thought, brought out my tuned Supra, tweeked suspension for the tight bends, lots of BHP… then everyone picked the Veyron (typical) so I did the same to compete, only everyones Veyron was tuned up to the hilt… (I left mine standard out of respect for the car) so I thought I’ll try and hold my own, 3,2…1 GO! and I suddenly found myself being in the middle of what could only be described as a wall grinding bumper car session.

    I left and went to find more rooms where people would race properly, I’m not talking overly serious, but properly… I still havent found a race yet where someones not punting other drivers off the track or just is descending into chaos. haha

    I’ll keep looking and hope to find all you sensible racers out there soon! Infact could anyone give me a hint as for what tracks,settings etc to search for? Thanks

    • Nov. 11, 5:34am

      Do a search on the forum for ‘CRAP Casual’. It’s a club for the very person you are describing. :)

    • Nov. 11, 9:40am

      Search for servers with atleast 3 stars and bars (makes is less laggy). And nurburgring 24h or nordschleife or spa usually gives you good drivers because it takes skill to drive the track properly. Also read the description and look for “fair racing”. “Pro” usually gives you some noob host who thinks he’s pro but actually just pisses you off all the time (or not cuz he cant keep up :P).

      Also rooms wich are half full or more usually indicates a good host and fun racing. Just use common sense when searching and you’ll probably find a decent server. And add people you like so you can join them when they are racing. That way you don’t have to look for a good server all the time.

    • Nov. 13, 10:51am

      Please add me, im having the same problem….plus when i join i pro room they kick me because of my stats :(, very frustrating

    • Nov. 13, 4:54pm

      Person (sorry about not saying your name) my ps3 name is leura and I am look for the same thing so please add

  26. Nov. 11, 1:39am

    So that’s what, 6 weeks or so until we get to start complaining about the next DLC being late? I’m not getting my hopes up. Every 2 months in Polyphony-speak equals about one a year.

  27. Nov. 11, 1:38am

    Hopefully GT6 will be coming to PS4.

    • Nov. 11, 7:48am

      Yeah hopefully, otherwise imagine a GT6 with blocky shadows…

    • Nov. 11, 9:59am

      If GT6 comes for PS3, (which will be only ready sometime in 2014), then GT7 would only be out sometime in 2018, 4 years after the PS4 launch, that would be an utter disaster for all.

    • Nov. 13, 7:34pm

      I don’t think that there will ever be a PS4. We haven’t got any news on whenever there will be a PS4 or not. Besides, I think the PS3 and Xbox 360 have the most realistic graphics yet, and I don’t think that we will ever have a PS4 and a Xbox 720 with graphics that are more realistic then PS3 and Xbox 360’s graphics.

  28. Nov. 11, 12:57am

    I feel there’s going to be a delay. Don’t ask why.

    Approximately “Every Two Months”…

    Nothing clear and precise with PD. And the game I paid 110$ (collector’s edition) will probably end up costing 200-240$ in the next year or so…


  29. Nov. 11, 12:55am

    PS: SaintSaiya I love your username, I am a MASSIVE Saint Seiya fan.

    • Nov. 11, 1:55am

      That makes two of us:) @

  30. Nov. 11, 12:54am

    Whatever it is I hope it is a separate download. I am not happy to have downloaded a gigantic 2.0 update when a massive part of it was content I’ll never utilize since Polyphony included all of the DLC in it, bloody PSN store purchase is a mere 100kb to unlock stuff.

    • Nov. 12, 12:17pm

      That wont happen because that would mean the DLC is for offline use only. If someone without DLC would race someone with a DLC car then the person without DLC can’t see him because he doesn’t have the car model. That would be downright stupid…

      Or that would mean you have to download the car when someone drives a DLC car. So your screwed both ways :P

  31. Nov. 11, 12:25am

    If they release gt6 on ps4, its going to take 5 years to release, just like ps3 to gt5, dont u realize that? Cuz they are going to start from scratch , the new engine and stuff

    • Nov. 11, 9:28am

      seriously… do you think they are going to make a new engine AGAIN??? Why would they? They said they reached the limit of the PS3, not the limit of the engine. And has anyone noticed how good the shadows look on tsukuba? They are stunning most of the time. Besides it would be stupid to make a new engine cuz then they would have to make new car models again… Don’t tell me the models aren’t good enough…

      Also I think the “operating system” of the PS4 will be very similar to the PS3 so its easier for the developers to push the PS4 to its limits early after the launch and you can probably play PS3 games on the PS4 aswell. I hope they put 2 gb of memory or more into the ps4, atleast then they have some memory headroom.
      Still don’t understand why there is just 512mb in the PS3… My laptop GFX card memory is 4 times as much as the PS3..

  32. Nov. 11, 12:23am

    Maybe trucks and tracks I hope. After all there are plenty of trucks to choose from, and I am not talking Daihatsu Midget. The Saleen F-150 Supersnake for instance. Callaway has built a Chevy, and Hennessy has a Ram truck. The 1978 Dodge Lil Red Express! And naturally the NSX killer GMC Syclone. :p

    In any case if this keeps going I’ll be playing GT5 right up to the point that GT6 is released.

    • Nov. 11, 8:07pm

      Woo! Thumbs up for the Syclone! :) Is it still the quickest accelerating production truck that has been produced?

    • Nov. 12, 4:03am

      Super Snake? Maybe more Shelbys, you know, the Shelby Mustang GT500 (SuperSnake)?

  33. Nov. 11, 12:01am

    I feel GT6 needs to be on PS4. GT5 is already trying to do things beyond the capabilities of the ps3 ie the horrible shadow rendering, when you kick up tire smoke/rain everything becomes pixelated, and Kaz has stated that it has to do with the lack of memory on the ps3…i can’t see GT6 looking any better even if all cars are premium…is there a reason why we can’t have weather and day/night settings to tinker with for all teh tracks? is it cause the system can’t take it?? if anything GT6 should have more content, better everything, and the ps3 can barely handle GT5…GT6 would cripple ps3

    Well it’s not confirmed if GT6 will be on one or the other but i hope it goes to next gen console, make it a launch product for the system and badda bing badda boom, ps4s will sell like hot cakes

    • Nov. 13, 10:42am

      it may be just me, but i think PD are making incremental adjustment to the shadow problem,….there are some replays i had uploaded to my pc in febuary, and they are nowhere near as good as the ones now

  34. Nov. 10, 11:58pm

    i hope they’re not expensive =[

  35. Nov. 10, 11:04pm

    If GT6 is for the PS4 that means we’re going to have to spend somewhere around $1000 for the system, and $80 for the game!

    • Nov. 10, 11:36pm

      ??? Speculation ??? I think we are quite away from that…

    • Nov. 11, 8:05pm

      I Know I go tmy 60gb PS3 immediately when it came out, and it cost $800. Im sure the PS4 isn’t going to be cheaper than the ps3.

  36. Nov. 10, 10:59pm

    i hope he said TRACKS not trucks, i hate trucks, i mean what is the point. unless its a rally truck or baja truck or something with baja tracks.

    • Nov. 10, 11:12pm

      I would really like to see some premium trucks just cause in America almost everyone has at least has one, and they would give you a cool new camera perspective in the game. I don’t know why, but I liked the fact that GT4 had normal everyday cars like the Honda Odyssey and Ford F-150.

      Just for the record though, I would prefer tracks instead of trucks, but either way it’s a win-win for me!

    • Nov. 10, 11:38pm

      Sorry, but i disagree completely. I live in the sierra nevada mountains, so every car around me is either a truck/suv or a subaru. I own a GMC yukon myself, and have no desire to race it or anything its size :P

    • Nov. 11, 12:29am

      There are plenty of sport trucks out there to choose from. Ford, Dodge, Chevy, GMC, and all the tuners, Shelby, Hennessy, and Callaway.

  37. Nov. 10, 10:50pm

    I really hope that there not working on GT6…

    • Nov. 10, 11:16pm

      but they are.

  38. Nov. 10, 10:46pm


    We need LIVERY EDITOR (i can spend GT5 most of time designing liveries)

  39. Nov. 10, 10:39pm


  40. Nov. 10, 10:11pm

    More Skylines!!!

    • Nov. 10, 10:57pm

      yes plz and the 2012 and 2013 GT-Rs

  41. Nov. 10, 10:07pm
    Drag Labs 101

    Can someone pls explain this getting expensive garb???
    I mean.. Let’s suppose all of the upcoming DLC is going to have a bundle price at or around the same as the 1st/past DLC just released… And it’s coming every 2months… So Im to the understanding that cracking an extra .75cents outta some of you a day requires a 2nd or better job???
    Here’s a tip.. You like GT5 so much quit super sizing ur meals cupcakes… Or opt to only by some DLC and not all…. But acting like saving an extra .75cents a day is budget or bank breaking is pretty hysterical folks..
    Even in our weak economy…

    • Nov. 10, 11:34pm

      :) – I enjoyed that!

    • Nov. 13, 10:36am

      Yeah I really dont understand the money complains….I mean are all these ppl high-school kids on allowances?, not that theres anything wrong with that, but all this talk of “second job” does seems kinda ridiculous

  42. Nov. 10, 9:59pm

    So this means we have over a month till the next DLC? :(

    I was hoping it was sooner. I hope its a modern supercar pack lol.

    • Nov. 10, 10:41pm

      Hey. Be happy that their actually becoming consistent. That’s how I look at it

  43. Nov. 10, 9:54pm

    This is more relevant to GT6 and less to DLC, it’s also an idea.

    I’d like to see an Oval track creator that uses the same or similar big grand stands typical of NASCAR/Motegi yet allows you to scale up and down the size of the track, how many and if there are any kinks/dog legs and to adjust the angle of the bank in the turns either universally or individually. That way NASCAR owners can get close to recreating their favorite ovals online, instead of just endlessly racing on Daytona and Indy. Why on earth Infineon and Motegi were not included with NASCAR making it’s premier in the series is baffling but so is a number of decisions.

    As for more DLC, bring it on! I don’t smoke or drink coffee so I can afford it easily. Especially if the money is helping fund my favorite game company.

    • Nov. 10, 11:32pm

      Very well said my friend!

    • Nov. 13, 12:11am

      Solid idea- thats the first time I’ve heard of something like that. Shouldn’t be difficult for PD to do, either.

      And yes, the baffling decisions are painful to live with. I’ll take solace in the fact that Kaz is listening…

  44. Nov. 10, 9:53pm

    WOOT! i just need moneys and i will be fine!

  45. Nov. 10, 9:49pm

    Does anyone know how well the first DLC did. I hope it was enough to convince PD to make more and to take it more seriously

  46. Nov. 10, 9:45pm
    Drag Labs 101

    Great News… Bring it on!!!

    & without delay.. <— yeah right!

  47. Nov. 10, 9:32pm

    Guess what Gt6 will release on blue ray with only the main menu and the rest trough updates

  48. Nov. 10, 9:31pm

    Guess what Gt6 will release on blue ray with only the main menu and the rest trough updates lolz

  49. Nov. 10, 9:27pm

    Touge track please :]

    • Nov. 10, 9:36pm


  50. Nov. 10, 9:23pm

    They ment Tracks. I´m sure of it. If they ment Trucks, then they would´ve mentioned Tracks after. Otherwise they would be saying there will be no new Tracks.

  51. Nov. 10, 9:16pm





    • Nov. 16, 9:23am

      Yeah I would love to have the Audi r15/18 and the new Peugeot for a good race

    • Nov. 16, 9:23am

      Yeah I would love to have the Audi r15/18 and the new Peugeot for a good race

  52. Nov. 10, 9:05pm

    The reaction to the DLC should be: Thanks, but we’d like new car models, not RM versions of already existing car models. Some more European and American cars, please. KY, keep GT fresh. Don’t fall behind the times. The cars are the stars. Forever. :)

    • Nov. 10, 9:11pm

      Trust me, if it’s another pack of RMs from cars already in the game, then I’m not buying. Personally, I think those should be given to us through updates, and brand new cars like Ferraris, Lambos, and other exotics are the ones we should actually have to pay for.

    • Nov. 10, 9:47pm
      Drag Labs 101

      HP…. Agreed!!!

    • Nov. 12, 1:16am
      SZRT Ice

      Agreed. Plus a classic track pack of atleast 8+ GT classics.

    • Nov. 12, 9:05am

      Personally I would actually LIKE it if they made more RM models of cars. I’m more interested into the race cars in the game more than the standard ones.
      I just say they need to make updates instead of making us have to pay for it.

  53. Nov. 10, 8:39pm
    Mac K

    Good news! Does this mean we can possibly expect DLC next month some time? The first DLC pack did come out in October and next month would be 2 months right?

    • Nov. 10, 9:07pm

      Yes. I find it to be quite the coincidence that the first pack of DLC was released in North America on October “25th”, and now we hear that DLC will be released every 2 months. Hmm… that puts it right on December 25th, Christmas Day! How convenient!

      Maybe this is the reason Sony delayed the North American release…

  54. Nov. 10, 8:19pm

    Oh yeah!

  55. Nov. 10, 8:06pm

    A new job to afford GT5 DLC? If you can’t afford a $20 PSN card (with $7 change left over) a month or every 2 months, then you already needed a new job anyway.

  56. Nov. 10, 7:47pm

    I really hope the next dlc, is a lot more tracks. Maybe a 5 track pack? A guy can only wish…

  57. Nov. 10, 7:47pm

    I hope I fix my ps3 blu ray reader before the next DLC or GT6 comes outs. I also can’t wait for GTAV

  58. Nov. 10, 7:39pm

    This Is Great! Hopfully they add some nice cars like more ferraris, lambos, jaguars, etc. :D

    • Nov. 12, 3:59am

      Porsches would be nice too

  59. Nov. 10, 7:34pm

    Don’t forget the track logos of Piazza del Campo and Grand Canyon Mini!

  60. Nov. 10, 7:11pm

    Everyone realizes that this slates the next dlc release for around Christmas time. What a perfect present!!!!!

    • Nov. 10, 7:31pm

      Indeed. :D I’m keep thinking there might be a possible chance for a “Bike DLC” :D Or maybe the bikes might in GT6 I hope. That’ll make the game really with DTM, FIA GT, WRC, and Bike racing. And some modern, classic, rally, nascar race suits for your driver. :D

  61. Nov. 10, 7:03pm

    Thoughts on GT6…
    If they have laser scanned all the real-world tracks and premium cars, those will easily transfer to GT6 regardless of the platform (PS4, PS3 or PC) as the image files should be near-perfect resolution. So what we have now is a great start. They won’t face the same issues of transferring GT5 Premiums into GT6 as they did transferring GT4 or earlier cars into GT5. Basically, no more Standard Cars. It will be an incredible feat to get to 1000+ laser-scanned Premium Cars. I will be very interested in seeing the full car list for GT6.

    In many ways, unless there will be great advances in visual digital technology between now and then, you could wonder if GT6 will be a “tuned” version of GT5…more tracks, cars, events. It will be interesting to see how far they can push the envelope.

  62. Nov. 10, 7:02pm

    Please PD I am literally begging, surely at least one of those two monthly dlcs will be a drifters pack with cars and tracks maybe even ai drifting?

    • Nov. 11, 7:43am

      I think PD should focus finally on how many people play GT5 title just because of DRIFT and there is NO drift events at all.
      They are not drift events what we have now, its just single drift runs, or online so called tandems. Real drift events, with commentator voice saying “TAKTE!!!!” wich means 100 points.
      EBISU CIRCUIT, LONG BEACH, MOUNT HARUNA, MAZE CIRCUIT and more drift cars in premium is what we need

  63. Nov. 10, 7:01pm

    My body is ready

    • Nov. 10, 8:03pm

      The DLC doesn’t go into your body, it goes into PS3. Unless your borg and assimilated your PS3 and play it through your alcove or something.

    • Nov. 10, 9:12pm

      Resistance is futile. ^^^

    • Nov. 11, 10:19am

      haha shuffel it in from behind

  64. Nov. 10, 6:58pm


    • Nov. 11, 4:53am

      YES PLEASE!!!

  65. Nov. 10, 6:54pm
    Scuderia Paul

    GT5 DLC every 2 months is great news! GT6 will not be out for at least 2 years so complaining about it is utterly pointless.

    With such regular DLC there is now a chance I will have my dream of the Audi R18 TDI and Maserati MC12 come through. Please Kaz…

    • Nov. 10, 11:46pm

      I Agree!!

    • Nov. 12, 3:58am

      I also hope there will come more Maseratis in the game, like Quattroportes, and the old models too; the Khamsin, Bora, Merak(?), and of course the Ghibli

  66. Nov. 10, 6:51pm

    This is great news .
    GT5 still needs more tracks and new cars , if PD really release new DLC very 2 months , i´m more than happy .
    Thanks PD .

  67. Nov. 10, 6:44pm

    Yes! Glad I saved my money by not getting the first pack of DLC. I think these new up and coming DLC will be awesome!

  68. Nov. 10, 6:30pm

    Do we know if GT6 will be on PS3 or for next-gen console like PS4?

    • Nov. 10, 6:43pm

      I think it will be for the PS4. If not, then were looking at the same scenario that happened with PS3 release – no early flagship title from Gran-Turismo!

    • Nov. 10, 7:03pm


      When you look at GT4 it came out when the 360 was getting warmed up and the ps3 was really near.

      So its possible for a GT6 release late into the PS3’s career.

    • Nov. 10, 7:16pm

      But then again, GT3 was released a hell of a lot earlier into the PS2’s lifetime that what GT5 was for the PS3 ;)

    • Nov. 10, 9:12pm

      @jomama2010: Exactly, that’s just what I don’t want to have happen!

    • Nov. 11, 6:07pm

      Yeah, I hope it comes out for PS3! I’ll just buy a nice component cable! :)

  69. Nov. 10, 6:28pm

    probably the same amount of cars, and stuff the last one

  70. Nov. 10, 6:26pm

    That’s cool and all.. but I really want more progression through the game THAT USES the new DLC. Namely mor A-Spec races and series and a higher level cap, from LVL40 to LVL50 or 60.

    All this new content is and will be great and I’m not complaining about it, I just want to be able to use it in the game to progress in career mode too.. Not just online.

    If it’s only content to be used online in multiplayer races, I’m not sure I’ll be buying every pack.

  71. Nov. 10, 6:22pm

    So what’s the thing that Kaz is talking about with GT6? All premiums? What I hope, is that GT6 will not be for the PS4.

    • Nov. 10, 6:29pm

      Actually I do hope that GT6 will be on the ps4 because I’m hearing complaints about it’s physics engine needs to be more improved. Hopefully next gen will be similar to the popular pc sims if not miles behind.

    • Nov. 10, 6:46pm

      I hope it’s for the PS4. Kazunori already stated that they went to the maximum limit of what the PS3 could handle. If we get GT6 on the PS4 we can really expect some great new features!

    • Nov. 11, 10:10am

      i hope it is ; i think der is not much left (in power) from the PS3 so be it on the PS4 (+- round the end of 2013 ) . i think the DLC will keep us hapy fot the time that wil kom

  72. Nov. 10, 6:21pm
    Dominic Toretto

    they should refresh the whole A-Spec thing with the new tracks

    • Nov. 10, 9:23pm

      Agreed… A-spec is so very dead without some new events.

      Some new tracks with lots of new events would make me play GT5 again.

    • Nov. 10, 11:33pm

      yes please!!! I dont play much online, so i am running out of races i havent tired of. When do we get a seasonal with Spa?

  73. Nov. 10, 6:21pm

    Why are you all complaining ii he meant trucks? Farza 4 has them and they are fun!! gt5 needs premium trucks!!!!

    • Nov. 10, 6:47pm

      Trucks are fun to drive! Please PD, bring us premium trucks!

  74. Nov. 10, 6:18pm

    am i the only person who wants to own a 995456347344 horsepower lorry in GT5 that can do 5000mph?

    • Nov. 11, 8:11pm

      Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.

  75. Nov. 10, 6:18pm
    White & Nerdy

    The pool of materials had better include the various Nurburgring variants that can be seen in demos but not raced on in the game.

  76. Nov. 10, 6:14pm

    That’s great news! I will pre buy absolutely anything PD wants to release, regardless of expense. Great news! Guess I’ll have to pop for the gamepod and T500rs now, my wife is going to be thrilled! :)

    • Nov. 10, 6:33pm

      Yeah i’m with you, sure it may be a little expensive, but your supporting future DLC and future GT’s and as a fan of the GT series its well worth it.

      I guess all the extra content they’re making for GT5 will be ported over to GT6 anyway.. So its like they’re making GT6, but just giving us what they can as they go. That’s how i’m thinking its working anyway.

    • Nov. 10, 6:41pm

      Absolutely! Eagerly anticipating what they have in store for us…

    • Nov. 10, 7:39pm

      It’ll be interesting to see how much will be directly ported and how much more data GT6 will bring. Could even end up being a 2 Disc Game. What I really hope is that they don’t drop a whole chunk of cars they didn’t model by GT6, I would love to see every single car stay, down to evey Skyline and Miata. I would like GT6 to be the complete library of cars premium plus an additional 150 historically popular NEW cars. That would be an epic museum. Plus of course a whole range of tracks, I hope rally tracks, something crazy like thight trails through dense forest and other really fast paced rally type surfaces that are really tricky like Grand Canyon.

  77. Nov. 10, 6:14pm

    AWESOME, great news for me today!

    GT5: The Real Eternal Simulator.

  78. Nov. 10, 6:13pm

    Aston Martin DBR9 Race Car please :)

    And two months starting when? Today?

    • Nov. 11, 12:26am
      Ferrari Alonso

      V12 Vantage Zagato for me please:)

    • Nov. 11, 9:59am


    • Nov. 12, 3:52am

      Don’t forget the DBS, or maybe the old models like the DB4, DB5 and the DB6

    • Nov. 12, 8:32am

      AGREED ..and the aston lola lmp1

  79. Nov. 10, 6:10pm


    • Nov. 10, 6:21pm

      GTRs are r35 Skylines

    • Nov. 10, 7:05pm

      Well Nissan and Polyphony are partnered up in the real racing world…..So it only makes sense that Polyphony would bend over and put a lot of Nissan’s in the game.

      Honestly I could care less because a new car is a new car.

  80. Nov. 10, 6:08pm

    So thats 6 DLC per year, which will cost you about $60. spending $60 each year for DLC on a single game is not cool at all. GT6 wont be out till when? another 5 years? we are looking to spend couple hundred dollars more on GT5 guys! LMAO, HELL NO!

    • Nov. 10, 6:11pm

      It’s just like buying 1 game over time. Not the end of the world.

    • Nov. 10, 6:12pm

      You can buy them seperate if you don’t want to buy the whole pack you know. :/

    • Nov. 10, 6:17pm

      You realize that some people pay $60 per year just for the privilege of using online features *cough xbox live cough*
      And if YOU don’t want to pay for it, that’s fine. But a bit of new content every 2 months is not something to rage about.

    • Nov. 11, 10:38am

      Why are so many people complaining about elective DLC… you don’t have to purchase it to play online, so how is it effecting you? Do you want it for free? I don’t see any other games putting so much time and effort into a game that was released a year prior… I understand they are making a quick buck off these DLCs but they really aren’t that expensive… be happy they are expanding upon a game without making you buy an entire new game disc with 95% of the same game…

    • Nov. 13, 2:27am

      GT is to me what my dads scalectrix track is to him , he still has half the basement full of track and has been adding to it since the 60’s , when it’s more of a hobby than just a game , it’s a lot easier to justify spending the money on new cars and tracks be they real or virtual , no one is forcing you though , if you don’t want the new things that come out you don’t have get it

    • Nov. 13, 11:04pm

      Considering the time and effort not to mention salaries involved in producing these DLC I have no problem paying for them. After all you would expect something for your time if it was you producing the DLC. That said I hope the pricing is set at a reasonable point to make it accessible to the masses.

  81. Nov. 10, 6:08pm

    Wow, people complaining about having to pay for the new DLC??? How about this, get a job, the last one was 12 bucks, seriously, 12 bucks???? You act like you have to buy a whole new game…..

    • Nov. 11, 1:58am
      Ben Rogue

      Well, some people don’t have a lot of money. I found the last DLC pack quite pricy, here in NZ it was more than $20, which is about 1/3 of what the game cost me

    • Nov. 11, 9:12am

      In Brazil we need to buy a 20,00 U$ card by R$ 50,00. thats not so cheap.

  82. Nov. 10, 6:07pm

    Maybe the feedbacks could be some use to help Kaz and PD with DLC such as cars, tracks. :D This has to be the best day ever to be expected. ;)

  83. Nov. 10, 6:05pm

    will probably get those tracks from GT4 we had been suspecting

  84. Nov. 10, 6:04pm

    will probably get those tracks from GT4 we had been suspecting

  85. Nov. 10, 6:00pm

    New content every two months is waaayyy coooolll! But I have mixed feelings about GT6, not sure I want a new game anytime soon. But hey, I use to buy a copy of Madden every year, how’s that for stupid?

    • Nov. 10, 6:08pm

      We will all be dead and buried by the time GT6 is released :D

      Regular DLC sounds awesome though, will keep alot of people interested in playing regularly.

    • Nov. 10, 6:42pm

      @Gimp – I play GT5 at least once a day so this is awesome news to me! DLCs gonna be kinda expensive but i do not mind at all

  86. Nov. 10, 6:00pm

    Mentions of more DLC’s and GT6, BEST POST EVER!!!!

  87. Nov. 10, 5:53pm

    lots of win. If he adds a truck when we need the SRT10 Ram and the new Ford Raptor

    but I really hope he meant tracks and not trucks. Needs more SSR11

    • Nov. 10, 7:10pm

      Hmmmm, need a track to go with the Raptor. Like a section of Baja or a Trophy Truck course. While we are at it, lets throw in some actual trophy trucks and Dakar rally car-truck-SUV-things (Dakar vehicles are so weird but I love them anyways).

      Also, needs more SR11.

    • Nov. 11, 8:07am

      If they add trucks they need the gmc typhoon and syclone

    • Nov. 13, 2:19am

      Isn’t nascar enough wt??

  88. Nov. 10, 5:53pm

    Thats gonna cost me a lot of money! :P

  89. Nov. 10, 5:53pm

    YESSS!! I hope we get new supercars (adventador, Koenigsegg Agera, etc) Muscles (Mustang Boss 302 ’12) and Maybe WRC? Ken Blocks Fiesta would be cool :P

    • Nov. 10, 9:46pm

      i just the 70 chevelle to be a premium. and to have the shelby ultimat aero

  90. Nov. 10, 5:49pm

    TRUCKS ?! My only anwser is SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

  91. Nov. 10, 5:48pm

    If it’s evey two months, maybe there might be lots of stuff in the DLCs. Oh BOY! XD

  92. Nov. 10, 5:46pm

    I’m really happy for this, but where the hell (sorry) do you think I’ll take the money from?
    So no DLCs for me.. :(

    • Nov. 10, 5:50pm

      same thing for me

    • Nov. 10, 6:00pm

      Gotta get another job just for GT5 expenses

    • Nov. 10, 6:03pm

      Funny how it has evolved..
      I remember Kaz telling that there will be no DLC for money, and now …
      I’m sorry for ruining it, but IMHO they shouldn’t release DLCs, at least not so often. At least for the price of the first DLC.

    • Nov. 10, 6:12pm

      6 DLC’s per year until GT6 could sum up to a hefty total if they’re priced the same the last one. I’m sure they’ll figure out a reasonable way of pricing though.

    • Nov. 10, 8:07pm

      A new job to afford GT5 DLC? If you can’t afford a $20 PSN card (with $7 change left over) a month or every 2 months, then you already needed a new job anyway.

    • Nov. 10, 9:04pm

      Sell the children for scientific experiments?

  93. Nov. 10, 5:44pm

    Sounds awesome, looking forward to whatever surprises Kaz and his team have for us :D :D :tup:

    • Nov. 10, 5:46pm

      Me too. :D

  94. Nov. 10, 5:44pm

    Let’s hope they understand how the majority of people play their game, and the additions they have patched and updated are for the good of the game. A fresh copy of GT5 and the most updated patch are almost two different games. Just understand that the set of cars are great, just simplify and understand the importance of the correct models

  95. Nov. 10, 5:41pm

    I hope he mean Tracks & not Trucks….

    • Nov. 10, 5:56pm


    • Nov. 10, 6:05pm

      Ya, I don’t even want to begin to imagine a “Truck Pack”… please use your time modeling premiums PD! Even though there might be a handful of trucks that do have performance oriented chassis and suspension setup that could provide some fun, if I’m not racing on an oval :)… I would hate a NASCAR Truck Series Pack…

    • Nov. 10, 6:16pm

      “Lorry?”.. God i hope so

    • Nov. 10, 7:55pm

      Sweet I want to drive a tractor trailer around Nurburgring XD We already have cars in the License tests that turn about as good as a semi so I think I would be well practiced.

      New Dealerships Mack, Freightliner and International.

    • Nov. 11, 3:17am

      How about an Aussie Road Train (semi-trailer with two additional trailers!) around the Nordschleif? ;-)

      Or for an even bigger laugh, try it on Tsukuba!

    • Nov. 11, 5:38am
      Super T

      Or Autumn Ring Mini… You could lap yourself!?! :-)

    • Nov. 11, 7:48am

      Kart Space! With the train would be a sight.

  96. Nov. 10, 5:41pm

    That’s so cool, GT6 is being made and DLC every 2 months is awesomeness. :D Can’t wait to hear about GT6 and more DLC coming. Cars, tracks, I’m cool with it 100%. ;)

    • Nov. 10, 6:23pm

      That is cool. I’m guessing that DTM and FIA GT are being reserved for GT6. I’m sure they have a bunch of premiums already made! :)

    • Nov. 10, 6:44pm

      Haha, I agree with you X10. :D This is super great, DTM and FIA GT sounds super wonderful and perfect for GT6. ;) Your totally right about the premiums already made. That’s what I also believe. :)

    • Nov. 10, 6:58pm

      @shurnster…when GT6 comes out I’m sure the Grand-Am/DTM/Super GT league will be well established.

      2015 there is suppose to be an epic merger of the three race leagues.

    • Nov. 13, 11:36am

      @jomama2010 Don’t mention a release date yet! You probably just cursed us with 9,496 delays, so now it’ll come out somewhere around the year 4819. :(

    • Nov. 13, 8:23pm

      @TeamCZRRacing…what? I’m not talking about GT6 release…I’m talking about the DTM/Super GT/Grand Am merger

  97. Nov. 10, 5:38pm

    Thats pretty good news.

  98. Nov. 10, 5:38pm

    GT6. Already.

    • Nov. 10, 5:56pm

      :’) its coming…tears of joy. now to go call my interenet provider and tell them to give me an extra 60 gonna updating gt5 :’)

    • Nov. 11, 2:59am

      Would have that as PS4 launch title :/

  99. Nov. 10, 5:38pm


  100. Nov. 10, 5:36pm

    Every two months that’s awesome

    • Nov. 11, 3:36am

      I want to know what it is that they can’t put as dlc but have to put it in GT6 ( which I’m probably not getting after GT5), I might get some dlc for gt5 but after that I’m playing Saints Row The Third until Grand Theft Auto 5 comes out then ill be playing that for awhile.

    • Nov. 11, 4:46am

      I agree! That is awesome! I’m ready to buy more cars and tracks every month if need be. GT5 is my hobby and it’s a lot cheaper than a lot of other hobbies, so I don’t know how people can complain about paying $10 bucks + for more stuff! Come on!

    • Nov. 11, 4:48am

      Haha sounds sick . Wonder what GT6 is gonna be like?

    • Nov. 11, 6:03am
      HKS racer

      HSV GTS that sound trollish. Are you expecting bazookas and an uzis in Gran Turismo? At least compare GT5 with other racing games if you have to say something…

    • Nov. 11, 6:22am

      Think about the difference between GT3 and GT4. I’d imagine it’s something like nitrous, new game modes (drag racing), and graphics engine updates (fixes to the shadows) or fundamental physics changes like brake fade (although we’ve seen so far that you can completely replace the suspension model with an update).

      I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a polycount update to the tracks in GT6, which would be too much data for a DLC.

    • Nov. 11, 6:42am

      Awesome??? Do you realize how the game will cost you after 2 years?? And then you’ll have to buy GT6 (maybe half game like GT5)… Let us see if they bring something good – From now on it’s all Money Talks. It’s sad to see games selling into small pieces….

    • Nov. 11, 8:30am
      Eric W

      As much as I like seeing a purchasing the new DLC and having the new content, it’s going to get expensive to play this game. Albeit, $11.99 isn’t a lot of money to part with but having to pay for new DLC every 2 months or so for the next several years could easily reach the cost of buying the PS4 when it’s released assuming the cost is around $299. (I know the PS3 was a lot more at launch but that was partly due to the new bluray technology.)

      Being an older gamer, I don’t know if I like the way the gaming industry is headed although this will not keep me from buying the GT5 add-ons as they become available. Luckily, Gran Turismo is the one and only game that I play.

    • Nov. 11, 9:53am

      Eric W@ i know wat jou mean , for my ,i look at it dis way . i spend 12euros on DLC and have fun for 1,2,3….10 nichts it wil only kost my around 12 euros . if i spend one nicht socialaizing whit friends it wil kost my about 2tims as mutch For one nicht , oke its socialaizing whit friends but i do that every day . so it compensats for my ( i speek for my self ) . and as a Fan ( like you ) i will buy the DLC and for as long as the GT series continus ,i wil do so . have fun playing GT5

    • Nov. 11, 10:06am
      Eric W

      I know that I can spend a lot more going out and socializing and $12 would be a VERY cheap night out especially if it’s only once every 2 months or so. But that really isn’t my point, my point is that it is going to cost us an extra $70 or so to play Gran Turismo and stay update-to-day every year when it should have only cost us the initial $60 dollars when we bought the game. Granted, I will still buy the DLC when it come available and I’ll just have to pass it off as just supporting PD in their efforts in making this game all that it can be.

      But like I said, I am very happy that this is the only game that I play because gaming can and will cost us a fortune to play.

    • Nov. 11, 11:00am

      @Eric – yeah i here you, I’m an older gamer also, so i remember getting my complete game at the day of purchase. but i will buy PDs DLC because i love playing GT, even if its DLC i don’t necessarily care for, i’ll still get it to support PD. $12 every two months is pockets change to me, I spend alot mire money on beer and cigs in a week….plus im down for anything that gonna keep me playing GT5 longer

    • Nov. 11, 3:22pm

      Meh. With no Spa seasonal or anything else to do with the first DLC, I am still wondering what to do with it. Not sure why I would buy again. Can’t use it or give it away. It’s like they are still holding the keys for the cars without races for them. The track I only race online so I did not really need to purchase. I don’t get it. Hope they come up with a different format or content and pricing structure.

    • Nov. 11, 3:46pm
      Eric W

      You need to race them online in an organized races.

    • Nov. 11, 4:20pm

      @Eric W That should be the job of the server/developer. To find me someone to play with at my skill level. Like any other top tier game. Modern Warfare thrives and supports the DLC model because you can jump in and out on your own schedule. You get the most out of the time invested in playing because of it’s well thought out and implemented matchmaking and game options. GT5 fails in that respect and it becomes MY job to seek out my own competition? In a game where any one getting beat can change the rules and settings whenever they want as the host? Meanwhile the developer is working on selling worthless DLC? You know I am right. Thanks for the invite. HAha

    • Nov. 11, 6:02pm

      Every 2 months???

      Ok as an old timer (48) I feel I am not in the mainstream GT5 universe but I am so impressed with those who have the skill and persistence to get excited/unexcited about DLC when I am still unable to gold intermediate AMG, can’t gold that slalom licence and cannot even bronze the Vettel.

      I would love to see B driver races sustain damage so that they have to trade time for oil/bodywork/puncture/suspension damage. I think experience ought to be based on time (ie use RedBull and get reduced experience points). I also think in A spec, experience points out to be a function of performance points vs the others. You can use RedBull to get credits but as it is so superior, don’t expect big experience too.

      Bbm is so clunky it is a Joke so why bother. As for drifting, can’t even see the interest. Why not do drag races or even parasailing?!

      Way more tracks, less stupid cars, better AI opponents, less immunity to damage and fewer unrealistic challenges would be GT6 heaven!

      Just my opinion…

    • Nov. 12, 12:38am

      I don’t mind the dlc every two months – just really hope Kaz and PD have learnt from the first DLC and will make it region free so i can use it on my main account. The last dlc is sitting on my US account untouched. The decmber patch can’t get here quick enough – i so want to drive the new cars and tracks and paint my cars with those insane paint chips.

    • Nov. 13, 11:32am

      Let’s not forget that Kaz mentioned that he would have liked to stick a mode in GT5 that allowed you to step out of the cockpit and explore your surroundings. Wonder if that’ll appear in GT6.

    • Nov. 13, 2:37pm
      Eric W

      PD really needs to focus their efforts on better game play including online game play and forget about free roam. The only thing that I feel that may be cool would be to be able to open the door, hood, and trunk/hatch. I’d like to be able to pose my Lambo or Enzo with the doors open.

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