Assetto Corsa to Have 3 Porsche Packs: 24 Cars Total, First Pack Expected Late September

Assetto Corsa 24 August 1, 2016 by

When the team at Kunos Simulazioni originally announced that the Stuttgart manufacturer would be coming to Assetto Corsa later this year, it was a bombshell reveal no one expected. The partnership would result in 20 of the most iconic machines manufactured by the brand across 2 individual DLC packs. As it stands, things have taken a turn for the better.

In the Summer Special episode of Kunos’ developer stream, Look What the Cat Hacked In, Marco Massarutto, Executive and Licensing Manager at Kunos, revealed that the expansion will now include 24 cars and will result in 3 DLC packs. To sweeten the pot, 3 of the 24 prospective cars will be introduced to the game courtesy of a free update.

Of the 24 cars, 4 have already been revealed last month: the 935/78 ‘Moby Dick’, 911 Carrera RSR 3.0, 917/30, and the Panamera. Two more can be added to that list with Marco confirming that the 2015 and 2016 Le Mans-winning 919 Hybrid will also be included in the expansion.

Accompanying the original announcement were some interesting words on the part of Massarutto. “This Fall, Assetto Corsa will be the only multi-platform title to have the Porsche brand in a genuine racing simulation,” he continued, “We are working closely with Porsche with the aim to reproduce each single model with the maximum accuracy.”

The comment quickly caused a stir, but we now know that all driver-selectable features will be reproduced in-game, making the Porsches some of the most unique cars among the game’s growing roster. If that sounds familiar, then you’re likely thinking of the Ferrari SF15-T that was included in the Red Pack, and its myriad drive modes and systems.

While pricing for the 3 packs have yet to surface, Marco also revealed that there will be a Season Pass — a first for the game — that will discount the price of the DLC. The first pack is expected to release in late September and will be available on all platforms.

There are just a few weeks remaining until console racers can experience the game for themselves. Remember to stop by our Assetto Corsa sub-forum for more discussion and in-depth analysis.

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