Behind the Scenes of GT5’s “We Love Cars” Japanese TV Commercial

October 4th, 2010 by Jordan G.

Just when you thought you finally got that quirky little tune from GT5‘s Japanese TV commercial out of your head, here comes the “making of” video…

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  1. Oct. 6, 8:37pm

    Regardless of how weird and Japanese that commercial might be, that is a bit of marketing genius… and a great commercial. even though it’s only really about 10 seconds long.

  2. Oct. 5, 9:19pm

    Best song ever?

  3. Oct. 5, 3:52pm

    Cars I saw in the commercial that I can tell I am 100% sure I recognized:

    – R8 (LM Edition)
    – M3 (DTM)
    – X6
    – 510
    – Enzo
    – F1 2007
    – Mustang GT
    – Escort
    – NSX
    – Murcielago
    – Countach
    – Diablo
    – SC 430
    – GS 430
    – RX-7
    Mercedes Benz
    – SL500 (90´s)
    – E-Class (90´s)
    – SLS AMG
    – Mini Cooper S
    – Evo IX
    – Miev
    – R32
    – R33
    – R34
    – R35
    – GTR (Super GT)
    – ZX300
    – 350Z
    – Silvia S13
    – Impreza (2008)
    – Capuccino
    – Yaris (Vitz)
    – Supra
    – FT86
    – MR2
    – Beetle (old one)

    So far I guess all of them will be featured on GT5 (I have mi doubts about the Datsun 510), but all the other ones, they have been featured on last iterations of GT, or news.

    • Oct. 5, 7:03pm

      Did you see Impreza 2008 NON-Turbo?? (no hood scoop??) I have an ’09 Sedan 2.5i, would be sweet to drive it in GT5 and make upgrades, etc….

      Where in commercial and or making of vid did you see it?

    • Oct. 5, 8:01pm

      WTH you’re gooooooooood….

    • Oct. 6, 1:19am

      I remember the Subaru was a WRX STi white or silver, but i dont remember exactly which sec was…I didnt see any 2.5 version

    • Oct. 6, 1:20am

      It was on “making of” video

    • Oct. 6, 10:14am

      I saw the Impreza (white), is in sec 25, just 2 cars away from the F1´s

    • Oct. 7, 7:01pm

      Yup I saw the white STI 5 door at 1:33.. No 2.5i

  4. Oct. 5, 2:22pm

    You know what I love about that commercial? The simple fact that PD is so confident in GT5 they’ll make an add featuring toy cars to sell a video game.

    Lets see Turn 10 do that..

    • Oct. 5, 3:35pm
      Pie ‘n’ Peas

      Turn 10 is not a Japanese developer either…probably why they would not do a wacky ad like that! Besides, they are doing perfectly well with their Forza franchise, which happens to be a perfectly good racing game if you can step out of that bubble for one moment.

  5. Oct. 5, 12:47pm

    Gt5 demo has come to Sweden now at Gamestop

  6. Oct. 5, 7:13am

    Hmm, looks like 1:43s to me

  7. Oct. 5, 3:47am

    At 1:05. The red car… Is that a BMW X6? Looks like it.

  8. Oct. 5, 3:42am

    That tune is a serious earworm. Haven’t stopped humming it since I watched the vid.

  9. Oct. 4, 11:56pm
    Sean S

    Heh, it wasn’t CG.

  10. Oct. 4, 11:20pm

    Im wearing a Kaz costume for halloween!

    • Oct. 5, 4:58pm

      you made me laugh!

  11. Oct. 4, 9:52pm

    So has anybody seen any new, premium vs. standard cars???

  12. Oct. 4, 9:41pm

    Kyosho model cars.
    I love this puplicity, it’s not an agressive commercial film like we can see everywhere. It’s funny, cool, happynes, etc…

    It’s mind, enjoy with all this cars in GT5 !!!

  13. Oct. 4, 7:11pm


  14. Oct. 4, 7:09pm
    EAGLE 5

    Man those are some NICE models!!!

  15. Oct. 4, 7:06pm

    Its my birthday!!!!!!!!!

    • Oct. 4, 8:04pm

      Happy B-day!!!!(If you were serious lol)

  16. Oct. 4, 6:55pm

    ok i get it we love cars enough already ! , just give me gt5.

  17. Oct. 4, 5:19pm

    you also missed off lack of skid marks. :p

  18. Oct. 4, 5:18pm

    I don’t like the Vaccum Cleaner sounds in the song :(

  19. Oct. 4, 4:41pm
    Berlino Bear

    I also see they were using the same GT5 AI to control the cars.

    • Oct. 4, 5:05pm


  20. Oct. 4, 4:40pm
    Berlino Bear

    So were they Standard or Premium?

  21. Oct. 4, 4:33pm

    I wonder if Kevin Butler’s GT5 commercial has produced yet. Should only be a matter of days or tops a week until it airs.

    • Oct. 5, 12:05am

      Now THAT would be exciting!!

  22. Oct. 4, 4:17pm

    I spy a Diablo.

    • Oct. 4, 9:52pm

      That’s correct. I also spotted something like a 1977 RX7 Savannah, always missed that car in GT4 (not saying that all these cars are in GT5).

  23. Oct. 4, 4:08pm

    That put a smile on my face, like this :)

  24. Oct. 4, 3:28pm

    Nevermind. It’s the Mitsubishi i. Awww.

  25. Oct. 4, 3:27pm

    Chatocially funny.

    Also, if you pause it at about 1:16-1:17, you can see the little white microcar is a TATA Nano. I wonder if THAT’S in the game!

  26. Oct. 4, 3:19pm
    Super T

    Guess what I’m gonna be singing in my head all day tomorrow?

    Thanks Jordan! :/

  27. Oct. 4, 2:55pm

    Yellow Porsche (or RUF) 911 at 1:05 and possibly a red Panamera just behind.

    • Oct. 4, 3:47pm

      The yellow car looks like an RX7 to me and the red one like an X6 or some SUV :/

    • Oct. 4, 11:20pm

      Looks a C5 Z06 and X6 to me you get a closer look in slo-mo at 1:15, anyone agree?

  28. Oct. 4, 2:51pm

    I want a job at PD!

  29. Oct. 4, 2:45pm

    This was even funnier than the actual ad. Crazy stuff! :’D

  30. Oct. 4, 2:30pm

    Ahhh, that song’s stuck in my head again! Lol!

    Even tho they’re larger, it kind of reminds me of my Matchbox collection when I was a kid. I bought a car every week for about 4 years. Good times!

  31. Oct. 4, 2:28pm

    haha that’s awesome … i’m gonna find all of my son’s cars, grab him, my camera, and a tripod and head to a park as soon as this damn rain stops. gonna make my own “we love cars” commercial. sadly, i won’t be able to take a film crew with me so there won’t be a “making of” video of my efforts.

    • Oct. 4, 3:19pm

      But you can do the dymanic weather version of this advertisment :D

    • Oct. 4, 6:11pm

      lol … that’s funny … could’ve seen some rain physics at play on a slide.

  32. Oct. 4, 2:12pm

    All these cars have interiors…didn’t notice if they had working wipers or not since there didn’t seem to be any weather in this demo!
    Also…didn’t recognize the track…clear evidence of the track editor we’ve all been looking for…although I would have guessed they’d create a more interesting layout.
    Maybe I’m just “jonesin'” for a new fix of details. 2 Nov, while getting closer seems a ways away!

  33. Oct. 4, 2:08pm

    Do you think they only used cars that will be in the game for this commerical?

  34. Oct. 4, 1:58pm

    my collector’s edition will come with one of those cars =)

  35. Oct. 4, 1:56pm

    I don’t like the sound. This is not at all what toy cars sound like.

    • Oct. 4, 2:24pm

      I see what you did thar…..=P

    • Oct. 5, 3:33am

      Thank you, I was afraid it would go unnoticed… :D

    • Oct. 5, 8:17pm
      – Ice of SZRT –


  36. Oct. 4, 1:30pm

    Those look like good quality cars. Anyone know the brand? I’d like to buy some.

    • Oct. 4, 6:15pm

      kyosho I believe

  37. Oct. 4, 1:26pm

    We love cars! We love cars! La la la la laaaaa

    • Oct. 4, 2:22pm

      LOL, yeah, that song is catchy as heck….

    • Oct. 4, 3:43pm

      We all love cars!!!

  38. Oct. 4, 1:18pm

    I want all of them in my collection! Now! ò.ó

  39. Oct. 4, 1:07pm

    Hope most of these cars are in the game, I saw many that I wish is in… Escort MkII etc

    • Oct. 5, 4:57pm

      lol .This thought occurred to me immediately when I saw the ad. lol

  40. Oct. 4, 1:03pm

    there’s something weird at 1:13 flying over the slide

    • Oct. 4, 9:51pm

      LOL wow

    • Oct. 5, 3:40pm


    • Oct. 5, 4:51pm

      hey! there actually is something! lol I thought that was a joke. still checked out :)) probably some random flying car.

  41. Oct. 4, 1:02pm
    Oli (Death783)

    all those poor cars.

  42. Oct. 4, 1:01pm

    I love the idea, love the simplicity, love cars!

  43. Oct. 4, 12:54pm

    looks like they had fun making it, thats what its all about.

    • Oct. 4, 12:57pm

      Exactly, just shows that they are not driven by just money alone… :)

  44. Oct. 4, 12:52pm

    Does anybody else see the connection between GT5 and Canon DSLRs?
    1) There is this great DSLR Photomode in GT5.
    2) Some days ago, there where pictures from the RedBuul stuff with Yamauchi. There were Canon DSLRs used.
    3) I’m absolutely sure that this making of was made with a Canon DSLR. Not the commercial, but the making of.

    • Oct. 4, 1:16pm

      I don’t see a point for your comment, lol. XD

    • Oct. 4, 1:33pm

      Well with all these new DSLRs filming in HD, they are poised to make film making a prosumer’s dream, and more convenient for everyone. With all the lens choices out there for these, I think a lot more things we see will be “filmed” this way.

  45. Oct. 4, 12:50pm

    HAHA thats awesome! I want those:P

  46. Oct. 4, 12:48pm

    Does anyone know if these cars will be in GT5.Some of them are already in but the other ones not.I have a feeling they are not gonna be in the game and are just for commercial purposes, that’s my opinion because we almost already 1000 cars and these are more than that.

    • Oct. 4, 7:14pm

      Many of them like the FT-86 slot car makes me wonder if these other cars will appear. I’m hoping the Starion and X6 make it. I’ will have to wear an adult diaper if I find you b’cuz I’ve been waiting since Sega GT to race with the Starion again.

  47. Oct. 4, 12:47pm

    Well, no Smart in this game… What a shame!
    The smart Roadster is a really fun car to handle, and the smart fortwo with GSXR engine would have been pretty fun to play !


    • Oct. 4, 5:06pm

      how do you know this, you never know.

    • Oct. 5, 1:01pm

      There is a Smart on the slide.

      Great commercial. I hope all these cars are in GT5.

  48. Oct. 4, 12:47pm

    Thank god Kaz wasn’t the director of that ad. It would’ve never been ready, because the cars bounced and crashed a lot.

  49. Oct. 4, 12:44pm
    Shelby 427 1965

    Awesome Sauce with Win Fries.

    • Oct. 4, 12:46pm
      Shelby 427 1965

      I wish I had HALF of those cars.

    • Oct. 4, 3:13pm

      Seemed like a fun little commercial to film :)

    • Oct. 4, 6:24pm

      And don’t forget the Bacon!

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