“Brand New, Real Time” Damage Coming to Gran Turismo 5


We’ve got another new interview with Kazunori Yamauchi via GameBlog.fr, and while it’s not as personal or as thorough as Xavier Ocampo’s, it does produce two interesting and encouraging statements.  First, he reiterates the updated damange modeling in Gran Turismo 5 – reinforcing my personal suspicion that negative reactions to the damage shown off at GamesCom was the primary decision for a 2010 release. On the subject of release dates, Yamauchi confirms that is a decision in the hands of Sony Computer Entertainment, since “both versions [PAL and NTSC, presumably] will be finished at the same time”.

The full video is available here, though it’s only with French subtitles. Keep reading for the English transcript to see what else is discussed.

GB: From virtual to real, recently you have won an important competition on the Nurburgring, is it a great memory?
Kazunori Yamauchi: You know it takes around 10 minutes to make a full lap on the Nurburgring circuit. Honestly, after 7 laps and more than 1 hour racing, corner after corner, I was starting to brake and change gears completely by instinct. I felt I was not thinking anymore, so much that I had the feeling I was dreaming. I almost forgot I was actually driving. Frankly, I felt like in a trance state, something I never experienced with a video game. You know this race will remain a strong experience for me, this unique sensation that you and the car are one.

GB: Gran Turismo 5 will not be released in Japan before March 2010. What about Europe?
KZ: Trust me, it should be very close from this date because our schedules didn’t changed. What I can assure you is both versions will be finished at the same time.

GB: Gran Turismo 5 will offer a new kind of damage…
KY: Right now we are adding a brand new real-time deformation engine that will process according to the speed and angle of impact. But doing this in real-time remains truly complex. We could make it an easier way with pre-damaged models but definitely we don’t want to make it that way.

GB: Players have changed since the original Gran Turismo. How does GT adapt to this?
KY: You would notice that in Gran Turismo for PSP, game progression was accelerated. Before this, it took hours and hours to collect all cars and complete all license tests, this is not true anymore. This is a trend we are considering the possibility for GT5.

GB: You seem to be more concerned about your competitors…
KY: To tell you the truth, when I’m interested in other games, it’s really difficult to not look at them with the creator’s eyes. I notice some details and I think to myself: “oh, they must have really hard worked on this point” or “hmm, they must have lacked time for this very aspect”. I can’t prevent myself from putting me in their place.

GB: More than 10 years after Gran Turismo’s debut, what will you record from Polyphony Digital’s evolution?
KY: I will probably surprise you but, since more than 10 years I design Gran Turismos we never told ourselves that we were the best, the numbers one. As far as I search in my memories, I can’t remember a moment when we felt satisfied with what we’ve achieved because we always want to make it better. That being said, maybe that when everything will be over, the day I will not make video games anymore, I will feel this satisfaction… but this is not in the near future.

GB: During the Gamescom, you told us about the possibility of making a RPG. Would it be a Kazunori-style Shenmue?
KY: (laugh) Indeed it could resemble Shenmue, just because it resemble my own tastes. But if I really had to make another game, I would like it to include how characters live and die. To introduce a true life cycle and evolution.

Translation via napoleon_ist.

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  1. Ed

    So agree with FyreandIce – GT5 will not be the only game like this.

    DiRT 2 has fantastic real-time damage.

    GT is great fun, but don’t get ridiculously fanboy about it – it doesn’t help your prospects in life.

  2. Marienx

    you guys, check Shenmue .. it is seriously the best real time rpg ever made… nad I hate rpg. I only like Shenmue. Beautiful games… Its only for xBox… It is actually the 2nd most expensive game ever made after GTA VI… You can walk in a Japanese city and talk with have a conversation with hundreds of ppl walking… with million of dialogs… I will really look forward anything like this.. =-)

  3. BASE

    Sam__ NY:

    Thank you for answering. As you say, it is possible that my tv is causing my problem. I will look into that, by trying my PS3 on another television.


    I think you go way over your head here. This has nothing to do with other games, cause this has a deeper and broader aspect to it. If you want to play a game, then go play it.

  4. FyreandIce

    I have to lol at the people thinking that GT5 is the only game (if it even gets it when it is released) with “real time” damage modelling.

    Obviously you people live in little fanboy worlds were no other games exist or something.

    Try playing DiRT 2. Watch the front end of your car crush as you slam into that rock.

  5. yanfloist

    Forza 3 beating Gran Turismo 5???? Don’t make me laugh.
    Need for speed Shift is just like Pro street, very arcade-like, and the damage is terrible.
    Forza 3 is just a step up from Need for speed. The crashes are very unrealistic, seems like the cars are made of tinfoil.
    Remember, the best is always saved for last. That is – GT5.

  6. Sam__ NY

    I play GT5P with almost NO lag, and I play it on a 1980’s 480p panasonic tv. So the lag your experiencing could either be GT5P not able to comply properly with the new PS3 slim, or your tv PS3 combo is some how causing it.

  7. Wolgib07

    I have just seen whole track and car selection for forza 3 and I am not surprised.
    They have 23 locations (i mean 1 location suzuka, another montegi and etc…). They have copied nearly all tracks from GT4. The funny bit is that there are 19 variations of one track.
    I am thinking that Turn 10 does the same thing with tracks as PD with cars. Thats just so funny!
    With cars, Forza 3 has only 68 of them more than in Forza 2 (counting DLC’s) which is nothing.
    There are 10 more SUV’s, 25 normal cars and 25 race cars.
    Cockpits are awfull (copied from Midnight Club L.A.)
    Graphics are cartoonish (when you look at screenshots of Forza 2 and 3 at Nurburgring, you neary can’t find any difference).
    Damage is stupid (but I like the mechanical one).
    There is no difference in tuning at all from Forza 2.
    So,this game is not worth 70$ for me and what review will GT5 get after 9.4 to Forza 3 by IGN.
    I will need to buy Forza 3, because I have also an Xbox, but if you don’t have one don’t even think to buy it.
    Verdict: I thought that Turn 10 will do something better than Forza 2 with 68 more cars rollovers and several more tracks. And cockpits.

    And that is what I was saying 2 months ago. Don’t be zombees, because tiny forza will never beat THE BIG GRAN TURISMO.

  8. tom

    Im starting to get scared that we are going to receive a game which most of us will complete within the week. after 5 years, i want to be putting many hours in over the course of months before i even come close to finishing it. I will not except a ame that take 5 years to make and 3 days to complete. please kaz. GTPSP worked because its handheld. whereas people will put the time in on a ps3

  9. Ed

    God some of you are sad.

    Yes, GT is very good, but really try hard not to forget that there are other things out there. Try to be a little broad minded and less belligerent. Also, don’t just jump down the throat of anyone who disagrees slightly with you.

    Let’s diffuse the situation a little shall we?

    Peace and love,


  10. BASE

    Realtime damage will make GT5 unplayable. GT5P is lagging too much already, so adding better graphics + this damage is making me nerveous. I hate lagging, cause it feels like playing on an underpowered computer. Does anybody else experience lagging in GT5P? I am running it on the PS3 Slim and Panasonic PV70.

  11. GT P.I.M.P


    NFS: SHIFT was a horrible game…even with the difficulty set at the hardest setting and all assists off, it is far from “sim-racing” game. All show, no go. Why did I buy this game? I needed something to keep me satisfied til the release of GT5, what a joke…”9 our of 10″?

    I’m not sure if the two games are even comparable…

    GT for Life!

  12. napoleon_ist

    “both versions [PAL and NTSC, presumably] will be finished at the same time”

    yes kazunori yamauch was asked about european and japanese versions.

  13. atlop

    I’m a bit worried what all this damage is going to do the GT experience. Just think about it, if GT5 will have as huge career mode as GT4 (and at this point it’s still an if unfortunately), are we supposed to fight our way through it with the damage on at all times? Don’t get me wrong, damage would make many races much more exciting but some of the longer and more difficult ones I don’t know, want to crash out and let others catch you on the last lap? 24h races anyone? And what about Bob? Is he never going to crash? Is there going to be a Bob? Frankly I don’t think I would have completed GT4 with damage on. How many of you guys did complete GT4 with clean driving all the way through? Of course damage could be optional in career mode but then it would be kind of pointless IMO.

    And what about other game modes? License tests, well damage doesn’t add anything there, if you are trying to get gold you need to restart after slightest error anyway, damage doesn’t do anything to it. In online play, if you are playing with people you know then it would be ok but personally I would be worrying of completely ruining other people’s races by accident. Of GT4’s game modes damage would be best in Missions IMO, short intense races with even field. But other than that it’s going to be a challenge to keep the gaming experience balanced. (And this site will need a dedicated forum for all the crahs pics and videos!)

  14. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000

    My best online race-experience was with the DTM/TOCAseries from Codemasters. That game had the possibility to create (semi)privaterooms in which the host had the power to kick the terroristracers, voting would be another option. You should be able to mark these guys so you can put them on a filter or blacklist to block them from entering your room. Then I’d like to see the possibility to create your own championship for example 10 races in random disciplines so you and your friends can have an all night of fun with it. Another thing on my wishlist is that I’d like to save my carsettings, unlimited and smart like when you choose a specific race and car with specific PP that you will be able to access that previous saved data in the menu. Ok, another wish, I want to see my laprecords onscreen during the race. You should be able to choose this info in your screensettings. This should be a smart option as well, showing it for that specific track and car etc. Last but not least, when you choose a race, you choose a car and proceed to the startmenu, now when you want to change the car you have to exit the menu, rechoose the race and then you can pick another car. That makes no sense, I want to access my garage from within the startmenu. Does this appeal to y’al?

  15. Bernd

    Agree with Beast, they should add a real harsh penalty-system. If you want to win the race – better don’t touch a thing !! My best idea would be reduced speed combined with a forced drive-through-penalty, where you’re added max. fuel, but tire-changing is blocked. So if the penalty is given one or two laps before tire-change becomes necessary, you have to come in twice – and you are fucked !

  16. tek9[r]

    “don’t scrach the paint!”

    @Murcie, I gotta catch up, in some ways I’m glad for the extra time.

  17. Warden

    Damage better be absolutely incredible or KY is going to have a lynch mob on his hands with me holding the noose!

  18. Denzo

    sorry but im going to have to agree little bit with “Warden”. He is right in a way, calling him an “armature” is very ignorant. in really life you have to obey by the rules because of penalties, avoiding car damage, and killing some one and such. But if you throw all that out the window a professional racer wouldn’t hesitate to cut you right off the road if its going get him the win point blank. And if you say thats not true then you never have been under pressure before to win.

  19. David

    Its not so much that they are going to make damage better because of what was shown at Gamescom, its more that the damage sucked so badly (especially after KY’s mouthing off about how good it will be) that something of that quality should have never been shown / passed off in the first place.

    Honestly when you say your going to do ground breaking realistic damage, I dont want to see it until its done in all its glory. Damage shown at Gamescom was worse than damage in games 10 years ago! Even Grid damage would have been acceptable, has PD got a mental block or something. They have budgets and staff way higher than their competitors (I think even Turn 10 had less resources) but yet they cant do things which are givens such as damage decient enough for this generation of consoles.

    Basically do damage properly or nothing at all, I dont think anyone wants to see something as lame as Gamescom ever happening again to GT. All the press where literally laughing at such poor damage. Beautiful looking cars arnt everything you know.

  20. Beast

    A lot of the problem with the online rammers (like warden… no respect my friend) is that the Prologue penalty system isn’t robust enough to dissuade people from doing it. Thankfully they will have proper private races in GT5.

    As much as I really really want mechanical damage included, I still think they could improve the ‘damage off’ races by making the penalty detection system a lot better. Hell if they are going to be calculating damage in real time surely they can use a few CPU cycles to look at relative collision speed, impact angle and relative track position to award appropriate penalties.

    Frankly I wouldn’t care if I got a penalty for doing something wrong, it just encourages you to drive more cleanly. The system would have to detect if the preceding car swerves in front of you to cause an unavoidable collision, but it’s definitely not beyond the scope of GT5, one of the advantages of the PS3 is computing power.

  21. 8@No$


    PD PLEASE DON’T ACCELERATE GAME PROGRESSION !!! one of the reasons GT series stands up from the pile is the hard-work game progression and it’s long-time playability just because there are so many license tests, races and so-on. My opinion for GT5 is THE SLOWER THE BIGGER THE BETTER.

    The statement for real time damage is surprising. Imagine how hard that will be from a programming aspect ? I actually don’t believe that the PS3 has the power for such an option, but maybe Kaz is a magician we will see… Isn’t his passion for perfection so enjoyable?? “Expect perfection” “We could make it an easier way with pre-damaged models but definitely we don’t want to make it that way.”
    Can’t wait… :-)

  22. transam1998

    PS, visible damage won’t be enough, anyone who hits another car at that speed should be done, period. We’ll see how long that activity remains fun for them.

  23. transam1998

    I tried my hand at playing online once, my first annoyance, everyone knows the fastest cars for a group, so the entire field is the same car. 2nd annoyance, I was always ahead for most of the race, then, inevitable, someone would hit me at 110+ from behind when I slowed for a corner then everyone else would bump me off even if I moved out of the way to let them by. If they missed me, they would simply bounce off whatever object stops them from continuing into the next county, and still come out ahead of me on the track. What the hell is the point, unless people I know will race clean, I will never touch online racing again.

  24. irishash


    i’m thought PD had made it clear that GTPSP was developed as a different type of experience from GT5; a quicker tempo going through the game because they thought that people wouldn’t want to sit down for long periods of time on the PSP like they would at home on their PS3. that’s why the game got a shitty review from IGN, because the reviewer was ignorant to the fact that the game was purposely created for short bursts of play, rather than a lengthy career type thing.

  25. Rens

    @ warden

    You have to stop playing Gran Turismo, because obviously you suck at it. I can imagine it sucks not te be able to win a race whilst playing fairly, but come on, give us “not idiots” a chance to do so. Just buy Need For Speed and don’t bother us with your problems. But hey, luckily you and you’re fat American ass can “drive” Nascars all day long when GT5 comes out, where the actual racing part, or following the apex part if you will (that thing you apparently suck at), won’t be so big that you find it necessary to crash into us real drivers.

    Great news about the damage though!

  26. caribbean topdriver

    hey dispite all the negative drivers like our dear and honest friend warden, there are some clean drivers out there and i respect that. watch out for warden everyone. lol

  27. Rusty*

    I agree with everyone saying that it would be a trrible thing to see GT5 become a ‘fast paced’ game. I like how you got to work your way up slowly, gaining modifications means more and personalizes your car. If you can go out and get a GT-R or something fast in just a few races, that could really destroy the games GT Mode style that has been around since the beggining. Please don’t change this PD, keep GT5 like every other GT in this regard.

  28. cuarache_GTR

    @ Warden I absolutely love your honesty lol but are you one of those guys who drives like that then leaves derogatory messages on ‘victims’ PSN those guys are complete douchebags I get that all the time i’m all for a little gamesmanship and winning by any cost not that i do it but if someone does it to me i dont get pissed, but if someone then procedes to leave a bad message it makes me laugh because im a 14 stone former amateur boxer and some of the things i get over the psn from people claiming to whup my ass is funny. Happy Racing everyone GT5 coming in about 180 sleeps lol

  29. MYMYMY

    Again, a bunch of moronic trolls.

    Where did he mention anything about including damage because of the competition? The interviewer asked that he seemed more concerned about the competition and he didn’t even directly answer it, you morons.

    Secondly, he has ACTUALLY stated before that he didn’t include damage in previous games because the technology wasn’t good enough. He didn’t want to half-ass it like Forza.

    Third, he has ACTUALLY said that integrating damage was a matter of schedule, meaning damage was scheduled at this point and so they’re doing it.

    Call him a liar if you want, but stop with the retarded bullshit, please.

  30. Murcie


    My living room’s already awash with a 47″ LCD TV, PS3, Xbox 360, Driving Force GT AND G25. I’m set for, oh I dunno, the next 2 years?

  31. tek9[r]

    PD’s RPG+ Square Enix + my GT garage+Light Gun+ G27!!!! how would it work? don’t know, don’t care. I want it before 2012.

  32. transam1998

    Well I’ll risk getting flamed and say, I don’t mind so much having the career accelerated so much. I am career oriented and have lots of real life hobbies. I also play other sorts of games and race in real life. So..

    I find my time for games limited. It’s a good thing my Goddaughters love games too or I would probably never be able to play them.

    I do intend to win and drive every car, but I would rather not spend 10 years (until my PS3 doesn’t work anymore and I can’t get it fixed) trying to complete the game. :-)

    I do understand opposing opinions, I also had not much life at one time and would spend sunup to sundown gaming away. I just can’t do that anymore.

  33. al thor

    well thanks to all those fools who complained about the damage footage at gamescom. thanks for delaying this game further

  34. Alan

    Well then warden im glad that there will be private races introduced into gt5 so we can keep amateurs like you out and that only the best drivers can race each other, i agree with your point about having a bumper come off a car and it lying on the track for the rest of the race, but be warned, if its my bumper, and it was u that took it off, i will catch up with u and return the favour, u need to give me your psn id so we arrange a race in GT5 so i can give u a driving lesson, look forward to seeing u on track

  35. Warden

    I am one of those “idiots” that will smash into you during a race… why? well for one because it’s there.. and two because it might give me an advantage if I take you out. anyways I hope that for example if I take off your front bumper and it ends up on the track that it will actually be able to be pushed around and run over with real time physics and that it won’t magically disappear on the next lap… if poly is going to do damage “right” and “realtime” might as well go the whole 9 yards!

  36. Beast

    Alan Says:

    “If this delay is down to the fact that they went back to the drawing board with the damage feature then with 950+ cars i cant see this game coming out in march, they should just release the game then if thay want to change the damage feature then release a patch for it next year, its been to bloody long already.”

    Not really Alan. If they are moving to real-time, physics based damage model then actually it should be easier to implement on 950 cars than to individually script damage for each one. Basically the car models are already built, what they need to do know is write the part of the physics engine that determine how that deforms the various parts. The tricky bit would be translating that into mechanical damage.

    As much as real-time physical damage will look pretty, it needs to result in meaniful and accurate mechanical damage to be worth a damn.

    BTW I wouldn’t worry about Forza, it looks like a fun game but with the info that is already available it’s clear GT5 will easily surpass it for completeness. Frankly Forza isn’t going to move systems like say Halo ODST or some other cookie cutter FPS. The PS3 is looking healthy with plenty of AAA titles coming out between now and GT5… I’ve plenty to do/play until then!

  37. Alan

    If this delay is down to the fact that they went back to the drawing board with the damage feature then with 950+ cars i cant see this game coming out in march, they should just release the game then if thay want to change the damage feature then release a patch for it next year, its been to bloody long already

    Plus forza/microsoft can now capitilise hugely with this, just like they did getting the meltbox 360 out before the ps3

  38. don-sf

    something tells me this wont meet our expectations…

    real time deformation is too complex…because you should go on youtube and type in test crashes (all manufacturers do this with their cars for safety), and you wil see how an impact at speed changes the car. to have that model of realism will require some very complex algorithms, whilst i will never deny that kaz is not a genius…it maybe a little to early to think about that level of realism with damage.

  39. R6ex


    Will GT5 include the exciting headcam effects found in Need for Speed: Shift?

    NFS: Shift is such an exciting game!

    In contrast, the cockpit view of FM3 and GT5 looks static and boring.

    Please add in those head-shakes, zooming in and out views from the driver’s view in your GT5 March release. It’ll make driving so much more exciting … just like NFS: Shift.

  40. Crispy

    Hasn’t GT mode already been confirmed, I thought on that briefly released features list that GT mode, world map, Tuning shops and other similar features from GT 4 were all gonna be there. I think when Kaz said GT 5 will be similar to GTPSP he may have meant the design of the menu system, not the removal of the GT mode… just a thought.

  41. Stevo

    I will second RT*// WNDWLCKR3000 on that, I think the soul of GT is the GT MODE and having to work hard to advance not clear a few races then hit the big time. Other than that the damage info was pretty much expected.

  42. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000

    I’ll join Skidmark and Ignasi . keep it as it is or the game will kill itself after a way too short life . I really want to work for it and earn my money for better cars, that’s the essence of the game ! . READ THIS PD, DON’T COMMIT SUICIDE .

  43. RS

    “caribbean topdriver Says:
    October 9th, 2009 at 6:17 pm
    i have no clue what ”real time damage” is, can some please break it down for me…….. let me know the difference between damage i see on other games and the new one expected in gt5.”

    from what i understand, in other racing games they have preset damage visuals….so if u crash into a wall from a general direction the body damage will stay the same within a speed threshold….basically real time damage calculates deformation in real time and not from preset visuals so u get a much more detail and differentiation from each crash even if they are from slightly different angles

  44. fc3s-d

    and yeah it says it in interview. “real-time deformation engine that will process according to the speed and angle of impact. But doing this in real-time remains truly complex. We could make it an easier way with pre-damaged models but definitely we don’t want to make it that way.”

  45. fc3s-d

    @caribbean topdriver – My guess is that anytime you ram into a wall or something, it’s not going to be a prebuilt crash model. Meaning, a crash model is created on the spot without the need to model every possible way you could damage a fender. Get it? Saves time.

  46. obi_one

    you may not be able to play with damage off and somebody else with damage on in the same race. And there will be privet rooms so you wont need to race some idiots who will just smash in to you :)

  47. caribbean topdriver

    i have no clue what ”real time damage” is, can some please break it down for me…….. let me know the difference between damage i see on other games and the new one expected in gt5.

  48. Alan

    Absolutley pointless delaying gt5 over the damage feature, yeah its good to have but everyone knows that when online people will just turn it off so their race doesnt get ruined by some idiot burying his car in the side of yours

  49. Devedander

    I hope this finally puts an end (although it probably won’t) to the “there is no delay” people out there and also to “dynamic damage isn’t a recent thing”.

  50. fritter

    Real-time damage is awesome, accelerated career not so much. If it means things like saving during endurance races, that’s fine, but I hope it isn’t too much like GT PSP.

  51. marchy

    It is stupid to set greatly different launch dates for PS3 games….

    If GT5 Japan version is launched months before other versions, you can still play it on EUR/US PS3s. Major downside: it will most likely be in Japanese only.

  52. dnaay-roe

    I also totally agree with Black Chamber, i am yet to see or hear a so call Sport Journalist ask hard question to this guy when they interview. It is like when they go in front of this guy they just froze and can’t ask the question that we discuss with them on many forums. This question with weather change is one that has been discuss and sought after by many fans of this series, how a journalist does not ask it when they meet Kaz is beyond me.

  53. Bank Alexander

    @ Sam_NY

    Damn right LOL. But whining or winning fans?

    I can’t wait for the awesome graphics included with these real time damage physics ;)

  54. Sam__NY

    If it wasn’t for the us wining fans this game would have come out centuries ago. But thanks us wining fans its gonna be worth the wait.

  55. GT911

    I agree with Black Chamber, the problem is that the journalist that has the opportunity to talk with Yamauchi in the 99% of the ocasions ask the same questions, or are people that even don´t know a thing about the GT´s series. Its a shame that we still don´t know if the Weather changes are or not in the game. Another think could be that some questions are not allow… becuase Polyphony Digital is not ready… who knows…

  56. Huntergt

    Wolgib07 whatever your smoking stop. As always Kaz and crew are doing there best to give us something truly phenomenal.

  57. GT911

    Hi, i finally registered in this forum, because is amazing this website congratulations to all the writers and the creators is just great. Jejeje you even have more information than the official GT website jejeje.

    Now talking about this interview, i think that Yamauchi is taking GT5 in the correct direction, just imagine that new engine showing the physics of the damage in real time, NO preprogramed damage (like in all the games shown before), i think this is the reason why Yamauchi said in another interview “expect perfection”, becuase is the first time we will see a game showing deformation in real time no with a “pre-programmed crap” jejeje and thats an incredible advance.

    By the way if Jordan or any oder writer, need translations from spanish to english can ask for my help cause Spanish is my first language jejeje. Sorry if my english is not the best.

  58. transam1998

    lol!! I’ll bet many of the folks who went nuclear when the release date was announced were the same ones who were complaining about the damage when that came to light. :-)

    I welcome the change, though and will happily await the 2010 release. :-)

  59. yeti

    I can see his point – but no-one else does real-time damage – so it’s funny how people have ragged on the Damage in GT…

    But then again I’m glad that he has gone for this – as it will make GT’s damage “proper” and not pre determined.


  60. Black Chamber

    @Brett – Well said. +1

    Weather and day/night are the most important features I would like to see in Gran Turismo 5 and yet, nobody seems to have the definitive answer to those 2 questions yet.

    First, we hear from JVN that they are in, then IGN says “maybe” and then Gameblog says they are in again!

    How hard is it to ask a detailed response question? For example:

    Me: Yamauchi-san, will we be seeing rain and day/night in GT5?

    KY: Well, maybe.

    Me: Maybe? Well, would you say that since the fans are clamoring for these two features, that you will consider putting them in your game? Also, you have said on many occasions in the past that you were working on creating realistic rain and night racing – what has become of all those years of work?

    KY: We still have all the data necessary to implement those two features. It’s now a matter of seeing if they enhance the gameplay, but if the fans really want them, I will see what I can do.

    Me: Okay – but do you personally want to see them included?

    KY: Yes.

    Something like that would be great – and that goes for the 20 tracks issue as well. ;)

  61. Azzer

    GT5 will be worth the wait, I just hope they release the game in Europe at the same time as in japan. The damage is going 2 be so awesome. But will they actually put reverse lights on the fukin cars this time????

  62. alex c

    yeh man PEOPLE ARE ONLY playing forza cos project gotham studio got sold on….everyone knows msr (dreamcast) and pgr, (the same game) are the best, excluding gran turismo of course.

    every one should know this.

    long live sega
    long live sony.
    die nintendo die.
    die microsoft die.

    god save my apple macintosh.

  63. Wolgib07

    When i am racing on gt5 prologue and watching replays it feels like car and road are two separate things.
    If Kaz is looking at other games why he doesn’t look at PRG4 which has better backround and it feels more realistic.

  64. Brett

    Wow, so if it really was the “negative reaction” to the damage that caused the delay and the need for a new damage modeling system, then I have one question – are people at the company allowed to express their opinion, and do the main developers play any other racing games besides Gran Turismo? Someone surely had to have foreseen this reaction and been prepared for it. I really hope it didn’t take them incredibly by surprise.

    I think it would be pretty obvious that fans were going to be disappointed with that damage modeling given that we’ve been waiting over 5 years for this game and there are games like DIRT and GRID that you can absolutely destroy the cars in. In GRID the car can be reduced to a tiny pebble but in GT5, supposedly the most advanced simulation so far, the car runs straight into a wall resulting in only a tiny paint scratch.

    Also interviewers need to question him more about weather and day and night. I think weather and day/night is more important than damage.

  65. Ignasi

    I don’t like the idea of GT5 to be like GTPSP. In GTPSP there is no GT MODE and you win money really fast. That’s good for the PSP version, but I don’t think it will be good for GT5. I prefer start with an used car, tune it, and say: “yes, that’s my car”. And then, when you have money, buy a better car, and buy and buy and buy more cars. But getting money progressively. But in GTPSP, you can start the game buiying a RUF, or buying a GT-R.
    And I also hope that there will be used cars in GT5.

  66. GTP_Davey07-O37

    Great interview. Always a pleasure to read Kazunori’s answers. Roll on 2010…;-)…

  67. Gregz0r

    That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!!
    Whenever I race online, and the damage in the server is set to full(multiple games), it always brings a sense of discipline to proceedings.
    All GT5 needs now, is one-lap qualifying, for online and offline races, and proper starts(rolling or standing), NOT the current ‘ultra spaced out’ rolling starts.

  68. Ataur

    I swear before I saw any damage what so ever I expected Gran Turismo 5 to include Real-Time damage and look what we’ve just found out.

    I was also expecting dynamic weather and time of day, can you imagine those 24hr Endurance races will actually no longer be a constant midday but it will be a proper day, this game will absolutely destroy its competitors.


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