Check Out GT Sport’s New Kyoto Track Layout Right Here

Gran Turismo Sport 21 December 22, 2017 by

With the launch of GT Sport‘s first major update, a new track layout has arrived in the game. And it’s a biggie.

The new track is a combination of two existing layouts that are part of the Kyoto Driving Park. Let’s take a look at a race on the new arrival to GT Sport. Our video shows both the replay and in-race camera views for the new layout.

Kyoto Driving Park Yamagiwa + Miyabi offers exactly what the name suggests, a joint track that takes the best parts of each and merges them together. Long time GT players may compare this to Gran Turismo 5‘s Cape Ring, which also had a few intertwining circuits. Kyoto doesn’t have a ridiculous spiral turn to navigate though, unfortunately for some.

The new layout also means a slight change to the visuals of the track. Most notably, the tarmac on entry to the new section now include markings to indicate the joining turn. This also means that the individual Yamagiwa and Miyabi layouts have barriers to separate the joining pieces of each circuit.

The new layout provides a fast circuit with sweeping turns and high speed overtaking opportunities. Yamagiwa + Miyabi is a welcome entry in the growing track roster of GT Sport. The fantasy circuits were one of the stand-out aspects we enjoyed in our GT Sport review.

While it would have been nice to celebrate Gran Turismo’s 20th anniversary with the return of a classic circuit, the new mega-Kyoto is a great alternative. Let us know what you think in the comments thread.

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