Driving the ‘Real’ Citroën GT


When we got our ‘virtual’ hands on the GTbyCitroën last October, most assumed that would be it for the concept supercar.  It should be sitting in a museum or Polyphony Digital’s headquarters by now, right?  Wrong!  Surprisingly, Citroën has handed the keys (or whatever this thing uses…) over to the AutoExpress Magazine editors for some time behind the wheel!  In real life, the car features a 580bhp V8 engine, with an estimated 0-60 time of four seconds and a top speed of 180 MPH.

“With no sound deadening, the noise is awesome. The big V8 roars through the rev range and pops and bangs angrily when you lift off the throttle.  But it’s not really the engine or how big the brakes are that’s important – it’s the way it looks. The GT is more than five metres long, and its menacing exterior is made up of 21-inch diamond-effect alloy wheels, scissor doors, blue LED headlights and enormous air intakes. The smooth-flowing lines along the side of the car are met with sharp edges at the front, which accentuate the angry look.”

Read more about their experience in the full article.  Although not unprecedented, it’s quite unusual when a car company gives the automotive media access to one of their concept vehicles.  Now, let’s just hope they shot some video of the car in motion!

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