Complete Lap of GT5’s Nordschleife in an SLS AMG

A big thanks to reader “slyght”, who picked up on my request for video from SLS AMG Driving Experience at the Mercedes-Benz Museum. He’s recorded and shared a complete (and mostly clean!) lap of the Nurburgring Nordschleife in the demo, which you can see above. According to his email, the speakers were quite muddled on the TV so we don’t get an accurate impression of the sound, but the demo does include all the basic settings and the option to select professional or standard physics. Thanks once again to slyght and everyone who sent this in!

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  1. Me.Switch

    Thx helix_9 this is really a great video which shows the awesome driving in GT5.
    Haven’t seen anything better.

  2. Big Ron

    That is the best video in simulation mode, we´ve ever seen. Great fights, great driving, great physics. Thanks for the link

  3. Stu

    Me thinks some people have forgotten the whole ‘demo’ thing’

    How long can PD get away with showing the same ‘demo’, with the same flaws.

    Literally nothing new has been seen for the best part of 12 months.

    We shouldn’t be at the stage were GT5 needs to be ‘defended’ anylonger due to each video looking so mediocre.

  4. gt3luke

    Is says AI level and NOT AI difficultly.
    And everyone here knows the difference between standard and professional.
    So stop acting stupid

  5. gt3luke

    AI level means the sort of cars that are on the track. if you choose 1 then you have some slow cars. And if you choose 100(101 only F1) you got the fastest cars on the track. It has nothing to do with how good the AI cars react on you.
    That’s still the problem that the AI cars still drive in one line on the track.
    Sam you don’t understand what we mean so probably you are the one who don’t understand GT5p.

  6. Big Ron

    Don´t care about the damn trees. It is impossible, I repeat, impossible to create 3d trees around the whole track. Some of them are 3d, but if you would count all that trees around the track, you would have easily about 10000 of them. So multiply it with a poly count of 3000 polys for a good looking tree and you will kill your game engine (just for trees).

    You will get your damn 3d trees on other tracks like Tokio, but not for the Nordschleife.

  7. GT4Ever

    Its still a HD version of the GT4 track. For the on-track part it aint no problem since GT4 was just spot on, but the scenery is still from 2003/2004. Meanwhile the advertising around the track changed. The walls have OPC advertising on them instead of red arrows, and Audi placed some billboards around the track. And next to the Northsleife Hotel at Breidscheid a new apartment building has been build, wich isn’t seen here either. Yeah i know, it are just little details, but i do expect a perfectionistic company as PD to get it 100% right (guess we may expect that level of perfection after 6 year, and with only 20 locations in the game).
    And the trees…… They are still flat :S

  8. Bernd

    @Flamgo.T – I think, we can’t expect sand, dust and debris to remain on the track after a crash too long. It will be removed by an “invisible” crew when you continue your lap, which is OK for me, as it’s done that way on all racetracks around the globe.
    @James – Guess, you’re right with that “massive trump card”. They must have so many features in this game, we won’t trust our eyes, when it hits the store. People think, this game will blow anything else out of the water – I think, it will blow anything else out of the water and away into the black universe.

  9. Flagmo-T

    @big Ron.. I agree, but it does look interesting the way it acts in general, so they might have spiced it up bit, this is the kind of stuff that creates tension and exitement, and a feeling of a dynamic world around you, and it’s a little dry for what we have seen yet, from any new track, some of worse causes of crashes, is involved a lot of Tire smoke, which is the cause of other behind the crash, crashes as well, because of now clear sight, and also it would make the area spread with dust for the next round, and then i might be more slippery, but does it reaslly do that in this serie at all ?, it should though, because that’s some of the situations that causes a big difference in the standings, and it a typical unlucky thing that happens in almost any races today .. and fack’s up the standing for the championship for any good driver..:O)

    Think it’s great to finally see the tower instant, when you go out to the straights last long section of the track, it normally pops up when driving in all other sims, But not in GT5 weee and that’s a big plus from PD..

    But i still wonder if PD have planted the right trees around the track, because that’s one of the great things to remembering the bends and curves, the different tree sorts, is often used by real race drivers to do that, as I’ve seen in the 24hour Nurnberg Nordsliefe Race program, with a interview with Klock..

  10. James

    Very good lighting and an awsome sense of speed. Lets hope the frame rate can handle it with ZERO jerkiness. Man this wait is agony.

    If I can drive my CTR Yellow Bird round here, I am in pure heaven.

    PD must have a massive trump card up their sleeve, because this video does not warrant 5 years :-S

  11. Big Rom

    it wasn´t any wind tunnel effect or aerodynamic effext while driving through the smok. The first car came on the grass and threw up some dirt, the second car did the same.

  12. The John

    Finally a video where some one can drive. I was getting tired of all those random videos of randoms driving. Great job. Too bad you ate the wall on dead mans curve.

  13. dearlybeloved

    I am not too surprised that the guy lost control on the back straight, the level of realism in GT’s interpretation of the green hell is amazing, I reckon that the guy wasn’t paying 100% attention and assumed that the track would not bite! In my experience I have always had to hold on wheel for dear life when driving across that stretch of the green hell because one moment of not giving that track/car respect can cause a major crash. On another note, at least this guy can drive the car properly but ironically he did not see that the track will hurt you if you do not give is the respect it deserves.

    Peace out.

  14. Flagmo-T

    Nice Ride.. beautiful deep queuing camera, slow AI and not that aggresive, that a Race would be.. but i guess is just a Demo.. LOL

  15. GTracer

    Thanks, great video, nice quality

    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG looks like amazing car to drive but what driving aids was he using, physics anyone can tell me plz ???

  16. KilzoneGeneralStrife

    The guys that come on here just to trash GT5,I guarentee you work for Turn10.lets not forget that ugly freak Che Chou was handing out bribes on Neo Gaf and to Cnet to shut thats sad.forza being the game they had to patch gear changing Lmao

  17. Bernd

    Tire-screech is still too exaggerated. Even in turns which can hardly be called a turn. Why would a F1 car on SS screech like in GT4 ? Never heard a F1 car screech, I really mean NEVER ! I’d welcome adjustable tire-screech, but that’s only wishful thinking

  18. MihaiF355

    heh there was definitely a few times where he should’ve lost it….then i noticed the ESP light flashing….however i recently had the chance to try the GT Academy trial on a 55″ LED Samsung TV sitting about 8ft back….let me just say this game is meant to be experienced on a good and big screen….it just looks unbelievable and so absorbing. I for one am happy that the game is delayed…gives me a chance to get more money and replace my aging 32″ LCD. When you see it on a big expensive tv, you can understand just how far this game has come and I can say it actually feels exhilirating to drive….Yamauchi and PD are truly working on something momentous….i cant wait to take a lambo or a ferrari for a rip!!

  19. JCee

    156 MPH straight into a guard rail w/ no damage. Punting the AI cars out of the way. The Real Bumper Car Simulator. Take away the nice gfx and it’s no that different from GT4. That’s not too bad since GT4 was one of the best racers ever for it’s time but after all of these years I was hoping for something a bit more.

    What scares me is if they don’t implement some sort of damage model we could be stuck with those INSANE time penalties that take control of your accelerator when the game thinks you’ve done something naughty. I still have nightmares of the STUPID AI hitting me and the game giving ME a time penalty.. >_< I hope that penalty system isn't in the game this time around…

    Ah well, at least they have a couple more years to make sure everything is perfect before they release it! XD

  20. matt

    That is without doubt the best video of gt5 i have ever seen. It looked to be running realllllll smoooooth. RELEASE IT. PLEASE!!!!!

  21. ralph89


    A#$hole? :lol:

    In a track day event that would be the right thing to do when there’s a faster car coming, but in a race session? Nope, a lot of people will just laugh in your face by doing that or you could do that if your car is damage really bad and unable to race. The point here is that they are all driving the same car and since the A.I. can’t be adjust to be a track day friendly A.I, your stuck with A.I. that want’s to win. You don’t have to call someone a#$hole to prove your point.

  22. Daverytimes

    at 2.18 did anyone else notice the smoke/aerodynamics?

    There’s two cars in front, and the one right at the front slides causing tyre smoke.. the car following seems to fairly clearly ‘cut through’ the smoke – I’ve not this yet – is this new???

    I noticed that, if it suggests that we are going to see aerodynamical tuning that will be awsome. But what i want right now is for polyphony to perfect this game and make it worth the wait.

  23. Total

    8 minute lap? driving pretty conservative but too much car bumping, grass coverage, and fatal collision at the end to be considered “clean”.
    an normal mercs would come with sports tyres, I simply do not see this car getting N3 stocks. Maybe S2 or S3’s.
    Like come on, even cars like the BMW M3 CSL get R1 tyres.

  24. EVO!

    The average Joe, CAN NOT catch up to -4 place lead. Honestly, have you ever watch any JGTC races, or any race for that matter. If the AI was at max, then the game would frustrate everybody, and scare away casual gamer who would want to buy the game. In most, all gt races the cars are barely, CRUISING, so you may have a chance at beating them. The game it catered to the masses and not a selected few.

  25. Bernd

    @ANDWYN – I don’t think it was tiresmoke. I remember this feature in GT4. For example, some cars on the “El Capitan” racetrack had the tendency, to cut corners, throwing up sand and dust. The following cars did cut through it just as seen here. Even more dust in Rallye of course

  26. Bernd

    @blubb – Yes, it’s a pity to see the Ring with absolutely no spectators and tents again, same as in GT4. I was hoping, they would do something about it with the power of PS3. What’s so difficult, placing cardboard-spectators, and some animated ones of course around the track ?
    Guess, we’ll have to wait – PD might surprise us all !!

  27. [UK] ANDYW

    at 2.18 did anyone else notice the smoke/aerodynamics?

    There’s two cars in front, and the one right at the front slides causing tyre smoke.. the car following seems to fairly clearly ‘cut through’ the smoke – I’ve not this yet – is this new???

    Something related to the wind-tunnel perhaps??

    Looks excellent to me. Nice video.

  28. Dan_

    Well, at least we have some action, and nothing compares to nurburgring in it’s full glory.

    The driver used standard physics as mostly of the players probably will do, of course professional is much more fun, but it takes time to master each track and each car.

  29. blubb

    seems not to be so important (when driving) but i think tracks are always like “dead areas” because absolutely nothing is in motion except the cars… as example the ring is so huge so many trees but there seems to be absolutly no wind – vacuum? this would explain that there are no birds, no people … absolutly no life except the nice green trees

  30. CarBastard

    @ sam:

    Yes, I’ve played prologue and there isn’t an option for AI difficulty. There’s an option for AI level in Arcade mode but it only changes the kind of cars you’ll be racing against, not how (ridiculously) agressive the AI will be. Difficulty options are really physics, driving line, and driving aids.

  31. ralph89


    If your in a competition and everyone has the same car, would you let that person at the back of you go through without a battle? The A.I. in this demo seems it’s in competition mode and not a track day mode dummy.

  32. Brian

    Dang, imagine if he was in a race car that had damage, he would’ve been DONE at 7:07. He did a great job on the rest of the track, great video. Nurburgring has, and always will, be my favorite track, I can’t wait to play it at night.

  33. Watevaman

    The AI was pretty horrible. They made little mistakes (I saw a few go off), but they still don’t seem to have a good idea that the player is there. If the AI sees you coming up as fast as he was, they should get to the slow side of the track and out of the line, not just stand there and slam on the brakes when they’re hit.

    But overall, the vid shows promise. Still really bright, though. The HDR needs some work.

  34. Beast

    This looks awesome, even if it’s standard physics it looks like FUN with a capital PH!

    TheHell: Hey douche, you better change your screen name in about 6 months or you’ll be eating a whole lotta crow. ps: lay off the vodka, your posts are embarrassing.

  35. Daverytimes

    The colliision physic looks great (7:09) all i want to see now is what happens when the damage is on, great video btw.

  36. ner0_sol

    so i am takin it there will be no bikes from tt in gt5… but this looks really good idk if anyone else noticed this but the trees look amazing

  37. sam

    @ the idiots who say the the AI is “dumb” have you ever played Prologue?, it had an AI difficulty option remember.

    anyways this videos show how good the driving is, the sense of speed, the perfect under and over steering.

    Just amazing.

    @TheHell, why do you bring an arcade game to this GT article?

  38. CarBastard

    That AI…Looks like I’ll still have a piece of NFS: SHIfT even though I sold it…

    The times when he came off track was because the stupid AI either didn’t let him pass or punted him. That might prove annoying, specially for not so advanced drivers like me.

  39. Cort

    Hmmm…..there were absolutely no simulated vibrations in the cockpit when he ran over the grass at over 100mph. Now that isn’t real life simulation. I want bone shaking vibrations which affect my vision (well, image) so I am forced to be more careful, not a smooth run over the green stuff which can give me an advantage.

  40. aleksandar SRB

    After that crash the car should be destroyed totally!!! But you will be able to see that just on race car…

  41. TheHell

    Hahahahahahah still want to see WRC footage hahahahahahahhahahahah please man stop it you will kill me ( did you for a second imagined that PD and Sony will release game footage themselfes ) hahahahah you will agree that it sounds ridiculous very very very RIDICULOUS
    you can only steal something to see anything from the game even the online menus
    They are hiding all becouse Forza 4 will be released ( im sure ) before it .

    Forza 4 release date will soon be anounced

  42. aleksandar SRB

    It’s standard physics!!!! With TC on maybe on 1-2… I want to see this car on ring with pro physics with TC off!!!!! I drive without driving aids…

  43. Smurf

    I was driving that lap and slyght was filming.
    There is a small competition for the fastest time so it was essential to get by the other cars fast to have room to drive.
    Sound was almost not perceptible, even sitting directly in front of the speakers.

    There was one guy turning on professional and, well yes, took a spin… ;:)
    Others tried that physics too but didn’t finish more than one straight clean.

    FF with the Driving Force GT was quite weak to give kids and everyone a chance to drive. Effects were very low.

    Without any sound and feedback you have to drive strictly from monitor, checking speeds etc., that’s why some corners were too fast or grass

  44. Micdog

    @ Andrea
    Very relevent post, well done.

    Couldn’t help but notice that sense of speed aswell. Obviously the game is on standard physics, first because most people who go there aren’t gonna be very good, and second because if you were Mercedes, would you make people think your car was impossible to drive :)

    AI still looks mindless

  45. priesty_lfc


    Awful AI, not the fastest/cleanest lap ever but did you notice how far he pulled away once in front?

    What wheel was it? DFGT or G27?

    On a lighter note I’ve noticed all these are usin the same tv Z4500 (which I own) so it looks like it’s Sonys gaming tv of choice :D

    still want to see some WRC footage tho, anyway great vid

  46. TheHell

    OOOOO YEEES SLS and Nordschleife – AGAIN !!!!!!

    GREAT GREAT very New and revealing
    it reveals that the game would have cars and tracs

  47. vitz

    @slyght completely agree. all i have to base it on is the physics that came with the time trial demo, where if you put a wheel on the grass, you’re off.

    great lap though, unlucky to get caught out on the main straight.

  48. Drug

    He would be dead in the real world if he’d drive like that. This is NOT clean driving. He bumped in almost every other car and used the grass as track more than one time.
    Still, this is ok to watch and it gives a good impression of what the gameplay could look like in the end. Thank you for your effort. It’s WAY better than most of the other gameplay videos so far.

  49. slyght

    @vitz: That’s completely true regarding the grass, but it was not so forgiving if you touched the rubber strip (correct translation?) as you can see in the first corner after the long straight.
    You’re correct with the tires, too. We had to set the tires to racing tires before we could get really good times.

    @DaveTheSTalker: Well, I can’t really tell you more than you actually hear in the vid. You know, there was a loop of a trailer and interview with Yamauchi in the background all the time and another installment on the other side. Combined with the quite silent speakers you weren’t able to make a decent drive with manual gearing because you couldn’t really hear engine’s rpm.

  50. edwindows

    Ok, he clearly was not driving with the professional driving physics turned on. BUT, still a great video, though.

  51. vitz

    that was pretty cool, seemed to be a lot more forgiving when he was on the grass, i think that was on standard physics, i’m assuming the default setup was sport S3 tyres, because a real SLS would run the real life equivalent of N3 tyres.

    can’t wait for this game to land, i even take an update on GT5 Prologue with the new physics system to tide us over. actually, can’t imagine how much longer this title would get delayed if they decided to take the time out to do that….

  52. high-center

    If I was in Europe, I’d get myself down to this demo. And then I’d drive it. They’d have to kick me out!

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