European GT Academy 2012 Race Camp Begins at Silverstone

August 17th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

The famous GT Academy Race Camp gets underway Saturday at its now traditional home, the world renowned Silverstone Circuit in the UK. Over 830,000 people from across Europe entered the fourth iteration of the European competition this year, and only the best 36 remain.

The 36 competitors will be divided into six territory groups for this year’s race camp with the groups consisting of: France (6 contestants); Italy (6); UK (5) and Ireland (1); Spain (3) and Portugal (3); Belgium (3) and Netherlands (3); and Austria (2), Switzerland (2) and Poland (2).

Over the next seven days, they’ll have to prove themselves to an all-star panel of judges and mentors from their respective regions. These include: Formula One drivers Johnny Herbert (UK), René Arnoux (FRA), Vitantonio Liuzzi (ITA), Sébastien Buemi (CH) and Dani Clos (ESP); sports car drivers Bas Leinders (BEL), Rob Barff (UK), Franck Mailleux (FRA) and GT Academy graduates Lucas (ESP), Jordan (FRA) and Jann (GB); as well as touring car driver Tim Coronel (NED).

A number of eliminations will take place during the week until only one from each group of six remains for the final two days of Race Camp (Friday, 24 and Saturday, 25 August). The finale happily coincides with the World Endurance Championship race at Silverstone in which GT Academy champions Lucas Ordoñez and Jordan Tresson will compete in LMP2 cars for the Greaves Motorsport and Signatech Nissan teams, respectively.

The winner of the European GT Academy Race Camp will return to Silverstone to embark on an in-depth Driver Development Programme. As well as ensuring that he qualifies for an international race licence in super-quick time, the DDP will prepare the winner for the rigours of an entry into the tough and prestigious Dubai 24 Hour race in January 2014 where he will race a Nissan 370Z GT4 race car. The European winner will be joined in Dubai by the winners of the German, Russian and USA Race Camps.

Congratulations and good luck to all of the competitors!

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  1. Aug. 20, 12:13pm

    good luck Diogo Souza ;)

    let the T.A..M. support make you fly

  2. Aug. 20, 7:47am

    wtf. no CZE (Czech Republic) again :-(

  3. Aug. 20, 5:48am

    good luck Diogo Souza : )

    give your best m8

    show us the T.A.M magic

  4. Aug. 19, 6:39pm

    T.A.M’s very own Diogo Souza for the win :))

    Gl m8, hoping to see you do well

  5. Aug. 19, 5:09pm

    good luck Diogo Souza, the automotive mayhem are all behind you mate.



  6. Aug. 19, 3:20pm

    Good luck Rutter, wheely and bro.

  7. Aug. 18, 12:26am

    Give your best guys this is your shot! Best of luck

  8. Aug. 17, 5:22pm

    Tim Coronel!

  9. Aug. 17, 5:10pm

    Good luck to all of you taking part, let the downforce be with you!!

    • Aug. 18, 12:30am

      From the words of Yoda! XD

      But still, congrats to everyone at Silverstone who had worked really hard to get here and good luck to everyone at the event!

  10. Aug. 17, 4:43pm

    Hi guys, Des here from the UK & Ireland group. Just got to our rooms, or snooze boxes as they are called. Pretty nice actually. We all have a double bed, TV, toilet and shower. Tomorrow we are up at 7.15 most likely for a briefing and have a long day apparently.

    We were also told that Kaz is dropping by on Wednesday so it’s gonna be really cool to meet him!

    I’ll try to document each day as it happens so for those who are interested, my twitter is @reallydes – theres a link to my website there too and I will most likely do a write up on it at the end of each day.

    • Aug. 17, 5:49pm

      Good luck, Des!

    • Aug. 17, 6:28pm
      Pit Crew


    • Aug. 17, 9:31pm

      Good luck and be sure to ask him about GT6!!!! lol jk, but have fun!

    • Aug. 18, 12:12am

      Congrats Des! Looking forward to the updates.

  11. Aug. 17, 4:31pm

    Good luck guys! :D

  12. Aug. 17, 4:23pm

    World renowned Silverstone Circuit? Really so why isn’t it in the game ?!?
    Anyway, good luck everyone

    • Aug. 17, 4:31pm

      Because its saved for GT6. Perfect idea.

    • Aug. 17, 9:27pm
      tube chaser

      I don’t know Toko. Silverstone will most likely be included in GT5 Academy Edition, so I’d expect it as DLC towards the end of September.

    • Aug. 17, 9:36pm

      Do we get the google bicycle aswell?

  13. Aug. 17, 3:15pm

    GO GO Belgium

  14. Aug. 17, 3:12pm

    Good luck to everyone!! Holy cow those judges! O_O Too much pressure for me.

  15. Aug. 17, 2:23pm

    I’m wishing al the guys good luck. Specially the Dutchies. Frank (GTHQ_Djie) Enrico (GTP_CICO) and Hani (TRP_NOSS)

    Deep inside hope Frank wins, just because he is my friend. Come on mate.

  16. Aug. 17, 2:02pm

    I wish Canada had something like this :(

    • Aug. 17, 2:22pm

      the competition or the race camp/track?

    • Aug. 19, 5:13am

      Blame Quebec.

    • Aug. 20, 11:50am

      Yeah, Quebec’s an odd ball..

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